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WD 500GB My Passport Go SSD (Cobalt) $49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon now have this portable SSD for the same price as Officeworks. It's a good option if your local Officeworks has no stock and you don't want to pay for $5.95 for delivery.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Says the Blue was $69 and the amber $139.00 (now $112) I wonder why the Blue is so much cheaper while exactly the same?

    • I'm curious too as it's the same at Officeworks. Perhaps they have more stock on the Blue as the Yellow is more popular? I certainly think yellow looks better.

  • Or if you're just a lazy ass like me XD
    Cheers OP

  • $39 with 10APP coupon if you buy using their app

    • Is that coupon for first time users of the app or targeted?

    • +5

      And you’ve never ordered from Amazon before with the app. Is there anyone left like this in 2021?

      • Well, I was like this just recently :)

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        Amazon support recommend making a new account for "your family member" ;)

        • Tried, still didn't work :(

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        MacKenzie Scott

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    cant add to cart, oos?

    • Same….. sold out I guess as all the other colours and sizes can add to cart.

    • Sold out.

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      It let me place a backorder. Try again.

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      Yep I just did a back order.

  • ozbargained once again

  • Gone

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    In stock again.

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    back in stock just got one now

  • Yep. Bought on Officeworks before they came back.

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    Still available as a 'backorder'.

  • Just bought one.

  • I dont need one but bought one anyway.

  • Awesome, got one. Thanks OP. “Shipping when available” suits me perfectly as I’m on holidays at the moment :)

  • Anyone know how long this deal will last?

    • +3

      37.15 days

    • Just order from Amazon. Since it’s OOS you can change your mind before it comes back in stock and just cancel. You won’t get charged until it ships.

      • Waiting for my gift card to come through LOL
        will be here in 2 days. I guess if not, then too bad.

        • +2

          You can order using credit card then apply gift card balance once your card comes. Just go to edit order, it will let you apply gift card balance to the order.
          Unless you’re waiting on a courtesy credit, that’s different.

  • Does any one know if this will works with MacBook Air 2020 with M1 chip ..looking at the reviews suggests might have to reformat to get it going with MacBook and IOS software ..

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      Yep it will work, just format it using disk utility.

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      Every USB hard drive & SSD works with Mac, just need to format to ExFAT (will work between PCs & Mac but no time machine support), HFS+ or APFS

  • Do you guys use this as a storage drive (like any ext HDD) or some kind of work drive where you need fast access?

    • I may use it to deliver video projects to my clients.

  • Can I take the ssd out from the case and put it inside a pc?

  • Should I buy this from officeworks or Amazon?

    • it's backordered at Amazon so if you need it now, OW.

      • How long does it take usually when it’s on back order?

        • it varies.

          I just got delivered a keyboard that said 1-2 months but received it 6 days after I ordered it.

          Late last year I ordered an ext HDD that said 1-2 months, and I ended up waiting 4 months.

          There's no knowing for sure.

    • If you get 2 from OW, its free delivery. (for me at least)

      • What did u need two for?

        • One for me and another one for my bro

        • Combine two for double capacity! Haha.

        • +1

          For me I ordered 2, I currently use 2 old USB2 hard drives.

          1 is used for Ubuntu live environment I use for HDD cloning, have installed ddrescue and a couple of supporting scripts for it.

          1 has Mac OS Sierra on it as I find that has the highest compatibility across models and I have a bunch of repair & cloning tools.

  • Do I need one for my consoles?

    I already have a 2TB portable for my PS4 and seeing you can’t have more then one external hard drive running at the same time then I’m guessing this would be a waste?

    I also have a PS5 but the internal is faster and it’s only 500gb so ps4 games will fill it up fast.

    My Xbox Series X? I have a 4TB for all the games and I just have the series x games on internal. Maybe use this external ssd for 360 games?

    • Do you play a lot of 360 games on your Series X or intend to? I am / was trying to find reasons to get it (though honestly, deep down it is more not wanting to miss out on a bargain and evaluating it as a 500GB SSD, rather than a USB 3.0, below average external SSD).

      Series X (and even PS5) make things tricky. They now have USB 3.1 gen 2 ports so should we attempt to try to go for a decent NVMe SSD (and put it in an USB 3.1 gen 2 enclosure or an external SSD that is USB 3.1 gen 2 based with NVMe SSD)? But, then, Series X and PS5 games will require endorsed / supported external storage (and those aren't cheap). The argument / excuse with an external USB 3.1 gen 2 NVMe SSD is that they are fast enough that even moving games from internal SSD to one of those wouldn't be painful.

      If it made enough quality of life improvement for you (i.e. you do play 360 games a lot) then it is worthwhile. If it is just not to miss a bargain, then probably not.

      • I do play a lot of 360 games. I do have a spare WD 750gb portable hard drive I could use to store them on but it’s not as fast as a external SSD. Then again I could just move game to internal to play?

        • Well, if that's the case, get it. Honestly though, it is just an excuse to get one. So you want a faster load time for XBox 360 games but you are okay for XBox One games to still run of the external HDD?

          It was only $49 (with some people used the $10 code and got it for $39)… $39 - $49, honestly, no big deal, you want one, just get it.

    • +1

      I swapped out the internal HDD from PS4 to 2Tb SSD last year.
      Worth the upgrade and can add another external above that

      • PS4… I think like PS5, only 1 external storage allowed still and if your internal is 2TB, you would opt for a 500GB external? His case is Series X so multiple storage devices are supported.

      • How hard is it too do that? ? Can one who hasn't done much techie easily switch it out? Components generally isolated and not much risk of screwing your ps4? How does the native OS and out of the box software move across to a new hdd to ensure settings and items all sync across??

        Reckon it's worth the cost of a 2tb ssd? I've just gotten a normal 2tb seagate from jb at $79 - provided one plans ahead for shuffling games between internal and external as opposed to just vs ing 2tb internal…. is the loading speed in game that much better to warrant further $ outlay you rkn?

    • The PS4 you are better off buying a 1TB MX500 and replacing the internal drive with it.

      Since you mentioned you have a PS5 though i'm not sure how much use you are giving the PS4 now with it being backwards compatible so maybe better not to spend any money on the PS4?

  • +2

    Copped one for the xbox. Will wait for back order. Can't be bothered to drive to Officeworks.

  • +1

    After reading some reviews I have decided finally not to get one for my XBOX SERIES X. The main issue is the USB cable being very short and fully attached.

    I would want it laying down and not hanging

    • It's an SSD so it doesn't need to be looked after like an HDD. An USB3 extension cable would work (but some of the cheapo ones are bad (you will lose connection from time to time), decent ones aren't cheap). Main issues are: (1) 500GB not enough for games (I get you want it for 360 so that might be okay) (2) write speed is subpar for an SSD - so moving from internal to this SSD is slow (but if you just move from external HDD to this one… it is going to be slow anyway).

      You do have a legit use case to get it. I don't (hardly ever play / re-play 360 games coz. my pile of shame is long). Knowing quite a number of OZBers got one for $39, I just don't feel like going to OfficeWorks to get one for $49 (and I actually have a spare SSD (and enclosure) that I could use which is faster than this one).

      • You make a good point

        Why is this one slow?

        • only 400 MB/s, and also it is USB to SATA 3. the series x internal ssd is >= 2400 MB/s through PCIe and NVMe, which is why you get those fast resume features.

          • @SkyArrow: Thanks. Still a lot faster tho the new my 750gb WD portable hard drive I bet

          • @SkyArrow: While the Quick Resume feature (a very good feature) works better with a faster SSD, it is basically copying contents from storage to RAM. The fact that Quick Resume is used indicates (a) the internal SSD is still not fast enough as a complete reload will still take some time and (b) most games are not optimise to fully take advantage of NVMe's SLC cache sequential read advantage (via multi-channel reads).

            That Series X internal SSD is basically WD SN530 DRAMless SSD (not even SN550). Given the cost of Series X, you cannot expect a true PCIe 4.0 x4 SSD (PS5's internal SSD is faster - but even that is not a top notch PCIe 4.0 x4 SSD (in terms of TLC NAND chips), but it has a custom controller with 6 priority levels (that's why when you use a NVMe equivalent, you need a faster one to emulate 6 levels from NVMe's current specs of 2 priority levels).

        • It's slow due to "cost effective" NAND chip being used. While it is possible the USB chipset held it back, it isn't likely to be the main cause (the USB 3 chipset supports SATA3 - so it isn't one of those old SATA2 to USB 3.0 chipset, furthermore, the 4K random read/write test results are just slow - that suggests a NAND issue - coz. 4K random read/write isn't something you can cheat - whereas with sequential read/write, there are things you could do on sequential read/write).

          It would be great for 360 games… but as an external SSD for copying XBox One or Series X from internal SSD to this (and vice versa), you will find its performance worse than getting a decent SSD with a decent USB 3.0 enclosure. However, with Series X, if you can, you would prefer USB 3.1 gen 2 enclosure with NVMe SSD (as that is a viable workaround to not buy that external CFastExpress SSD add-on for a while). You could still use HDD if you don't mind the slow movement (true, this Passport Go could still be 2X faster than HDD, but a proper external SSD is at least 2X faster than this and NVMe with USB 3.1 gen 2 is even further ahead).

      • (2) write speed is subpar for an SSD - so moving from internal to this SSD is slow (but if you just move from external HDD to this one… it is going to be slow anyway).


        Scroll down to the performance tests and it seems to be the same as the Samsung T5 and Sandisk Extreme?

        • That's passport, this is passport go. Think of this as the 'cost effective' edition with NAND flash actually inferior than WD Green.

          Google… trying to be smart and widen the search to include passport. It's a bit annoying when looking at the search result when you search for passport go reviews as you need to manually filter out the non passport go ones. Also, in that review, I wondered whether the test was done using USB 3.1 gen 2 ports (I know T5 doesn't really utilise USB 3.1 gen 2 that well (due to the use of SATA SSD), but it still benefits from it, the figures in that review seem a bit low for T5).

          Anyway, in the other OZB post (original deal, OfficeWorks one), an OZBer who owns the drive and posted the result, sequential writes - below average (and I am guessing that's with some parts of the NAND acting as SLC cache already (not sure though)). The 4K random writes are unusually low (even lower than my 16GB Sandisk Extreme USB flash disk - below 7MB/s, even higher queue depth doesn't help). Anyway, still better than HDDs and you generally use SSDs mostly for reads, not writes.

          • @netsurfer: Good catch


            Go to 2:08 in this video

            He got 77.4MB/s write and 412MB/s read. That is worse than most USB3 HDDs which tend to write around 110-130MB/s in sequential writes.

            4:03 for the Windows benchmarks

            Got 304MB/s read & 82.3MB/s write in CrystalDiskMark.

            • @Agret: That part was done on a Mac and that particular benchmark seems to be using video test files. Later on, on Windows, CrystalDiskMark was used. Would have been nice if he provided a chart as he was varying file sizes.

              The OZB result from the other thread (An OZBer did the test):

              Anyway, with low end TLC SSD, write performance isn't great. However, 110-130MB for HDD sequential, I think that's 3.5 inch (possibly 7200 rpm ones). I think with 2.5 inch portable (that's 5400 rpm, hybrid SMR), you are probably looking at 60-70MB. There have been some usage mentioned in the other post and this post (Raspberry Pi, XB360 gaming) which this external SSD will do just fine. $39 (using the $10 voucher which some people have/had), it is quite enticing. You get what you paid for. Anyway, if you can use this external SSD for mostly read, and you don't mind the slow write, it can still be cost effective.

  • +1

    Loos like deal has ended, now showing as $112.98.

  • Available again for backorder.

  • Order just got canceled

    • Mine just got cancelled too

    • Same. Not at all surprised.

  • Hello,

    We're contacting you about order #250-1828970-3901450 for the following item(s):

    Western Digital WDBMCG5000ABT-WESN My Passport GO Portable SSD, 500GB, USB 3.0, speeds up to 400 MB/s, built-in cable, Cobalt colored, 3Y, Blue

    We're unable to fulfill your order for the item(s) listed above because they are no longer available from the supplier. As a result, we've had to cancel them from your order and your original payment method won't be charged for them.

    We're sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused.

    Amazon Customer Service

  • +1

    same…. wasted my 10APP

  • +1

    Like how they say "we're unable to fulfill your order" but it's still available for backorders at $112.98 Spoke to Amazon customer service and they said the email was incorrect and that it was an actual "price error"…

    • +1

      What, that's bull. My order got cancelled too.

    • Inform them it wasn't a price error and they were price matching Officeworks. I'm not happy that Amazon cancelled my order and Officeworks are out of stock now.

  • Let's see who can get the most promotional credits out of them for the cancellation….

    • They didn't offer me any credit this time and just said "we'll pass your feedback to the relevant team"…

      • I find that is usually the case with cancellations, it best to ask before when you waiting for fulfilment what taking so long, thats when they give out credit.

        But after cancel, its lot harder.

  • They're selling it for $112.98

    Have you asked live chat to send you the yellow one instead?

  • lodge a complain to Amazon, not sure whether they would do anything about it. Especially i lost my 10APP special

    • Depends who you get. I created a second account to use the $20 little birdie voucher, had to return the purchase as it was faulty, when I asked about the $20 credit they said they don't replace promotional credits but as a "one off exception" they would. So doesn't hurt to try especially when the purchase doesn't work out and it's not your fault.

      • Thanks. They offered me 5 dollars. Auto apply on my cart. No code provided. Not sure there is minimum spent or not. I'm buying over 39 dollars to avoid shipping

        • Yeh those promo credits they put on your account don't expire and have no minimum spend. You can also select which order to apply to as well as in the checkout you can deselect the credit… I do this all the time to only apply credits to small orders for "max savings".

  • officeworks still having this 500gb for 49 dollars. cannington office works

  • +1

    Lol back down to $49… All those cancelled orders were for "can't supply" and "price error"… Wah!?

    • on amazon?

      • Yeh, went back up to $119 now but it's on my watch list and keeps going up and down.

        • any chance you could let me know when it next goes down to $49

          • +1

            @eckers19: The CamelCamelCamel link at the bottom of the description should let you setup price alerts.

  • +1

    Back in stock now guys

  • Just ordered 2 of these from Amazon @ $49 each. Delivery (Good?) Friday.

    • +1

      Yes, through Amazon Flex public holiday deliveries occur

  • +1

    Need to know if this is decent enough for PS4 Pro external drive, else i will spend more $ on Samsung T5 1TB

  • Ordered got cancelled, got a $10 gift card credit added to account automatically.

  • Ordered got cancelled, got a $10 gift card credit added to account automatically.

    • Mine got cancelled but never got but never got email about $10 gift card. NVM the email just came through.

      • lol.