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$500 Gift Card with $1500 Spend/3 Mths on the ANZ Rewards Platinum ($0 Annual Fee 1st Year) @ Point Hacks


ANZ are now offering a $500 Gift Card when you spend $1,500 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months. Plus, enjoy $0 annual card fee, in the first year. Saving you $95. This is an "Exclusive" offer that is only available through PointHacks.

The $500 Gift Card bonus & $0 first year fee offer is now live for a Limited Time Only.

Details include:

  • $500 Gift Card when you spend $1,500 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months of approval.
  • 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 20 months, with a 1.5% BT fee
  • Earn 1.5 ANZ Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $2,000 per statement period, then 0.5 Reward Points per $1 you spend on eligible purchases above $2,000 per statement period.

  • Gift card can be redeemed at JB HiFi, Myer, Woolworths Supermarket, Amazon, The Iconic, Uber Eats, Caltex Woolworths and Appliances Online.

  • Annual fee 1st Year: $0

  • Limited Time Only

View the full offer details only at PointHacks.

This offer is only available exclusively through Point Hacks and not available through any other channel, including if you go to ANZ directly or use a referral link.

Ensure if applying for an offer, you don’t currently hold and haven’t opened or closed an ANZ Rewards Black, ANZ Rewards Platinum or an ANZ Rewards credit card in the last 12 months and meet all other offer eligibility criteria.

UPDATE: This offer is no longer available.

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  • received the card and the welcome letter, BUT it doesn't mention '$500 Gift Card with $1500 Spend/3 Mths' at all. Is this normal?

    • As I didn’t receive any notice, I called ANZ today. They confirmed with me the 500 gift card promotion.

      • good to hear!

        Australia and New Zealand Banking Group/Credit card support
        1800 033 844

        btw, is this the number you called? Cheers

  • +2

    Rang them and confirmed we are still eligible for the $500 GC and annual fee $0 first year as long as you applied when the promotion was on. It doesn't matter if you only got approved now or later.

  • Has anyone received their card yet. My card got approved on 22/3, I still haven’t got mine yet.

    Also, if I use the card to pay latitude pay, does it count it as an eligible purchase or cash advance?

    • Yes I received my card yesterday

      Prepaid my private health insurance for 14 months to buff up my spend

      • I did the exact same thing. Did 12 months. Wasn't sure if I could do more than that. Good day to do it too with rates increasing tomorrow.

        • for medibank, its 14 months. However on the "pay premium" page, it seems like you can keep paying 2 months and repeat. I've paid up to 25th May 2022

      • -1

        So private health insurance is definitely counted as an eligible purchase?

        • +1

          Yes, its insurance, not government payments

          • @Homr: Have you got the gc yet?

            • @2hit6: no not yet, I'm only 3 weeks into my card

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    can you use funds transfer from another bank to repay the credit card? i dont have a linked ANZ savings account

  • Just received my card & welcome letter yesterday.. in the Welcome letter the annual fee stated $40 Annual Account fee plus $55 Rewards Program service fee.
    Does you guys have the same in your welcome letter?

    • +1

      Same, but first year will be waived with the offer

  • -1

    Got my card yesterday and activated today, had to visit a branch to do the Customer ID check.
    Haven't received the Welcome letter yet - is that where it should mention the $0 annual fee and $500 GC promo?

  • -1

    If paying via PayPal link to this credit card count as eligible purchase ? Or it must be credit card purchase only? Thanks

    • Yes, as the credit card is still being used.

  • cool, finally got approved today as well

  • +1

    I spoke with ANZ today after finally receiving my new card & they advised that I would be getting 120000 ANZ points instead of a $500 giftcard once qualified even though I applied through Point Hacks. To be fair, this is actually a better deal as converts to almost $550 in giftcards or option to transfer to Krisflyer / Velocity etc.

    • But do you get the $0 annual fee ?

      I got the card last week but never bothered to confirm any deal

      • +1

        Yep, it is $0 annual fee. That was the reason why I called myself as on my welcome letter it stated that there would be a fee but apparently it is just a standard letter they send out.

    • I rang them too (activated my card yesterday) and they confirmed my points hack deal as expected ie. $0 annual fee first year + $500 GC after $1.5k spend

      • The current deal is 120000 points so I was thinking maybe the call centre had got the two deals mixed up. Either way it is a good deal but now I'm hoping I do get the points over the GC haha.

  • +1

    Who can I call to query to see if I spent 1500 and now just wait for the gift card? I had spent $400 on getting gift cards that’s not woolies. Not sure if that’s eligible.

    Checked my rewards account the $400 gift card recognised and ANZ gave me 1.5 reward points that’s 600 points to my account, is that means the purchase is eligible?

    Thanks for all comments.

    • -1

      Call Ghostbusters

  • +2

    Once done when and how can you call to confirm getting the $500gc?

  • -1


  • +3

    ANZ experience:

    Wont accept ID
    Go to Branch
    Need to make a appointment to sight it
    Go back
    Try to buy something online
    "It appears that ANZ might not have your current Mobile number. Please contact ANZ for further assistance on:"
    Go back to branch
    Make appointment

    Useless bank

    • +1

      Sorry to hear that. To put others minds at rest just applied and sent payslip with three months YTD income over the long weekend. Approved today and card in the mail.

  • +6

    Hello All,

    Just to make life easy for everyone.
    I activated my card a couple of weeks back. Spent 2000 dollars buying a Macbook and hence I was eligible for the GC offer.
    Received my GC last week (4 business days after I was eligible for it).

    Nothing about the offer was mentioned on the welcome letter but if you call the Rewards team and ask them, they will confirm that there's a Point Hacks exclusive on our card.


    • awesome to know it can come before the 3 months.
      did you have to opt for a particular gift card - or does it just work at all these shops?

      • +1

        They give a link to a rewards website where we have to opt for the GC we need.
        I roughly remember:

        I opted for Woolies!
        We can only choose one retailer for the GC

        • Interesting. The details hinted that you would get 120,000 rewards points which you could use to redeem a $500 gift card.

    • So after you spent the $1500+ you waited for an email or contacted them to get a link to get a GC?

    • Thanks I’m in same boat but no gift card yet so I emailed and reponse-

      Thanks for reaching out to us and we hope you've been well.

      We can confirm your account has the below Bonus Offer applied to it based on the URL of your online application.

      "Point Hacks Exclusive 0% p.a. for 20 months on balance transfers (1.5% BT Fee applies), $0 Annual Fee in 1st year plus a $500 Gift Card."

      The Gift card will be allocated to you within 3 months of meeting the eligible spend amount of $1500. You'll receive an email with further instructions on how to claim.

      Please take care and stay safe Stephen.

      Please contact us via SecureMail if you have any other account enquiries.


      ANZ Digital Servicing Team

      Implies I need to claim, anyone had this experience?

  • +1

    Received the card today, but information in the letter does not mention the offer (no gift card, $49 annual fee).

    After 30 minutes on the phone they've confirmed the offer is applied

    • +2

      None of my thirty odd welcome letters ever had the offer stated, always got the offers though. If the card companies just added this information they’d save a lot of enquires!

  • Do you have to activated the Rewards thing before you make your >$1500 purchase? I spent that money today but only found that out about registering for the Rewards program afterwards…

    • hmm. i didn't activate either. i just tried activating and can't since my email was used a couple of years ago last time i had an anz card….

      • Just called them, looks like it should still work. Points won't be allocated until the next billing cycle so it doesn't show up right away.

      • -1

        Same issue, I used this email previously so it won’t let me activate.

        Do we actually need to activate?

        • +1

          i did not activate but still get points of 1st month spend on the first statement.

          on their letter and terms, it does not say any where you need to register first

  • +1

    i activated my card on the 30th of March and met the $1500 spending requirement a couple of days ago,
    and today i got an email from ANZ with the $500 gc redeem link. no need to activate 'reward program' etc what so ever. pretty impressive given my card is still less than 2 weeks old.

    I've got say ANZ got it right it this time.

    Btw i chose the 'Woolworths Supermarket Gift Card'. does anyone know if this card can be used at woolworths/caltex petrol station? just like an Wish giftcard?


    • +2

      Just issued me the Woolworths gift card. Looks like only Woolworths when you download it. But when I added it to the Woolworths Money app, its showing as eGift Card.

      • yeah me too on the Money app, finger crossed this card will just be another Wish card.

        • Shows up as a "Wish e-gift card" on my Woolies Money App. This means it should be usable at all the Wish card stores: Woolworths, Caltex, BigW, BWS, Dan Murphy's, Cellarmasters.

          Great choice for the $500 as you have to buy groceries right? Useful for alcohol and petrol too. Just make sure to remember to treat yourself with $500 somewhere else. Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle would definitely agree!! (that's a Parks and Recreation reference).

    • +1

      How long did it take to send you the email after your 1500spend?

      • +2

        I got the gift card email 9 days later

  • Fingers crossed I will get the $500gc soon after met criteria on 6/4.. But I called ANZ And they told me I am on the 120000 bonus points offer instead. Strange as I signed up and got to use the card on 27/3.

    • +3

      Isn't 120000 points better than $500 giftcard? I.e. redeemable for even more $$$ giftcards?

  • Just got my gift card today! I cancelled my ANZ Travel Rewards late last year so was slightly worried I won't be eligible. Called ANZ up and they did confirm the promotion is valid for me.

  • +1

    received my card today

  • +2

    Got my GC email today and able to claim straight away.
    Now to pay off the card and cancel it.

  • +1

    got my GC today

    • +1

      How many days after your $1500 spend?

  • +2

    I just recieved the email to claim the gift card today. It took about 2 weeks after I met the spend limit. It actually went to my spam folder, so don't forget to check there. The email came from the following address, which you could add to your address book so that it doesn't go to spam:
    [email protected]

    • thanks!

    • Bless you I might have missed that, cheers!

  • +2

    Spent $1,500 by 17th April, received gift card via email today so took 4 business days. It was in my junk inbox, so please remember to check.

  • -1

    Best/fastest way/thing to spend the $500 woolies card on? Probably should of got the fuel version but oh well. I want to cancel the CC asap but worried it will somehow cancel the gift card. I know it's unlikely but don't want to risk it.

  • +1

    I am still waiting for the gc. Spent $1500 on 1st week of April now is 3 weeks already. Lucky guys if you got them early!

    • Same.

      I called ANZ and they said you have to wait until the 3 months pass. 🤔

      I said others have reported getting the email within a few days of hitting the spend, she said they were wrong haha

  • +1

    Got my voucher today after reaching $1500 spend about 5 days ago.

  • also got my voucher via email today, too easy!

    very well run promo - no need to do anything but spend (on bargains of course)!!

    thanks OP!

  • got my gift card via email today!

  • Got my woolworths eGiftCard, put it into the woolworths money app as some have suggested. I have been able to use it online at Woolworths and BigW so far :)

  • Received my gc today!

    $1,500 spend met on 28th April
    GC Notification received 3rd May

    Basically 4 Business days

    • I met the spend criteria on 23rd APril and still nothing. Where did you get the GC notification? Email or Mobile?

      • Email
        Make sure you check your spam/junk folder

        • Do you have to pay the balance also, or just meet the spend?

          • +1

            @John Kimble: I did pay the balance off on Friday (30th) but I don’t know if that made any difference..

            • @dorikin: I don't think so either.

              I complained I hadn't received my gift card email, despite meeting the spend, ANZ replied saying I hadn't met the spend by the first billing cycle (true), but there is no mention of having to complete the spend within cycles and therefore paying it off, so pretty sure I've been given wrong information from them, yet again…

              • +1

                @John Kimble: they're hopeless with the customer service. Ideally, the email should come from - [email protected]

                I've not received it either despite completing the qualifying spend 10 days back

        • +1

          same here - spent $1,500 on 18 April and no email until now!

  • +1

    Finally got my gift card email today after meeting the spend mid April (not paid off the full $1500 worth yet). I suppose it was within the 30 day time frame stated in the T+Cs

  • Got my $500 GC. Got card about 2 weeks ago and have spent the $1500.

    Now to close it off

  • it looks like this deal still on… why it says expired???


    • it's a different deal, link is to 120,000 rewards points

      • isn't that 120k rewards pts still give you a $500 gift card???

  • +2

    Still waiting, spent $1500 3 weeks ago

  • Can anyone confirm that if you redeem the $500 Woolies GC through ANZ, you can then use that to purchase another $500 GC offered in-store at Woolies for a completely different store ?

    • I haven't had success buying gift cards with gift cards at woolies for some time now sadly - happy to be proven wrong though.

      • Tried to use my $500 GC to buy other gift cards instore today, 'operator cancelled', was told by the checkout staff that you can't buy GC with GC. Any other recommendations?

  • Still no GC here. Spent 1500 a month ago.

    • Amen brother, same here. Did they run out of vouchers?

      • +2

        I'm in the same boat too. Contacted them twice, both times they've assured me I have reached the threshold and it can take up to 90 days to receive the gift card. Which is a load of crap given everyone on here and someone I know got theirs within like 3 days.

        • +2

          Same here. I called them twice. They said that they will pay $500 GC within 3 months after you spent $1,500. If they don't pay you after 3 months, just call card reward/solution team and chase them. They are obligated to pay.

          • @Jetkuma: How bloody annoying. Pay some people in 3 days, others in months. Great system.

        • They got no idea. T+Cs say within 30 days.


  • Merged from How to Claim The $500 Giftcard from The ANZ Credit Card Promotion?

    Hi y’all,

    About 2 months ago, I signed up for the ANZ credit card promotion where you can get a ‘$500 Gift Card with $1500 Spend/3 Mths on the ANZ Rewards Platinum’.

    Please see this thread for the offer history.

    Anyway, last week, I checked my ANZ credit balance and saw that I have spent over $1700 over the past 2 months.

    I still haven’t received any emails/contact from ANZ regarding the $500 gift card. Who/Where/how do I contact to claim the gift card??

    Thanks to y’all Ozbargainers for posting such a great deal and help.

    • +3


      • I think ANZ said to check with OzB it was the referring post for the "deal" ;)

    • I'd probably try contacting the ANZ,

      OzBank wont be any help

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