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Citibank Credit Cards: Free Citi PayAll for All Payments Set Up from 1st April 2021 to 31st October 2022 (Normally 2%)


Received in email. Maybe targeted.

Free points on your rents, and any other fees that normally don’t accept credit cards without a fee.

Email excerpt below:

We are writing to advise you of an update we are making to the Citi PayAll product feature available on your Citi Rewards Card.

For all Citi PayAll payments set up between 1 April 2021 to 31 October 2022 (the Period), the Citi PayAll fee will be reduced to 0%:

• Any recurring Citi PayAll payments set up during the Period will not incur the Citi PayAll fee for the duration in which those payments are scheduled to occur.

• Any Citi PayAll payments set up after the Period ends will be charged the standard Citi PayAll fee of 2% of the amount of the Citi PayAll payment.

• Any recurring Citi PayAll payments set up prior and after the Period will be charged the standard Citi PayAll fee of 2% of the amount of the Citi PayAll payment. This fee will apply to all recurring payments made for the duration in which those payments are scheduled to occur.

For more information on Citi PayAll, please refer to the Credit Card Terms and Conditions and Other Important Information and if you are enrolled in a Citi Rewards program, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Rewards program you are enrolled in.


This is a good guide:

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          • @Team Ozgiftcards: I did try to double dip and it reduced my limit by double what it should have. Only by paying it off in full (losing gift card) could I get my card fixed and back on track for my 35k PayAll transactions and points. Avoid this offer. Their support team were totally useless.

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      I just got this same offer (effectively) via Coles MC - 20,000 bonus points with same fee structure and conditions. Coles MC underwritten by Citibank

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      As others have said, only attempt this if you have a substantial credit limit in excess of all your PayAll commitments for the month. Do not do it if you need to continuously top up your credit card account to artificially bolster your available credit. When you do this, Citibank will direct some payments towards paying off the outstanding FPO rather than leaving them for the scheduled PayAll payment and this will cancel the FPO early, disqualifying you from getting the giftcard. You cannot specify in which order payments are allocated to outstanding debts, this is completely up to Ciitbank and they will do it to best suit them, not you. Ask me how I know this since I had my third Quick Cash FPO cancelled yesterday despite never putting the credit card account into credit.

  • Anyone receiving the money 1 day early now? Until end of last year, they really transferred on the date I set (except if it falls on the weekend), but since 2022, it became 1 business day earlier for me. E.g: I've set 17/1 (Monday), they transferred on 14/1 (Friday). Next is 26/1, which is public holiday, but instead of moving it to 25/1, I actually got the money yesterday (24/1).

    • +2

      They action the transfers nominally (means +/- 1 day) 3 working days before the scheduled date. NOT including weekends/public holidays, you can expect that for a scheduled date of 17, they will action the transfer on 17-3 = 14. 26 will be 26-3 = 23

      Note: There is always an error allowance of +/- 1 day on all calculations where Citibank are concerned and NO DATES INCLUDE WEEKENDS OR PUBLIC HOLIDAYS. Citibank work strictly on working days only. Weekends and public holidays DO NOT EXIST in Citibank-world.

      • Ahhhh… Great Intel!

  • Quite late to the party and hoping someone will be kind enough to answer a few questions if you may:
    Looking to use this feature PayAll for the first time:
    1. What are the best way to activate it. Do I need to have anything else activated such as quick cash to receive $100
    2. Will it have any impact on credit rating
    3. Was looking to pay electricity bill - but the only options available are via Bpay, PayOnline, Sign up for Direct Debit, or credit card.

      1. You already have it. No special activation needed.
      2. Only if you default, you already have the card so no additional credit check.
      3. Is that a question?
      • Hey mate thanks for reply.
        Yeah 3rd is the valid question: So if I dont have the option to pay my bill via a bank transfer? How would you go about it. Transfer funds to a family members account and pay from their account.

        1 more silly question: The whole point of doing this is to gain points right? and if you get an offer of spend $x, where x=3000 you will receive $100 or $50 cash back? Is that all? or am I missing out on something?

        • +1

          U can only transfer it to bank account, so be creative with that. It's practically a short-term interest free loan, but yeah, the main thing is to gain points, and don't get trap into the debt as cc interest is crazy high. I think u need ~20k points for $100 worth

  • Finally have started to set this up and can't find a clear answer on those that have a credit limit <$35k getting the full 35k in a month from PayAll.
    Does the below example work.
    $25k limit, statement date of 11th
    Setup $20k transfer for 17th
    Setup manual top up of $10k (maybe $11.25k topup to not go over the 95% limit) for 18th
    Setup $15k transfer for 21st

    • +1

      You just need to have enough limit when the card tries to do the payall.

      How you setup / prepay your card to ensure this, is up to you.

      Personally I just prepay the payall amount the day of the transfer. E.g. if I know the card will debit my account for $10k tonight, I transfer in $10k in the morning.

      • Yeah that would be the simple way of saying it haha. Thanks for clarifying

        Also I tried setting up one payall last night with 20 or of 25 limit. I put it on the wrong date so cancelled and tried to go again, only to be met with monthly limit exceeded for that category for everything. I am guessing Citi just didn't reconcile the cancelled payall instantly and it takes some time?

        • +1

          Takes a few days for Citi to recognise your canceled transaction yeah.

          • @Team Ozgiftcards: Looks like it updated today so I set a 15k ongoing transfer and then tried to setup a 20k ongoing transfer. When doing the second I get the limit notification again. How do you setup the 2nd transfer that goes over your credit limit? Do I prepay my citi card now to setup both transfers and it checks that ?

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              @knobbs: Not sure - mine was all set up before they limited the payall amounts to your credit card limit. You might have missed the boat on the full 35k per month.

              • @Team Ozgiftcards: Correct. You have missed the boat. The boat that allowed for PayAll amounts over your card credit limit sailed on Oct 17 last year. That loophole has been closed. Stop bothering to find it, you're too late.

            • @knobbs: If you go above the limit by prepaying etc, let us know.

  • What’s everyone using all the points for? I’ve transferred a large amount to my flybuys, but I don’t really need that much for shopping every month.

    • Amazon, Coles, Target

    • +1

      Congratulations, you’ve just FIRED your grocery bills with this 1 deal 😃

      • +2

        Me and my partner are close to earning $4k together so can't complain 😃

        One thing I did though from the beginning - I sent message to bank to say there would be numerous in and out payments into bank account due to Citi Payall promo. They acknowledged and left a note on the profile. If AUSTRAC ever came knocking, at least I can say that I proactively told bank what was going on.

    • +1

      J-class RTW ticket on SIA is 240,000KF = 600,000 Citibank Rewards Points. 35K/month = 17 months worth and you're flying around the world to 8 cities in business class

      • Much availability though? Qantas J280 rtw flights (now 320k I think) sound good on paper. But actually getting the legs you want is another thing.

        • +1

          Comparing Qantas with SIA is like comparing apples to oranges. QF is famous for making points redemption as hard as possible.

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    Just read most of the thread and I can’t believe they keep extending this offer and people’s accounts haven’t been closed. They must be bleeding so much money.

    • +1

      I think really it's only a select few from ozbargain… Barely bleeding when they make billions

    • Not sure what you mean by extending. They cut some of the cheese in October to stop the bleeding.

  • So just checking if my credit limit is $15,000, and I sent a PayAll for $2000 and then pay back that $2000 immediately, can I still only make another payment of $13,000 that month or the full $15,000?

    • $13000 I believe, they have changed the T&C so you cannot go over your credit limit.

    • Try to set 13k and another to go over, see if it works? It's quite different for many of us, sometimes it'd give error for no clear reason. There's no harm for trying, if u manage to set that.

      • Yep tried $13,500 and it failed. $13,000 seems to go through.

        Must be the last one in the thread to try this out, can’t believe it has been going on for months

  • +1

    Looks like end of road for one of my cards. Received a fraud alert msg for an unauthorised charge (at Crunchyroll, lots of card scammed in US apparently) which I confirmed as suspicious so now the card is blocked.
    My understanding is they will have to issue a new card which would lead to my existing payall transactions setup till 2025 to be canceled.
    I should be able to set them up again, but i always apply for min limit which helps in churning so from 35k a month I’ll be getting 6k unless I apply for increase in limit which would lead to less headroom for more cards.
    If this were true then it is going to really hurt my plans!!

    • +1

      Good tip for others. Yep, this is one reason I never use the Citi card for OS transactions or for anything from online retailers like PayPal/eBay etc. Too risky. Use disposable, throwaway cards like 28 Degrees, Amex etc. for those. Happy to have all those cancelled and reissued as much as they want, but the Citibank card needs to stay as is uninterrupted.

    • If my card expires at the end of this year, are my payalls set up still ok?

      • +1

        So I got a new card issued as the previous card was blocked. All, but 2 of payall transactions got randomly auto canceled. So I think you should be fine.

  • +1

    did anyone take up the $200 gift card for 3 months of consecutive payall payments offer?

    I did but havent' received my $200 gc, seeing if anyone else in the same boat

  • Can anyone please tell me if PayAll transactions are counted as eligible spending for new card holder (eg 4k spend in 90 days)?

  • Saw a 30% bonus transfer offer for Citi -> velocity happening at the moment.

    • Have you tried and got the bonus (a couple of years back I tried similar promo with Flybuys, had to chase them hard for the bonus)? And how long does it takes to transfer before we see the points on Velocity's side?

  • Hopefully someone can help.

    I have a $15,000 credit limit.

    I setup a PayAll for 6th May for $7500 and another $7500 for 9th May.

    6th May has been processed and I just got an SMS saying the one for 9th May will be processed tonight. However I also had a couple of other payments during the month totalling $744, so now there is a red notification in the app saying ‘credit limit reached’ and the available credit is (744).

    1) Will the $7500 PayAll transaction still go through tonight?
    2) Will I be charged an overdrawn fee? If so how much is this fee :(

    Bit annoyed Citi take the payment 4 days before the due date, but after reading the comments here, looks like this is normal.

    Have just opened a Citi Plus Transaction Account after reading some other comments here, but there was a warning not to use the account yet until you get an email it’s been officially opened, so don’t think I can do a PayID transfer tonight to top it up.

    Just hoping I don’t get stung overdrawn fees.

    • The second lot of the $7500 won't go through if you don't have that much available balance, and no you won't get charged an overdrawn fee because it won't go through. The two Payall dates are way too close in my opinion.

      • Yeh I didn’t realise they take the money before the due date, will space them out more in future.

        I managed to setup PayID with Citi Plus Account and put $1000 in, so it no longer says ‘credit limit reached’, now says ‘nearing credit limit’.

  • Did anyone receive $200 voucher from this deal?


    • Met the conditions but still waiting…

    • Received today

      • Same. And worth noting:

        Please redeem your eVoucher by 16 August 2022. Redemptions after this date will not be available.

        • Yes got it finally

  • If I have 15k limit on my credit card, can I setup PayAll transfer or more than 15k per month? Or does it have to be 15k each month. I remember reading somewhere monthly transfer limit is 35k for PayAll.

    • T&C has changed ages ago, you can only use up to your credit limit for Payall transactions.

  • Wonder what will happen when NAB takes over? To this and the features more generally eg free lounge passes? I got an email from Citibank just now that says:

    What does this mean?

    On and from the Transfer Date, NAB will be providing your Citi branded products and services.
    Citi has provided NAB with a licence to use the Citi brand from the Transfer Date. Citi will also provide some services to NAB for a transition period after the transfer. This means your products and services will continue to be Citi branded, and Citi may continue to have some involvement, but NAB will be your credit provider.
    NAB will do this under its own Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Licence, Australian Financial Services Licence and Australian Credit Licence (as applicable), and will be the primary licensee in relation to these products and services.
    This transfer won’t change the way you generally use and manage your account or card, or the way you make repayments. For more details, visit citibank.com.au/NAB
    You’ll be able to continue managing your accounts via the Citi Mobile® app and Citi Online, and the Customer Service Centre will continue to support you.
    Your PayID, BSB, account and card numbers will remain the same.

    • +3

      Cancel the card when the rewards stop coming, look for other deals, don’t worry about who moved the cheese.

  • -3

    Can i ask a question here? Are people simply transferring to themselves?

    • I couldn't possibly comment!

    • Can i ask a question here?
      no you cant.

    • I believe that would be against the terms and conditions.

    • Can you transfer to someone who isn't the accountholder, but is a cardholder?

      I am not seeing anything explicitly stated in the T&Cs

      • Per previous comments here, you can self-transfer or pay to a family member's account. Give it a go - you'll never know if you never try

  • +1

    Just received a message from Citibank that they have noticed I'm not using the card (as I only max it for Pay all transactions).

    In the past they have closed non used cards.

    So the question is, how do I put a few transactions on it, without stuffing up my Pay All?

    Do I simply put the card in credit for a few dollars and make a few transactions? But will it impact my Pay all (which is set to max limit)?


    • +1

      Use card, and pay back immediately.

      • Putting in credit the same? I chucked an extra $50 on it and will buy a few things.

  • I've got monthly transactions set up for a few years' worth going to Ubank. Ubank will be changing their BSB and account number at some stage because it's merging with NAB / 84600. I tried cancelling some of the recurring monthly payments, and when I try to re-add them to go to new bank accounts it is no longer successful. It says that I have reach the monthly limit for the select category, even when there's nothing scheduled for the month.

    Looks like the end of the road for me. Good while it lasted.

    • From past experience you have to wait at least 24hrs before setting up a new payall for the system to recognise you’ve cancelled the other one.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a go.

        • Didn't work. It's ok. I'll wait for ubank to change their BSB, or wait for October and cancel & redo all my existing transactions… Whichever comes first.

  • Can we still set up payall for nothing?

    My dates are $6k on the 6th $9k 26th..and my statement generates on the 4th ($15k limit).

    It not ideal..and I just stuffed up and didn't have funds in the account 3 days in advance..sure enough..they went early. .

    So thinking now might be a good time to change.. but is it still free?

    Assuming the best set up would be to have the payments come out 4 days after the statement generation date?

    • Free to 31/10/22. Don't sweat it though, you only "miss out" on some points the first month.

      • I just contacted Citi chat (as my failed transaction notification says it failed on the 28th..which hasn't even happened yet!!).

        I asked them to redo the Payall as per the notification they sent me via sms for the 28th…and the funds are now there.

        She said to simply setup/ resubmit another Payall?

        Can we simply do this? Can I just set a new one up to occur on, say the 29th? Then can that for the next month, as a $9000 transfer one day before statement generation isn't ideal.

        My statement generates on the 30th..so it will have to be quick.

        • My experience of setting a new PayAll transaction will have a transaction date of at least a week from the setup date.

          Also, from comments by other ozbargainers, I gathered that your card will be charged 2 days ahead of the last business day before your scheduled payment date (if not a business day). In your case, the pay day is 27th and the card was charged on 25th, the day adequate fund/available limit is required. Not from authoritative source but works well so far

          • @Gleung: Ok, so I have no chance of setting up another payall before my statement is generated then.

            Might re do them anyway while they are still free and extend the expiries (pretty sure NAB will cull em asap).

            Yeah, you are right, except its 3 days. I have been up with a toddler and in a sleep deprived state stupidly took the Citibank SMS notification for fact.. Ie. "We will pay your payall on the 28th"..

            Crazy me cued it up for the actual 28th! Love how i got a transaction failed on the 28th..3 days before it has occured…Citibank must be zipping through space faster than the speed of light…backwards …and have found a way to reverse the space time continuum…amazing!

            • @tunzafun001: Citi normally sending 2 SMS for each date we set, both of them have dubious wording.
              First SMS is about 1 week before the date we set, to tell us about the charge (so in ur case, the SMS would tell u they will charge on the 28th, which is obviously wrong) - I usually just use that SMS as a sign that I need to have sufficient balance for the next payment (but yeah, u'd still have 2-3 days after that SMS to do it).
              Second SMS is on the day that Gleung explained above, to tell u that ur card will be charged "tonight". Again, that SMS is rather misleading, as when I received it, it means they already charged my card, so it's basically too late to do anything (it seems they charged first then send the SMS).

              • @hanofee: Yeah, I do the same. Send in a Bpayment on the first SMS. But even that didn't make it in time for some reason. Must have missed it by an hour or less.

  • NAB has just bought Citi. The end of the free points?

    • Already passed the regulator earlier this year. But only official in June. There’ll still be a bit of transition time, so enjoy when it lasts

  • Just opened a citibank plus transaction account which it shows as eligible for osko transfers. Do I just transfer from my current osko account using BSB and accnt number and it is almost instant? Then transfer to my citi CC

  • new payalls seem to be limited to 24 months ?

  • Just wondering about the limits for this. If I have a supplementary card holder they can set up and they do not see mine. Is the limit turn on the combined amount we use or or 100% of the card for each person?
    I feel like it might be combined

    • You’ve got 1 account with the 1 limit. Doesn’t matter how many supplementary card holders there are.

  • Does anyone happened to have their primary card expired along the way? Will it affect our PayAll that's already set? Or not (as the card number will remain the same but with different expiry date upon renewal, right)?

  • Maximum duration I can setup is for 2 months? starting Aug until Sept 2022? Anyone the same?

    • Strange - I set up a new payment for 24 months till 2024, just an hour ago. Please check and try again?!

      • Even was on live chat with support and they said this was not a bug and they can't amend it manually :(

        In the app, duration defaults to 2 months and no way to adjust it.

      • Are you on Iphone or samsung?

  • just received another email offer for this payall. same exp date October 2022

  • Has anyone who had a low credit limit increased their limit to increase their earn rate? From memory I think the AF is $175 if you spend/payall more than 48k p.a.
    Unfortunately, I was an idiot who went with a Qantas Premier card rather than the Citi rewards/krisflyer redeeming card.

  • As some of banks are now offering over 4% loans, I think this PayAll will still save money even if you continue with 2%.

    • 4% is per annum. 2% is for you to repay when statement is due (max 6 weeks?!)

  • got email about citi ready credit offer,
    2.9% pa interest for 3 years on the initial balance transferred, plus 100k flybuys bonus points (worth $50 at coles) when request a balance transfer of $500 or more.

    will that interfere with our citipay all scheme? it says flybuys point will be allocated within 8 weeks.
    so after that just pay off ?

    • It does have a $199 set up fee too

      • oh missed damn haha ok then ignore me.. not worthed

        • Went through the exact same emotions 😀

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