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TCL 65" C815 Android QLED TV $1270 + Shipping ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


QLED panel. Built-in Onkyo soundbar. Android TV. Etc. Dare you to find me a better value TV.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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      They're gone weeks ago

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        They just trolling by leaving it online?

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          Pretty much, yep.

  • Any idea where they get the panels from?
    2 years ago, they used to get them from Samsung. Also the soundbar.

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      QLED is Samsung Trademark?

      • I dont know

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      TCL manufactures its own panels now and is about to surpass LG (Japan) and Samsung (Korea) as the world's biggest manufacturer of LCD screens. They make QLED LCD screens and it's a trademark they own in China and so label screens as such.

      715 is good but the C815 is much better (soundbar is the cherry on top) with improved processing

      • LG is also Korean Brand, NOTJapan. It's not that China surpasses LCD screen quality, just in terms of massive productions. Now Korean Brands are more focused on better technology on QLED, OLED , mini LED, micro LED which China quality cannot even come close to it. That's what it always been last few years, Korean brand produces some new technology -> Chinese follow and do massive production -> same thing over and over because Chinese brand dominating low-mid range of LED LCD TV market with massive productions.

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    Got the C715 55" recently for under $1k and was happy - but for this price it is a pretty great purchase for someone wanting an implemented soundbar, or even a 65" screen. Direct backlit LED is pretty great, colours are fine and the black levels are nice and low. Obviously gotta have a wide enough table, the legs go all the way to the end of the tv to fit the soundbar unlike the C715 series.

    • Yeah, I am loving my C715 50". The picture quality is great no matter what anyone says about this TV.

  • Greta price but if someone is looking for it is edge lit and not fald.

    • Edge lit tend to be more reliable if you go by Samsungs quality.

  • Will this be a good option for PS5?

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      Only bad aspect is a lack of HDMI 2.1 (which transmits 4k content at 120hz) and 60hz refresh rate on the screen.

      Very few games will ever support [email protected] so up to you if you decide that spending an extra $600-1500 just for that capability is worth it

  • This or the Hisense 65" Q8 which is about 1330 delivered after 5% off GCs and 20% afterpay?

    • I went with the Hisense because the colours and contrast seemed so much better.

      If you can, go to GG or JB and see them side by side, so you can decide for yourself if the extra $$$ is worth it. The OS is also much snappier on the Hisense.

    • I've tried to get the hisense for $1330 using this method but comes up at $1550 using afterpay code through ebay, any idea where I'm going wrong?

  • Is the Hisense 65Q8 brighter?

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    Have this TV. The Android can be somewhat slow, and the Dolby functions can lag. The screen is beautifully colourful and bright and you don't notice the backlight in movies, but certain things you can. The sound is excellent for a TV and even good-great for a subless sound bar. Goes well in movies, and for console gaming once calibrated, but from my (brief) testing I couldn't get it to do >60hz at >1080. YMMV. For this price, I would still recommend it.

  • I think if you can get a hisense 65q8 for $1399 or a 65q7 for $1036 on the eBay afterpay deal that they would be competitive. I think if you really want to watch HDR content the 1000nits on the q8 would make it a better option over the tcl. Also I believe the hisense sets have an extra hdmi input which is useful when you have multiple devices or consoles. This tcl is claimed to be genuine 10bit panel so technically superior the the equivalent hisense but from what I have read the brightness isn’t there for HDR.
    This tcl has a great design and looks great in store. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with this tcl set.

    Very detailed review here.

  • Too bad the 75" is not sub $2k

  • Can someone mention the native refresh rate of this TV.

    I was originally looking at Samsung 65" Q80T or Sony 65" X9000H. Any recommendations on these 3 TVs. Thanks in advance.

  • this is edge lit, i have the c715 which is also edge lit. sometimes you might get a bad unit. like with bad backlight, so thats the only down side

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      C715 is Direct-lit LED. Not sure where you got the wrong info.

      • I recall, when I was looking into these, that there was a certain size point where the lighting changed from edge to direct. 🤷

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    Just got one from GG Nunawading for $1206 including delivery. They do give a bit more discount on top of the sale price in store.

  • the only problem with TCL is you can not turn off the clear motion interpolation tech.
    so movies have a horrible artificial motion blur.

    • I own a C715 and there is a menu option for "LED clear motion off ," I would expect that the option would be available on the C815 too

      I have it turned off and can confirm there is none of that horrid artificial motion smoothing.

      • I turned this off on my sisters TV and the motion is still there, maybe needs a firmware update.
        I'll check it out thanks!

        • Try also messing with the jitter reduction setting if you can't get it quite right. Feel free to PM me too.

  • I have watched them all, and Id save $ and go the bigW EKO 75" for less money. In fact I did…

    Its just as good, Andriod is a tad faster or the same and for the money the screen quality is about the same.

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