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Xiaomi Mi AIoT Wi-Fi 6 AX3600 Router $99.95 (Save $100) + Delivery (NSW Pickup) @ PC Byte


Update 1.30pm.
Deal has been ozbargained, again… 300pcs in 3 hours! We only have 50 units we can afford to run on this promo special. Thanks for all the support!

"Greetings everyone. OzBargain-exclusive special is back! Lowest ever price for AX3600 Wi-Fi 6 Router.
Apply code at check-out to bring the price down to $99.95 (50% OFF RRP)
Xiaomi-Official Australian Stock with English language support (not Global/China version). Ships in 1-2 business days or pick-up at our Auburn store.

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Xiaomi Mi AIoT Router AX3600

  • 3-Gigabit wireless rate
  • Up to 2976Mbps
  • Qualcomm six-core chip
  • 512 MB memory
  • AIoT Dedicated Antenna
  • WPA3 network encryption
  • 6-channel external high-performance signal amplifier


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    • +3

      Only if you have a lot of spiders in your house

  • Any thoughts on how this compares to the pretty well regarded stock Telstra 'smart' router (the white box, no antenna one). Just wondering if I am likely to get better speed and coverage across the house with this one or better to just get a second router/access point at the other end of the house and keep the Telstra…cheers

    • Coverage potentially but speed would depend on how much you get in bad spots right now. If you are getting decent speeds already then this will not change it but more coverage means that you may have less dead spots through the house

    • Better coverage. Speed will be the same.

  • +6

    Thanks OP, bought one. Got to stop checking ozbargain so often….

    • +1

      I relate to this on every level.

  • +1

    Hey, just wondering what would be the expected range?
    Eg, I put this in the front window, can I access it across the road in another house?

    • +1

      That's an awfully specific scenario.

      • +1

        36.72 meters to be exact with that scenario.

  • Will this work with the tplink mesh that I bought!

    • +2

      Nope. You can’t combine the two.

      • too late, bought the two of them! :(
        Maybe will gift either to my family.

    • Add more mesh products from TP-Link if required.

  • I've just bought the TP-Link 3 pack Deco M5 for my new build 2 storey home, any one advise this one or the mesh better , or they can work together , Thanks .

    • +4

      Yeah the Xiaomi router has much better specs than your Deco M5. Deco M5 still uses Wifi 5/AC not newer Wifi 6/AX.

      Speeds will probably be better with the Xiaomi, it has a better processor and ram as well.

      Wifi signal might be better with your mesh network if your house is huge or lots of interference like thick walls.

      You might not even need a mesh network.

      I have a Ubiquity AMPLIFI HD mesh router, bigger than average two story house and don’t really need the extra mesh point because the wifi signal is strong enough to reach the whole house.

      So depends on your house really.

      The Xiaomi can’t combine with your Deco’s.

      • Thanks for advise , still need one in the house , the router is placed on ground , and upstair it's level only 2 or 3 out of 5 , NBN is very slow unless I move downstair , I think I will keep the M5 to avoid complicated refund , thanks again .

        • we are on the same boat!

        • +1

          Agree that although the specs of this better, coverage of the Deco-M5 for a larger house would be more convenient. Bonus if you can use the backhaul feature to hardwire the Deco.

  • +11

    $14.27 per antenna

  • Great router, just note that there is no USB ports.

    • USB ports on routers are not as common in 2021. Some Asus and TP-Link models still have them.

      • +1

        Bummer, would have bought this if it had a USB port

  • Good deal. The Australian Mi store is selling it at $139 + $10 shipping - https://www.mi-store.com.au/xiaomi-mi-aiot-router-ax3600

  • How are these compared to typical TP link routers? I read some articles regards privacy/security concerns on Chinese telecom manufacturers. Is it just a political/racist bullshit?

    • Very likely. Besides, if the CCP was ever really willing/able to takeover/access these consumer grade devices used for personal reasons (not Enterprise), would you really care? I don’t care that ScoMo and friends at ASIO/ASD can see my youporn.com browsing history. Do you?

      • +1

        Maybe they will leak your porn history to your family/friends & workmates ;)

        • +7

          happy to share my playlists if they just ask

          • @ntt: Can you share with us?

            • @choopachups: can we watch together?

              • @ntt: But then we'll be watching each other.. Defying the whole purpose…

                • @choopachups:

                  we'll be watching each other.

                  should I add this to my bucket list?

                  • +1

                    @ntt: Sure… As long as we have opposite genders. Otherwise, way too advanced for my taste.

      • Chaterbate live cam girls is better, what a friend told me anyway. Lol

  • Nice! How long does it take to cook a chicken?

    • +6

      not sure on that, but my 2 year old's first words were in Chinese.

      • PUK PUAAAKKK??

  • Running an Asus router with Individual VPN Device Control Settings.
    Edit… Does it also have Openvpn Built in?

    Does this offer something similar?

  • How does this compare to the Archer AX20?

  • Do I need to purchase a NBN modem to connect this router?

    • +1

      Depends on NBN tech used.

    • +1

      This is a router, not a modem. Your NBN installation will come with the type of modem you need depending on what sort of Malcom Technology Mess you are connected to.

    • Yes, however an NBN installation includes the white NBN NCD (white box).

      Like most wireless routers, the WAN port on this is just a simple Ethernet port which connects to the NCD. The NCD converts NBN ‘language’ from the pit into ‘Ethernet’ language in your house.

      • The NCD is only used for FTTC.

        NBN use a different NTD for FTTP, HFC and fixed wireless.

        NBN don't supply a VDSL2 modem for FTTN and FTTB.

  • +2

    If you don't need usb, this is a good router to go, its performance is similar to Asus ax3000 (Umart price $269).

    But Asus router got lots of problems recently, NBN DHCP packet drop out, random disconnection, incompatible with many smart devices.

    So in short, Xiaomi AX3600 is a budget WiFi6 router worth to get, but don't expect it has the strength of those $300ish level router.

    it doesn't has USB
    it doesn't has USB
    it doesn't has USB

    So no deal for me

    • What do you use the usb for?

      • Before I used it to build a temporary NAS, and now I used it as power source for a Wi-Fi surveillance cam

        • seems crazy to forgo it for that, almost everyone has a spare USB wall wart and if you need an extra outlet a double adapter is very cheap.

          I somewhat understand though as I use my current USB port to power a Raspberry Pi and will have to go down the above mentioned solution.

    • +1

      what do you usually use router's USB for? 99% I don't use it

      • +1

        Yeah you will never know why you need it until you needing it XD

      • Connect to an external drive.

      • +2


        Without USB port and ability to run additional software you don't really need quadcore 1GHz CPU. Also that kind of CPU would be able to pull USB3.0 devices on full speed and turn router into decent mediacenter or home automation hub and that is also not possible because Xiaomi decided save 50c worth of USB connector on $150 router, CPU totally supports it.

  • Would this be a good replacement for the Nighthawk r8000

    • Wondering same too, thinking either this or tplink mesh for better coverage

      • Yup I purchased, I send data to/from synology disk station to wifi6 laptop so generally it should me faster for me

  • +2

    First impression – big, long, black and lots of protuberances!

    From one of the few online reviews that popped up on Google.

    Can't fault the price. Wifi 6 for under $100 with 7 antennas.

    • Note that most of the reviews, especially the early ones are for the china version which has far higher wifi transmit power, and therefore very long range. I suspect this version will have a far lower power level.

      • It's only firmware dependent, hardware is identical. Chinese firmware able set 1000mW and global limited to 510mW.

  • For two story houses that require range extenders.. what's the best config? Mesh or some sort of wifi extender? Any recommendations?

    • +2

      Mesh for sure. If you put the mesh node somewhere between the router and the dead spot where you get no signal, it improves your range drastically. I'm using two asus routers, but there's been plenty of mesh deals here on ozb as of late.

    • +1

      Mesh or Unifi access points.

    • +1

      Buy a Ruckus Wifi router and it covered your double story house as well as your neighbours. I bought a R510 and coverage is excellent. Full Bar everywhere inside house.

    • +1

      Cheers fellas, just got the TP Link M5 Deco deal posted on another thread. 3 point mesh. Let's see how we go!

  • How is WIFI6 making a difference for NBN50? The broadband width in Australia is just not broad enough for WIFI6. I think most people would find WIFI6 and 5 delivering same results.

    • +3

      NBN250 - NBN1000 would be beneficial. Anything under is just a waste.

    • Not everyone is stuck on a NBN50 connection. I have this router on a NBN250 connection and I get about 270mbps on speedtest over the wifi.

  • Bought one after watching/reading a couple of reviews; shipping was $10 to Brisbane.

  • Need VLAN support…..

  • -1

    Avoid CCP routers unless you don't care if CCP have your data

    • +1

      Agreed 100%

    • -1

      To the people downvoting, He's 100% correct no need to downvote, he clearly made an exception for you in saying "unless you don't care if the CCP have your data".

      • +2

        Don't buy a Cisco router unless you don't mind NSA and ASD having access to all your stuff

        • +2

          If you're comparing NSA to CCP, it means you have no idea how evil CCP is.

          • +1

            @OzHan: That evil are they? Do they use children as sex slaves to control and blackmail politicians and industrialists, or not that evil?

            • @Phoebus: Blackmail, na they don't need that, they just straight up kidnap and "disappear" people.

        • +3

          In few years down the track, if us Australians continue to let CCP take control of our information than they will have us by the balls. Information is everything and almost all information flows through the router. I am guilty of buying Chinese stuff in the past but I as I learn more and more I see how harmful it can be for countries who abide by rule of law unlike CCP china

  • Awesome. Will this work with HFC? I am not sure as it's not listed on the compatible section of modems from my ISP.

    • It works with HFC. Who is your ISP?

      • Tangerine

        • +1

          It's compatible with Tangerine. Plug in the Xiaomi Mi to the NBN NTD.

    • +1

      It will work on HFC, but your ISP has to use DHCP for authentication. If it requires vlan tagging, this router won't work as there is no way to set a vlan tag on the WAN. (There is a way to set the vlan tag by hacking the config files).

    • Using it in HFC connection. Amazing speed and so smooth. Moreover this is wifi6.

  • Will this be any better than TPLINK Archer D9?

  • Good price, but if most of your home device/phone still stay at wifi5 stage, no need to buy this if you already have good router like ac68u. The bottleneck would be your network adapter/ethernet card. If you already got a lot of wifi6 mobile devices/pc with 2.5G ethernet card, then choose AX6000.

  • The specs on the pcbyte page refer to this router being expected to be able to operate in mesh (ie. two or more of the units meshed together) at some time in 2020 via an OTA firmware update.
    Did that update occur? Are these units now 'meshable'? Are they meshable via ethernet backhaul?

  • I've got an old nighthawk, how does this compare?

    • -1

      If your router is old, you won’t find anything better for $100.

  • +1

    Chinese spy box

    • Yet, you have upvoted the deal.

  • ..

  • So this is half way between a normal router and a mesh setup?

    • It's a normal router.

      • I mean performance wise

  • +2

    I private messaged the OP who said they spoke to a Xiaomi engineer in Australia - they were told the wifi performance of the Australian version of this router should be similar to or better than the Chinese version, and is closer to the Chinese version rather than the Euro/Global version.

    Take this info with a grain of salt but if true is good news.


    • Hey Bud,

      Can you help me with my query :)

      I have a IINET Ultra Broadband which I believe is VDSL2. Is this router compatible?
      The TP-Link VR1600V router that they gave me is pathetic :(

      • +3

        I think you can use the tp link as modem only and pass through wan connection to this router

      • +3

        Yup max is right. You can. It’s a process but simple enough to do.

        Here’s a guide you can follow. You’ll be using the TP link as your “modem” only and a separate router for your routing/wifi.


      • +3

        Bridge mode with your modem

        I did that for my TPG FTTB

  • Kinda feel like this would be overkill for a single story house with NBN100…

    If anyone can convince me otherwise I will grab myself the bargain.

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