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Xiaomi Mi AIoT Wi-Fi 6 AX3600 Router $99.95 (Save $100) + Delivery (NSW Pickup) @ PC Byte


Update 1.30pm.
Deal has been ozbargained, again… 300pcs in 3 hours! We only have 50 units we can afford to run on this promo special. Thanks for all the support!

"Greetings everyone. OzBargain-exclusive special is back! Lowest ever price for AX3600 Wi-Fi 6 Router.
Apply code at check-out to bring the price down to $99.95 (50% OFF RRP)
Xiaomi-Official Australian Stock with English language support (not Global/China version). Ships in 1-2 business days or pick-up at our Auburn store.

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Xiaomi Mi AIoT Router AX3600

  • 3-Gigabit wireless rate
  • Up to 2976Mbps
  • Qualcomm six-core chip
  • 512 MB memory
  • AIoT Dedicated Antenna
  • WPA3 network encryption
  • 6-channel external high-performance signal amplifier


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  • +4

    Great deal for a great router

    • Thanks OP just bought one. The price is crazy. I wish I had the need for a second one :p

  • Hi Do you got any unlocked mobile wireless modem in sale?

  • Wow that’s cheap…I got 3 and paid $150 each.

    • do they work as a mesh together or for 3 separate locations?

      • +5

        As a mesh together, very good coverage

  • +6

    Alot of antennas.

    • +17

      Great for hanging out washing

      • +6

        Or drying Alot of plates

        • +5

          Or for keeping your toast warm.

        • Or for drying a lot of your glasses

    • or comb your beard

  • Does it allow to pause individual device internet? I turn off internet in some devices at home and keep other devices’ internet on.

    • +2

      Yes it does. You can also schedule when each device will have access to the internet.

      • +2

        Perfect, I can stop my wife's social media addiction

        • +4

          Good luck in the bedroom after doing that.

        • You need to learn about custom dns services.

          Quite easy to break just enough, that the appeal is gone… like say…. If facebook worked, but no images loaded… "must be their end"

          • @MasterScythe: Haha it was a joke. The joke is I'd do it, not that my wife is addicted. She would move to mobile signal anyways..

            Maybe when the kids get into it.. Dreading that day

  • Shipping?

    • It was $10 for me. Still a good price.

    • +1

      $9.90 + 1% surcharge for PayPal/Credit card

  • How wireless 3000Mbps can squeeze in 1 Gbps wired ethernet port?

    • +12


      1. Traffic between devices
      2. Due to signal interferance and extra load, some of that bandwidth is wasted retransmitting corrupted packets.
      3. It's a measurement of peak performance, if you're far away from the router, it will be slower, as other wifi standards are.
      • yeah, im just ranting that noone makes wifi access points / routers / extenders with 2.5/5 Gbps ethernet. I have a DIY NAS with 2x 2.5Gbps and it, and Macbook, and this router, all can go above 1 Gbps, but they all still stick to gigabit ports on wifi stuff …

        • +1

          the Xaiomi AX6000 has 2.5Gbps on one of its 4 LAN ports. As wifi 6 products mature I'd hope we'd see more of what you are after.

        • +2

          Asus Ax86u also has a dedicated 2.5Gbps wan/lan port

    • +2

      Wireless bandwidth is shared by all clients and if I interpreted the spec correctly, for both i/o. In the meantime, wired bandwidth is dedicated. So far I hardly see in any scenario a single client constantly need over 1Gbps bandwidth and obviously not everyone wants to spend $1000 on a router, so it would be a good compromise to support multi-gig wifi but leave wired ports 1 Gbps. However, the designers do see such limitations so some routers actually support link aggregation on LAN ports, and some even support link aggregation on WAN ports. Again, you get what you pay for.

      • you get what you pay for

        and start bitching about it for free

        • +1

          LOL, that's exactly some people do. I tend to put enough budget in it so that I can forget about the issue for quite a few years.

  • I have Asus RT-AC68U. Can I put this AX3600 somewhere in the house and wireless connect to my Asus RT-AC68U? Thank you in advance

      • +4

        Why won't repeater mode work on the rt68u for this purpose? It normally works just fine

        • +3

          Hey fishandchips,
          Budju is correct and you can use the router as a wireless repeater.

          • @PCByte CS: So I can just plug the AX3600 to power port upstair and use the phone to setup the AX 3600 to wireless repeater and connect wireless to my Asus RT-AC68?

            • +1

              @fishandchips: I would be using the AX 3600 as the main router and have the RT-68U repeating the signal, so you get the full benefit of Wifi 6. Otherwise you bottle neck the new one.

      • +1

        why is this comment getting upvoted? It's wrong, you can set the router to either wired or wireless bridge mode so it does just that.

        • +1

          I concede, when I answered I was thinking about mesh networks.

    • +1

      Use Aimesh buy another Asus, use your old router as Access point it works well

      It can seamlessly extend your wifi range

      I have no need for wifi 6 until our NBN reaches 1Gbps at less than $90 a month not gonna bother

    • Would this be an upgrade over Telstra Smart Moden 2 (LH1000)
      Mainly want to stream games (steam link) over wireless?

      • +1

        Only if you have Wi-Fi 6 devices on the other end.

    • Used rt-ac68u's tend to go for about $90. I suggest getting one of those and configuring aiMesh on the 2 devices.

  • Can it work with TPG FTTC

    • Yeah it should work, it’s a router. Connect the router to your NBN connection box.

    • It works direct but if you have TPG a landline if then need to connect it to TPG router for the phone to work.

    • +3

      In with tpg nbn. Your router needs to be on vlan 2 which this doesn’t support out of the box. So you’ll need to connect this to your existing tpg router or look into ways of cracking the router config which is possible depending on the firmware

  • +1

    does anyone have this router? does it have good wired features such as traffic prioritisation and port forwarding? thinking of getting it as I host a minecraft server at home

  • +2

    That is alot of router for the money.

  • +1

    Dame that’s cheap. Does it work with NBN HFC like TPG with vlan tag?

    • +3

      Dame that’s cheap

      Cheap dames are also known by a derogatory word.

      • +3

        Yes, they're called "women". That's an derogatory term in this era of infinite non-binary genders and terms such as chest-feeding.

    • +1

      At the moment, there is no vlan tagging support via the UI. If you have some technical skills you can set the vlan id in the text config file.

    • Using it with HFC. Doesn’t work with Vlan i read somewhere

  • Hi OP, does it come with Xiaomi Pro WiFi Range Extender?

    • Hey, unfortunately the router doesn't come with the Xiaomi Pro WiFi Range Extender.

  • VpN?

  • Can I plug a lan cable from my fttp router to this and it will just work?

    • +1

      Think you will need to setup the router online or using an app. It won’t work straight away without a bit of input. Need to set up your wifi ssid and password etc.

    • Why don't you replace your router with this one?

      • cuz this is not a modem.

        • The NBN connection box on the wall is the fibre modem. This Xiaomi Mi can be plugged into the NBN connection box.

          • @Twix: oh i dont know, i have FTTB and i need a modem

            • +2

              @Jaduqimon: Ok FTTB is different. Plug in the Xiaomi Mi into the VDSL2 modem you have now and configure bridge mode on the VDSL2 modem.

              • +1

                @Twix: ok sweet. cuz the FTTB modem i got is shthouse reception in my double brick home…

                hope the xiaomi fairs better!

  • I just bought an Asus RT-AX86u from the 20% off eBay Afterpay deal otherwise I would’ve bought this one. Price is so cheap.

    • +2

      Alot cheaper than the Asus

      • +2

        Yeah roughly $250 cheaper than what I paid. I’m getting a better router and I’m happy with my choice, but it’s a big price difference.

        • Aimesh is great. But 2-3 routers can cost $700 :(
          This is a much cheaper alternative.

          How good is the mesh speed and strength compare to the ASUS mesh?

    • If you have the budget for sure go for big brands which will save you lots of hustle & bustle.

      • Aint many brands bigger than Xaiomi, that's for sure!

        • If you took big brands just for BIG, then Xiaomi is for sure one of them. But the thing is Xiaomi is not considered a BRAND, or at least a brand I would like to buy for the next couple of years.

  • What type of NBN is compatible for this one?

    • +2

      It should be compatible with all NBN connection technologies, however if you have FTTN or FTTB, you'll need a modem before the router.

  • Is there any open source firmware available for this router?

    • Seems so. From an online review I just read: “offers WRT open-source software (wrapped in MiWiFi skin)”

  • This is China version with english menu?
    Not the global version?

    • +6

      It’s clearly written in the description. Official Australian version in English language (not Global/China version)

      • So the wifi performance is same as Chinese version ? The reason why I am asking you is, I already own global version and disappointed with the wifi performance.
        I just wanted to make sure before purchase.

        • -1

          Internet forums say all versions are the same except for the software/language.

          I doubt you will get better performance than the one you already own. It should be the same.

          • +2

            @emoticon: I have these. Based on some forums, wifi performance is affected by country settings due to specific restrictions in those countries.

          • +1


            Internet forums say all versions are the same except for the software/language.

            Not true.
            The radio power is lower on the factory global version firmware compared to the Chinese version.

          • +1

            @emoticon: Global version is based on EU regulations which severely limit the wifi power output. Australia does have slightly higher output levels compared to EU but china allows far more transmit power. Be interesting to see what power levels this version of the ax3600 allows. In my experience with the global version, setting the region on first use to Australia set the power level to the same as the EU. It was fairly weak. There are ways to raise the power limit, but requires technical know how.

          • @emoticon: Fair enough, I have no personal experience with the router, can only relay info I come across.

            If that’s the case, I expect the Australian version to be the same as the Global version rather than the Chinese version that has stronger wifi.

  • I was thinking to get the new AX6000 but it's almost twice this price. Couldn't turn down this deal.

    • I got the ax3600 and like it so much I bought the ax6000 and I'll just use the 3600 as a mesh router. So if you have a big house the 3600 will come in handy in the future

    • +3

      Are you going to press the antennae to your skin, wrap your body with aluminum foil and sit the for 24 hours?


      Excellent, nothing is going to happen. Yes, a microwave oven can boil a cup of water with the same energy but that is applied in two minutes. If you spread that 2000W out over 24 hours, it would not raise the temperature of that cup at all.

  • +1

    Does it run interwebs?

    • +1


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