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[Afterpay] Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (White) $119.20 | Xiaomi Mi IH 1L Smart Rice Cooker $119.95 Delivered @ Ninja Buy eBay


Original Coupon Deal

A couple of good deals from Ninja Buy - possibly the cheapest ever. Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings.

Xiaomi Mi IH 1L Smart Rice Cooker With App Control Multi And Function Alloy Coat - $119.95

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • +2

    Good price for buds + if I could wait 2 days, will definitely get this. Got mine from JB with price match and gifts card for 118. This could go down to 113 -107. With further eBay gc

    • What is happening in 2 days ?

      • +1

        Pcbyte had 139 black on their website, I went to JB they price matched and I used some gift card. Thought 118ish is good. Until I see this, could make it 103ish with around 10% eBay gc.

        • Hi ce5himm,

          Can you pm me your jb receipt plz. Would prefer to buy locally.

        • Thanks for the info, where can I find 10% off gift cards ? Or you already bought it from the previous promo ?

          • +1

            @IMustResist: Bigw through SWAP card

            • @ce5himm: I bought it yesterday but only got 5% back , how do I get 10%?

              • +1

                @IMustResist: Bigw buy swap giftcard, Goto swap website exchange to eBay. Bigw is doing 2000pts for 100 swap card, so you get about 9.09% off. If you can find stock

              • +1

                @IMustResist: I'd buy 6*$20 from shopback. 8%off. Save your time to go to bigw. And it's possible the buds could be sold out by that time

      • Thanks for providing all the info

    • Hi ce5himm. Can you pm me your receipt for me to pricematch with JB? Keen on getting one and buying it locally.

      • Pcbyte is already out of stock. I don't think they will match that. I am working right now, maybe later today.

  • +1

    rip just paid $180 for buds few days ago

  • +4

    I was gonna say, they're dropping weekly.

  • +7

    thanks! bought a new rice cooker. hopefully, I can cook a good egg fried rice after using colander all this time.

    -bought it for $116.40 (20% coupon+3% eBay gift card via suncorp)

    • There's 5% gift card through shopback

      • +1

        yeah, I know that but I don't use SB :)

        • +2


      • Showing only 3% for me

        • Look up celebration gift cards in the app. Then you need to go to their website to claim the eBay gc.
          I just did it 10 mins ago.

      • +3

        It's actually 8% off if you buy the Swap GCs through the Shopback app at the moment.

        • Thanks for the reminder! Brings the rice cooker down to $110.36

    • +6


  • +2

    So is the rice cooker (buttons/labels/lights) in English or Chinese? Mixed feedback on OzBargain!

    EDIT: Went to order, and in the time it took me to redeem 7 of the $20 Swap gift cards (8% off from Shopback), it said the seller updated the listing. I can't see any difference?

  • +6

    Wow. Samsung will surely dominate the buds market at these prices. Few are better and they're only the $350+ ones. Why anyone would buy the apple ones when they could get these is beyond me

    • +1

      Apple boys

    • +2

      Agreed. I love my Airpods Pro for my Apple devices, but in this pricing segment of <$200, the Buds+ dominate the Airpods…

      Mind you it also comes down to what devices you own. I use the Buds+ with my Samsung phone and appreciate the UI integration.

      • +1

        I use my buds+ with my Windows laptop, Chromecast Google tv, my work iPhone, my daily driver Samsung Android, my LG webos tv, and an iPad. I don't think there is anything different about using them on the Samsung than any others?

        There is an iOS app for it btw, but I don't even bother. How often do you use an app for the earbuds?

        • Have to admit I haven’t tried connecting my buds+ to other devices but I like how it shows battery details when you open the case nearby.

          My AirPods and iPhone do something similar. I assumed that level of integration probably wouldn’t extend beyond ecosystems but I could be wrong.

          I also like the widgets in android to control sound settings for the buds+

          • @jace88: Battery levels are available on windows and IOS, although it doesnt pop up the same way it does on the Android. I havent tried the widgets seems intriguing.

            • @kcbworth: I just like how simple it is without having to actively look for it.

  • Wow I only just got the black buds plus yesterday from OW for 132.05

  • +1

    I'm torn, I have the original buds, but battery life has dropped as they are used daily and have served me well, the bargain side says to buy the plus, the tech side and my work credit card say buy the buds pro… Decisions decisions…

  • +2

    Estimated on buds+ delivery 14 April… No thanks

    • Thanks for flagging, feeling less gutted now. just bought a pair less than 48 hours ago from microsoft eBay for $179 + 20% . At least I know I’m getting mine early next week, misses wants white specifically

    • +1

      where does it say this. I can see on the ebay listing that estimated delivery is on or before monday 29th March

    • +2

      I just bought them and it gave me an estimated delivery by Mon, 29 Mar

      • +1

        My email says 29 Mar too and the listing. They're an upgrade for me anyway, I'm pretty happy with my current earbuds, I think they're Taotronic, but for the price it seemed worth upgrading.

  • Waiting for buds live copper.

  • Selected afterpay, applied coupon, shows the final amount as 119.20$
    Now, do I really need to pay in 4 installments? Or can I pay in full now?

    • You could either pay with gift cards after selecting afterpay to apply the discount code (but not paying through afterpay)


      Just use afterpay and pay for the remaining installments immediately after you pay for the first installment. Can be done online/via the app, etc.

      • Thanks mate

        Also available, buds pro for 215.96$ from the same seller.

  • Can someone explain to me how 1L is enough rice?

    • I have to admit I was wondering that too as I thought normally rice cookers are 2L or 3L… but upon reading the product specs , it seems that it's actually 3L total capacity, 1L rice capacity.

    • +3

      It seems that 1L = 5.5 cups, roughly. Enough for a small family or 1 person use.

    • good luck on people who bought this 3L(1L) version.
      I paid about $30 more to get the 4L as it might be handy when you have guest.

      here's the 3L vs 4L

      4L version (8cups):

      so I assume 5L = 10 cups?

  • Is it local warranty from Samsung for the buds?

    • Good point!!
      Nothing mentioned on the listing though.

  • +5

    The serial number for this ebay listing is SM-R175NZWAEUB, which from a quick google looks like a European version. The version on the AU Samsung store has the serial SM-R175NZWAASA (last 3 letters different, maybe signifies 'Australia' vs 'Europe'). So can we assume the ebay one is a grey import?

    • good point. I just bought it but didn't notice this, is there any difference between the two?

      • Maybe just warranty.

  • I'm not on AfterPay, otherwise I'd consider it for $120 especially because so many people review them well!

    • +1

      Use eBay gift cards from CR or SB to avoid Afterpay.

  • Is it au stock?

  • Am i tripping or what? It says $119.20 - $30 (afterpay promo) in the afterpay checkout.
    I'm only paying $89.20 ($22.30 x 4 installments).

    • +2

      Targeted?? That's an instant buy at that price

    • How did you get that price?

      I have just put the PAPDY20 CODE and got $119.95 price only.

    • +1

      Might be leftover balance from a previously used gift card.

      • +2

        There's another post targeting people who opened an account and never used it, months later they get a voucher for 30 bucks. I looked into it today but I am not going to wait around for 3 months and miss the deal

  • 🤔 1L is really small for a rice cooker!?

  • EBAY Giftcard is instant delivered through CB and SB portal?

    • forget cr, only 1.5%
      sb has 8% ($20) and 5% ($50) $100 $250 and $500 are sold out

      yes instant, you need to buy swap card, go to their website and redeem to ebay card. all instant.

  • anyone used this rice cooker and can comment on how good it is? Is it up there with the tiger or Panasonic ones?

    • search old ozbargain post

  • Can anyone with the buds comment on real life battery time? Buds never live up to claims so curious if will be suitable.

    • +1

      I've had the buds+ and use for hours per day on video conferences and then each night at gym/running. I think in the 15 months or so I've owned them, they went flat once?

      Now I'm sure I have been fortunate to be WFH most of the year so constantly have chargers around etc so am subconsciously achieving that outcome, but still, I think it's a good indication that the battery life isn't annoying or anything (like I hear it is on the airpods)

      • Thanks. I really need a solid 8hrs. I know these claim longer but i have bought and returned a few different buds now all due to silly inflated battery life claims.

    • They are the longest duration batteries I own for sure vs pixel buds 2 and airpods pro. 8 hours is definitely achievable if charged in the case once.

      • Ah OK, thanks mate. Sounds like won't meet what im after. These claim to be able to do up to 11hrs, but most buds dont hit near their claimed run time. I want 8hr continuous run time (without having to do a recharge).

  • the buds don't seem to be on the list of eligible items?

    • +1

      As long as it works, that's enough

      • Not working for me!! If anyone's managed to get this to work, do you just tick the pay with afterpay button, and put the code in the 'Gift cards, vouchers, coupons' box?

        • +1

          Does your account registered under Australia? If you created it with other countries, even you change to Aus , won't work.

          • @ce5himm: I think you got it.. was registered outside of AU. But if it's now been changed to AU doesn't make that much sense why it won't work =[

            • @Enti91: No idea why, it just won't work. creat a new account should make it work.

    • +1

      wait! not buds plus!

      I was literally about to checkout with 5 GCs loaded …

    • +1

      That's 1st gen , not good

  • Wow. Using 6 Swap cards was a chore … but hopefully worth it. Upgrading from QCY TWS.

    • Same here, haven't open yet

    • Yep, just remember you're saving 60 cents every time!

    • The upgrade is def worth it. Significantly better, especially if you use them as your mic on phone calls etc

      • Agreed. Just unboxed it. Definitely can tell the difference from qcy. I think I am gonna love it.

  • Thanks for the post, been looking for a better rice cooker for a while - hope this one is better than the cheapy I'm using now.

  • +1

    I believe this is a grey import. AU stock (SM-R175NZWAASA) has the barcode no. (GTIN) 8806090198663.

  • Has anybodies actually shipped yet? I'm still waiting since 21st

    • +3

      Was going to ask the same question

      • Same (for the buds), man they are slow as hell.

        • +2

          Have been notified it will be sent tomorrow

          • +1

            @ajh: Hoping so!

          • @ajh: No movement here, and due for delivery Monday, 29th. Did you chase them up and they told you this directly?

            • +1

              @ensanguined: I did too, got the following:

              We are currently preparing for the shipment and will update you with the tracking number as soon as possible. We apologize for the late shipment. We are currently experiencing a high volume of orders. Therefore, the shipment will be a bit delayed.

            • +1

              @ensanguined: Yes mine wasnt either. My guess is the grey stock didnt arrive for them to distribute yet.

              I was told via ebay message. See below.

              Thank you for the message. We are preparing for the shipment of this order and will ship it by 26 Mar 2021 as stated on eBay. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


              • +2

                @ajh: Mine's still not showing as shipped. Ordered on the 20th. Due to arrive on the 29th. Don't need them urgently, but I'd feel better if they sent them.

                • @Miss B: Feel exactly the same way Miss B. Looking at the sold history they did 100 in 24 hours on the 21st. Probably didn't have enough stock and trouble getting overseas stock in as per ajh.

                  • @Juice08: Yep, I'm still waiting for shipping update. Paid on 21st.

    • +1

      Just got a reply from them saying delay due to low stock, more arriving on Wednesday.

      • yup got the same response. And if I want to cancel I can before tomorrow. Tempted as there's a pair with local model number for $162.50, so I wonder if i can OW pricebeat?

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