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Xbox Series X $749 in-Store Only @ JB Hi-Fi


I tried to get an Xbox Series X at EB Northland [Vic] but they had sold out.

So I tried JB and they have stock in store!

Not sure if it’s just the Northland store [Vic] or others do too. Worth ringing your local store to find out.

Don’t forget to use gift cards and the Commbank $10 reward if you can.

Personally I paid $697 (saving $52) for the Xbox by:

1 - $699 on gift cards from RACQ which costs $657; and
2 - $50 on commbank saving $10 via the reward program.

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    They were available on the EB website a few hours ago. Was up for a good hour too.

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      Yeah, apparently the stores weren’t aware click and collect had started online.

      So between me calling and getting there the consoles had been sold online.

      Still I’m not complaining seeing as it saved me money haha

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    Got one, thanks OP!

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    I assume most people know this, but if you plan on using Game Pass Ultimate, just order it through Telstra. You get the Xbox Series X and Game pass ultimate for 12 months for the same price. At least this way you can pay it off monthly with no up front costs, and no hunting around for a store that holds the console. Unless I've missed something and Telstra don't have stock anymore?

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      Yeah this is a good option, but the Series X is on back order.

      And you need an active Telstra mobile or broadband account first too.

      Also if you already have more than a year of Game Pass Ultimate you need to wait until you only have 12 months or less left, to redeem the 24 months through Telstra as you can only bank 36 months of Game Pass Ultimate, which is annoying.

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        Worth trying if you have a Telstra account. I registered myself with Telstra Xbox All access 4 weeks ago and received my XSX last week. It was kind of unexpected as i was getting a message it was on back order every weekend. But a week ago, I received a SMS it was on its way and got it the next day.


      XSX $1104 XSS $792 in telstra, 24 month payments including XGPU.

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      Got mine last year this way and was very seamless. Plus being a staff member I saved an extra 30% off the total price making it a steal and being able to pay monthly

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        Also worth mentioning if you do go down this route you get enough telstraplus points to get an extra control for free

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    +1 for your personal $52 saving