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[Back Order] Mayver's Dark Peanut Butter Smooth 375g $2.50 (Min Qty 2) + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Do you want to buy apocalyptic quantities of Mayver's for half price at Woolworths?
Are you embarrassed about what the checkout staff will think when they see you've got a decades supply of delicious natural nut butter in your trolley?
Well worry no more! Amazon have you covered.
Get this popular OzBargain deal delivered to your door.

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Other options for $2.50:

and $2.75:

Or search for yourself on amazon

EDIT: dark roast crunchy OOS

EDIT again: dark smooth available on back order

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  • I personally do not like the smunchy option. very un-spreadable and dry :(

  • Straight to the front page!

  • I'm proud to show off my nut butter at Woolies,
    'coz Mayvers #1

  • Ahhhh this is the good shit

  • I bought 4 x jars today from Woolworths as Amazon still had regular pricing this morning….just bought 4 more…thanks OP 😝

  • The best there is, the best the ever was, the best there ever will be.

  • Just a heads up, Mayvers is no longer made from 100% aussie peanuts.
    Still a great product but I get the Bega brand as it is made from 100% aussie peanuts.

    • -10 votes

      Do you buy everything 100% aussie made?

      Stop fretting over peanuts ffs.

      • Not everything, but when its within my means I do.

        Not fretting, just thought some people might want to know that the product has changed.

        Enjoy the rest of your night.

    • It’s only 10% Aussie ingredients according to the label

      • Sad but true.

      • True - Hopefully will return to full Australian ingredients as soon as supply is available again.

        Update in Peanut Origins
        By Mayvers

        July 23, 2020

        Dear Mayver’s family,

        I personally wanted to let you know of the changes in the origin of the Peanuts used in our much loved Aussie-made Peanut Butter range.

        We will always support our local farmers first and will continue to do so, however, we’ve just bought the last available Aussie peanuts for the season and still need more peanuts to keep up with the demand for our Peanut Butters. The shortage of Australian peanuts is due to the devasting drought in South Queensland which has affected the local farms and suppliers.

        To keep up with production we’ve personally travelled across the globe to find the next best peanuts. We think peanuts from Argentina have the most similar flavour and natural purity that our Aussie nuts are famous for. We have made sure that the Argentinian farms and suppliers meet our high standards for sustainable farming practices and, of course, deliver the best tasting peanuts around!

        We will continue to monitor the availability of Australian peanuts and have our fingers crossed for a good growing season this summer and we will move back to Australian peanuts as soon as possible.

        As a family-owned Australian company, we’re so proud of how far we’ve come. We started as a family looking for healthy alternatives to the food we love to eat and since then have grown to employ over 40 people who all believe in a healthier future for our country. This commitment is represented in every jar of our peanut butter, that is only ever made from the best tasting peanuts around.

        We can assure you that all Mayver’s Peanut Butters are still family-owned and locally made by us right here in Victoria, Australia from nothing but natural roasted peanuts and a dash of sea salt.

        Your support means a lot to all of us. Thank you for supporting our Aussie family brand and enjoying the Peanut Butters that we are proud to make for you.


        Paul Raff

        Managing Director of Mayver’s

        • As you can see from the other comments and downvotes, nobody is interested in the reality, they just want to virtue-signal. It's not that there's no nuts because of the drought, it's because the company HATES AUSTRALIA.

    • So what?

      We should stop our exports to help others buy local?

      Cost and quality are really the only things that matter when buying consumer goods.

      That a farmer from 'away' got paid for the peanuts makes no difference.

      • If it doesn't make a difference to you then thats fine, to each their own.

        I can't say speak for others but I definitely take into account the origin (and other factors), in addition to the cost and quality.
        I thought others would appreciate the updated info as well.

        Have a great day!

  • i tried once, i think the natural smooth, the top half was oily wet, which i like a lot.. but the bottom half was too dry, it was un-spreadable.. i ended up eating it as if it is peanut candy.. maybe i did not store it properly :(

    • You need to mix it or store upside down And rotate every now and again

    • Store it on the side, so the oily part goes all away the side of the jar, and stir it very well when you open it ;)

      • I used the classic store upside down method, but I never even thought of doing it on the side!
        Thanks for spreading this advice (pun intended)

  • Which is the best Mayvers btw? Thanks in advance.

  • peanut butter cookies with these are amazing

  • Thanks Turd….but Peanuts without Salt? hmmmmmmm

  • Wooh! Thanks for the find.

  • Why is this so hyped. I've only had Bega normal one and it's pretty good for the money.

    • +7 votes

      That's full of salt, preservatives and sugar + other (763) (323)(544) numbers

    • You'll realise Bega is straight trash once you've tried this.

    • I recommend you trying the 'Simply nuts' range from Bega.

      They are only made with 2 ingredients, Aussie peanuts and salt.

      In terms of value though, the smaller jars usually go on sale for $2.50/325g

  • Thanks… just bought 2 Crunchy and 2 Smooth of the Dark PB

  • I just purchased a few varieties at Woolworths and tried the dark crunchy which I liked but still prefer Pics.

  • Quality has gone down since moving from 100% Aussie nuts, doesn't taste as good and ends up too dry now as it seems to be more coarse.

    • It's those rougher foreign nuts…

    • Just because it's Australian doesn't mean its automatically any good.
      On this the Australian executives decided to make bigger profits by outsourcing overseas and reducing supporting Australia?

      Should we boycott? No, should we have a winge - of course.

      The government might slap another tariff on China then the execs will have to go back to using Aussie nuts and claim the price rise is because of it, but in reality it just meant even bigger profits again.

      Im going nuts! 🤪

      • What the are you on about. I'm saying that in this case the imported nuts are inferior to when the exact same jars were 100% Australian nuts. Nothing to do with China, pretty sure the nuts are now sourced from Argentina

  • BTW the dark rosted is also at this price: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B082XYD2ZS

  • Usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks. Ugh, sorry Amazon, this time Im gonna grab it from Woolies.

  • It warms my peanut butter filled heart to see my description reused <3

  • Aaaand they're all OOS.

  • Thanks OP.
    Munchy smunchy lunch! mmmm mmm!

  • It's 2021 and I'm back-ordering peanut butter from a bookshop.

  • dark smooth available on back order FYI!