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Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB $1,099, 256GB $1,199 + $500 Trade in Bonus @ Samsung


New price updated

S21: 128GB $1,099 | 256GB $1,199

S21+: 128GB $1,299 | 256GB $1,399

S21 Ultra: 128GB $1,599 | 256GB $1,699 | 512GB $1,899

All before $500 trade in bonus

Phone price - $500 trade bonus - phone trade in value - $50 promo voucher

Previous deal

$50 voucher link - https://shop.samsung.com/au/sign-up but it may take some time to arrive or may not arrive.

How to trade in https://www.samsung.com/au/tradeup/

If you received this error with the trade code "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

As mentioned in the last deal, you have to enter your credit card details first before the code will work online.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

************ Samsung updated the promo end date to 8 April 2021 *******************

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    • No response from Akshit even after repeated mails. It's been a week since I received the phone.

      • I will just wait and see what happens for now I guess.

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        I have the same rep. Also useless

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        • same shit rep for me as well


          On completion of your Samsung Trade up, you would have received a confirmation email(on your registered email) and a prepaid return label is attached with it.

          All you need to do is take your original device to an Australia Post outlet and scan the return label. The rest of the dispatch process would be completed by the Australia Post outlet.

          Please remember to check your spam folders too for the above said email. Thank you



      • I am also waiting one for my wife's phone, which arrived on the 1st. I have sent them email as I plan to return the phone, and if they are going to charge me at least i can show that I am being proactive and not my fault that I have not sent it.

        Oddly I got the email for my phone that only arrived this morning.

        • If you don't mind, could you check the order status for both orders on Samsung Web site (https://shop.samsung.com/au/mypage/orders)?

          In detailed order info, is your order showing 4 - Delivered whereas the order for your wife's phone is in 3 - Dispatched status?

          • @netsurfer: My order still says dispatched. Maybe this is causing the problem???

            • @madbaker08: That's my current thinking, but I only have information from one OZBer so far (he received the e-mail with label and his order shows 4 - Delivered). Hoping danz84's two orders might provide a bit more clarity.

              Even if that's the cause of the problem, there is no easy way to fix it. I contacted Samsung support about this and it's not something they can change / update.

          • @netsurfer: that is correct, my wife's order is still showing dispatched, while mine is showing delivered.

            I guess that explains why I got my email, while my wife has not.

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    Any updates from anyone that has not sent their phone and what they got charged?

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      either no one will be charged the bonus or everyone at once haha also interesting that person that said otherwise hasn't logged into OzB since the day he made the comment on 30th: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/389711

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        1 week and 1 day in and don't even have the return label or email.

        At least I got email from* Aksh*t (Asurion Rep) saying that promotion stays regardless.

        Chances I can use that if a bill for $500 does come? Surely, after almost 2 weeks of promotion now that they SHOULD know the answer?

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          yes I'd say as long as we have evidence, reversing a charge from our credit card is possible if they do decide to do that they say they wouldn't do.

          • @FeZZa21: In the trade-up device return email you're advised to ensure obtain a lodgement receipt for proof of return. It's good enough for credit card chargeback if the tracking status is not delivered but Asurion also have their back covered when you agreed to their Ts&Cs.

            • @moonleaf: Then why give wrong information if they have T & C to back them?

              There is something called credebility and goodwill.

              • @BinnyC: The T and C posted on Samsung website.
                Important information
                * By trading in your device, you agree to the customer terms and conditions [Samsung Online]

                Not sure how they give wrong information when questioned.

        • did you get another confirmation from asurion or was it the one that I posted?

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            @danz84: I got an email too.. word for word.


          • @danz84: I got the same as you as well. So, they should not be making T&C as an excuse to charge when they have comfirmed in emails.

        • Just wondering, have you received the reminder to return your device email even though you didn't receive the return label? The one that you're supposed to get on the 7th day.

          • @khaez: not for me.. it's been 9 days if I count the public holiday and weekend.

            • @danz84: In that case I think they count the "7/14" day return timeframe until after you get the return label. Don't think you'll be charge for the phone on the 14th day. So shouldn't have to worry much about returning your device until you get the return label. If you got the return reminder despite not getting your return label yet, then that would be an issue.

        • I didn't receive a return label yet and will be interstate for a few weeks. I decided to get in touch with Asurion US via Facebook (since the email address mentioned here has the domain asurion.com). According to them Samsung is facilitating the program …

          edit: She came back and said they actually facilitate the program - she mentioned that they usually only deal with US customers though. I'll get a follow up within the next day regarding this; at least that's what I got promised. I also asked for the worst case scenario (non-return) and the charge for that.

          • @dragonos81: There's comments on Whirpool forum the trade-in orders that didn't get device return email have received it after Samsung completed system maintenance over Easter.

            • @moonleaf: Havent received mine to this date

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                @yontk: Check your spam folder first. If still haven't received it any queries, complaints or feedback regarding the program contact [email protected]

            • @moonleaf: Didn't receive mine either - that's the reason why I reached out on Facebook.
              Will be away for 2 weeks and so far no response to an email I've written.

              • @dragonos81: Samsung / Asurion is pretty useless.
                At least I got confirmation that they put on record that I won't be available for a few weeks. Someone will get in touch with me regarding label / cost of non-return / promotion. Also made sure I mentioned that I won't be available for contact (except Telstra decided to increase their land-coverage significantly :P)

                • @dragonos81: I am in call with Samsung. They say that we will be charged for trade in value plus $500 discount. I said to him that yesterday I was told that I will be charged only trade in value. How come you have a different stance today. The guy said that we apologise for the misinformation passed to you yesterday but we have checked now that we be charged trade in value Plus $500. I feel its better to return the phone.

        • They send the return label email to the email address that I used for the $50 signup.

  • How popular is it for these services https://www.asurion.com.au

  • Finally! Took 2 weeks but my S21 has finally shipped.

    • Was that custom colour?

      • Nope just the standard violet :/

    • I ordered a standard colour Ultra last night and it was sent today and is due to arrive Monday….maybe new stock just arrived in the warehouse

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    My custom S21+ (red) has just shipped. Ordered 26th March.

    • I have ordered same S21+ in red and got an email saying it may take about 5 weeks to ship. :(

      • +1

        Mine arrived this morning. Ordered March 26th so just over 2 weeks (including Easter).

        It also said 4 to 5 weeks on my original order.

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    Guys just an update,
    My phantom navy s21 ultra was shipped. I ordered it on 29th march

    • WoW… I Ordered same day and same colour as you, mine still processing…

    • I ordered mine on the 28th March. Still indicating as processing.

  • Sigh! Just missed this promo. :(

    • You missed it by a about 9 days now

      • Above post was updated and says that Samsung extended it until yesterday.

        Should've paid attention to the end date.

  • Guys
    Whats the story for trade up now? Did anyone charged $500 dollors??? I am planning to keep the phone so just sent a mail to Asurian to find out what will happen if I dont send the phone and can use it as a proof later. And planning to chat with samsung tomorrow to make further proof if they charged $500 later.

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      Keep us posted

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      Most people probably did the right thing returning their old devices so likely don't hear about being charged the bonus.

    • +5

      I was gonna ask but after looking at your username, I have to wait for you to tell me. :)

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      You should do the right thing and send it back as you agreed to.

      • +3

        I also agreed to charge back my credit card for the value of my phone ($230) if I don't send the phone, so I am going to do that. Received my s21 more than a week ago and still haven't received any emails from ausrion

  • My s21+ custom phantom gold 256g has been shipped. Ordered on 26th March.

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    S21 Ultra Navy ordered 31/03 still showing processing…

  • Received an sms today that saying the phone will arrive on Monday. Ordered 31 March, S21 Ultra 512Gb in Custom colour. Planning to send the trade-in phone.

    • What colour?

      • Titanium

        • Damn.. ordered 29th of March S21U 256gb titanium and still processing. Lucky you!

  • I ordered my s21 on 7th April. Order still showing as processing. Anybody experiencing same?

    • I ordered on the same on the day and I received text message that my order should be arrived by 12/04/2021. However I didn't received any email from Asurion on how to send back my trade in phone.

      • You do not get an email about returning your trade in until they are sure you have received your new phone. Just wait and it will come.

        • Thanks for your info. will wait and see.

  • Do StarTrack deliver on Saturday?

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    Well, 9 days after taking delivery of my new s21 Ultra I finally received the email with the postage details to send my Samsung s10 trade in to Asurion.

    • Most likely occurred after Samsung did system maintenance over Easter now be able to detect the trade-in orders that did not get device return email so they haven't forgot it. :)

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    I just received an email from asurion.com today

    "Thank you for recently placing a Samsung Trade-Up order. After inspecting your original device, our team has determined its physical condition doesn’t match the details entered when you completed your Trade-Up.

    As stated in the agreed Samsung Trade-Up terms and conditions, we will be charging your nominated credit card $50."

    I don't think my trade up phone has a problem, it is fully functional and has no broken screen. But my concern is whether they will charge me additional $500?
    I can't sleep well now.

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      I spoke with Jason on Samsung chat, he told me that if it was determined my phone wasnt valid for the $75 tradeup then would just get charged the $75 but could keep the bonus $500

      • Thanks for your info.

    • How long did it take to receive the assesment and did you take picture/video of your phone in case you believe of unfair assessment? You could dispute if you think it's worth it.

      • I dropped it to POST on 1 Apr, I can see they got delivery on 6 Apr, they send me this email today 10 Apr. I didn't take any picture/video.

        • I sent old my phone back om 31 Mar. The phone was delivered on the 7 Apr. Received email from Asurion to return the phone back on the 7 Apr as well. I immediately replied with the photos, post receipt to confirm its been delivered in the on the same day. I've not heard anything from then since. Do anyone know if you get an email when the phone is returned successfully?

    • Are you going to get your old phone back from Asurion?

      • +1

        No. I am not sure if they would charge me $500 if I do it so. The phone I sent is useless even though it is still functional.

    • +1

      it seems like dogdy, feel like even you do the right thing and return the phone, still end up charging you the fee. In that case, what is the point for returning old phone?

  • ref ""Make your first order through BeFrugal at Samsung to be eligible for a higher rate. Earn 6% Cash Back on sales up to $300 at Samsung. Sales exceeding $300 will earn 6% on the first $300 and 4% on amounts exceeding $300."" was anyone able to get the cashback tracked via BeFrugal by clicking on the link taking you to USA site and then opening another tab for AU?

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    If I understood correctly, the following message from Asurion confirms that there will be no $500 charge for not returning trade in mobiles. Of course from Asurion side, I donot know if Samsung has any plans. However, many times Samsung chat agents confirmed that 'Samsung doesn't deal with trade-in promotion offer' (found in other comments). So let's see what happens. (My wife doesn't want to return her mobile doubting that Asurion may not approve it though is in good condition.)


    • gooooooooooooood!

    • +3

      Just spoke with samsung and they confirmed they will not change $500 promotion as all trade up responsibilities goes to Asurian. And as Asurian will not charge more than trade in value
      So, i believe it is safe to keep the old phone and pay trade in value.

      Decided to keep the phone😊

  • Received email from Asurion after I emailed them my auspost tracking receipt and their replied "Thanks for notifying us, Have a great day 😊 " So not computer response.

    • Let me guess, from Akshit right? If yes, once again, yet another pretty useless response. No acknowledgement of they've received the phone (by now, they should have it for sure) and that reminder e-mail was sent by the system.

    • Could you please let me know which email address you sent this to? My wife received an email from Samsung saying they did not receive my her phone which she sent and has been delivered per aus post tracking page.

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    Hi guys, just spoke with samsung and the rep said all the trade up responsibilities is with Asurian and samsung wont charge the promotional $500. And as you can see earlier post, Asurian will not charge $500 dollars. It will only charge the trade in value.

    So just decided to keep the phone.

    • -2

      Until Samsung chase you up because you haven't done the right thing..

      • Samsung told me samsung will not charge a single dollars from me. I asked them if I have to pay will send the phone. According to them once order placed for trade in, its Asurian's responsibility and whatever they charged thats final. And we have enough proof here in ozbargain.com.au that Asurian will not charge morethan trade in value. Here what is the right or wromg thing? At the end, if I dont want to return phone, they are happy to charge the not return amount. Either samsumg or Asurian will be unhappy. At the end, all are 😊

        • +1

          I would take Customer Service reps word with a grain of salt. You can just read this thread to find all the conflicting info they were giving depending on who you spoke to and when. Hopefully that person has given the correct info for your sake, id hate to be charged $500 because i didnt return a phone i said i would that im no longer gooing to use anyway

          • +4

            @worthy1: Yes I saw comments.. But at the end, we are connected to samsung through their representatives. So whatever they say, we have to follow. If samsung later asked me to pay, I can confidently say, here is the chat, your representative advice me to do so. So, if they really want to charge later, first its their fault not ours as we are following their directions. And second.we can defend with strong proof and if they want to charge anyway, we can send back out phone asking for excuse for their unskillful reps.
            But anyway, it looks like samsung will not charge anything from us as we ozbargainers brought many things using different vouchers that were not meant to used for us and at the end, nobidy charged back the amount saying its illegal use of vouchers.
            And Asurian multiple times said thet will not charge the promotional amount.
            So, I think its clear we dont have to worry and think negatively. Its a loophole and whoever can take advantage, they can.
            Samsung sold alot of phones in this critical time and its already win for them

            • +2

              @Donask: You have a copy of samsung's chat transcript?

              • +11
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                  @Donask: Guys just an update. Just received mail from Asurian and they conformed that they only charge the trade in amount if I dont send the phone. They clearly said promotional $500 remails as it is. So in conclusion, samsung wont charge promotion $500 as conformed by samsung rep and all the trade in responsibility lies to Asurian. And Asurian conformed they only charge the trade in value not the promotion. So, its crystal clear now, we can keep our phone.

            • +2

              @Donask: Yep. even Samsung sell S21 ultra for $500, they still make money. so I guess Samsung just want to sell it as much as they can. otherwise, why will Samsung give us extra $200 off code? I am planning not send my iPad mine 4 back. because it worth more than $145, or I can just send an old old phone like galaxy S2. which isn't same as trade in device, so just let them charge me the Trade in value.

      • +8

        Mate stop being salty about others not returning their phones and move on…whether people return or not return their phones it's completely within the tradup agreement.

        • Yep. I know, so I agree let them charge me the Trade in value.

        • All the trade up agreements are the same.. This kind of crap ensures that Samsung don't follow through again wirrh a deal like this because people don't follow through because they're wanting to make an extra hundred or so selling it themselves.

          • @LifeStories: Probably you did not realised one fact that samsung don't care about our old devices. If they are seeious, they can provide promotional discount in trade in app, so all the trade in prices go extra $500. In that way, everybody needs to send phone back. At the end, it is samsung who encourages us to dont send back the phone. Definitely, next time, i want samsung to give promotional amounts as an trade in value.

            And nobody gave you right to criticise other fellow friend. You can do whatever you think right for you and I do whatever is right for me. If you have not saw my earlier post, samsung clearly told me they will not charge back. At the end, we have to accept the end result. Let be samsung want to charge back, and I am happy to send the phone as they themselves created the delimma on us. They have enough time to inform their reps about the issue and they did not care.

            • +1

              @Donask: I got the following t&c link from Samsung.


              It says:

              Device Non-Return Fee means a fee which is equal to the amount of the discount You received when
              Your unique Trade ID was applied at the point of sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device
              Online in accordance with clause 5.2 of these Terms and Conditions.

              Definition of Non Return Fee is further mentioned below. So it looks like they will charge trade in discount value as well.

              Device Non-Return Fee means a fee which is equal to the amount of the discount You received when
              Your unique Trade ID was applied at the point of sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device
              Online in accordance with clause 5.2 of these Terms and Conditions.

              • @Ashmit: Dont get confused with device non return fee and the discount you get. Literally they both indicate the trade in value. So that amount will be the trade in value that appears in ur trade in app. So this part is confusing for everyone. Thats what I understand. We can interpret it many ways. So, the samsung promotion is a seperate amount than non return or discount getting while putting trade in value. Lets see, i am not going to return my phone and will pay the trade in / non device return fee/ discount while puting your trade in code. For me all of them are same.

                And thats the amount Asurian will charge us. And I am happy with it.

              • @Ashmit: What happen if you return different device? It is still Non-return? or what happen if the device you return, doesn’t match the details?

                • +1

                  @j00828: That's what I'm thinking of doing.
                  My preferred trade-in is an iPhone SE 2016 but the Trade-in app had a bug with this phone (phone in perfect condition), so thinking of sending it in to them instead of my Samsung S10.

                • +1

                  @j00828: I'm betting you get charged trade in value for the phone you were meant to trade in AND lose the phone you sent in instead. They won't even try to swap your trade in for you, value your iPhone and amend all the invoice or other documentation for the original trade in.

                  • @8azinga: I am happy let them charge me the Trade-in value, $145 and give them Galaxy S2 rather than send my iPad mini 4 back.

                • +3

                  @j00828: What's the point? May as well just not return anything.

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