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Xiaomi AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 Router $69.26 Delivered @ Xiaomi Mi Official Store eBay


Great price on this Wifi 6 router from the official Xiaomi Australia eBay store.

Apply code: PHCA10 in checkout, to reduce the price


4-way independent signal amplifier
Large 256 MB memory
Mesh networking
Fast WiFi6
Optimized for Mi Smart Home


Product specifications
External dimensions: 247×141×180 mm

Product colour: White

Hardware configuration
product name: Mi Router AX1800

Processor: IPQ6000 quad-core A53 1.2 GHz CPU

Network Acceleration Engine: Single-core 1.5 GHz NPU

Memory: 256 MB

2.4G Wi-Fi: 2×2 (supports up to IEEE 802.11ax protocol with a theoretical maximum speed of 574 Mbps)

5G Wi-Fi: 2×2 (supports up to IEEE 802.11ax protocol, theoretical maximum speed up to 1201 Mbps)

Antennas: 4x external antennas

Cooling: Passive cooling

Product ports:
– 1× 10/100/1000M adaptive WAN port (Auto MDI/MDIX)
– 3× 10/100/1000M adaptive LAN ports (Auto MDI/MDIX)

LED indicator: 2x (System indicator x1, Internet indicator x1)

System reset button: 1x

Power supply port: 1x

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    PHCA10 isn't an ebay plus exclusive voucher
    Routers also should belong in Computing category, not electronics

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      my apologies, got it now. thanks for updating the post

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    Ah, the AX5…

    I suppose this is a decent price for the global version with English firmware.

    Unfortunately while the hardware is exactly the same as the Chinese version (You'll find it on Ali as the Redmi AX5 for about ~$65 delivered), Xiaomi don't publicly distribute the firmware images for the global version.

    So if you somehow manage to brick it, you don't have a firmware image to restore to. (Except for the Chinese one, which I think the recovery mode will accept anyway).

    I don't quite understand their stance on GPL compliance either. They'll happily announce when they release kernel source code for their phones, but will flat out ignore you when asking for router kernel source code.

    • Is it OpenWRT compatible?

      • +9

        Not at this moment, no.

        If anything, they're OpenWrt hostile as they only accept signed images, so even if there were an image to flash, you'd have to use some screwy exploit in the web interface on X version of the firmware to enable SSH and then flash the image.

        So if one were to be built in the future, probably. Xiaomi's recovery mode does not check version as far as I know, so you should be able to downgrade to a vulnerable version of the stock firmware if needed.

  • The best value is ax3200?

    • I thought Xiaomi only has AX1800 and AX3600..is AX3200 a new product?

      • Either they got confused with the AX3600 or they're thinking of the Redmi AX6 which is a AX3000 product. (It's the cut-down version without the 3rd IoT radio)

        • The AX1800 itself is confusing already. The white version has the same look as the Redmi AX5 with increased ram. And it shares the same name of the old black AX1800 which has the totally differnt look.

          I much prefer the old black version..looks much nicer

      • There's also an AX6000 on Aliexpress.

        • +2

          Bought the AX6000 a few months ago, it's very nice for streaming games from my PC to my phone. 2.4g range is also very good.

          My s21 Ultra connects at 2.5Gbps. Pulled at file at 240MB/s

          • @Riore: I bought the AX3600 on a deal a couple of days ago (99 plus shipping); I am not sure if it is me doing something wrong or if it is a dud but the range of 2.4g & 5g is awful. Speed is fine but the range is far worse than the Internode supplied TP-Link VR1600v.
            I have set the signal to strongest setting but it does not seem to change at all.

            • +1

              @BlueDiesel: Have you checked that someone else isn't on your same channels?

              • @Scrobo: @scrobo Positive! It was set to Auto and I have changed channels as well as signal strength manually all with no result.
                We live in a Queenslander (99% Timber) and the router is Downstairs pretty much in the middle of the house.
                With the ISP provided Modem/Router with no external antenna we used to have all bars for the 2.4 Signal from one end of the house to the other. Now I am getting about 75% right on top of the router in my office and about 50% or less on each end of the house. 5Ghz is much worse again.

                • +1

                  @BlueDiesel: @BlueDiesel If your on Android get Wifianalyzer and check the channels. I also live in a Queenslander my router is at the front of the house, it has to penetrate 2 interior walls and the exterior wall and still manages to go 50m down my backyard. Internet Speedtest indicates 15mbps.

                  Upgraded from a Billion 7800vdox just so I can stream music while mowing the lawn down the back with wifi. Haha

                  5Ghz makes it around 20m down my backyard.
                  2.4Ghz goes to my back fence, 50m.

                  • @Riore: @Riore did get Wifi Analyzer (even spent 2 something on the pro version, as it is on sale). Channels are fine/free. It is imply the signal that is shit! Standing right next to the router you get 100% and from 2 meter onwards the signal drops STEEP!

  • using Netgear R7000 now, would this be an upgrade or not?

    • +6

      Theoretical maximum speed of the wireless in the Netgear R7000 is actually faster than this.

      Netgear AC1900 (600 + 1300 Mbps) vs Xiaomi AX1800 (574 + 1201 MBPS)

    • +1

      You should put freshtomato firmware on your R7000. It will improve it a lot. I have 35 Wi-Fi devices on my R7000.

  • +31

    I invested a shitload into Xiaomi and think they are a great company. I also think that nobody who buys one of these on Ozbargain will ever be targeted… But we gotta be realistic and assume that this router has a few unused government backdoors in it, right?

    • +5

      I think 100%.

    • +14

      this router has a few unused government backdoors in it, right?

      Are you implying that current non-Xiaomi routers have no backdoors in the last 10 years?

      • +9

        He's implying that some don't; basically anything running on open source code has high odds in your favour.

    • They are cheap for certain reasons. I also have shitloads of them. Besides security concern, quality is an another problem, some of my devices have gone dead, some have started showing aging sign…i definitely touch a chinese router even its free

      • +2

        Not router, but my Xiaomi robo vac threw up errors and stopped moving after 3 months. Have tried many things (consider myself tech savvy ;-) but could not resolve it…

        • Thankfully my two vacs are doing well after two years

          • +1

            @FoxJump: My vac has been faithful for 4 years now. No issue. Got my folks the next model up S5 3-4 years ago and I’d have to rip it from their cold dead hands! Showed them many new versions and they would feel bad about replacing the family pet with a better model. They got a whole cupboard made to suit their vac. They are simply great.

            • @Agglr: My stupid robo vac sometimes forgets the map. Sometimes can't load the map. Wtf is going on?

          • +1

            @FoxJump: Best gift I’ve ever given them apparently.

        • Damn man! Unlucky. My first generalised Vac has done 40k square meters of cleaning so far. Just replace brushes and away it goes.

    • +11

      has a few unused government backdoors in it

      I choose not to look at it as government backdoors, but as the CCP backing up my data for free!

    • As long as you are not a member of African Union, your data shouldn't be sent at midnight. :^)

    • +4

      Well it's literally been proven that Xiaomi robo vacs at a minimum send your wifi SSID and password to servers in china.

      So it's safe to assume these routers are doing that at an absolute minimum… But hey, "bargain" right?…

    • I liked their products and had a few smart home products of theirs, mostly lights and plugs, but realistically, even the Bunnings versions of products have ​been better than Xiaomi's.
      E.g. I have about 3 different versions of IR devices and plugs. This Antsig thing is infinitely better
      ​than Xiaomi's versions.
      I guess my point is, why bother risking it?

  • hmmm the hardware specs look pretty good, alas doesn't look like OpenWRT etc is supported with this device.

    • +5

      I bet it won't, what if OpenWRT closes it's backdoors? :X

      • -1

        I am confused by your statement.
        I am not aware of any OpenWRT backdoors (in source).

  • Would this be an upgrade from the default NBN modem/router setup from TPG?

    • I'm not even sure the MiWifi interface has support for vlan tagging, so you might have to worry about it even working on a TPG connection. (If you wanted to use it standalone)

      Gotta worry about your voip line if you have one with TPG as well, as that won't work without the bundled router.

      • Can confirm both of the above - you will need to keep the TP-Link router TPG supplied for VoIP.

        VLAN tagging is possible… but it’s hacky.

    • I bought the Xiaomi AX3600 WiFi 6 Router on a deal a couple of days ago; I am not sure if it is me doing something wrong or if it is a dud but the range of 2.4g & 5g is awful. Speed is fine but the range is far worse than the Internode supplied TP-Link VR1600v.
      I have set the signal to strongest setting but it does not seem to change at all. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611776

    • +1

      I have an Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-LR 802.11ac Long Range Dual-Radio Access Point attached to one of the LAN port of the TPG modem with its wireless off. Much better range and stability. This looks cheaper but after reading comments here, I'd pass on buying one.

  • +1

    How’s this compared to the google wifi mesh router? Signal is shit, Telstra cable router works better

    Using it now, google tracks me everywhere I go, so got nothing to hide. If xiaomi wants to track me too be my guest. Dinner at my house

  • +1

    Says supports Mesh networking, but only amongst routers of it's own kind. Anyone know if this can be used as an Access Point on existing network? Would be a possible cheap way to get Wi-Fi 6 for Quest 2 Wireless VR

    • +2

      Yeah I wanna know if I should get this for Quest 2 virtual desktop as well! Scrape some ms off the latency.

    • Connect any LAN port on your current modem to WAN port in Xiaomi router, go to mainpage of router setup or download Miwifi apps to change ssid/password, simple as that.

      • Will that simple broadcast the WAN input as apart of the existing network? typically plugging into an existing network with a router will create a new subnet, run it's own DHCP server and separate itself from the WAN network. It needs to have an AP specific mode to just act as "Wi-Fi" only on an existing network.

        • Sound like mesh function? This one can only support mesh with xiaomi ax devices unfortunately.

  • +1

    Get the TP-Link AX20 instead. Didn't have to restart it since the day I set it up ~ 6 months ago. The USB port make any usb drive a NAS. No issues with iinet (which is TPG owned)

  • I bought 4 AX1800 around AUD$65 each via Aliexpress 6 months ago for a mesh network and are very happy with them.

    Just be aware the the interface are in Chinese and no English language available yet as far as I know.

    Seems like I am wrong. Xiaomi has released a new version of AX1800 that looks like differnt from the old one..

    • Looks almost identical to the Redmi AX5 apart from the Redmi branding being replaced with Xiaomi/Mi. (They don't use the Redmi brand outside of China)

      Which complicates things because you now have two/three products that are Xiaomi AX1800 routers.

      1. https://www.mi.com/buy/detail?product_id=12027 - This is the Xiaomi AX1800 in china
      2. https://www.mi.com/buy/detail?product_id=12258 - This is the Redmi AX5

      And then this which looks like a rebrand of #2 being sold globally as the "Mi Router AX1800"


      Not confusing at all /s

      • at least they increased the RAM to 256MB from 128MB in the AX5…

        • You might be misreading the flash memory. That's 128MB of NAND flash.

          All 3 of these have 256MB of RAM, as far as I can tell from their spec listings.

          • @Namidairo: You are correct. Then it's just a rebranded Redmi AX5 really. I read somewhere the black AX1800 is better than AX5.

  • What are the benefits of WiFi 6 and what do you need to make use of it?

    • +3

      First and foremost you need wifi 6 enabled devices to make use of it.

      My understanding..
      It usually has slightly higher bandwidth than most AC routers, the technology handles multiple devices better (if they're using wifi 6) and I believe the latency is lower between the wifi 6 device and the router because it can pack and unpack data faster.

      Interms of the faster bandwidth it won't make a difference for your internet connection because for most households they won't have more than 100Mbps download speeds. You could benefit if you send stuff between your devices (locally) or have a NAS or Oculus Quest 2.

      • Brilliant, thanks for this. I have the new Netgear 5G modem with a Telstra 5G sim (I have 300gb each month) that hits 150mbps+. I have the TP Link Deco M5 mesh router system connected to it. I'm guessing the best pathway for me is to get a new WiFi 6 mesh router set up?

        From the sounds of it I might see some lower latency but that's about it?

        • M5 is capable of Wi-Fi around 460Mbps. If 5G near you goes any faster you'll need to purchase Wi-Fi 6 devices and router.

        • +1

          Yeah, so the reduced latency would be between the router and the wifi 6 device but not the modem and the 5G towers. So if you're a gamer I think it would have negligible affect on the ping in games.
          Also, a lot of devices at the moment don't have wifi 6 because it is a fairly new technology and will only be in the newer consumer goods. So it's unlikely you'd notice any difference at the moment. The Deco M5 is good in my opinion and I would stick with it for now.

          For example, the only reason I'm considering a wifi 6 router is because my Virtual Reality headset (the Oculus Quest 2) has wifi 6 built into it and I can wirelessly stream games from my computer through the router to the Quest 2. Because of the reduced latency between the router and the device on wifi 6, what I'm seeing in the headset might go from 30-40ms delay to 20-30ms delay. That's quite a minimal decrease but noticeable and useful when it's something like VR. But not SO useful that I want to pay $150 for a wifi 6 router for it, hence why this deal is appealing. For other scenarios you likely won't notice it at all.

          So if you don't have a situation like that you probably wouldn't benefit from it. Your download is 150Mbps+ (I'm jealous) but the Deco M5 on the 5ghz channel have 867Mbps of bandwidth and 400Mbps on the 2.4ghz channel, so it's more than enough.

          There is one thing I forgot to mention and it is if you live in a wifi congested apartment block, wifi 6 can help out there too but again only if your devices support wifi 6. I'd recommend downloading an app like "Wifi Analyser" on your phone and look at the channel graph/s for your 2.4ghz and 5ghz connections. If your wifi is overlaping with a neighbours, go into the router and change the band/channel to one that is free. That will do you more good than just switching to wifi 6 :)

          TlDR: Wait a year or two before switching to wifi 6, your current router setup is good and you probably won't benefit from it…for now.

  • +4

    Don't buy this one. Good specs, bad use experience. I have the extract model from Aliexpress 2 months ago, Wi-Fi coverage is worst than my [email protected] 5355 from Telstra. Ads says support 100+ devices but continues to drop at ~20 devices. Run hot, need to schedule reboot every week.

    • +1

      I bought the Xiaomi AX3600 WiFi 6 Router on a deal a couple of days ago; I am not sure if it is me doing something wrong or if it is a dud but the range of 2.4g & 5g is awful. Speed is fine but the range is far worse than the Internode supplied TP-Link VR1600v.
      I have set the signal to strongest setting but it does not seem to change at all. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611776

      • +2

        Mine has the same problem. Despite it has 4 external antennas, both 2.4 and 5GHz signal still weaker than ips supplied modem with no visible antenna.

      • +1

        As I suspected, it seems the supposedly Australian stock from that deal is actually the global version which is based on EU wifi power level regulations. EU power levels are lower than allowed in Australia, hence the shorter range compared to AP's designed for Australia. It is possible to change the power levels on the AX3600 but requires technical expertise.

        • @flagger "It is possible to change the power levels on the AX3600 but requires technical expertise." Do you have to open the router and modify anything or is this purely software related?

  • do I need a modem to work with my FTTN if any recommend modem?

    • Use the VDSL2 modem you have now.

      • so there is no VDSL2 modem without router?

        • There is but you don't gain anything from it. Toggle on the modems bridging setting.

          • @Twix: but my current one is not very stable and I want to change to a new one. And BTW I only use 50mbs NBN so is this AX1800 Router will make any difference with my current N300?

            • @RichardF89: Improved Wi-Fi speed and range. Are you sure it's the VDSL2 modem or is it a problem with FTTN itself?

              • @Twix: If the range is not an issue and my max internet speed is only 50mbs so this AX1600 is too much for me? it is a VDSL2 modem router TD-W9977. The issue is the router reboot by itself recently

  • Whats the advantage of having this over telstra smart modem aprt from wifi6? Sorry I'm kinda out of touch.

    • +1

      Apart from wifi 6… probably not a lot.

      It might have some settings accessible such as DNS which usually isn't changeable on ISP provided routers, but if you haven't needed to change that until now you probably don't have to.

      Both have wifi mesh.
      Telstra one is a modem and router and Mobile broadband backup all in one. This one is just a router.

      If you have a big house and want a bigger wifi mesh setup, a few of these might be cheaper than the Telstra mesh extenders. But I can't comment on which is better/more convenient.

      • Thanks for the info, then I am all good for the moment.

      • I have a spare Telstra Smart Modem, can I use two of them as a mesh network or do I need a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster?

  • Do these come with a native AU power adapter?

    • +1

      Just received the AX3600 from PC byte (ozbargin deal) and it came with native AU power plug

      • Thanks

      • What is your experience with the 3600 so far? I bought it on the same deal as well and while speeds are fine the coverage is shocking; WAY worse signal strength than my ISP supplied TP-Link VR1600v. Not sure if it is me doing something wrong, if the router is faulty or if this is just as good as it gets?!
        I have set the signal to strongest setting but it does not seem to change at all.

  • I need some expert opinion here: I dont have any tech savy mates so OZB community might help <3

    I am living in a 2 bedroom townhouse and I only have Vodafone Modem/Router right now. Before now I didnt need wireless on downstair hence I use patch panel and put modem/router upstairs directly. (so Garage NBN > Patch panel (upstairs) > modem) "Patch panel: term might be wrong Im trying to say female ethernet port built in the wall that goes around the rooms. Please correct me If im wrong.

    Now I am making gaming room downstairs and I am thinking to replace the location of the modem with a router and taking the modem next to the NBN:

    downstairs: NBN > Modem > patch panel wired connection to PC
    upstairs: NBN > Modem > patch panel> upstairs router.

    Is this the best setup I can achieve without spending too much or any better Idea? And my modem have 2 seperate 2.4GHz / 5Ghz Wifi. I see some of the routers automatically combines these two which makes more sense to me.Does This router do that?
    Should I get 2 routers (to mesh) would I see any advantages?

    Sorry for the long post!

    • Your post is a bit confusing, but yes mesh wifi would work well in that scenario, and seamlessly transitioning between access points is the convenient part (1 network SSID). Whether you buy 2 of these or buy a regular 2 or 3 node kit (such as tenda nova) is up to someone more savvy to comment.

    • Because it seems like you have Ethernet ports running around your house (in the walls) I would just put the router and modem where it is most convenient, plug an ethernet cable into an ethernet port from the router and into the wall. Then downstairs run another ethernet cable from the wall directly into your computer or console. If you need wifi downstairs you could just plug the Ethernet cable into an access point or bridged router, but direct ethernet would be ideal.

      It sounds similar to what you suggested, but your computer has to be receiving the signal out of the router not the modem.

      I'm assuming your NBN modem is upstairs as it isn't clear, so go…

      NBN modem>router>upstairs patch panel>downstairs patch panel>wired to PC.

      • Ok thanks. Might get 2 routers while I'm getting so I'd have (almost) full coverage. So dual band means there will be 2 different wifi signals on this router or combined?

        And is there a significant difference between that model or they are basically same?

        AU $82.02 12%OFF | Newest Xiaomi Router AX1800 Wifi 6 Gigabit 2.4G 5GHz 5-Core Dual-Band Router OFDMA High Gain 2 Antennas Wider Mi Router AX1800

        Edit: went with the ebay link. Many people cant be wrong haha

        • What router do you currently have?

          Dual band means that it will transmit over 2.4ghz and 5ghz, on a lot of routers it will appear as 2 different networks but on mine it just appears as one and automatically gives the device the better signal (whichever one it thinks is better), this router is the same (nice). 5ghz is better but it's shorter range.

          It doesn't sound like you have to get any tbh, but if you do want a nice mesh setup then by all means get two.

          In that case my suggestion would be:
          NBN Modem > AX1800 Router 1 (upstairs) > cable from router 1 to upstairs patch panel > cable from downstairs patch panel to AX1800 Router 2 (downstairs) > cable from router 2 directly to gaming PC

          Router 2 would need to be in a mesh mode. This would give you coverage upstairs and downstairs and the transition between the two would be seamless.

          • @Castcore: Currently I only have Vodafone modem, apologies i dont know the model but im pretty sure it shitty haha. Ok then I will replace existing modem location with 1 router and put modem in the garage ( next to the NBN box). Second router will in downstairs so it will supply the lacking coverage. I got 2, thanks for your feedback sir.

  • How do I know how good this is in terms of range/reliability? Reviews are sparse. I have a Archer VR600 that intermittently just drops the wifi signal on 5ghz and sometimes 2.4ghz. I was going to put it in modem only mode and connect this router?

  • I have a pair of the Nova3 Mesh cubes, should I upgrade to this one?

  • -3

    Do these dial China government?

  • +1

    I have the Black ax1800 china version. It has very good coverage and much better coverage than my Optus supplied router. I have read that the international version has lesser coverage since its power levels are set to Europe power limits and not the more powerful Chinese limits. I have read that you can change to the Chinese power specs but I am not sure how you would do that.

    Also my AX1800 can be managed in 3 ways, by direct link, by Android app and by IPhone app.
    The Iphone app has control over many more settings than does the other two methods.
    For example the guest network can only be accessed through tht iphone app and not through the other 2 methods.
    So if you can use the iphone app for setting up your modem its the way to go.

  • Xiaomi has Forums can one not request a gamer version ?

    would like to see someone come out with a enthusiast router that dos not cost the earth

  • PC Byte have these for $59.95 at the moment.
    I have just set one up with the AX3600 as a mesh with my telstra modem and it is working well.