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ANZ Rewards Black Credit Card: Earn 180,000 Reward Points (Worth $800) with $2,000 Min Spend in 3 Months, $0 Annual Fee 1st Year


Was browsing Point Hacks and saw this gem of a deal
$800 in gift cards (or $700 cashback) for $2000 spend is one of the best value returns out there
Pity i already used my ANZ Rewards card for this 12 month cycle.
FYI This is different to the ANZ Qantas Frequent Flyer scheme and not affected if you already have an ANZ Frequent Flyer card

If you haven't, apply away!.

ANZ is offering 180,000 bonus ANZ Reward Points (can get an $800 gift card) and $0 first year annual fee for new cardholders of the ANZ Rewards Black. Includes complimentary insurances plus Apple Pay and Google Pay support.

Key Attributes
180,000 ANZ Reward Points (can get an $800 gift card) + $0 first year annual fee, when you spend a minimum of $2,000 on eligible purchase within the first 3 months of approval
24/7 Personal Concierge and exclusive entertainment and lifestyle offers
Complimentary travel and shopping insurances (PDS)
Earn 2 ANZ Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $5,000 per statement period, then 1 Reward Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $5,000 per statement period
Annual Fee: $0 for the first year, $375 p.a. ongoing
New card. T&Cs, eligibility criteria, fees & charges apply (including annual fee, currently $0 for first year, $375 thereafter).
Not available where you currently hold, or have closed, an ANZ Rewards credit card within the previous 12 months.

Via https://www.pointhacks.com.au/credit-cards/anz-rewards-black...

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  • got a call today just to confirm a few things, got approved shortly after. it was a fast and smooth process for me.

  • +3

    Applied Easter Monday. Got asked to provide payslips and a deposit statement in an email. Approved yesterday with no phone calls. Was a little surprised given all the negative feedback for the ANZ credit card process.

  • I put my wife down as an additional cardholder and just noticed that this particular card charges an annual fee for additional cardholders. Anyone know if this is also waived for the first year? Can’t see anything and will cancel the extra card if that’s the case.

    • Not waived.
      You can call up and ask for the additional card to be cancelled and you won't get charged.

    • I also had this concern, and called 132 273. The staff said the free annual fee also apply to the additional cardholder, but she doesn't seem very familiar with the T&C and had to check with her colleagues.

      It would be better if anyone can call 132 273 to double confirm this.

      • It's free first year for additional card. Between me and my partner, we had many similar deals like this with ANZ, and if the card is fee free first year then you also get additional card free.

  • Anyone been approved with <100k income? I'm just churning though my last Amex card which only has a 5k limit. Never applied for a black before. Not sure whether to apply for this or the platinum 120,000 points one

    Also what's better, this 180k/120k ANZ rewards points, or 75,000 Qantas frequent flier points?

    • income isnt the only factor. what are your expenses like?

      • Not a lot normally. My day to day living expenses are pretty minimal and rent where I live is really cheap.

    • YMMV, those two cards are not really comparable. One is designed for using points on gift cards, the other is skewed towards rewards for travel (for flights/upgrades). If you were to do a like for like just in terms of buying gift cards, the ANZ card will net you better value $800 vs approx $350 for the AMEX. Depends how you want to cash in your rewards. Side note, as long as your income/savings is significantly above your expenses/liabilities then whether you make 100k or not won't matter too much.

      • Would 75,000 in Qantas points be worth more than $800 of I spent them on flights?

        • it's 83k points return for Melbourne-Perth in business class. I dont know what the usual price is in dollars. perhaps $2k?

          • @ltwo: That's incorrect comparison. Would you spend 2K out of pocket for a 4 hour long flight one way in Business or suffered it in Economy with extra leg room and spend those money on something else.

    • Have been approved with this black card with 15k limit albeit the Qantas version with ~72k income whilst holding another 6k credit limit credit card if that helps.

  • +1

    Applied on Monday 05/04/21 and uploaded payslips same night, and today (Thursday 08/04/21) I received confirmation that my card is on its way.

    Fortunately, quick and pain free for me!

  • Applied for the 75k Qantas last year -> declined. Got 3 phone calls or something
    Applied for the 75k Qantas again last month -> approved. Got a phone call on the weekend and approval right after that
    Applied for this card on Monday -> got approved today. No call , just text message for approval.

    and my income this year is a bit lower than last year. Go figure.

  • Approved after discussion on expenses.

    Thanks OP

  • With 100K+ salary and combined 95K credit limit on 4 cards I did not actually expect to be approved but got it with 15K limit. Previous ANZ Blacks had 50K limit so a bit disappointed, maybe that Kogan card I keep only for free delivery of cheap crap need to go after all.

    • Do you have any loans/mortgages?

      • no debt whatsoever

        • +1

          That’d be why.

  • Thanks OP.
    Applied 2 April
    Emailed pay slips 3 April (as website upload tool wouldn’t accept my PDFs despite they met all the file requirements)
    Got a call 8 April. Asked some questions to clarify loans and credit card balances. Put on hold for 2 mins. Approved during the phone call.
    And HSBC rejected me from their CC offer last month.
    ANZ process was much less painless overall than HSBC, and seemingly easier credit assessment

    • +1

      The upload tool didn't like spaces in filenames so that was probably the issue

  • Instant rejected with 100k+ salary, minimal expenses and debt, no other credit cards active. I just closed a ANZ FF card 2 days ago so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

    • Wow instant rejection? I applied 3 April but haven't heard anything back since.

    • Don't think it's anything to do with that. I closed my ANZ FF a week before I applied. My application is approved.

  • applied sunday, payslips requested tuesday via email & provided same day, still waiting to hear back today (friday)

    • I applied last Sunday, only heard back today.

  • Which is a better credit card, this ANZ offer or Commbank -

    Ultimate Awards credit card
    100,000 Bonus Awards Points when you apply for a new CommBank Ultimate Awards credit card by 29 April 2021 and spend $5,000 on eligible purchases using your new card within 90 days from activation. New CommBank Awards customers only.^

    Browsing previous deals, Commbank has more targeted offers but not sure overall if it's a better choice.

    • Huh? You really can't work it out which deal is better?

      Here, you only need to spend $2000 for a whopping points value up to $800 in 3 months. Then no annual fee for 1st year to top it up.

      Other banks usually require you to $3000 for around $400-500 points value. Some with fees , some don't. What is CommBank points worth? Any fee?

      To me, this is a top deal at the moment.

      • That's the thing, I cant access what the 100,000 Commbank points mean as I'm not a customer. No annual fee, if you spend 2,500.

        So I guess my questions really are:

        1. What does the 100K points equate too?
        2. How valuable are the targeted offers that usually pops up here in OzBargain i.e. spend X amount get a rebate?

        Agree that ANZ is a great deal, that's why I'm asking.

        • ANZ rewards way better, no fees, $800 gift card, $2k spend.
          CommBank is higher spend requirement and 100k points which is about $480 gift cards.
          CommBank is a $35/month fee if you don't spend $2500 per month.
          So even if you pay no CommBank fee you get $480 vs $800 back on gift cards.

  • +1

    got a call today, the guy asked some questions about the mortgage and current credit cards, put me on hold for a couple of minutes and then approved the application over the phone.
    Applied 5th of April. received confirmation email on 6th and uploaded the documents the same day.

  • Knocked back.. $160k combined income, but think my expenses freaked them out, even though they were well under a reasonable ratio I thought… Don’t understand… surely they want people that are big spenders on these types of cards…oh well.. no $800 of gift cards for me… enjoy it for those who make it through the hoops.

    • thought they only asked for individual income

    • Income + investment income

  • Still waiting. Applied Thursday 1st. Sent wage slips in Monday 5th. Total silence since. There’s been activity on my credit score (neither positive or negative).
    These folks really take their time.

  • Hello, I've never done the rewards/ff points thing…I was sent some collateral to apply for a ANZ FF Black card. It says 150K bonus Qantas points and get $225 back to your cc account, after a $3k spend in first 3 months.

    Which deal is better? For reference, only cc I've ever had is the ANZ Platinum (no points, no rewards with it), came free with the Breakfree package.

    • For cashback get this one, plus only requires $2000 spend
      For frequent flyer points get the Qantas Black.

      Choose your poison.

    • Careful it’s an addiction!

  • Also still waiting.
    Credit checked 1 day after I applied which made a negative impact (714 -> 683 on credit simple) despite being 850+ from creditsavvy/getcreditscore…
    120k+ income after overtime (-20k salary packaging/sacrifice).
    One other cc (not recorded on any credit check), a small overdraft never used since opening - should probably close this
    Dunno why I'm still waiting honestly… would have been approved by any other provider by now.

    • They also did a credit check on creditsavvy dropping my score to exactly 800… hmm.

    • Credit check is standard for any new application regardless of current score, income etc. And a drop in score can happen with that credit check, part of the cost of churning.
      Definitely close your old unused card, should help your score go back up, and also looks better for new applications.
      Source: 10+ applications / new cards churned over last 2 years.

      • Funnily enough one of my credit cards isn’t listed on any credit check thing
        And I’m just surprised they checked across two platforms (usually only one it gets a mark).
        Would be pretty annoyed if I get rejected after all of this…

        • +2

          Good luck 🤞
          I've just been accepted for my 3rd ANZ card last week, they've always been fast and easy for me thankfully.

  • Surprised they work on the weekend, got a call and texts telling me about the approval.

    • that's why they outsource the work to other countries. cheap enough to offer rotating shifts.

  • Got approved today… Now thinking what's the best way to use these points. Gift card makes sense but not sure if they are the best point-dollar conversion

  • So I'm definitely eligible if I have an ANZ black FF currently?

    • +1


  • Any chance to change the card type to Qantas card once you have got the bonus rewards points?

    • Nope
      2 different reward programs unfortunately

  • +2

    Pity i already got the reward platinum from from ANZ last month…

    If my experience with my platinum card is anything to go by, this ANZ deals could become one of those legendary deals Ozber would fondly remember for some time. i meant to say that i got my $500 gc within 14 days me start using the card, and the redeem process took less than 30 sec, just your email address and 3 or 4 mouse clicks, that's it.


    • one of those legendary deals

      I'm still remember the deal "Signature credit card no fee for life" from Citibank. Got the balance transfer money as a cheque-to-self, 2 lounge passes yearly and other perks Citibank.

  • Do you receive a confirmation email that your application is received / was submitted straight away? Applied this morning but haven’t received any confirmations…

  • Approved today and applied on 2nd of April. Now to commit to $3k worth of furniture for the house ..

    • +2

      only need $2k ;)
      Then can spend the rest on the next card.

      • +1

        To be honest, the wife probably has enough on the list to fill the $35k limit. 😞

        • Hahah

          fair enough.

  • I just got approved after a phone call from the 'assessor'.

    He had to clarify some 'anomalies' in my application. He was concerned that my credit card repayments figure was so high. I said I average around $4k balance at months end and I pay $4k to clear it without fail.

    He said I overstated the amount and should only have reported the MINIMUM repayment amount per my statements. Upon updating this figure from $4k per month to $70 per month the Computer said Yes.

    Wow…wouldn't they want me to delcare the correct amount I pay per month and base my eligibility on that? If they use $70 as my repayment amount and I am truly paying only $70 I will be clearly kicking the can down the road as far as payments are concerned and within 3.5 months would have reached my limit of $15k and be destitute!

    • They are REALLY wanted you to pay the minimum for the obvious reason :)

    • Apparently banks interested in not whether you can repay your debt but whether you would be able pay minimum and interest for as long as it is possible. My total credit limit was higher than my income after tax and that did not stop ANZ from approving even more.

  • Welcome pack came today in the mail. No card…what a let down!

    • Yeah, haven't received anything at all. When did you received the sms that says 'card is on its way'?

      • Applied Easter Monday, got the on the Wednesday afternoon saying I’d been approved and the card was on its way. Today I got the welcome back but still haven’t received the card. Not an existing ANZ customer.

        • Just received the welcome pack today, likewise, no card. Also not an ANZ customer.

          • @Marbel: Just received two seperate mails, one with the PIN and the other one with the actual card. finally!

    • If you're existing ANZ customer did you credit account appear in online banking already?

      • Couple years ago, I had to request them to link the account to my login via the secured email. Later, I has being told if you activate the card in the app, it will link under your login automatically.

  • signed up sunday of the easter long weekend. provided documents tuesday. still waiting to hear back… they sure take their time.

    • Me too, they love dragging their feet

      • If imagine they weren't quite prepared for the uptake

    • Pretty typical ANZ customer service response. I signed up on April 1st still waiting. Maybe I was the April fool?

      • +1

        Signed up 3 April and still waiting. Seems they don't process applications in order and just at random lol.

        • Update FYI: Had a phone call yesterday to provide some more documentation which when provided would result in approval. Have submitted and waiting for formal approval now.

    • Applied and provided documents Saturday. They sent an email today saying they tried to call (they didn't) and asking me to select a timeslot to be called between Mon-Fri.

      Please note we are facing some delays with responding to the high number of emails we have received

      We are working very hard to work through every enquiry from our customers and one of our helpful assessors will be in touch soon

      Thank you for your understanding

  • -3

    Just to clarify, does the initial 3 months period commence from the date the application is approved, or from the date the card is activated? For example, I understand the welcome pack containing the card may take more than a week or longer to be received by the applicant, thereby effectively reducing the 3 months period for achieving the $2,000 eligible spend.

    • +1

      Irrelephant, just spend the 2k

    • Clarify with ANZ directly. It's is 100% clear when it commences in the terms and conditions, even if you don't think it's fair.

    • +2

      it's from the date of approval fyi.
      It's in the T's & C's

  • Still waiting for my card to arrive.

    6/4 Applied for the card ~10pm and received automated email ~12am
    8/4 SMS that my application has been approved (my home loan is with ANZ so they already have access to my pay details)
    14/4 Haven't received the card yet, but got SMS saying I can activate my card anything using the ANZ app lol

    • same here. Received the welcome kit and pin but not the card

    • approved same date, still no card haha.

    • Got my card and pin in the mail today. Thought it is supposed to be staggered? lol

      • I think auspost only delivers like 2-3 times a week now so sometimes mail sent 1 day apart now comes together… happened with some of my other credit cards

  • Dumb question -Should I be putting my assets and liabilities as50% as I'm part of a couple? If I put the full amount surely it wouldn't get approved as they don't know partners income

  • Applied 1st April. After a few back and forth emails asking for payslips etc, finally approved today - so 2 weeks.

  • +2

    ANZ are so frustrating. They send you a card but don’t let you know your CRN, so there is no easy way to activate it.

    • +3

      If you have been an ANZ customer before - it's the same CRN.
      Every time I get a new ANZ card I have to ring up to get them to re-enable internet banking as they disable that each time I close it.
      They really should re-enable it once my new card is activated.. but no.

      • None of the call centre peeps have ever mentioned that to me so I have a string of different CRNs trailing in the rear view mirror.

        This time I'll try reactivating the most recent CRN since it's only a few months old.

        • They called yesterday morning and I uploaded the required documents promptly. Nothing heard since.

  • Finally, after 2 weeks received my Black card today. No sms or email had been sent to tell me I was approved. Activated it using my old CRN (cancelled a Qantas rewards cards last year).
    Despite having deleted the ANZ app from phone, when I downloaded it again I was instantly recognised and was able to activate new card.
    Now, here’s the weird bit. The app tells me I am now also the holder of a new ANZ Access Advantage Debit card and a bank account. I didn’t ask for either.
    Has anyone else received the same?
    What use is a bank account & debit card if all I wanted was the Black credit card?

  • Do you guys get the rejection via email or after the 60s wait after submitting the application?

  • Applied 6am this morning and was approved at around 1pm without the need of any additional documentation.
    Smooth process and an amazing deal to get in on

    • is your credit rating impeccable? do you make >$200k/annum?

      • Unsure on my credit rating as I don’t check that and I do not make over 200k either

        • i applied 4 April and provided documents soon after, and still waiting to hear back….

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