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ANZ Rewards Black Credit Card: Earn 180,000 Reward Points (Worth $800) with $2,000 Min Spend in 3 Months, $0 Annual Fee 1st Year


Was browsing Point Hacks and saw this gem of a deal
$800 in gift cards (or $700 cashback) for $2000 spend is one of the best value returns out there
Pity i already used my ANZ Rewards card for this 12 month cycle.
FYI This is different to the ANZ Qantas Frequent Flyer scheme and not affected if you already have an ANZ Frequent Flyer card

If you haven't, apply away!.

ANZ is offering 180,000 bonus ANZ Reward Points (can get an $800 gift card) and $0 first year annual fee for new cardholders of the ANZ Rewards Black. Includes complimentary insurances plus Apple Pay and Google Pay support.

Key Attributes
180,000 ANZ Reward Points (can get an $800 gift card) + $0 first year annual fee, when you spend a minimum of $2,000 on eligible purchase within the first 3 months of approval
24/7 Personal Concierge and exclusive entertainment and lifestyle offers
Complimentary travel and shopping insurances (PDS)
Earn 2 ANZ Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $5,000 per statement period, then 1 Reward Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $5,000 per statement period
Annual Fee: $0 for the first year, $375 p.a. ongoing
New card. T&Cs, eligibility criteria, fees & charges apply (including annual fee, currently $0 for first year, $375 thereafter).
Not available where you currently hold, or have closed, an ANZ Rewards credit card within the previous 12 months.

Via https://www.pointhacks.com.au/credit-cards/anz-rewards-black...

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  • I see lots of comments referring to a coles GC but a search on the site https://www.anzrewards.com/ comes up with nothing for coles.

    Was it recently removed?

    • Weird, they must have removed it. They definitely used to have it. Could be sold out?

      • It looks like they are changing the entire store and some options have either changed or are no longer available

    • Super frustrating.. I only wanted to spend my points on groceries and my local is a Coles :(

  • What a painfully drawn out process. 6 days, about 8 calls, and 25+ documents. Finally approved.

    • Wth!! What documents were they after other than payslips?

      • They wanted two months of payslips, payslips showing bonuses for two years, my full tax returns for two years (a very specific version of it which I couldn't find anywhere on the ATO website), my share portfolio, dividend statements…

        • +2

          Wow! That seems overly excessive and rather intrusive.

          • +1

            @ducksmad: Yeh, basically sold my soul for 180k points 😅

      • I also got approved but took 10 days and 12 calls. This is for someone who has been banking with ANZ for 10+ years.

        All incomes go into ANZ accounts but still wanted payslips, rental statements etc.

        Ridiculous process and their credit assessors are bunch of jokers with no brain.

        • Eek. I’m looking at applying for it in the next few days, but it sounds like it may be quite convoluted.

    • I applied any take 15 mins to fill the form and upload documents.

      Let see what's happening next.

      • 2 called so far.

        1 called yesterday asked to upload 1 more payslip. They called next but I go outside and not bring my phone, I sent an email to confirm called back today's noon.
        They just called again, asked to upload another document relate to the increase of income….

      • Another called to confirm some information about spending habits. After that, get approval and a welcome email.

        So in total, 3 called. 7 payslips + visa check (I'm on a working visa) + salary confirmation.

        • Nice, doesn’t sound like you had too much trouble.

        • I have good credit history from my country (ANZ too). Not sure if they linked.

  • +1

    I applied last night around 9pm and it was approved today around 3pm.

    They called me to discuss my proof of income after I submitted my docs but I told them I was busy and asked them to call back in 10 minutes.

    They never called and next thing I know I get an SMS and email saying I've been approved.

  • I've had this for 3 months now and met the spend limit. Does anyone know when i should get my points, where they show up and how do you use them?
    I called ANZ but the rep just said i have to wait for my 5th statement and they will be there

    • +1

      It'll usually show up in your ANZ rewards account faster than your statement. I would check every couple of days to see if it has been credited.

      • thanks, that's what i was missing, didn't have a rewards account.

        • @lucyr: Did you get your rewards points?

  • When does ANZ grant the bonus reward points, once your min spend criteria was met? It's been 2 statements and already spent 3 times more in the first statement month. I sent a mail to them and got a response, it takes up to 3 months to get the bonus reward points credited. :(

    • +1

      Have you created an account on https://www.anzrewards.com/ and checked your points?

      • Created this long ago. I only see my spent point credited but not the bonus points :(

  • just received my card and welcome kit, what a process it was, I have 25 missed/recieved calls from them

    Im assuming the pin comes soon

    so is the best to do a cashback, or a gift card or transfer to singapore/velocity?

    3;1 for krisflyer seems pretty poor, 60,000 pts

    edit: just noticed tha 180,000 pts=$720, thats pretty crappy, they must have changed the exchange ratio

    • You can use ANZ app to activate it and then set pin as well.

  • Can anyone explain how to activate the card if you don't already have an ANZ account? The getting started guide asks you to sign into the ANZ app, which requires you to have an account, which requires a Customer Reference Number, which I don't have.

    • +2

      Call up ANZ.

      • I was hoping there was a solution that didn't involve being on hold for at least 45 mins

        • Go to branh?

  • For those converting their reward points into airline points, which airline did you choose and why?

    KrisFlyer, pretty good but has a hard 3yr expiry on pts. Can't seem to do any test flights to see what the point cost would be(?) Anyone know any figures for syd-lhr or any other aus-euro one way point costs?

    Asia Miles, can use for Qantas, air Canada, Qatar etc redemptions and also have a year or so on point expiry unless you have activity

    Airpoints, not even going to go there, Pointhacks had positive things to say on their long haul flight redemption

    Velocity, seems to be the safest (I'm unsure where I'll be mainly redeeming flights to) albeit their suspended reward seat redemptions for international flights (TBA) the caveat is if they'll further devalue points..

    For those looking to churn into their next card after ANZ then St G has a 0 AF platinum card with 60k qff pts (existing customers (I just opened a no fee basic transaction acc) via their mobile app) seems better value than a $225 AF/120k qff pt with ANZ qff card..

  • Annual salary req is no issue but I closed my prev ANZ rewards card (travel rewards) this year. Will I be eligible? Also will they tell me if I will get the signup bonus or not? Not worth applying if I dont get it.

    Edit: I am not eligible.

  • I met the $2k spend 2 days after receiving the card and received my first statement about 2 weeks later, which did not show the bonus points. A few days after that I logged into ANZ rewards and saw that the points had been credited. I'm yet to see the points reflected in my statement but I'm guessing they'll show up on my next one.
    It took about 16 days from the time I hit my 2k spend to receiving the 180k bonus in my account.

  • I applied for the rewards black card but was told by the agent on call that i am only eligible for rewards Platinum because of their certain criteria, may be because my annual salary is around $45k and expenses are minimal. But after uploading my payslips and then following up via email as i didn't heard back from them, i received an email from ANZ that my rewards black card has been approved and should arrive in mail soo. Can't be more happier and luckier then that i reckon 😁

    • Oh wow! You got super lucky! Especially with some of the reported experiences on here by others.

      • Yes, i guess i am 😊

  • currently holds $6K limit that will be up for renewal mid oct.

    looking at getting this card, should I cancel my current credit card before applying for this? or doesnt matter?

    previously I have been rejected by ANZ despite good credit score and met the salary - not sure why.

  • anyone know how long until points get credited?

    been about 2-2.5 weeks

    I used it on beam app so wondering if these dont qualify as part of bonus point spend

    • Have you received your points? I’ve been waiting a number of weeks as well. Would be good to know if it is in line with statements or can randomly appear

      • Just recievd my points today!

        Transaction 6 sep

      • Received my points today.

        Transactions yesterday.

  • Can someone please confirm if paying the afterpay and zippay payments are counted towards the eligible spending of $2000 for the points or not?

  • I'm pretty upset the reward line bonuses got better and better after I got mine lol