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eBay: 20% Cashback on Health & Beauty Category (Including Chemist Warehouse & Shaver Shop) @ ShopBack


Something different from ebay/Shopback. Appears to be no cap.

Pay with discounted ebay gift cards for further savings.

Includes Chemist Warehouse & Shaver Shop.

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$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • if I use the $50 Voucher that I got from signing up for Ebay Plus, can I still get the cashback?

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      Purchases made with Coupon / Voucher codes are not eligible for Cashback

      • Is it a gift card? Cashback is valid when gift cards are used as a payment method.

        • No sure it is a “gift card” or not, it says it is “eBay plus $50 voucher”

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          Pretty sure they are voucher codes and not gift card codes

    • +1

      The $50 is a voucher so will be invalid. Won’t stack with other vouchers discount codes either.

    • The $50 Voucher is a scam. You can't stack it with promotion codes or cashback, making it worth $40 at best, and worth nothing if the transaction is above $250.

  • Perfectly timed deal for me! Should save me nearly $80 if all tracks well!

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  • Everything in the health and beauty category?

    • Can someone confirm this? Can we buy items outside the stores mentioned? Thanks.

  • Are all Shaver Shop products on the health and beauty category? Wouldn't some be in the electronics category?

    • It not rocket science to search for whatever in the category .

      • +1

        I searched for the item I wanted but the category doesn't appear in the eBay app as far as I could see.

        Anyway on desktop browser their eBay store shows everything is in health and beauty category including shavers etc.

      • +1

        It still sucks because you can't search what you want under the category and have to click and scroll

  • +1

    This seems like a great deal with no cap. So I could buy a bottle of Creed for $400 and get $80 back?

  • Good time to jump on the braun series 9 with cleaning station? Anyone in the same boat?

    • Can you find a link on eBay Shavershop for this?

  • Can i use any ebay promo codes?

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      • -1

        Ebay code
        PLUSNF4 for 4% off*

        • +3

          Do not use any promo code, check details on ShopBack, it says no cashback if you use promo code etc.

      • Many thanks @TURD

    • +2

      No but can buy and pay with eBay gift cards. ShopBack will give you 3% cashback on eBay gift cards.

      I just spent $150 and it's tracked $4.50 in cashback. Should also get $30 with this deal. Hopefully it does track.

      • Great man!!

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        Use the Celebration gift cards in ShopBack, they get you 5% off in eBay instead

  • Thanks muchly for this! First time I have ever seen this. Wish ebay offered more of these kind of deals for different categories too!

  • Never mind - didn’t realise chemist warehouse had an eBay store.

    • But no C&C

  • Can anybody confirm the following item also available for 20% cash back?
    If so, this will be a huge discount. Many thanks for any comments.


    • I think so, but do your own research and don't blame others if cash back is rejectred

      • For something like this, best to record the full purchase… Like damn….

    • I suggest you confirm with the rep @gotyourback.

  • +1

    Great deal, but I've had so many issues with SB Ebay tracking. Taking a risk on this one, and have recorded the entire purchase process. Maybe this will assist in the event it doesn't track.

  • Shame most items I’m looking for at chemist warehouse eBay store has $8.95 postage. I’d have to spend over $45 and hope the cashback tracks before getting any benefit from this deal unfortunately

    • No click and collect?

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        Unfortunately I can't see any option for C&C in eBay. Delivery only. Ruins the deal.

    • Just try it till check out page, I thought the same but still added the item anyway but once I went to check out I could see the postage was waived, I have ebay Plus though so no sure if that's why I got the free shipping even it shown as postage cost is extra on the item page itself.

    • Just saw a pop up on my eBay app while looking at chemist warehouse page and it says free delivery if spending over $50 and purchasing 2+ items.

    • Max is 3 per item, I couldn’t buy more than 3.

  • hahah there is a bike in eye glass frame

  • Anyone got confirmation of their transaction yet?

    • Tracking from ebay takes 24 hrs

    • not yet

      • Fair enough. I just something I couldn't afford and sort of regret it haha :)

  • +1

    Nothing against SB or even CB, but I am always sceptical when it comes to EBay and especially Amazon, I believe are the real culprits (and we end up abusing SB and CB staff)..

  • is it me or is the range on Health & Beauty really crap?

  • Any idea if it works for international items? I.e. when you have to select "Worldwide" for "Item Location" but still on eBay AU.

    • anyone have an answer for this?

      • FWIW, I ordered anyway - haven't received tracking notification yet, but as mentioned above, it can take some time to track.

  • this randomly expired before midnight?

    • Limited time only it said. Yeah it finished before the time.

  • Bought from two sellers… In the one order.

    Cash back only tracks one of the two sellers :(

  • So mine tracked, purchased from cwh eBay store. It showing only .81c cashback. I assumed anything from cwh store would track at 20%. I purchased some infant formula.

    • forumla is under baby isnt it?

      • A tin of Formula was pictured as one of the items for the promotion. I purchased 6 items from chemist warehouse but seem to have only got about 13% back, not the full 20%

    • what time did you place order? I had similar issue, I spoke to them over chat and got my 20% cashback.
      I think deal went back to 2% at AEST (daylight savings) because this deal would have been set before easter break and they didnt relise it will go off after 11pm.


      • I've check the items and indeed it was infant formula that only got 1%, everything else from CWH got the 20%. I'll have to follow up with ShopBack once the 7 days has past (particularity given it was even that brand of formula pictured)

        • haha well yeah they stuffed up I reckon.

          Thinking that baby formula is in the health section, but it is in it's own section.

  • I did 4 seperate orders and they all tracked at 20%

  • Is there any chance this cashback being offered again ?

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