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nbn Unlimited Data Plans $5/Month off: NBN50 $54/Month, NBN250 $94/Month (New Customers Only) @ Epic Broadband via Finder


Hey guys!

Sharing an exclusive offer for Epic Broadband, which is offering a $5 discount per month on two plans, for the life of the plan:

  • Unlimited data NBN 50 plan for $54/month, price fixed for life of plan
  • Unlimited data NBN 250 plan for $94/month, price fixed for life of plan
Please note:

This offer is only available for new customers when you apply through Finder via: https://www.finder.com.au/broadband-plans/epic-broadband

Plan features and info:
  • Original price of the NBN 50 plan is $59/month. Typical evening speed of 48.6Mbps.
  • Original price of the NBN 250 plan is $99/month. Typical evening speed of 218.7Mbps.
  • Both plans come with unlimited data.
  • No lock-in contract, no setup fees.
  • BYO modem option available, or buy a pre-configured modem from Epic (delivery charges will apply).
  • NBN 250 plans are only available at FTTP and HFC select addresses. Check your address during the sign-up process to find out if it’s accessible in your area.
Eligibility for this deal

This offer is only for new customers only and is only available when you apply through Finder via: https://www.finder.com.au/broadband-plans/epic-broadband

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  • +7 votes

    How is this fixed price?

    With no contract Epic can up the monthly price at anytime.

    Do your research fellow bargain hunters. Epic Broadband NBN experiences on OzBargain and whirlpool are not great.

    • Same here, trying to understand the 'fixed price' model. As there's no contract, they can increase price and you'll only get $5/month discount. So does that mean this deal is actually just $5/month discount for as long as you stay with them?

    • And you simply switch to a different provider. You are also not locked in.

    • Who signs up to contracts these days. Being locked in to a 1-2 year contract with a provider is criminal. Strange that people are scared providers will Jack up prices. That’s the whole point of competitive market. Leave any time and go with someone cheaper

      • Yup I kinda regret getting on contract with belong, but honestly internet hasn't been that bad honestly and Decent price for 55/month, considering I Got

        free $80 sim credit, (can be used to get to get 80 gb data for first month then use it for another 4 months)
        free modem,
        free first month ( till 1st of month after service gets active)
        Decent nbn 30 plan

        But definitely not gonna stay after contract finishes because they gonna bump up price up by $5

  • Can I use my Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 with this provider? (NBN-HFC)

  • Can you do a similar offer on their 100mbit plan? Would be all I need to nudge me away from Belong (who I've been quite happy with, but I like the idea of 100mbit).

  • Tempting but a bit worried about the mixed reviews! Why there is no option for 100/20 btw?

    Edit: $69 is for 100/20, but on the finder link says 40 upload speed. That’s confusing

  • Had Epic broadband for a month with the last discount and it was painfully slow when downloading from overseas cloud providers, I basically had to use a VPN 100% of the time to get full speed

    Not using a VPN downloading from Mega got me around ~500KB/s whereas once I switched on my VPN I was able to get ~10 MB/s. This was the same for a lot of other file downloading sites

    The final straw came when they had an issue in Melbourne which meant I was without NBN for half a day, the main concern was that they had no support in Melbourne to fix it, they had to fly someone down from Sydney to do it. Could understand having to bring someone in if I was in a small regional town however I'm not going to stay with a provider who has no support for the 2nd largest city in the country, could only imagine how long support would take if I did live in a regional town.

    There were a number of other issues, my IP address was showing up as based in other countries when I wasn't using my VPN which meant there were times couldn't watch local streaming services.

    Wasn't worth the $10-$20 saving over a more established provider.

    • Thanks for the review! I’m based in Sydney, but as you say to save $10 a month isn’t worth it. I’ll stay with Mate, who have been flawless the last year I have had them.

      • Mate was who I transferred to with their 250/25 deal, been a little over week and the speeds have been great. On HFC and I'm consistently getting >200mb/s

    • 2nd largest city in the country, could only imagine how long support would take if I did live in a regional town

      Sounds like they had an issue with their POI. You can't expect them to have staff at every POI across the country. For example, Aussie have 121 POIs. https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/help-centre/nbn/connectio...

      Not defending this mob, just saying, lets keep attacks in the realm of facts not hearsay. You're dreaming if you think half a day outage is unacceptable for a consumer grade service.

      • I'm not expecting them to have support in every location, however I think it is important to point out that if they don't have support in Melbourne than it's unlikely that they will have support anywhere else other than in Sydney.

        I think that's important to factor in when you are purchasing a plan that if there is an outage outside of Sydney, then you may be without the internet for a while.

        Update: And it's not hearsay, they emailed to inform users in Melbourne that our NBN will be out for a while as they need to fly someone in from NSW to resolve the issue

        • I'm not expecting them to have support in every location, however I think it is important to point out that if they don't have support in Melbourne than it's unlikely that they will have support anywhere else other than in Sydney.
          I think that's important to factor in when you are purchasing a plan that if there is an outage outside of Sydney, then you may be without the internet for a while.

          It's not "support" - Support can be offered from anywhere.

          It sounds like a hardware failure at one of their POIs in Melbourne. Do you expect them to pay staff to sit and wait 24/7 at hundreds on exchanges/POIs around the country on the off chance there's a hardware failure at one of them? I don't think you really understand the thing you are judging them on and it's something the could happen to any ISP.

          • @PainToad: I think you are getting a bit dramatic. I'm not expecting them to do anything however as a consumer I want to know that if they have an issue with their hardware in Melbourne which they can't remediate remotely that my internet will be down for a minimum of a few hours before they can get someone on site to investigate.

            Hence why I feel it's important to point out, given that there would be numerous ISPs which would have Melbourne based staff to "support" their infrastructure.

            Maybe you don't consider the ability to get your service back up and running important and that's your choice however for me, and I'm sure many others who are working from home, that extended delay in a company's ability to get me back online isn't worth saving $10-$20 for.

            • @TThomas:

              Maybe you don't consider the ability to get your service back up and running important and that's your choice however for me, and I'm sure many others who are working from home

              I too consider it important. But my expectations on a consumer grade service is realistic. If you want better uptime, pay for a business grade connection. https://www.nbnco.com.au/business/product-and-technical-info...

              If you think any cheap consumer grade service will be reliable, or wont have half a day outages, you are not living in the real world.

              I also pay for an Optus 4G Home broadband connection as a backup for my NBN. If your home connection is that important, you too should have redundancy. If you don't, it's not your ISPs problem.

              I think you are getting a bit dramatic.

              And I think you don't really understand the situation and have unrealistic expectations. Even if they had staff in Melbourne, they would have to drive to where ever your local POI is (there would be multiple in Melbourne). Then what if they don't have replacement hardware? Or do you also expect them to have warehouses all across the country near all the POIs "just in case" for your consumer grade $100 connection? You are dreaming.

              • @PainToad: I realise Melbourne is a big city but I never realised it would take just as long as for someone to drive from somewhere in Melbourne to another part of Melbourne as it would for someone to get to book a ticket from Sydney to Melbourne, get to Sydney airport, fly to Melbourne, drive to the POI (I think this step is the only step which was required if they live in Melbourne) and inspect the issue.

                You obviously have no clue what you are on about and obviously just trying hopelessly to push a point home, as you just keep on throwing in additional requests which were never stated in my review. I never asked for Epic to provide a service other consumer ISPs don't, which is what you keep reaching for.

    • I can recommend Tangerine for the similar price (NBN50 $54.90). Not sure about overseas cloud speed though, but I've had good experience with them recently.

      • Apart from the decent speed and connection, the customer service is worst. NBN50 only for 6months period to new customers.

        • I've been with tangerine for a year on their 50/20 and it's been brilliant.

          In terms of their service, only needed to use them once due to a billing issue and they resolved it in 5 mins.

          Have previously been with abb and to be honest, no difference in availability just significantly cheaper on tangerine.

      • It’s $70 a month dude. Yeh sure $55 for 6’months but that just lame

  • Considered to move to epic but heard bitter experience of other people in another thread. Now with Launtel and super happy with their customer service and speed and the flexibility they offer to choose different speed pack based on daily need.

  • Yeah nah I'll wait for starlink

  • No from me. Good luck with customer services ( waiting call forever) also with billings what a joke. Wrong date billing.

  • PA$$ED, the website is dodgy, can't link direct to the home plan, about us, support page…

  • Tried to sign up, but their page returned an error. Read the reviews subsequently and am glad I dodged this bullet!

  • Take a look at their Home Hub Pro. It is the Xiaomi AX6000 which they are charging a huge markup on - $289 + $25 shipping. 🤑

    Can be had for $180 shipped. E.g. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/605216

  • so i signed up, but in the contract it still says $59. assuming $5 discount will be applied every month

  • is there any plans below $45? I currently have a 25/5 Mbps plan for $45

  • Slightly unrelated, but is this or another brand like Aussie broadband worth it over TPG? I have had TPG for a while but over the last couple months the speed has been terrible and we often get around 0-20 mbps download speed even though we’re paying for 50 mbps.

    I’m thinking of joining with Aussie broadband or someone else to see if my line actually supports that speed and we’re not being limited or something idk

    • ring them up and tell them to fix it

      • I have, they keep telling us our line cannot support those speeds even though according to our address (and months of perfectly fine internet speed beforehand) we should be able to.

  • Not sure about others, however I can't even sign up. It's reporting an invalid email message.
    If this is a reflection of their service/product, I'm very nervous..

  • Worst thing i ever made.signed up this 50/20 deal churning Tangerine. Ever since net drop drastically and avarsge download less than 15mb .and most of the time no stable connection and drop outs. Customer service useless. No reply for the email or followup whats so ever ..broken promises. Ahg and they charge 2 months in advance. Best advice is AVOID

  • Epic are the WORST.

    Do not in any way switch to them. Their support is rude and lies constantly, their lies change, the fact that they are lying stays the same.

    They charged me for a service I never used or asked for.

    Leaving them is the worst. I've been trying to 2 months now.


  • Signed up for 2 weeks now, i haven’t had any issues so far, port over is fast and no hassle, speed is close to 50 most of the time, fingers crossed it stays that way

  • Just don't! awful experience.

    Their phone number never worked now it's going to a voice system.
    And then they via chat that they are going for a full "Chat customer service experience".
    But today when I tried it the chat button, even that doesn't even work. lol
    Tried emailing them as the internet is not working, then I got an undeliverable email back. What a joke.
    Just don't fall for their low prices, you will regret it when there's an issue as there is zero customer service.
    I requested cancellation 3 months ago but it was never canceled so had to complain to the TIO. so waiting for their outcome.
    I'm just stuck with a shitty service I don't want.

  • Mines down since late yesterday arvo. emails bounced, support number doesn't answer. tried 4 times over 2 days (waiting over 30 mins each time).

    They now have a banner reporting complete national outage….now how to cancel service…
    Not worth the risk. Anyone in the same boat?

  • Dont sign up. Had issue right away with my ping and speed, They said that there is nothing they can do about it. Now they deleted there facebook..wont pick up the phone. Business name cancelled. Stay away

  • Update: 10 April 2021

    We understand that Epic Broadband customers are currently having issues with accessing their NBN services. For this reason we are pausing all Epic Broadband deals on Finder until further notice. We are working hard to better understand the problem and will provide further updates on this page as they’re available. Thanks for your understanding.

  • It's no rocket science — Epic Broadband had gone under.

  • With this 'epic' saga, I signed up with Spintel today, connected within the day. They got two ongoing deals and the speeds seem pretty solid. First time I'm using them and no complaints.

  • Dodgy company Jake Berry is fraud