Manfrotto MT057C4-G Carbon Fibre Tripod with Geared Centre Column $999 + Delivery ($0 NSW C&C) @ Photoequipmentstore


Manfrotto Carbon Fibre MT057C4-G Tripod with Geared Centre Column.

Max. Load: 12KG
Max. Height: 205cm
Carry Weight: 3.7Kg
Carry Length: 67cm

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  • $9 for each leg.

  • OP, can you please explain why this a deal worthy of posting here.

  • Surely $1000 is overkill. Surely a $100 tripod will do. Even if you have a big fancy camera, it's not gonna weigh a tonne and require fancy materials…

    • Got most use cases, yes!!

      But if you have equipment that needs stronger level of need to save on weight, then it's the product for you.

      I suppose another use case I can think of is traveling.. you get charged more for weight so if you fly often then over time you would save money. Again, niche solution for and very much a niche product imo.

    • like everything else, the budget option would probably be fine for a single use. But this is designed for commercial use with large heavy bodies on a regular basis. It will be more durable, reliable, lighter and generally better built to higher standards.

      If you had 10k of camera equipment on the top a decent tripod that has a long shelf life isn't out of the question.

      • but even aluminium or other alloys can support a heavy camera easily. What does this offer that other materials can't? Also, is it really that expensive to make one out of carbon fiber? I suspect massive profit margins.

        • You also have a mounting plate, the mechanisms to extend the legs, the brands reputation. It's not any different to any other product, it's whether you can justify it according to your use case.

    • Well…if you want a tripod to hold the camera for you while you take a photo of yourself and family/friends…then yeah, any old tripod.

      If you want a tripod to provide the most stable base possible, because hand holding just doesn't deliver the goods, then $100 doesn't get you a great tripod.

      I'm talking here about enthusiast/pro users, who might want the sharpest photos you can get, or perhaps are wanting to take long exposures where they wish to minimise any movement/vibration in the rig (in landscape outdoors, for example, you want something that isn't going to allow your camera to wobble a bit when there's a slight breeze).

      At 3.7kg this probably isn't going to be taken out into nature much, but then the OP has just clarified below that it is aimed towards videography….where you still want a very solid tripod base, and a silky smooth pan/tilt head on top.

      Any column is going to reduce the stiffness of the rig (geared or otherwise).

      Some excellent tripod info here (generally focused on stills photography):

  • It a very god price for a big, steady and reasonably light tripod.
    The only question is how many people will need it.

    • Hmmmm not a whole lot? 1dx + 5/600mm telephoto aren't even 9kg. I suppose plus a head too but surely that's not 3kg worth?

      • Apparently for professional users it does make a difference (see Amazon reviewers for this exact product - no link as OzB doesn't like that I think)

      • You normally do not push your tripod to the limits if you need extra stability.

  • My point is that you normally buy that kind of thing once and use for the rest your life. And probably it will be inherited by your son / daughter unless they will decide to sell it on gumtree.
    One day I saw a guy with a big ~30 year old tripod (made of aluminum or probably even steel). It had lots of marks and signs of wear and tear but still did the job very well.
    Again, the question is do you need it or not.


    I think my title confused some users, my apology here.

    This heavy duty carbon fibre tripod will mainly serve videographers. As their proper fluid head could weight up to 1kg, camera with case, tail, battery pack, V-mount battery, monitor, lens, other accessories and etc…

    Since the tripod only weights 3.7kg and can go up to 205cm, it could privide a lot of support in a job.

    And of course Manfrotto will provide a 10 years warranty on this tripod, but may need users to register their product on Manfrotto's website.