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Edifier R1280DB Speakers $99, Edifier S350DB $299, Edifier S3000PRO $599, Free Delivery with $200 Spend @ Wireless1

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  • Truthfully, never heard of Edifier till now. Are they reputable?

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      Seems to be OzB choice of speakers. For the price, I don't think you could find better ones.

      • I've got R1280DB, not a fan to be honest. I also have S2000 pro, which are totally awesome.

        I'm thinking about splashing out a few $$$ to upgrade to the S3000 pro… but I might wait until they drop a bit more in price.

        • Can vouch for the s2000 s1000. I managed to pick up mine for like $340, value wise I think they were great all rounders. Not so great to plug into tv though because the aux input makes volume control kinda annoying (and optical can have delay issues)

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            @lyle88: I bought the S2000mkIII for $399. They're great. No delays in optical whatsoever (you really shouldn't be getting delays with optical…).

            • @Munki: I don't think it's that uncommon. It's to do with the audio processing that the tv does:


              In fact I also remember that Netflix seems to default to a 5.1ch audio mix for some movies which the speakers won't even be able to decode - so I had to change the audio settings in Netflix each time I played a movie so that it would use 2 channel output.

            • @Munki: How are the S2000MKIII's, if you wouldn't mind giving a short review here, that'd be great, i'm mostly interested in hearing how they are for vocals in tv shows / movies ?

              • @Cas3232: I personally think they're great. I come from a 2.1 setup (Edifier S730) and I feel like the sound quality is even greater than those. The S730 felt way too boomy because of the massive subwoofer. The vocals are definitely cleaner on the S2000s and the bass is nice and punchy. I don't miss the boomy bass from the S730. Vocals from TV/movies will be no problem. You'll hear everything.

                I have them set up on each side of the TV (the long cables lends itself to this set up quite easily) and plugged to the TV via optical. As mentioned before, I have not noticed any audio lag. In fact I can have both TV and speakers on at the same time and it's perfectly fine. Also excellent when connected to the phone via bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD (which was the main selling point for me personally). Also it's front facing and not slanted, meaning it's perfect for a TV set up - whereas the S1000 is slightly slanted - so you want to make sure you're sitting in a position where the audio will hit you directly and not the ceiling.

    • I have the S350DB and they're amazing. Nothing better for the price

      • Are they good for tv shows / movies? i'm wondering as i've got the R1700BTS and the bass sort of leans into the vocals, making them too deep? ever notice anything like that?

        • Awesome for TV shows and movies.
          Best to use a 2.1ch audio track to avoid the dialogue being lost.

          If you use Kodi and are playing a surround audio track, you can amplify the centre speaker track to help it stand out

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            @jsediv: Ended up buying the Edifier S2000MKIII's, all around the best speaker for the best price i could find, and far less reported issues, down to literally two i could find on amazon, far more reliability, i really wanted to go S350DB, but the issues with tweeter and subwoofer are too much,

            Too high of a chance to get a problem than i'm comfortable with, but if you get a good pair, your off to the races!

  • Would the R1280DB be good enough for a pair of Desktop speakers? Looking at moving to a Mac Mini from an iMac and hadn’t thought about speakers until now.

    • doesn't have crisp treble, it has limited bass. The lack of bass is probably to be expected for a speaker that size/price, the tweeter could be better though

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      I use them as desktop speakers, the bass isn’t too good but for the price they’re solid.

  • Im thinking of using them as bluetooth speakes for my TV… anyone using these with the TV bluetooth? How is the latency?

    • I used to use the S2000MKIIIs Bluetooth for the TV and it was fine. Just needed to connect to the TV everytime the tv turned on which was annoying.

      May vary from TV to TV though and the S2000MKIIIs had Bluetooth 5 which might have made a difference.

    • My optical cord was too short initially to use with the tv so I used Bluetooth for a few days and I didn't notice any latency with the 350db and my Sony x9000h

    • I had audio sync problems with TCL TV and Edifier R1700 using bluetooth. Connecting the speaker line in to headphone jack worked better for me

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    The Edifier S1000 Mkii are $299 with the discount

    • Trying to find some good reviews on these. Any idea how they compare to the s350db's? In particular for use with a TV. I much prefer the colour / look of the S1000 🙈 (yes I know how that sounds…)

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        I ended up going for the S1000mkii. They won't have as much base as the s350db but have a better overall "completeness" apparently. They also have less cables to setup / hide also.

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    Think it's time for me to take the plunge for the S350db's. Can anyone here confirm how they go plugged into a TV?

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      If you're using the aux/headphone input then volume control will be separate to tv (maybe even a mix of both controls?) So I guess it depends on whether volume control and on/off is something that you don't mind controlling seperate to the tv.
      I used to have the s1000 and found that the optical input has some delay and will also depend on the the audio signal that your tv outputs via that port.

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      I am using them with my Samsung TV and no complaints whatsoever. The sound is immersive and clarity and bass are top-notch. Mind you, these replaced my Yamaha YAS207 soundbar and I can certainly say that the sound quality is so much more refined. Compared to a soundbar, you lose the HDMI connection and ARC so these wouldn't turn off/on automatically with the TV. Also, you will need to use the speaker remote for volume as all outputs are fixed volume outputs and the TV remote cannot control the speaker volume. I have an Android TV box connected to the ARC port on the TV and speakers are connected to the TV through the optical cable. This setup lets me control the volume using the android box remote. All in all, absolutely recommended!

  • The Edifier R2000DB - 120 Watts on Amazon are also on sale. I'm wondering whether these are any good?

    • Would also like to know!

  • $250 for a mouse? seriously?

    • I'm very happy with my G305 + AAA battery.

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    Great price on the R1280DB. That's what I got mine for but that was near 2 years ago. Fantastic speaker. Given how much I love the sound I clearly don't deserve a better model at higher cost - can't even imagine how good they'd be. Wow.

    • lol same.

      I feel like upgrading to a better Edifier would start me on a slippery slope descent into audiophile grade hell

      • I hear you. Treated myself recently to a UE Hyperboom. Oh boy. Happy as. For me it's the ultimate portable Bluetooth speaker but 97% of the time it's playing the role of my lounge TV soundbar. No regrets.

    • Mate, don't say that about yourself.

      Of cause you deserve the best, never belittle yourself mate.

  • Great price on S2000MKIII. Got a pair from wireless 1 last October for 419. They are Hi-Res certified and I got them connected via a Chord Mojo DAC. Briliant sounding speakers without breaking the bank.

    • Chord mojo sounds like overkill!

      • Perhaps at the current RRP. I paid half 4 years ago via an Amazon UK deal…

        • I mean for a speaker DAC setup

          Nice price btw

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            @MrSaveDave: Ok I see what you meant. As we are not doing much travelling these days due to the obvious, I thought of using the Mojo as a desktop setup with the little Behringer fbq800 that was on special for $59. No regrets at all :)

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    The 1280DB are $13.74 cheaper for me through their eBay store using PSSAVER after shipping is tacked on.

  • Looking at some speakers (mostly for gaming) and having a hard time working out if I should go for the 350DB or the S1000's.

    I've got nothing at the moment, and wondering if even those are too overkill and I should just for the 1280's

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      350DB is great for deep bass, but it has serious quality control issues, it's most common problems are tweeter high pitched noise when not being used + subwoofer cone rattling, and uncommon issues are subwoofer dying after a certain ammount of time, these issues are ones i've looked deeply into and are reported alot, S350DB is a complete lottery, if you get a good one, your good to go, if you don't, you got no choice but to return them,

      However, if you get the high pitched tweeter noise, some users report that using optical over rca / bluetooth fixes the noise, or if you can't do that, turning them off when not in use is your next best option, next to returning them i've course, as for the subwoofer, cone rattle is a problem, i'm thinking depending on how bad it is, imagine watching a movie with the cone fricken rattling, wouldn't be fun to hear,

      The S1000's have ALOT less quality issues, just a simple google search you'll find that out, but there's always the 1-2% chance you'll have a problem, i only found one user who reported that the tweeter on his right or left speaker started crackling at low-medium volumes, but that's one report compared to tons on the S350DB, so i'd bet on the S1000, far less of a chance to get a problem,

      Plus due to S1000 being higher quality, and using a Class D Amplifier, i'm thinking the components are of higher quality, and hopefully edifier puts them through a more thorough quality control regime,

      All in all, I'd hit S1000 up, not S350DB, as S1000 has more of a neutral sound signature, but also nice bass, S350DB is more pronounced with its bass obviously due to the sub & would be better for people who like more bass i guess,

      TL;DR - Get S1000, less of a chance of a problem, natural sound signature, great for tv shows / movies, and decent bass for some music / movies.

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        Thanks for the write up. I was leaning towards the S1000's anyway.

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          Whatever the case, your alot better off than i am, i ordered the S350DB before i found about about the problems with it, and i accidently ordered without making an account on Wireless1, i can't cancel the order, as it's not on my account, so i have to email them, hoping they haven't packed it and shipped it yet, hoping they'll cancel it, if not, stuck with the S350DB,

          And if i am stuck with it, i really hope it's not a faulty unit, god help me if it is…

        • If you wouldn't mind spending an extra $100, i'd highly recommend getting the S2000MKIII's instead, only $399, beautiful speakers, with more features, better tweeter, EQ preset modes, better oled digital display, better remote, and only the highest quality from edifier.

          • @Cas3232: Ended up going for the S1000's. Just set them up and they're plugged into my pc.

            Very impressed for the price. They look great and the sound seems very good quality.

            I suspect my wife is going to murder me at some point though as the sound of gunfire coming from my study has increased exponentially

      • +1

        Thanks I went for s1000 as upgrade from R1700.

  • R1280DB down to $92

  • I'm getting invalid code with APRIL10. Might have expired.

  • Went to buy the Edifier S350DB tonight, discount code not working. Oh well, guess they lost a sale.

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    Code seems to be invalid (for the time being?) but prices have been jacked.

    Looks like in preparation for the $50 off $150 spend https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617144

    • Good catch, I noticed the prices increased sharply for no apparent reason. Now we know why.

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