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[Kogan First] Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner $479 Delivered @ Tech Warehouse via Kogan


Cheapest it's been in a while.

Need to be a Kogan First Member to get the Deal but can be added as 14 Day Trial.

Don't forget cashback.


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  • Was anyone able to use egiftcards at checkout? It seems to force you to use credit card

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      You need to redeem gift card first befoe you buy it.

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        Oh damn! I thought there'd be an option at checkout.

  • 6% gc>

  • Thanks to @debitbankcharges for pointing this out in the last thread, I pulled the trigger :D

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    About to bite the bullet. It says its the international model. Is that bad?

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      No official Roborock local warranty which may prove to be annoying if anything goes wrong as you'll have to deal with the reseller

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        Looks like Kogan has a guarantee program if the seller doesn't play nice. Not sure of Kogan's track record of following through with that though…

  • Is the $129 extended care worth it?

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      I would say no considering replacement parts are relatively cheap…

  • thanks op

    • Did you by any chance have a screenshot of bargain $479 before they took it off?
      May I have a copy to claim store credit?
      Thanks in advance.

      • sorry didnt take screenshot

        • No worries.

  • Nice, trigger pulled.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.

  • Bought.

  • If I hadn't purchased one of these a couple of weeks back from another deal posted here, would have jumped on this.

    Still waiting for mine to arrive…

    • You can cancel order easily if you haven't receive the goods you purchased.
      No delivery fees deduction.

      • How do you cancel it when it is already in transit?

        • Send them an email or phone Kogan to ask them if you can reject/decline the delivery if on transit.
          Amazon allowed me to not accept the delivery so that their courier can return back to sender.
          Another option,
          …. is to request for the Kogan credit deduction for the price difference since you just bought it last week which is $130.
          You can buy many things with $130 credit.

  • Thanks OP.

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    Bought official roborock s5max au, for $700, great price. Really good product!

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    for those who want to know if these are any good… I bought one for my wife for her birthday (vacuum for a birthday…. eeeek) anyways she says that it's the best birthday present she's ever received.

    they are amazing time savers.

    • I just bit the bullet on this. I haven't tried a robot vacuum before, so I'm keen to see how it goes.

      It reviews very well!

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        Had ours for like two years. Had to buy a couple of replacement parts but honestly. It's fantastic to run when your not home and to come home to dirt free floors.

        Pretty much replaced 90% of our manual vacuuming and keeps our house cleaner than previously

        • Agreed. We've had ours for a while ( we have a golden retriever!). It is very good for the replace. I had to replace a belt, which I got off ebay for 20$, and it was a breeze to fit. There are tons of DIY repair videos on youtube, and surprisingly, unlike Apple stuff, this seems to have been designed for easy end user repair.

        • Dumb question but does this do carpet?

          • @montorola: I have the same question. My new place is 90% carpeted and I pulled the trigger without finding out if it works as well on carpets.

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    Has anyone dealt with Tech warehouse via Kogan before regarding warranty or other related issues/queries that may arise with buying one of these?

  • Was going to buy when it was $609 using gift cards through Shopback Super Store but my $500 voucher only redeemed as $50. I've already emailed Kogan about the issue and it's been escalated to a Senior team member. Hoping this price can stay valid until I get credited the proper amount. Anyone else had an issue with Shopback gift cards not redeeming the right amount?

  • Thanks OP! Had my eyes on this but was waiting for a considerable discount. Utilised the 14 day free trial. Thanks :)

  • Thank OP just ordered 2 as gifts

    • You must be rich lol.

  • Thanks for this! Bought one with the free trial.

  • Bought one in 2019
    Best thing I did that year lol
    Very easy to use n I use it daily !!
    No more vacuum for me lol enjoy guys !!
    Good price too I got it for $559 zzzz oh wells 😂

  • Would buy if I didn't own a T8 AIVI already.

    • I would imagine the T8 you have is much better?

      • Well it has the auto empty bin too and a couple of extra features.

        Someone here mentioned that the Roborock (in another thread) doesn’t avoid things laying around the floor. I have 2 dogs, sometimes there’s toys all over the place so that’s why I got the T8 Aivi instead of the Roborock.

        I would say what they both do and don’t do is minimal, so Roborock seems more cost effective.

  • All time low price! Got one for $450.26 with Suncorp Rewards gift card..

    • Hey @r98. Are the Suncorp gift cards instantaneous? I’ve order some cards from others and it’s days to receive

      • Yes they are. I used the gift cards within 3 minutes after purchase.

  • This or wait for the new S7?

  • Thanks bought. what is a good handheld for cleaning crumbs/car?

  • My dreame D9 broke after 2 months of use. It’s now being assesed by Kogan before they issue me a refund. Loved the D9 when it was working. Constant map reset was annoying though. Assuming this will be fixed with the new firmware, how does Roborock s5 max compare to Dreame D9? D9 is more superior when it comes to suction power, bin size and water tank capacity. So what am I missing?

    • S5 Mac has bigger yet tank. Also the cleaning is much better compared to d9 as per reviews.
      Happy D9 customer here.

  • Bought the s50 (precursor to this a few years ago), since then it had done 58,000 square kilometres of cleaning over 1315 cleanups.

    It has been reliable, but if it died tomorrow I think I would have got my money’s worth.

    • +7

      I wish my house was 44 square km. 🤔

      • 😂

      • I think he mentioned his “farm”… 😂

  • thanks OP, ordered one been waiting out for these to go on special at this price after missing out in the past.

  • Does this have the Australian plug? Is there anything we should be wary of being the international version?

    Edit : found where it says it has Australian plug.

    • +1

      Purchased this a few days ago (spewing at the price drop). It didn't have an AU plug inside just fwiw

      • Even i purchased few days back. Let me know if you are able to return or get credit for price drop.

      • Yep just buy a figure 8 cable with AU plug and your golden

  • upgrade from an original series 1 xiaomi

    How quickly can you cancel Kogan First trial?

  • Finally ordered. Been eying these up since the black Friday prices.

    Cheers OP

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    Thanks OP..Guys who already use this..where do you get spare mop pads and how often do you replace it?

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      Loads of genuine and non genuine on Ebay, Banggood, Ali express etc.

      Use two or three for a couple of whole house mops each then just machine wash and go again. Its not as good as a scrubbing mop but it is great for auto and gets points for persistance. I sometimes zone clean the kitchen multiple times from the couch give it a rest to let marks soften then hit it again.

  • Is this AU$ 479 a good offer?
    Is it worth buying this model?
    Why is the S6 model cheaper than this S5 Max model?

  • Hi All, I'm keen to grab one of these given reviews etc. General question about Xaomi, I have never bought one of their products so I don't know anything about them. Do they essentially make direct copies of other company's products and sell as their own? If so, how do they get away with this, especially with the same name as the original product just with Xaomi at the front of it, and being sold along side an original on the same site? Secondly, how do their products stand up versus the originals? Asking specifically about this product but also in general. Thanks in advance.

    • I'm curious too, just reading that Xaomi make it difficult to get a token from the unit to work with home assistant.

      • I was very moderately frustrated that when I tried I couldn't get Alexa enabled in app but really don't care. There is scheduling in the app and I mainly just press go on the app when want to use it zone by zone depending on where i am.

      • I have the S5 and S6 and added it to Google home, through the Xiaomi app.

    • +2

      When it comes to robot vacs this is pretty much the Chinese original. Big selling got it right model. Refinements followed but this has key features (esp at this price) , huge user base so will be supported and this price is a go.

  • +2

    Chk, Chk, Bang!

    Been waiting on one of these puppies for ages.

  • +1

    A great product at a buy signal price. Have had one for 2-3 years and love it. Lives under a lamp table, floors always clean. Very rarely grab old machine for window sills. More likely to brush them and then send this thing around. Often send it around to other end of house from me so noise isn't issue. Loads of parts (filters brushes etc) available for this big selling model.

  • Would recommend this one over T8+ for pets.

    I bought both one for myself and gift for parents.

    Will say with two dogs the ozmo auto emptying design isn't good. Hair gets stuck for suction as it's a two small flap design vs iroomba one flap.

    Otherwise both is very comparable in pick up and mop.

  • Being trying to avoid Kogan due to the negative feedback but too hard to resist at that price. Hopefully local models don't drop with s7 going to be released soon.

    Thanks op.

  • Never used one of these before, does it come with a mop?

    Is there a way to only make it use the vacuum function? Upstairs we have laminate floorboards so don't want water on it. Downstairs there is tiles so mopping will be good

  • Is it worth upgrading from xiaomi v2 pro??

  • This price is a bargin.
    Its $999 at roborock.com.au. (albeit local warranty and plug).

    I had the S5 (not max) it laster a couple year before dying with a motherboard issue (wont charge).
    Estimated replacement motherboard is around $150 (delivered), plus your time and effort to repair it (with no warranty…).

    The S5 did such a great job that you become dependent on it to work at scheduled times. We couldnt live with it, so we bought the S6 Pure for $799 abt 2 months back(before Easter). Works exactly as the S5 did, very happy with it.

    This S5 Max is better than the S6, better moping function, larger tank, longer clean time, etc.

  • Just bought this using my $500 Kogan credit using my Kogan Money credit card. I'm trying to convince the wife that it's a gift for her.

    How does it work on carpets though? My house is carpeted throughout except for the kitchen

    • +1

      I'm trying to convince the wife that it's a gift for her.

      I lol'ed.

      Let us know how that goes haha

  • Finally ordered!
    Thanks op.

  • I have one of these. Love it.

  • Thanks OP. Anyone interested this does well with choice but worse than the cheaper model Xiaomi Mi Robot SDJQR02RR which I got for $380 at Gearbite last year. This is it but don't know where you can buy it now https://www.gearbite.com.au/products/xiaomi-mi-robot-vacuum-...

    • How is it worse?

      • +4

        Sorry for formatting hard to c&p

        Their review for cheaper one:

        CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

        overall score 70%

        Hard floor dirt pick-up performance View more details.

        Dirt removal from carpet score View more details.

        Cleaning corners and edges score View more details.

        Pet hair removal score View more details.

        Noise measured on carpet/hard floor (dBA) View more details.

        Yes, though rarely, it slows down when within a few cm from the objects, making light contact with the object.
        Battery operation time measured (min) View more details.




        CHOICE Expert Rating View more details.

        overall score 65%

        Hard floor dirt pick-up performance View more details.

        Dirt removal from carpet score View more details.

        Cleaning corners and edges score View more details.

        Pet hair removal score View more details.

        Noise measured on carpet/hard floor (dBA) View more details.

        Yes, though rarely, it slows down when within a few cm from the objects, making light contact with the object.
        Battery operation time measured (min) View more details.


    • +1

      Those keyboard warriors who gave this comment meant to be helpful negs have the courage to explain why? I was polite, and provided info which some users may find helpful in their buying decision.