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BWS: 35% Upsized Cashback ($30 Cap, 4pm-10pm AEST) + Free Delivery (No Min Spend) @ ShopBack


As part of Shopback's 3rd birthday sale. I believe this is the largest cashback ever from BWS/Shopback.

Use Shopback exclusive code: BIRTHDAY (on BWS website) for free delivery (usually $10) on no min spend!

  • Excludes Champagne, Penfolds & Non-Alcoholic purchases
  • Purchases paid with gift cards / Woolworth Dollars are not eligible for cashback.
  • ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon websites and deal websites)
  • Return to ShopBack and clickthrough to BWS every time you are making a new transaction

More flash sales:

  • The Iconic: 25% Upsized Cashback ($25 Cap, 10am-4pm AEST)

Referral Links

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$30 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Oh dear. Not good news for my liver.

  • Oh my, I have been shopping from BWS quite a lot lately…

  • Banner ad on the Shopback website indicates a cap of $25 not $30 as OP indicates.

  • Slabs of GOAT currently $47 for members makes that a pretty good deal with 35% off!

  • A cashback promised is not a cashback delivered. I've had my fill of claims being denied.

    • I have had the same problem…Shopback blames the merchant, when the claim is declined - but offer no help!!

    • yep same here so i'm not falling for false promises..shopback is con and should be banned

    • Never had an issue :) up to a few hundred in cashback just from these booze deals haha. Not good for the liver though :p

    • Also have not encountered any issue with Shopback.

      I generally disable all Ad Blocking for Shopback and the target site and complete the transaction after I click through.

      • They are probably using ineligible payments or purchasing items that are ineligible in the same order etc.

        Sometimes the BWS and more popular ones take a while to come through but never had to follow it up.

        Wish they had those arc beers at BWS though now :p $15 cases sound awesome!

    • Never been rejected once since SB inception. Used multiple times.

    • Had my cashback on PIA VPN after fully following instructions with adblock off click was registered etc receipt submitted still won't give me the cashback went from waiting 14 days to now appealing it waiting 45 days absolute joke

  • This might actually give me cause to make a Shopback account finally.

  • +7 votes

    I remember how many emails and hours I wasted chasing ShopBack for my last BWS cash back that didn’t track (and I have been using Cashrewards successfully for years so I know what I need to do for a successful track)

    They are shoddy, the customer service atrocious and the time that you’ll waste chasing your $25 totally isn’t worth it.

    • I made the mistake of letting the BWS app open last time which didn’t support tracking. Claim is still pending. I’ll probably give it another try today on desktop but only if it’s a good deal without the cashback.

    • Agreed - very poor service from Shopback. Cashrewards are far better

  • Geez, I'm trying to save, but this?

  • If you have a Westpac credit card check your current offers as there's a $10 off $50 spend offer on my Altitude Master Card for BWS Online.

  • +8 votes

    Been denied multiple times for no reason. No falling for it again.

  • I used cashback 3 times now.

    The Amaysim cashback went through after about 3 months.

    The catch.com.au is still pending. Estimated time in mid June. That's a 3 months wait.

    The Liquorland is also still pending. Same 3 months wait for the cash back in mid June.

    It's not a bad earner if the cashback works. It's too early to tell at the moment for me because of the long wait time. We will see in June if the next 2 comes in.

  • No deal for me - I'm still waiting to hear back about a missing cash back from SB on 4 March.

  • Yeah you need to wait 3 months…and you also need to follow the guidelines and T+C's stated on the shopback website. Dont use store apps, only click through via shopback, make note of ineligible items before u purchase (champagne for example is one usual exclusion at BWS) and always click back through the shopback app and re apply your items to cart if you have any issues or get sidetracked while purchasing.

  • Ah, another Shopback deal. Time for me to load up my account and see my rejected cashbacks from previous deals.

  • Do they make the differentiation between Champagne and Sparkling Wine?

  • I've had three claims denied now. I've used the app and also tried a dedicated browser with no extensions but Shopback activated. BWS always fails. Not falling for it again. I have half a mind to pursue both BWS and Shopback through the ACCC for deceptive conduct.

  • +4 votes

    Didn't work last time

  • Can I order online and pick up in store to get 35% cashback?

  • Great deal, highest rate I've seen in a while? Haven't had any issues personally.

  • People still get excited by SB deals?

  • Multiple transactions still get cashback?

  • BWS already bumped up price for a lot of whiskies. Singleton Single Malt was $52 for the previous deal, now $65, Johnnie Walker Double Black was $50, now $73.

  • Some things you can tack onto your order:


    Anything from here for $3 - seems you can add two items for $3 each per Rewards card.

    Also, if you are spending $25+ on beer, you can add a can of Colossal Brewing Mind Harvest East Coast IPA Can 375ml for free. The only problem is that it's also in the Try me for $3 list, so unless you have already selected two $3 items, it gets added for $3. I chose two other $3 items and then was able to add it for free.

  • was going to grab a 1litre bottle of jack daniels, but jesus christ, $76 for a bottle????
    after the cashback it would be 51$.
    i’m not buying anything today :’(

  • Is this valid on purchases made through Shopback app?

  • Anyone know what spend amount you need with this offer to get $30 max cap?

  • If I use my staff discount card do I still get the 35% off?

  • +6 votes

    they deny large cashbacks whenever they feel like pocketing your commision.

    • Yes, it’s ridiculous that if the cashback is still pending when it’s past the payout date that you have to click a button to initiate the investigation…I mean shouldn’t it be automatic? Or are they just hoping that you’ve forgotten all about it…🤬

      • I got a lot of negative votes for saying that out loud lol

        • Yeah, I’m suspecting we have a lot of Cashrewards or ShopBack employees disguised on the site to defend their company…I guess that’s what happens when you can create 100 different users on ozbargain. Lol

      • SB (and even CR) have no way of knowing if an order was completed within the terms even if it was tracked. To initiate an investigation they need details of the actual invoice as well.

        • Yeah, but if your cashback didn’t go through and you forgot about it then who benefits?

          And what’s the difference with me pressing the button to initiate the request then having it automatically do it itself? 😒

          • @ne-us: Pressing the button confirms that you believe you did everything right. For example, they would have no way of knowing if you later cancelled or returned the item.

            • @sentinel: Well if it’s Pending then I haven’t received it yet and if it was cancelled then ShopBack would know cos it should say Rejected and not Pending..why would I need to press a button? Plus I would have did it right in the first place if it tracked? 🙄

              • @ne-us: Tracking starts if you initiated the order correctly but it would not know for example if you used gift cards to pay with or promo codes that were not allowed. I would think that a status of Pending after the "Available by" date only means that the store hasn't yet rejected the transaction and that could mean a fault with the store.

              • @ne-us: Mine is pending still with no value, and I already picked up my order. And I didn't use any gift cards, only used the BIRTHDAY code which was approved to be used… yes, i had to go pickup my order even though I was meant to get free shipping, cos the BWS store gave the delivery driver the wrong things.

  • Does anyone know if this will stack with the $10 off $50 Spend on First Order with Newsletter Sign up? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/604521

  • Shopback threads remind me of Bonus Points CC threads.
    Never been rejected for a rewards or FF CC before (each bank 2-3 times for a total of ~15), and never had an issue with Shopback cashback being received (11 times over 2 years).
    If bad things always happen to you, but not others, then at some point you've got to wonder just where exactly the problem might be…

    • I thought the same for a very long time until it happened to me recently. I have purchased way more than 11 times in 2 yrs. Prob 20 times more.

      I always use the shopback app and follow all the instructions before i purchase anything. Everything worked fine until one of the last promotions by shopback for a $5 for 2x$10 in 2 shops.

      So i purchased $12 at Rebel and $30 at Auspost online using the shopback app. Rebel tracked. Auspost didnt track!

      I raised a ticket about the missing cashback and got the automated bs response that everyone complaining has said.

      I replied back saying that i did everything correctly and then got another automated response that they will chase Ausport for it and since then silence….

      I try not to use shopback whenever possible now.

      • Your loss. Just received confirmation of $30 cashback.

        • Lol. 3 negs because I simply reported receiving the cashback. Geez there's some salty people on here.
          Again, your loss.

      • My eBay purchase just tracked.
        My LL purchase tracked yesterday.
        My BWS purchase tracked the day before that.
        That's another $90 cash back. 14/14 purchases tracked.
        Looking at the huge number of dumb statements and questions on the eBay and LL thread it's no wonder a lot of people don't always get CB.
        Read and follow the T&C's.

  • I am still getting a delivery charge after applying the code. Anyone else?

  • Ordered a carton of Coopers Dark Ale for easy winter drinking, listed at $62, new user code made it $52. If I get cashback as a bonus that will be great!

  • Working for me

  • Asahi 6x500ml cans on offer, 2 for $43.
    Makes it 13.975 for one 6 pack post cashback

  • damn, I chose delivery but the final order is pick up in store

  • The subtotal of $13 is less than the minimum spend of $20. isn't it no min spend? anyone have the same problem?