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AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Processor $1349 + Delivery @ Scorptec


Hoping this post reaches all domains prefixed with "Oz" e.g. OzRRP.com.au, Ozinstock.com.au, OzNotaBargain.com.au and etc…

Limited to 1 per household

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      The problem with suggestions like that is they don't have the reach of making a "deal post". Posts like this are exceptionally useful for people wanting a deal on a product, as trying to get it for RRP is impossible due to chip shortages.

      You know what the best bargain is, scrolling on. It is free!

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        If there was a forum post about rare Ryzens seen in the wild then people wanting one could refresh that topic.

        Meanwhile the Deals page should be left clear for actual deals.

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          Sounds like you should go and hide these deals. Scotty has put a lot of effort into making what you can and can't see customisable.

          A "deal" isn't restricted to just price for many people. Products like these are often out of stock and hard to come by, so when it's in-stock it can be a deal. That's my opinion anyway.

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            @Clear: How do I hide non-deal deals?

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              @v8o: Click the hide under the deal where report is.

              • @Clear: Thanks, I didn't know about that option. Doesn't help in this case, but maybe "in stock at RRP" or some such could be added as a tag there too and then each user could decide if they want to see those posts.

            • @v8o: This one is certainly a deal for quite a few here, 33 already voted for it.

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    looks like every retailer got enough of these. cant wait for the 5900x to drop through.

  • Damn, tempted but not cashed up enough for a high end build this year.

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    I know the description was a joke, but for some reason I still tried ozinstock.
    Man, I really need some coffee.

    • I did the same too oops

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    I've had the pleasure of installing a few dozens of these in my builds

    ….in PC Building Simulator anyway

  • Ozinstockandoverpriced

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    Why is it so expensive?

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      Time to switch back to Team Blue?
      Team Red no longer seems good value anymore.

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        Yeah, until you actually compare them.

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        "tick, tock, tock, tock" the sound of a clock at Intel

        • Brilliant!

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        Intel is ok in the low end, up to mid range, can't compete with faster AMD CPUs both performance and performance/Watt.

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          yes but AMD CPUs have heat issues now, actually the intel 10900k is still a very good deal for gamers. And I own the 5950x.

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            @Dynaverse: Strange, in all tests I have seen 10900k consumed quite a bit more, for example here https://www.techpowerup.com/review/amd-ryzen-9-5950x/19.html 10900k based system consumed 246W under MT cinebench, while 5950x 179W, the total energy consumed by the test was more than twice as much with the Intel based system.

          • @Dynaverse: Yep, I grabbed the 10900k deal recently for $527. The 5950x is definitely not 822 dollars better than the 10900k.

            Even for productivity, what matters is RAM, dedicated cache drives, kick ass monitor and good video card etc, more than worrying about which top end CPU to get. Even software — everyone forgets to factor in software purchases. The money runs out at some point, and in the end it's nice to have a whole workstation with good components, not just the best CPU surrounded by scraps of a computer!

            • @cerealJay: Really depends on your tasks, for example, such upgrade can reduce the 4 weeks of waiting time for results to two weeks.

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      Supply and demand issues.

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      Because it's their flagship CPU for their consumer platform and Intel doesn't have anything in their own consumer range to compete against it.

      Unless you mean 'why is it above MSRP?' - in that case it's due to supply issues and high demand.

    • It's not for what it does? If you think it is maybe it's not for your use case (it's not for mine either)?

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      Because AMD has no competition from Intel at this level.

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    would love to find a gpu at rrp.

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    Thanks bought another for my 3080 mining rig. Then I woke up.

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      3070 better for mining

      • In terms of efficiency or something?

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    Good CPU. Overpriced too. Get Intel.

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      you mean two intel's so you can glue them together to get 16 core 32 threads… might still be cheaper loll

      • Dual socket motherboard

        • That’s what Intel should have done with z590 chipset .. make it dual socket capable and bam! Instant amd competitor… loll and as bargainken mentions no need for winter heating either !

          • +1

            @scud70: winter is perfect season for Intel

            • @Mouse123: haha judging from the posts below its not a bad time for 5800x and 5950x owners either… :P

              i'll just "chill" with my 5600X i guess… hahahaha

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        Least you'll have winter heating covered

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      intel doesn't have anything to compete against this and their latest 11900k is more expensive than the 5800x and doesn't even beat it while sucking close to twice the amount of power.

  • too expensive

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    I own this CPU just a heads up, don't upgrade if you have the 3950X. This CPU is super hot, and you need an AIO, even with one it runs hot. Be careful. You might not get that extra performance unless you want to risk the high temperatures constantly.

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      I've got a 5800x and it can run hot with only 8 cores under a nh-d15. Strange how a 16 core unit is only slightly warmer.

      • I'm running a Kraken X63 and it's hot as hell, I've had to clock it down to keep temperatures good, at around 4.5Ghz, which is not much faster than my old 3950x running on an air cooled Assassin 3.

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        The 16 core cpu gets the best quality chiplets from the middle of the wafer. They require less voltage. They also limit the clockspeeds

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        The 5800X is crazy hot because all the active cores are on a single CCX. Mine still hits 87c on water.

        • how are people hitting these crazy temps lol, i only hit 87c on cinebench if I overclock all cores at 1.45v+, pbo or mild overclock and it'll stay under 75c

          • @ln28909: I mean it's a common issue, look on the AMD forums and you'll see.



            On the other hand in winter it doubles up as a heater…

            If I knew what I know now on the date of purchase, I would've just stuck to my 3950x and totally ignored the hype. Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing CPU, but even with an AIO it's still quite hot! The 3950x hits the perfect spot of cores to performance. If you want raw performance and couldn't care less about cores then get the 5900x, at least it runs cooler.

            • @Dynaverse: It's not an issue when AMD states that these CPU were designed to run at 90 and 95c. Just look at Rob Hallock from AMDs official statement.


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                @shellshocked: 90c is what my car oil runs at dude, I don't care what they say, I've owned computers all my life, are you seriously happy with your CPU running at 90c constantly? Do you know what that does to your ambient room temperatures in summer or spring? And I rang up AMD also, they don't care. Think about it, you have to pay more for a good AIO, you need an aircon in your room because the PC is too hot, it runs at a very high temperatures so it'll die not long after AMD warranty. I wouldn't risk it, not unless you did what I did and clocked it down to 4.5 Ghz. That's a very weak improvement from the relatively cool 3950x running at 4.3 with no issues whatsoever. They overstretched with this CPU.

                • @Dynaverse: You may have owned computers all your life but this is only the 2nd iteration of the 7nm architecture. Intel is still stuck on 14nm, run hot, use way more power and don't have competition to the 5950x. The CPU is designed to run 24/7 at that temp and its in AMD official response. It's also covered under warranty. If you are concerned about your ambient temperature in summer and can afford $1000+ CPU, I'm sure you can afford a decent 360 AIO, or custom loop and air-conditioning like I have.

                  • @shellshocked: I mean if you have a good case, plenty of fans, a AIO and your room has air-conditioning in summer, then go for it. I personally regret it a little. I would've been happy with my 3950x for my usage scenario. I just wish I got told this info about the heat before I bought it. Just relaying my experiences with it.

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              @Dynaverse: you don't watch tech yes city for reviews, they are trash


              the 5950x is actually more efficient itself at the same clock speed comparison to the 3950x, if you're throttling on 5950x and not 3950x then you're doing something wrong



              as you can see, though they did use a weaker cpu cooler in the 3950x, the temp should be very similar

              • @ln28909: Do you own either of these CPUs? I owned the 3950x prior and I've had the 5950x since December of last year. I've also tested the 5900x in January for two weeks before giving that CPU to my friend. They are not similar at all temperature wise. You don't need to take my word for it, go buy it and enjoy it. Don't knock on owners experiences. If you look around the AMD forums you'll see people having these issues too. I've explained my point, now it's up to you guys to chose to buy it or ignore it. I'm giving you the information I didn't have when I made my upgrade way back when.

                • @Dynaverse: well i had the supposedly very "5800x" and it is not hot at all, at stock settings, run cinebench for 30mins at under 60c, 3950x is plenty good for what i need so no need to upgrade to 5950x

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                    @ln28909: I've never owned the 5800x I don't know anything about it. And yeah the 3950x is an amazing CPU.

                    • +1

                      @Dynaverse: i mean look at forums like you recommend, everyone complains they are very hot, hotter than 5900x etc. lol

                      if someone bough 4400mhz ram and run it on ryzen it's gonna perform very poorly, it's not cause the ram is bad but it's because the person doesn't know how to tune them properly, very confident this is the same here

                      • @ln28909: The 5900x is really hot too from personal experience, but it doesn't get as hot as the 5950x. AIO can control the temperature on that chip much better. The 5800x sounds flawed if that's true, but I've never owned it, nor would I ever buy that chip. If I wanted 8 cores I'd get the older Intel 9900KS or 10900K. No need to fanboy, Intel has done a very good job at the 8 - 10 core range. AMD has done a brilliant job at the 12 - 16 core range and beyond. That's just my opinion, and it's based of my friends' system and he's a major intel fanboy.

                        • +1

                          @Dynaverse: i'm not even discussing intel lol, simply stating that people thinking the zen 3 runs hot are doing something wrong

                          and it's not that aio can control the temperature better, cpu cooling is all about how fast you can move heat away from the cpu and aio can do a much better job at this some are equipped with pump that are very fast, though the extra surface area of a 360mm rad would also help with extended load

                          • @ln28909: It's pretty widely known and well documented that the 5800x runs hot. Sure, they're designed to run that hot, but also in Australia makes your room into a Sauna.

                            • @RI4V4N: But it's not, it's been too long so I don't remember power draw but 5800x peaks at 60c on cinebench at stock settings which is more than decent

                              • +1

                                @ln28909: Just because the 5800X peaks at 60c doesn't mean it hasn't output enough heat to warm up your room. Conservation of energy, your computer tower is essentially a space heater that outputs its power draw in heat. If the CPU stays cool it just means your cooling solution is efficient.

                                • @Trance N Dance: running hot here is referring to cpu temp, if you are concerned about wattage draw then you should stick to 4-6 cores, anything higher would produce a decent amount of heat

                                  • @ln28909: Running hot is also dependent on ambient temperature. If the ambient temp increases the CPU temp will increase as the cooling capacity of the cooler decreases. One reason why cooler reviews report performance as deltas alongside ambient temp.

                                    There's a cycle, as the computer produces heat the room heats up. As the room heats up the CPU will heat up as the cooler can't remove the same amount of heat produced by the CPU because the ambient is now higher. This will increase until the room temperature equalises (the room will lose heat at the same rate that the computer is putting into the room). So there is argument to make that a high wattage CPU like a 5800X requires more than just a good cooler to run "cool".

                                    You argue that 60c isn't hot, but you fail to state what your ambient is. Under the same conditions a different CPU might run at a lower temp, so in comparison the 5800X is hot or at the very least hotter. You could be blasting your aircon down to 20c to get 60c at the CPU on a 360mm CLC but someone else who doesn't have aircon or are more concerned with aircon usage might have their ambient at 25-27c with CPU temps 70c+ on an air cooler. In which case their argument that the 5800X runs hot is not invalid.

                                    • @Trance N Dance: 28c ambient, are you happy now?

                                      i am sensitive to cold weather, so my room is always around 27c+

      • +1

        Power vs clockspeed is not a linear curve.
        You only have to sacrifice a small amount of speed to create a significant reduction in power used.
        The 5950 cores will also probably be binned better.
        Ultimately at base speed or a bit over the heat is not unmanageable.
        All a 16 core chip has to do to remain viable from a power perspective is sacrifice clocks a little.

        • I'm not sure what that means. I have a Kraken X63, 8 Thermaltake Riing fans in my case, and I used Ryzen master to tweak the CPU to 4.5 Ghz before I got temperatures that I was happy with. It runs at 65c - 70c now, and I'm quite happy with that. In comparison my friends' 10 core 10900k runs at 35c with more or less the same cooling setup. Leaving my 5950X on default with my Kraken X63 it goes up to 4.9 Ghz and runs at 88 - 90c. Absolutely terrifying for me! Oh and the fan noise, I forgot to mention that…

          • +3

            @Dynaverse: There's absolutely no way a 10900k full load is 35c. Idle yes, long term load… No way on a AIO…

            • @wwwsam: Just reporting what I saw on his build. He was getting 35 - 42c idle.

              • @Dynaverse: Idle very possible, but most of modern CPUs don't consume much when idle. Under full load 10900k consumes much more than 5090x, especially taking into account it's much slower.

              • @Dynaverse: 35-42c idle is possibly a little warm.
                Idle should only be marginally above ambient unless you've warmed up the water in your AIO or your room is warm.

                Also you CANNOT compare a loaded 5950x with an idle 10900k…

                In case I misunderstood, your 5950x also shouldnt be idling at 65-70c, especially on an AIO.
                If it is, you should tear apart your cooling, maybe you left the sticker on or something?

          • +2

            @Dynaverse: Maybe something is wrong with your cooling system? 5950x consumes just over 100W, certainly less than 200W. 3090 consumes 3x more and can work quietly with the air cooler under full load and 370W power consumption.

            • @DmytroP: Me and just about everyone else on the AMD forums it seems.

              • @Dynaverse: Well, forums are for people to complain. Have you measured your system power consumption or only temperature? It's strange the cooling system can't manage less than 200W of power. The CPU can run hot when the heat can't transfer efficiently, maybe the common issue with ryzens? Strange, the area of chip is comparable with Intel, so with comparable cooling should run much cooler due to much less power used.

              • +1

                @Dynaverse: there is something wrong with your cooling, work on it lol, 5950x is similar to 3950x in term of temp

              • +1

                @Dynaverse: This thread is a mess.
                You comparisons are clearly faulty. As mentioned i think you're comparing load temps from AMD with Idle temps from Intel.
                How and where you sourced your data i don't know, but independent reviews are able to produce statistics that roughly match each other so i suspect something has gone wrong for you.
                All of these CPUs should be hitting roughly the same temperature.
                That's how CPU's work these last few generations.
                What matters is the amount of work they do for the amount of heat generated and power consumed, and per the cost.

    • What clock does it run @ when all cores are loaded up? I only found AVX workloads push the temps up on the 3950x. I get the feeling AMD increased the thermal limits on the Zen 3 chips.

      • I mean it hit 4.9 Ghz, running at 88c. My old 3950x hit 4.3 Ghz at 65c.

  • +1

    No "thanks OP bought one to re-sell" here? Surprised…

    • you make no money reselling cpu

  • Been waiting so long for a 5900x, I'm tempted just to get this :(

    • +4

      Don't. Wait for a bit more. It doesn't worth it.

    • -2

      Honestly get the 5900x skip the 5950x, it runs too hot. If you need more cores then the 3950x is a better and cheaper choice. For gaming primarily the 5900x for sure!

      • From my experience it's a bit more complicated then that and 3950x is not necessarily the better choice.
        5950x has a very clear place even if your Kraken cannot tame it. If your user case demands faster single speed with mixed multi core, 5950x can make a difference. Go for it if you aren't budget restricted.

        3950x or 5900x are good alternatives if you are budget restricted and know the limitations with your work load.

        All three of these obviously benefit from good cooling so factor in a large AIO or a chunky air cooler

  • and i thought the 11900k was the hot chip! yikes 5080x and at 87 under water ! 🤯 maybe i just wait for 12gen intel to have better watercooled temps again like with of 9900k….

    • It is.
      So imagine how much worse than the 5800X it is.

    • -1

      it's fakes news i have both 5800x and 3950x and they run very cool on water under 75c even with pbo enabled on cinebench, 5950x have the same multicore power draw as 3950x so temp should be similar

  • Wow, lucky i got 5900X last year!

  • +1

    Ordered! Thanks OP.

  • PC noob here who's finally building a setup:

    Will the 5900x be a good option for a full time editor who likes to game every so often? (COD mainly). Not sure I need the 5950x.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    • +1

      Yes it will, but the 5950x should be a little better (for editing) with 33 per cent more cores. (I'm also tossing up between the two chips for the same uses.)

      • +1

        Noted! I'll most likely hold off for the 5900x for the time being but am yet to fully make that decision (choices, choices, choices….)

    • Yes the 5900x is more than enough. You don't need the 16 core 5950x for that. If you were primarily an editor just save your money and get a 3950x.

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