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Free Telstra Plus Points or Gift @ Telstra (Plus Membership Required)


Your gift could be any one of these

Millions of Telstra Plus points.

Including gifts of 5 million and 2 million points. That’s on top of thousands more points you can use to redeem towards treating yourself in the Rewards Store.

Top-brand tech.

Imagine opening up an incredible new handset, tablet or smart watch from big-name brands like Samsung, Google, Fitbit and more.

Audio and accessories.

Believe your ears – you could score anything from earbuds and headphones to a Sony Bluetooth turntable or Home Cinema Soundbar System.

Telstra TV, or a Sony TV.

Keep the home entertainment coming with the latest movie and TV releases streamed via Telstra TV. You could even open up an amazing 65” Sony OLED 4K TV.

Telstra Plus: Must be 18+ with an active service. Points are earned on payment for services or pre-paid recharge (excluding outright purchases, refunds, credits & late payment fees). Points expire 3 years from earning. Marketing opt-in required (preferences can be changed). Excludes Telstra Enterprise and Corporate accounts.

Open from 9am AEST 13 April to 5pm 18 June 2021 to Australian Residents who are Telstra Plus members, except Telstra employees who work on Telstra Plus and their agents, contractors and other companies associated with the promotion and their immediate families. Winners notified by email and published on 25 June on www.telstra.com.au/plus Permit numbers ACT – TP 21/00419 SA – T21/391 NSW TP/00166

One entry per Telstra Plus member will win a prize that is randomly allocated. The prize pool consists of 3,501,187 prizes: a) Telstra Plus Points prizes in various values:
100 points x 1,495,000 valued at $373,750
500 points x 1,500,000 valued at $1,875,000
1,000 points x 500,000 valued at $1,250,000
10,000 points x 4,500 valued at $112,500
100,000 points x 150 valued at $37,500
1,000,000 points x 2 valued at $5,000
1,500,000 points x 2 valued at $7,500
2,000,000 points x 2 valued at $10,000
5,000,000 points x 2 valued at $25,000
b) 30 x Beats Solo Pro Black – each valued at $429 c) 31 x Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro – each valued at $349 d) 641 x JBL Sound Bar Studio Noir – each valued at $240 e) 15 x Google Pixel 4a 5G – each valued at $799 f) 15 x Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB – each valued at $999 g) 15 x Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB – each valued at $1,248 h) 15 x Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – each valued at $529 i) 15 x Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 – each valued at $849 j) 30 x Fitbit Versa 2 Black – each valued at $329 k) 700 x Telstra TV – each valued at $216 l) 4 x Sony 65” KD-65A8H OLED 4K Android TV – each valued at $4,295 m) 4 x Sony HT-RT3 5.1ch Home Cinema Soundbar System with Bluetooth – each valued at $419 n) 4 x Sony LX-310 Turntable with BLUETOOTH Connectivity with Vinyl Pack – each valued at $399 o) 5 x Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) – each valued at $399 p) 5 x Sony W830 Digital Compact Camera with 8x Optical Zoom (Black) – each valued at $199 The total prize pool value is $4,124,651 (incl. GST).

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  • Yay! 1/930th of an iPhone 12!

  • So weird to have a telstra account still even though no active services. Although the system has a meltdown trying to log in.

  • What to do with 1000 points???? ..mehh

  • Yay I won 1000 pts…. The equiv' of AU$2.50.
    Not complaining!

  • Anyone get something other than points? 1000 points for me.

  • 100 points for my wife and 1000 for me. not happy

  • 1000 points

  • +15

    What we all really want to know:

    Nominal values according to Telstra. I presume worth less than suggested due to high prices in Telstra store?

    100 points $0.25
    500 points $1.25
    1,000 points $2.50
    10,000 points $25
    100,000 points $250
    1,000,000 points $2500
    1,500,000 points $3750
    2,000,000 points $5000
    5,000,000 points $12500

  • Congratulations, you've won 500 points

  • 1000 points ffs

  • I bet I only get 100 points.

    • +1

      And I was correct.

  • +7

    100,000 points :O

    • +3

      picture or doesn't happen :)

  • yes, 5,000,000 points!! .. * 0.00001%

    • picture or doesn't happen :)

      • anyone neg you haven't read the above comment

  • 500 points

  • 1000 for me

  • 100 points

  • 100 what a scam..

  • Thanks OP!

    Open Up Fun Promotion Gift +1,000 points

  • 1,000

  • 1,000 pts for me

  • i only got 100 . can Plus Members points be combined into 1 account between family members?

    • +19

      You're Associated; you tell us.

      • +1

        Can I transfer my points with friends and family?
        You can transfer your Telstra Plus points online to another legitimate Telstra Plus account you have access to, if you are the account holder or a full authority representative.

        Transfer points between your accounts online
        To transfer points to a Telstra Plus membership you don’t have access to, message us using My Telstra app.
        Get My Telstra app


  • 1000 points for me :)

  • 1000

  • +1

    If anyone is looking for points to spend and is into gaming on mobile, I feel this a good deal for a Razer Kishi

  • Yay 1000 points. I can now get that Telstra Locator for my Cat's collar that I always wanted…

    • Got one a pack of them for free as a Gold tier member.
      Found them the other day looking for the free telstra TV. Still don't know what I'll do with them

  • 2 x 1000 points here.

    Though this should be in competitions, LOL.

  • Yay 500 points.

  • +2

    Got 500 points but noticed that the Google Nest Mini has now doubled in price from 10,000 points up to 20,000 points. What gives Telstra?

  • 1000 for me.

  • 1000

  • My luck was 1000, 2 lots of 500 and 100 points… Better than nothing I guess :)

    • do you have 4 Telstra member accounts?

      • Correct…..

  • Who'd you have to root to get a Beats Solo?

    • +2

      you can do that yourself

  • +1

    LOL 500 points. $1.25 of value according to the T&Cs.

    Interesting way to technically skirt the competition posting rules here… everyone gets a prize, but you have <0.05% chance (<1 in 2,000) of winning anything worth more than $25. (1,687 prizes of >10,000 Telstra Points OR a physical prize, VS 3.5 million of <= 10,000 Telstra Points)

    <15% chance of winning anything that isn't piss-all (100 or 500 points… $1.25 value or less)

  • 1000 Here. Silver member.

  • 100 pts. That really suxs

  • Congratulations, you've won 100 points 🥱

  • 1000 here. Silver member.

  • I got 500 points. I just turned gold last week and and now realied that I can cancel my JB $45 plan and go onto a $30 prepaid plan. We have another $79 plan ending next month. That will also be going onto the same plan. Another phone ends in December, same thing will be happening. I've worked out I'll be saving over $1100 a year by going prepaid.
    There's less GB per month, but I've only used 5GB this month and the prepaid GB rolls over up to 200GB.

  • 100…

  • 100 points. Awesome 👍

  • +2

    100 points. Lame

  • +1

    1000 points now I'm 5k total time to spend big and get a cable 🤦‍♂️

  • 100…

  • 1000 pts

  • 100 points woot (I rcvd 500 for the 1st birthday gift back in Jun-2020)

  • 500 and 100 points from two accounts 😢

  • 100 points for me (I don't even have an active Telstra service… I only made my account for the cheap movie tickets in 2019). And 100 points for my dad who has prepaid with Telstra.

  • +3

    100 points and my bills are over $350 per month.
    Thats Lame

    • +1

      sue them

    • Have u tried YouTube 280p

  • 500 points. Thanks Op

  • 100 yay

  • -3

    Telstra was meant to provide me with a refund.
    Two weeks later didn’t receive the refund.
    Chat with them and they advise they no longer knows what the refund amount should be as the account was closed!
    How dodgy is that?

    Pity I didn’t save the previous chat history where they said what the refund amount should be.
    Lesson learnt - alway save your chat history.

  • Genuine question : why are some ozbargainers with Telstra?

    • +7


    • +2

      Telstra cable internet is pretty good. Legacy plan is around $80 for unlimited.
      But they are trying to get us off cable internet and onto NBN which is more expensive and probably more congested.

    • +1

      89 a month 100/40 net is the main reason and better coverage on my mobile as well living regional

      • +1

        89 a month 100/40

        That's not going to last much longer.

        • I'm sure it will

    • I'm in northern Gold Coast. I can only get reception (and internet - velocity) with Telstra.

    • why are some ozbargainers with Telstra?

      Bigpond cable. Much cheaper than NBN.

    • +1

      Tel$tra does occasionally run some OZB level type promotion. For example, that sign up for Direct Debit and you get enough bonus points for Samsung Galaxy Buds (or pay $95 for AirPods 2 - no need to sign up for feeBay Plus and hope you get lucky to click on complete order button fast enough). It was still a bit of mess as it took a while for some people to get those points, but Telstra did give out points.

      Also, if you cannot stand NBN and your area still has Telstra cable, it could be an option (more cost effective as jv pointed out).

    • 4G reception where I am. Optus provided me with an amazing 0.4mbs so went with telstra and i'm at 4 mbs. Best I can do until NBN shortage sorted.

    • Burnt by Vodafone during their issues around 2010. Since then been on Telstra and they've been good overall. There's been a few high profile outages over that period (none that I can recall recently) but by and large the service has worked well for me. 5G is nice to have and I dont find them to be that much more expensive than elsewhere TBH on post paid having jumped on or negotiated with support in the past some decent discounts.

      Use them for mobile only however.

    • +2

      Benefits, eg Kayo, Binge free accounts. I signed up to the JB hifi deal with the $500 GC, so it works out to be like $17 a month or something which is ridiculously good for 80gb of data on the best network for reception and service (generally).

    • JB Deals and $15 for 20GB in my tablet slowed/unlimited once hit is hard to beat.

    • The frequent JB/TGG deals with a free/heavily subsidized phone.

  • I got 1,000 Points, can't complain.

    • +1

      Ditto for me.

  • 100 points… dogewow.jpg

  • shitful 500 points

  • +3

    10K - nice

  • Happy with 1,000 points. I only pay Telstra $10/month.

  • 1000 club, I’m here!

  • 100 points whoooop

  • 500 points :(

  • Got 1000 points, better than nothing! Thanks OP :)

  • 500 points. Pfft.

  • Damn only got 100 points.

  • 1000 points, thanks OP 👍

  • 1000 points

  • 500 points.

  • 500 points for clicking a link, bonus .

  • 1000 points. Better than usually get with these sorts of things! Can’t complain for free!

  • Damn 500 points. Not the worst but nowhere near the best.

  • +16

    It says I won a JBL soundbar! Just waiting for my confirmation email.

    • +1

      Good news, got confirmation. Looking forward to my crappy TV having some great sound

  • Telstra plus is a waste of time unless you are spending big with them.

    • I spend 5-6K per year.. only 1000 for me.

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