[Pre Order] PlayStation 5 Disc Version $749, Digital Version $599 @ The Good Guys (Selected Stores Only)


The Good Guys stores are apparently taking pre-orders for stock arriving in 4-6 weeks. Given that drops are still selling out instantly, this may be the quickest way to get a PS5. You’ll need to give them a 20% deposit and it’s worth calling your store before going in.

According to AustraliaPS5 on Twitter, these are the stores that are taking orders of both the PS5 standard edition and PS5 digital edition.



  • Essendon
  • Thomastown
  • Hoppers Crossing
  • Brighton
  • Nunawading
  • Taylors Lakes

New South Wales

  • Caringbah
  • Campbelltown
  • Chatswood
  • Castle Hill
  • Casula

South Australia

  • Marion
  • Gepps Cross

Western Australia

  • Cannington
  • Joondalup
  • Osborne Park


  • Oxley
  • Helensvale
  • North Lakes

Australian Capital Territory

  • Belconnen

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  • Is it still a pre-order if the console has been out for over 5 months? Surely just an 'order' now awaiting stock. 🤔

  • pre order and wait for months. TGG are hopeless with consoles.

  • Feel like this should be on a forum instead of a deal.

    • +27 votes

      I suppose alot of people are still after the console, don't see why an informative post that will benefit others shouldn't be on the front page.
      I for one never visit the forums, live and front page is good enough for me.

  • Worst console launch ever, I now regret not getting a PS4 Pro during last years deals ;(

    • I got a perfect PS4 Pro on Gumtree for $200, sans controller. Very happy. Keep your eye on there and ebay

    • I was contemplating waiting for the PS5 but eventually pulled the trigger on a PS4 Pro when the deals became too good to pass up.
      I do not regret that decision one bit.

  • Why is there a shortage? Is it going to continue?

    Do people want disc version or digital version more?
    I assume disc version as it can play both disc and digital games?

    • There's global silicon shortages affecting supply for CPUs, GPUs and APUs across the board from desktops to laptops to game consoles to even car production. It doesn't look like it's going to let up for a good while yet.

      Disc version is recommended as you get the best of both worlds and physical disc copies are far cheaper in Australia than digital purchases.

    • I try to get a gauge by looking at what's selling on ebay more, but it's really quite hard to say

    • digital - no more disk swapping.
      means zero reason to get off the lounge :)

  • Preordered from Oxley 10 mins ago, 20 deposit, no one in store, 3 counter staff on phone answering ps5 questions

  • 6 to 8 weeks, yeesh

  • Brighton VIC all sold out.

  • Can confirm Chatswood NSW is taking preorders, got mine.

  • Do we have to visit store or the preorder can be done via call?

    • One store wouldn't do it for me over the phone, next store would. Estimated 6-8 weeks on orders

  • Was on the callback list at Oxley. Just received a call back from them saying they've completely sold out :(

  • But why male models??

  • I had a digital version, costed too much for games, sold it then got Xbox series X, don't have many games. going to buy PS5 disc version.

    • Costs too much you say, yet you have no problem buying 3 of the latest consoles that would set you back at least $2000 in total. Hmm..ok.

  • Gepps X sold OUT. Apparently since 10 am.

  • I read this as there being a playstation with a five disk stacker. That would be great for the car.

  • Hey everyone, give your stores a call. Was at work but called the Thomastown store and they send a payment link to my phone where I paid in full. Sure 4-6 weeks away but that's much better than Christmas 2021! Hyped

  • If everyone waits a week we can order during the latitude deal and get $50 off.

    Who's with me!?

    • I got $80 cash back through my commbank. Random that I saw reward on my app when I was making a transfer, then 10 minutes later saw this deal 🤑😛🤑

  • Got my preorder in at casula!

  • Im hoping target or amazon gets some stock soon. Dont want to preorder

    • I pre ordered today from GG, but would probably buy one if they came on Amazon ready to go too. It's not like you'd have a hard time getting rid of the surplus one 😂🤣

  • Preordered Helensvale.

  • Caringbah all gone

  • Chatswood and Castlehill all gone.

    Digital left at Casula

    Both available at Campbelltown but in person only.

  • Casula all gone

  • Might as well offer pre-orders for the PS6.

  • 5 left in belconnen act

  • all gone at

  • All NSW stores gone except Campbelltown and Castle Hill.

    Castle Hill only has Digital Edition.

    Campbelltown has ~20 left at time of posting.
    You must go in person to preorder from Campbelltown

  • Recording to @AustraliaPs5 on twitter, Amazon and Target may have a drop this week. Don’t worry if your nearest BigW is out of stock:)

  • Probably get their stock before EB Games. I'm still waiting and there's at least 10 preorders from that store to get it before me. They told me lucky to get it by May. Maybe June

  • Ordered at Artarmon…guy said ETA is around 3months.

    • Called Artarmon, they said that store is not taking preorder at this moment;(

      • actually i ordered around 4ish….first i called castle hill…they said they OOS….and they told me to try Artarmon…i called Artarmon …the guy put me on hold for about 10 mins if he could take my order on call. Finally he took the order and sent me the text to make a payment. Apologies to post here late!!

        • Was there around Lunch time at Artarmon. Waiting in line to order and could see that guy was being smashed with so many phone calls asking about PS5s.

  • I've given up on getting a PS5 till probably some time in 2023 (sarcasm). Sony just can't deliver, which is so frustrating after continually pushing it with ad's online etc.

    • Its not sony, its their chip suppliers cant produce them, theres a worldwide silicon shortage.

    • towards end of the year there will be more, but at less than RRP (or a bragain) you are probably correct in assuming 2023 or there about :)

  • Amazon had a drop for digital version few minutes ago,

  • I wanted one originally, but because I haven't been able to easily go out and buy one I've lost interest. I think I can wait till next year… or when ever stock levels become normal.

  • Hoppers crossing vic sold out