120,000 Qantas Points + 120 Status Credits with The Qantas AmEx Ultimate Card @ The High Life ($450 Fee w/ $450 Travel Credit)


The High Life has partnered with American Express to offer our readers a huge 120,000 bonus Qantas Points and 120 Status Credits with Amex’s most popular and rewarding Qantas card: the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card.

We're delighted to be the first ever Amex partner to bring this very generous deal to the market. You must apply via our website as it's not available with any other Affiliate partner, via personal referral or by going to Amex’s website directly.

You'll receive 120,000 bonus Qantas Points and 120 Status Credits when you apply via our website by 17 May 2021, are approved and spend $4,500 on your new card within the first 3 months (T&Cs apply; new Card Members only).

If you need help to meet the minimum spend, you could buy some supermarket gift cards to use on groceries later in the year; manually pre-pay bills like phone, electricity and insurance; bring forward a planned purchase; or get free additional cards for family or friends to use.

Card benefits

Card Members enjoy:

  • a $450 Qantas Travel Credit each year that fully offsets the card fee - the travel credit is redeemable for Qantas flights online at Amex Travel
  • a very high points earn rate on spend - earn up to 2.25 Qantas Points per $1 spent (uncapped)
  • up to 40,000 extra Qantas Points when you shop with small merchants in the Shop Small program (available until March 2022)
  • 2 Qantas lounge passes per year
  • a 12-month subscription to Chris Hemsworth’s fitness app Centr (worth $119.99)
  • travel insurance cover
  • up to 4 free additional cards for family members or friends
  • complimentary premium membership to Qantas Wine (worth $99) – get free delivery Australia-wide and earn 3 points per $1 spent
  • Amex Offers: save money and earn bonus points via regular offers with top brands
  • use your card with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Key info

  • This offer is only available to new American Express Card Members. That means you must not have held a card issued directly by American Express Australia in the last 18 months. However, you are eligible if you’re an additional Card Member on someone else’s account.
  • Minimum income: $65,000 p.a.
  • Annual fee: $450 (offset by the $450 travel credit)
  • 120k Qantas Points can take you on up to 15 economy or 6 business class domestic flights, depending on distance (plus taxes and fees)
  • 120k Qantas Points could help you become a member of Qantas’ Points Club (membership is automatic when you earn 150k points in a year) - enjoy two Qantas lounge passes, the ability to earn Status Credits on reward bookings, and other benefits
  • 120 bonus Status Credits may help you reach or maintain elite status with Qantas, giving you access to perks like lounge entries, priority seating and boarding, a higher baggage allowance, and more.

This opportunity is only available until 17 May and you must apply via our website. Happy travels!

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  • Good deal, shame it's for new card members (or members who haven't held a card for 18 months) which rules out most of OzB members.

  • Not sure why I was rejected from this first time around, I make well over the minimum income and only have one other credit card. No debt

    Oh well

  • Sadzzz I applied for this card in the last round for 100k QFF points. Wasn't expecting the deal to be any better :(

  • Any expiry date for the Qantas points and travel credit or must use within certain time?
    Any fees or charges for overseas transactions or purchases?

    • Hi surat, Qantas Points don't expire so long as you keep your Qantas Frequent Flyer account active by earning or spending at least 1 point every 18 months. The travel credit is valid for 12 months, so you have to use it before then - but the flight can be any time in the future (eg. a travel credit issued now would be valid until April 2022. If you wait until then, you could use it to book a flight up to April 2023).
      Amex's standard 3% foreign exchange fee applies.

  • Ooh this is a good one. I still have my amex so rules me out but looks good.

    • Does it rule out any Amex? How about Amex that was issued via the major banks like Westpac and not directly via Amex?

      • this used to be fine, i did it a couple of times.

        read the terms it may have changed

      • It hasn't affected me, even till last year if you go through the Big 4 - as long as it's not direct Amex you should be fine (do read the T&C's though if in doubt).

      • does any bank offer amex anymore? I thought Westpac were the last and they stopped least year.

      • If you've held an Amex card issued by a bank like Westpac, you are eligible for this bonus. Only people who have held a direct-issued Amex in the past 18 months are ineligible.

  • Is this the best amex offer. Have a family member who recently started a job after uni and I'm waiting for the best offer to come around since 2014.
    Should we wait for a better offer?

    • +1 vote

      Hi, this is the best Qantas Points offer we've seen from Amex since we first partnered with them four years ago (can't comment on what happened before that!).

    • Think this is the best so far.

    • I'd say the deal for this same card but with 100k qantas points plus $200 cash back on the annual fee plus $450 travel credit, through points hacks, was probably a better deal. Imo $200 off annual fee > 20k points

      • I can't find your deal on Point Hacks, any link ? Does it have 120 status credits ?

  • Can the $450 travel credit be used for someone other than the cardholder?

  • Whats the travel credit redemption like- how many short hauls worth is that worth roughly?

    • Hi, the $450 travel credit must be used in a single booking, but that can be for one or multiple people and one way or return.

      • I mean whats the standard price for a syd-mel return? would "$450 credit" be worth a return? im trying to value just how much the credit is actually worth compared to buying with points or $ via the carriers site

  • I think it is 1.25 point for $1 spent

    • Hi, it's 1.25 for everyday purchases, 2.25 on selected Qantas products and services, and 0.5 with government bodies.

      • What exactly are the selected Qantas products and services that qualify for the 2.25 points/$? Does this include things like qantas health insurance premiums?

        • Selected Qantas products and services are defined in the T&Cs as: "Qantas passenger flights with a QF flight number purchased directly from Qantas.com.au; Qantas Frequent Flyer and Qantas Club membership joining and/ or annual fees." So no, Qantas health insurance would earn the standard 1.25 ppd.

        • As a general rule it's based on the vendor/biller, usually regardless of what the purchase is. So if the transaction is from QANTAS AIR AUSTRALIA then it's likely to qualify. (For example gift vouchers have always worked in Amex Qantas promos, even though they're not included under the T&Cs.)

          But it's highly unlikely that Qantas Health Insurance would be billed from QANTAS AIR AUSTRALIA.

      • and 0.5 with government bodies.

        does that mean the ATO?
        Is that still a thing, paying your tax bill with a points CC?

        • According to the T&Cs, government bodies includes the Australian Taxation Office, the Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post), Federal/State and Local Government bodies.

  • I have a question for people who regularly churn these cards.

    What are you buying to spend the $4,500 in 3 months?

    I have about $$750-1000/month in non rent expenses which would get me close but still leave a lot of money to spend to meet the min.

    I have no where near much in expenses that I can pay with this card and I'm not keen to buy things for the sake of points. Any ideas?

    • Wait until large purchases come up, or if a family member is buying something large, it’s pretty easy of you don’t just use it for your expenses

    • Hi, other than the suggestions we make in the post (supermarket gift cards, etc), some real estate agents accept rent payments by card. There would almost certainly be a fee involved, but you may wish to inquire.

      • I previously was able to pay rent with a credit card (for a small fee) and it was worth it to meet the minimum spend on the card.

    • As one other person has said, just ask family and close friends if they're making any big purchases soon, then offer to pay and be reimbursed. Did this with an old Amex deal, paid for a TV and sound system for friends, they reimbursed me and I got over the then $3000ish minimum spend.

    • You can pay for bills with Sniip and post billpay (use PayPal). You can also prepay things that allow you to. For example you can pre-pay your NBN with Aussie Broadband.

    • Any ideas?

      Get married and have kids. You will be spending that much in a month in no time!

    • A couple of kids in full-time childcare will do the trick.

      Want to borrow mine?

    • Phone - internet bill, groceries, after hours school care, fuel, clothes, netflix, if close to the end you miss some $$ gift card is the way to go (the one with 0 fee and to somewhere you buy normally)

  • Is it possible to transfer status credits to a family member?

  • Applied! Mentioned that it would take 5 - 10 days to get back to me. But didn't ask for email? How long till I will find out, I have some planned big purchases which would tie in nicely. Cheers!

    • +1 vote

      Hi, Amex is usually quite quick. If you want to get in touch with them to follow up, simply call 1800 507 104.

  • Have had this card for years… but couldn’t use that credit last year.. for obvious reasons,…. note that you have to use it or lose it in that year.

  • What is the min credit limit on this card?

  • How quickly do the status credits get added to your account? My status expiry is May. If I apply and spend within a couple of weeks will it get credited before end of May?

    • Hi, we don't know how long exactly it will take. The T&Cs state it may take up to 12 weeks after you meet the minimum spend (though historically bonuses have been credited much faster).

  • Is it possible to find out when I cancelled my last AMEX card? Unsure of whether it was in the last 18 months

  • The 4.5K in three months requirement is pretty rough, I'm surprised OzB is so keen on something that requires they spend money.

  • How practical is an AMEX these days? I think it's still either not accepted or incurs a 1% or so fee in retail / restaurants? I know it's not a big deal, considering it's essentially free, but ideally I'd like to cancel the ANZ Black QFF and use this as the every day card.

    • Accepted at Woolies, Coles and most servos, so that'll cover a good chunk of most peoples expenses.

  • Oh nice Amex deal and I'm out of the 18 month period. May apply next month after closing some other cards

  • So I was approved for this and received a text message but no email which seems odd. Anyone else who has applied the same?

    • Yeah applied this morning and got the text straight away but didn't get an email until just now, even though I've already uploaded the payslip doc.

  • Does anyone know if this counts towards the Qantas Status Fast Track promotion? The only relevant text I could find was here but not sure if that is referring to other promos like double status credits.

    From time to time, there may also be opportunities to earn bonus Status Credits from limited time only promotions. Keep an eye out for these offers in the future, as these bonus Status Credits will also count towards the Qantas Status Fast Track.


    • +1 vote

      ET's article about this states: "These [status credits] can be earned with Qantas or Jetstar on domestic or international flights, or any Qantas partner airlines (including Emirates and Oneworld members), along with status credits earned on the ground. Not counted are status credits earned from a Qantas Frequent Flyer loyalty bonus, rollover status credits from the latest 2021 status extension, or any 'gifted' status credits." Seems likely the SCs from Amex would count as they are "earned on the ground" rather than being "gifted". https://www.executivetraveller.com/news/qantas-status-match-...

    • Is bronze the base level?

  • Good deal. I would be interested in what thehighlife receives as commission for each signup. Not trying to be a smartarse just interested

    • Hi, we do receive a commission from Amex, but we can't disclose the exact amount as that is commercial-in-confidence. Hope you understand :)

  • Hi, I have recently applied and approved for the Qantas Amex Premium but I have yet to activate. Is it possible for me to apply for this instead?

  • So Qantas Premier Platinum credit card
    is from Qantas not Amex so I qualify?

  • " You must apply via our website as it's not available with any other Affiliate partner, via personal referral or by going to Amex’s website directly."

    That's a little misleading as the same deal is available via the Qantas web site.

    • It also looks like the required spend is only $3,000.

    • Do you have the link to that please?

    • We had a head start on this offer, which is now only available via our website and Qantas Card Selector. The minimum spend is the same ($4,500). There appears to be a typo on Qantas' site - when you click through to Amex, the min. spend is displayed correctly ($4,500).

      • You’re right, it does look like an error on their main page. It changes when you click through to apply. The $3,000 spend applies to their Premium card which only attracts a 30k bonus.

  • Can I transfer the lounge vouchers to a friend?
    Is this for the amex lounge, or a Qantas Club/Business lounge?

    • also, do you have details on the credit card travel insurance? Is it decent? Some travel insurance on cards are so utterly poor it's not worth it.

      Also do you have a price guarantee for purchases?


      • Some travel insurance on cards are so utterly poor it's not worth it.

        Well, it's free, so hard to say not worth it :D

        I normally don't get travel insurance, so I'll definitely take this one for free.

        • You don't get travel insurance when you go overseas!?!?

          If you get sick, break your leg or worse, you realise you can be out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars right?

          I travel quite a bit and have used travel insurance on three occasions. Without it I would have been out of pocket $15k in Singapore for hospital cover. If I had have gotten sick in Indonesia a week earlier and needed an airlift to Singapore, I would have been significantly more than that. You should never travel without travel insurance.

          There are 11 countries that we have some level of reciprocal health care with, but even that doesn't cover costs in all cases.


          • @b2dz: I do get international health insurance, but not all the other crap, like coverage for missed planes, lost passports, crashed rental cars and whatnot.

      • There is comprehensive travel insurance - here are the details: https://www.americanexpress.com/content/dam/amex/au/pdfs/cre...

        There is no price guarantee.

    • +1 vote

      The two Qantas lounge passes can be transferred to any Qantas Frequent Flyer member. You also get two entries each year to the Amex lounge at Sydney international or Melbourne international terminals, but they are currently closed due to Covid (you have to show your Amex card at the entry to get in).

  • Hmm, I tried the other card with 80K points and was rejected after a phone call.

    This one, I filled out the form and it said immediately that I'm approved and will receive the cards in the mail within 5 business days. No phone call, no payslips, just a credit check.

  • I am highly disappointed with the referral process. I have contacted Amex and they have stated that they have NOT recorded any referral link AND it is NOT stated that 120 Qantas points is part of my credit card application. Can you explain why this is the case?