Coles Mobile $99 | 12 Months Expiry | 60GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Optus Network | @ Coles


This popular deal is back starting Wed Apr 21. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Unlimited talk/text to the following 15 countries - Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.

Rollover up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge. Critical Information Summary here.

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Coles Mobile
Coles Mobile


  • TA do you know normally how long the expiry date this card would be ? My Boost still has another 5 months to go.

  • We churned over to Coles Mobile a few months ago from Belong and find the service to be fairly flaky. Can’t get through calls at times and the international call quality isn’t the best.

    Not sure if we are the only ones having this issue. Based in Cheltenham, VIC

    • Down Down, network is down

    • depends on location. Mine improved in Canberra.

    • Yeah me too. I’m near the cbd and even there calls sometimes don’t register etc. best for a second line and not primary if you use it a lot. For some reason when I used half my data I was sms a link to check usage and the webpage was catchconnect!

    • Isnt that because you went from Telstra to Optus network?

    • Yeh OPTUS is junk. Go Vodafone. Much better service in Melbourne at comparable prices (Kogan)

      • Woolworths Mobile is good too, Telstra Wholesale with rolling data bank & 10% off groceries once a month.

        The app & system have been good so far, much better than belong.

        • Yes, Woolworths use the Telstra network, but Coles is currently only $99 for the year vs $150 for Woolworths! Big difference.

          • @ssmith3104: If you go to Woolworths for groceries, 10% would make the difference of $51 for anyone.

            • @Jimbuscus: I like the deal but the reviews for Woolworths mobile at productreview are ringing alarm bells (yes I know it mostly attracts the complainers, but it's still a level playing field to compare suppliers).

              • @skysurfer: As someone who has hopped between most of the wholesalers over the years, Woolworths Mobile has been better than average, but it could just be my experiences.

    • Belong has support has gone to absolute shite since they moved to an ‘online only’ model. Heaps of savings for them but the customer get nothing . Used to be good but are garbage now. Moving to Coles on Wednesday

      • Exactly. I had a modem issue and couldn’t believe I may have to wait 24 hours to even talk to someone. Luckily it was only a couple of hours.

        I got told they will go back to normal service once Covid impacts overcome but doubt it.

    • Very much depends where you are as to what service you get.
      I find Vodafone useless during the day, but overnight it is quite good. If I move 2km down the road, it is fine always.
      Optus versus Telstra at home is much of a muchness.
      Out on the highway, or anywhere away from highly populated areas, Vodafone permanently useless, Optus better, and Telstra best.

    • You'll have to blaim that on Optus as Coles mobile just uses the Coles mobile network.

    • Yes … VERY patchy in Cairns and Murwillumbah NSW 2484)…🤮

  • +1 vote

    Good to use with second week of Spend xx and get xx Flybuys offer

  • Area where I live (Northwest Sydney) don’t have any Telstra signal. I have to rely on either Vodafone or Optus, which have marginal coverage. Anyone could please recommend mvno who is offering Wifi calling?

  • Can you port to this?

  • No international roaming for a year, that's gonna be a no for me

    • Haha Scomo has plans for no travel until 2024 hopefully #FAKENEWS

    • do you know of any other cheap prepaid plans with international roaming?

      • Get a voip service with DID. Forward all phone calls to DID number. Receive calls overseas by getting a local sim with data and install a VOIP client.

        Also, you can forward all the SMSs to local (international) number for mobile verification SMSs etc.

        Effectively (nearly) free unlimited international roaming.

  • Isn't Catch Connect better? Same Optus network, $10 less and same 60GB/365days.

  • My bad experience with Coles Mobile: ported from Boost and it look approx 2 weeks to port over so I ended up being phoneless for 2 weeks. Reported the issue on day 2 as I was disconnected from Telstra from day 1. Rang up everyday for updates and 90% of the call takers gave me the same scripted responses. The couple who were good explained that it was Optus' end that's having issues with the Sim activation. So 2 weeks without communication and talking to humans with robot brains was not the best experience. I ended up demanding for a refund as I bought the 12 month pack. If they can't do the simple job of porting my number over I highly doubt they can provide the best service for the 12 months that I'd be stuck with them. Initially they said they couldn't refund me the money until I mentioned "ACCC" in the emails. Look up on and several posts had the same poor experience.

  • I ported from boost to Coles mobile around 3 months back. Bought the SIM card when it came on special and although it says to activate within a month, I activated it after 3 months and it worked. The FAQ says that active promotion at the time of activation.
    Porting was quick. Within a minute. And the signals are also good. (Blackburn VIC). International calls are good to have.
    Coles doent have VOIP and neither it support WifiCalls but its cheap and does the job.


  • Are you able to use Flybuy bonus spend with this?

    • whenever i go through self serve i have to use the card option (same as eftpos) for using coles gift cards/flybuys spend. hence i think it can be used with them both

  • i was able to get $120 120gb sim plan which is kinda a bit better deal

    • Where from ? On the Coles website it's $150 for the 120GB data sim. Cheers

      Edit - just noticed you were probably replying to the comment above about flybys..

      • They are rolling deals every month or so.
        $99 60 go, $120 120gb

      • not this deal but it was deal in January i think around 21 st jan i think.
        they were giving 120 gb recharge plus 2 dollar sim for free

    • You can get 120gb @ $120 with Catch Connect via the Catch site. Been that price for ages..

      • catch doesnt have international calling

        and also not as great customer service as coles

        • Everyone is not after international calling and i have found their customer service to be one of the best and i have tried a lot of them.

  • optus coverage is a fail in many areas. I cant wait for the 12 months to finish.

    • My experience says an opposite thing.
      Catch Connect (Optus) has been much better compared with Kogan (Vodaphone) in inner suburbs in Melbourne.

  • I need a plan but don't care about data, just need it to hold my number as I have dual sim with works esim (use their data but call/txt on mine). Is it worth going this or 2x woolies 180 day plans @ $60 each and getting $20 cashback each time? I would be $20 better off claiming 2x cashbacks if they do track and isn't against any TOS?