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Bauhn Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones HE190067 $79.99 @ ALDI


After trying the latest Bose headphones, I was pleasantly surprised at how good these bad boys sound in comparison, and for a small fraction of the price.

Not confident about the ANC function but who catches planes these days anyway?

These have actually been on sale since 7th April but there is still lots of stock left.

  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
  • Plush padding for extra comfort on long trips
  • Includes airline adaptor and premium carry case

*edit: Bauhn not Bauhm.
Model number is HE190067 with build date of April 2021(!)
Made in China for Balco Brands, exclusive to Aldi.

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      Thanks, edited. The brand seems to be exclusive to Aldi anyway.


        And eBay scalpers.

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    How do these compare to the TaoTronics BH090 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones for $74.99
    I think I'd trust the TaoTronics brand over ALDI brand.


      The specs are almost identical. Both have Bluetooth 5.0, both have 40mm drivers, both have 3.5mm stero inputs, both made in China. The only difference I can find is that this one has 12 months warranty and the TT has 18 months warranty.

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      One has quick and easy delivery. The other involves lining up with a bunch of people during a pandemic and it possibly selling out
      before you get in the store (or them never having stock in the first place). Obvious choice imo.

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        so which one is the choice?

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      Not sure about these particular models, but last time I was trying to decide between TaoTronics vs ALDI, it was an easy decision to return the ALDI headphones as they weren't big enough for my average-sized head. The BH22 TaoTronics model I bought were slightly bigger.


        Mate I'm sorry I gotta be the one to tell you but if you struggle to fit into two different brands of headphones you might have a huge head. I'm sorry mate but that's the reality of the situation. There may be support groups or something. Hopefully they have enlarged doorways so that your massive skull can actually enter the building.

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          I can't tell if this is completely a joke or not, so I'll reply anyway. The reality is that these cheap headphones are designed for the Asian market who have a different 'average' shaped and sized head.


    "who catches planes these days anyway?" the KIWIs


      we can too now. to NZ.


    How is ALDI's Bauhn Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones HE190067 compare to Taotronics BH085 NC Headphones?
    Both in the similar price range.


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      I bought Aldi ones last year (also $79.99) for my son. He had previous Bauhn model for over 2 years and they were still working fine. However, they snapped at the top (with no abuse) and had to be taped up. Those old ones still work and are used as a backup spare.

      Now, these "Premium" versions sounded better and fit nicer with larger cans. However, they snapped at the RHS hinge after only 4 months (home schooling) use. Again, they were treated well and I read online it was not uncommon problem. Luckily Aldi warranty is great and returned them to store for a full refund (since as expected they had no stock).
      Went on Ozb and TaoTronics were running promo. After bit of reaserach, I went for TaoTronics TT-BH085 which were on special and cheaper than Bauhn. My son has been using them since Sep 2020 with no issues or signs of wear and tear. Build quality is much better, hinges are metal and they fit better (soft forming foam). My son recons the sound quality is also better.
      The only downside is that BH085 don't come with the hard case, but they fold perfectly in the old Bauhn case :)

      I've compared NC on both Bauhn and TT and they are very similar and good for the price. Not in the same league as my Bose QC25 or QC35II, but for the $ no brainer.

      Also, support from TaoTronics is brilliant. I had issues with TT-BH079 wireless earbuds after 10 months of use - volume on one side was suddenly much lower compared to other. They sent the replacements which arrived via Amazon AU 3 days later and got to keep the faulty pair as well! Can't fault that.


        Thanks to your elaborated input, I will consider TT if I need to purchase more. I am having 2 Aldi wireless headphones, 1 with and an earlier model without ANC, both head band snap after 2 years of light use. It is wasteful to through them away as they're perfectly functioning otherwise.


    Bought these the other week. Returned them within two days. Mic was crackly and distant. Felt flimsy too. Sound was okay. Had some audio lag initially when turned on too.

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    not sure why you'd pay $80 for this when you could get a better product for less money in the taotronics bh090, not at all a bargain…


    I was using wired Bauhn for 3 years or so. For $39 ANC was OK. I'd say decreasing noise on a plane to 50%.
    At the end the fabric (faux leather?) started peeling off…
    I'd go with Anker or TT for around the same price.