[Refurb] Apple M1 Mac Mini from $929, Macbook Air from $1359, Macbook Pro from $1699 Delivered @ Apple


Quite a few of the M1 powered macs are starting to show up on the Apple refurb website various colours available for most models: https://www.apple.com/au/shop/refurbished/mac/2020-mac-mini-...

Macbook Air M1:
8 core CPU, 7 core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256gb SSD - $1359 ($1599 RRP)
8 core CPU, 7 core GPU, 16GB RAM, 256gb SSD - $1609 ($1899 RRP)
8 core CPU, 8 core GPU, 8GB RAM, 512gb SSD - $1679 ($1949 RRP)
8 core CPU, 8 core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512gb SSD - $1929 ($2249 RRP)
8 core CPU, 8 core GPU, 16GB RAM, 1tb SSD - $2189 ($2549 RRP)

Macbook Pro M1:
8 core CPU, 8 core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256gb SSD - $1699 ($1999 RRP)
8 core CPU, 8 core GPU, 8GB RAM, 512gb SSD - $1949 ($2299 RRP)
8 core CPU, 8 core GPU, 16GB RAM, 256gb SSD - $2209 ($2299 RRP)
8 core CPU, 8 core GPU, 16GB RAM, 1tb SSD - $2459 ($2899 RRP)
8 core CPU, 8 core GPU, 16GB RAM, 2tb SSD - $2969 ($3499 RRP)

Mac Mini M1:
8 core CPU, 8 core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256gb SSD - $929 ($1099 RRP)
8 core CPU, 8 core GPU, 8GB RAM, 512gb SSD - $1189 ($1399 RRP)

I've purchased a 16" Macbook pro previously through the refurb store, and it looked as new, and comes with full warranty, can even be extended if you want.

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  • Nice. I’ve always bought refurbs from Apple. Always perfect condition and no issues.
    Plain white box is the only negative. People don’t seem to like it when selling.

    • You keep boxes?

      • When I buy a $2-3k laptop, I even keep the parking slip as a memento.

        • It's true. Buyers like to know where you parked. I wouldn't buy a second-hand one without one.

          • @Daabido: Kicking myself for my gps being disabled through the purchase process, lost half the resale value straight away

            • @cydia9k: if the seller did not take a selfie with the product when they bought it and the picture is not geotagged and time stamped. resale value of the mac product they are reselling is slashed heavily.

      • Yep. Heaps easier to package up and sell. And people will pay more with the original box. Even the plain white refurb one.

      • For Apple devices, absolutely! It helps if you ever want to sell.

        • Who sells 'em? I flog 'em until they're dead.

          Just popped a white 2008 mb in the ewaste as it's finally completely dead, my 2013 mbp is still going strong.

          • @marklar: I sell them even after they've died and people stil buy them. I obviously disclose all faults, but managed to sell one of the polycarbonate ones back in the day for $180 or so with no battery life, no working charger, intermittent screen turning off, broken keys…..presumably there was some value in the logic board or something

          • @marklar: I sell most of my Apple devices a couple of years after I get them. They hold their value so well I just sell them and get new ones.

      • Looks less likely to be stolen too.

      • Easily way better resale with original retail box.

        • Agree to all the above, absolutely keep all boxes especially apple products.
          I even keep the cables etc new as most likely I'll have them X10 anyway.
          It guarantees a quick sale to QUALITY customers
          You can just check out eBay for all Apple empty boxes, market there just for them.

      • yes for anything that has good resale value, mac's, surface devices, graphics cards, sometimes even CPU/MB boxes. People seem a little more willing to pay more when they can see you have treated it well and have even kept the original packaging.

      • i saw gumtree selling retail boxes, like $10-20

      • Actually the Apple boxes are pretty good for keeping random cupboard stuff in. I just write on the box what is on them.

    • Resale is one issue that would concern me. It seems doubly risky for the buy - secondhand and refurbished. The other issue is that it's secondhand. Previous owner watched youtubes in the toilet with it? All that just to save $80 upfront for a Macbook Air (GG and OW 10% off). No.

      • Using a Mac Mini in the toilet may be a challenge. YMMV.

      • I watch YouTube in toilet using the phone. Laptop is too much of a hassle…

      • Don't worry about stuff like this - Refurb stuff always seems to have brand spanking new casing on there. Never seen a refurb anything from Apple with a scratch or imperfection on the outside, and the inside is impeccable too.

        • I doubt the claims that they virtually replace the whole laptop. I've seen people claim they replace the screen, the battery, and the case. Parts and labour would be nearly the cost of the laptop. And there's no reason to replace the parts.

          • @worldwidehappiness: Internals you're correct, but I don't buy it for the externals… I guess it honestly depends on the reason for the return initially and condition of the return. Some past items I've purchased have had an exterior of plastic casing that is EXTREMELY easily scuffed (Apple TVs, routers, etc…), and there's never been any evidence of prior usage.

      • if you buy anything second hand you will have to assume they have been used in the toilet or even someone have watched porn on it while playing with their sausage or finger painting

        just wipe them clean with antibacterial cleaner and take ownership that it now yours in a fresh new state.

    • People are weird. You'd be better off just saying no box included.

    • I bought a refurb Air M1 two weeks ago. The box wasn’t plain white - it was identical to my previous non-refurb box but has grey refurbished under the logo.

  • +16 votes

    Hurry up M1X

  • The M1 macs are amazing value even when compared to PCs.

    • Shame about the state of PC parts nowadays.

      The limited upgradability is disappointing for the M1's but everything is rock solid.

      • I also worry about the repairability of the M1 Macs as well. Not many places will do the circuit board level repair… and Apple's techs will just rip out the logic board and replace it.

      • To be fair nearly all Ultrabooks are soldered and glued everything as well.

        The Mac Mini losing upgrades does suck.

        • Interestingly the Mac Mini kind of supports upgrades through thunderbolt which is a novel approach. But still a pity that simply things like RAM can't be improved.

        • It is annoying, I thought most still allowed for m.2 ssd upgrades. Ram is a different matter.

          • @Caped Baldy: I upgraded the ram and hard drive in a Mac mini a few years ago and it's not for the faint of heart. Even being an IT tech by trade it was one of the more difficult devices to upgrade and needed a few unusual screwdrivers.

    • why do you say this?

      Apple has never been know from value for money.

      • Normally Macs are more expensive than PCs of similar performance. However the M1 has such impressive performance and battery life you can't really get a PC laptop in the same price bracket which match's the M1 Macs speed and battery life.

  • I justified the 8GB version new, because I figured the battery would go bad by the time it gets too annoying to use.

    But at the moment, my macbook air doesn't choose to charge, because it wants to conserve the battery and it knows i leave it plugged in a lot. I started at over 80% when it stopped charging, now it is down to 76% and still happily not charging…

    So this bloody intelligent battery conservation is gonna keep me using an 8GB macbook for 5+ years unless I sell it. I know it's a positive thing but this is the internet so I need to complain about something.

    Consider the 16GB if you're the kind to use things until they die, perhaps.

    • I have a 2018 Macbook air, it's still somewhat usable with the fan blowing when watching a twitch stream

      • I'm still using a mid-2014 11" macbook air.

        Wish the res was a little better, and it can't output to 4k =\

        Fine just fine, besides that.

        • Same but 13 inches and with 4gbs of ram.

          Surprisingly useable for basic stuff for only a dual core

          • @Merlict: I’ve been using an upgraded 2011 15” MBP until LAST WEEK it just died, a month after it’s 10th anniversary. 😢

            Can’t beat that longevity though!

    • Yeah, I vowed to not buy another 8gb RAM Macbook after my 2015 Macbook Pro. It got painful to use after a few years.
      It's insane that 8gb is still the base though.

      • The pricing is classic apple. $240 for 8gb to 16gb is a rort.

      • The M1 does use the memory more efficiently than x86 systems though. I have been shocked at how good the 8GB has been on my unit. I thought for sure I'd be returning it for a 16GB model, but I here I am 3 months later and it's all good.

        • Yeah I have heard that. But still, for longevity I'd rather 16gb.

        • I'm not sure it uses the memory any more "efficiently". Just memory access is magnitudes faster by way of the unified design.

          If an application requests a huge chunk of memory/heap for its exclusive use, then that memory block is essentially allocated - and if additional memory is required beyond what is available that has to be swapped out to disk (SSD).


        • Yeah, it "feels" like 12GB, to me. And that's mostly fine, except… If you're the kind to have both safari, and chrome open and idle with lots of tabs + other stuff, it can start to chug slightly and briefly. Perhaps that same kinda only small performance hit will extend out further though with the way it efficiently swaps, like maybe it won't get worse when it needs to be swapping more in the future. I'm happy with the 8GB for now, but, in 3 years time perhaps not.

      • I have a 2015 13" MBP with 8GB ram too, I think the RAM speed in this case slows the whole device down a lot sometimes (1866MHz)

    • You do know you can turn off intelligent charging if you really want to ;)

  • The M1 Mac Mini is tempting as I'm wanting to upgrade my late 2015 27 inch iMac and move to a Mini with ultra-wide monitor rather than sticking with an all in one again.

    • I just looked monitor support and it's only one hdmi monitor and one usb-c for outputs.

      • For me 2 screens for Mac Mini is enough, or even a large curve 34" screen is quite good

        M1 Macbook that can only connect to 1 external monitor can be a quite significant limitation for some users tho…

  • Hmmm…I'll have to check if refurbished qualifies under the Employee Purchase Program that I get through my workplace. I'll post here later when I've had time to check it out.

  • You can get similar discounts on the non-16GB models using the education store. You will receive new and not refurbished.

  • Excellent! Just when my 2009 MBP is on its absolute last legs.

  • New mac mini m1 listed in ebay for lower price. https://bit.ly/3vhn94f

    • Not a buy it now price though.

    • that's an Ebay listing? with qty=1
      can't possibly compare to official apple refurb with full warranty and other inclusions

      • Yeah qty =1, but better than refurb and dont think any changes to warranty or inclusions.

        • It's an auction. Come back in 5 days and see if it ended up going for cheaper than the refurb. Not really comparable…

  • Ik this sounds cliche, but wait a bit if you're wanting to buy a MBP now and don't need it immediately. The new model will apparently have significantly slimmer bezels with more ports like SD card reader and HDMI.

  • For Mac Mini, looks like TGG and Officeworks still selling at $989?

    If you can get 5% off TGG giftcards it brings down to $940
    So paying $11 more you get a brand new one instead of refurb…

    • Know any clever deals for the MBA?

      • Wait for 10% at JB and use GC for additional discount. Or eBay sales. Base model only though.

    • Refurbs are good for the upgraded models. 16gb ram or upgrade SSD.

      • looks like the current refurb link from the post
        only have 256GB or 512GB SSD
        but both are 8GB ram
        from the comments in Ozb, looks like 16GB ram model are all custom build from China
        so there will be very limited refurb stock in Australia

        In my usage, 256GB is already sufficient
        if there's a need to add more data storage
        a NVMe ssd drive with Type-C enclosure can achieve 900+ Mb/s read/write speed will do the job

        • Those come frequently and get sold quickly. So far I’ve picked up a 16gb/512 MBA and 16gb/256 mini.