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[LatitudePay] ASUS RT-AX88U Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 8-Port Gb Gaming Router $378.60 (Membership Required) Delivered @ Wireless 1


Similar to the AX86U (already OOS)

Combining both the discount code with LatitudePay $50 off
Looks like to be one of the lowest price ever (2nd best price was $384 in December last year)

Use W1M12 code to get 12% off (Wireless1 member required)

Major Differences between RT-AX86U and RT-AX88U

Original Deal: $50 off $150 Spend: Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, LE, Wireless1 I $25 off $75 @ Catch, Cotton on, Kogan @ LatitudePay

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  • If u gonna drop almost 400 on a router. I wouldn't recommend the ax88u. U should wait for ax86u stock

    • +3 votes

      I paid $392.80 for my ax88u


      If you need 8 Lan ports. You have to go with ax88u

      • It's two years older than ax86u and ax86u is $50 cheaper when on sale. Got the new 2.5g WAN with same chipset and performance. No one replace their router often so it's more future proof atm. 2.5g WAN is getting more popular on newer motherboard too. People spend this much on a single router probably looking for a higher internal transfer speed for home office use or NAS. Otherwise a mesh system gives u a better coverage and an ISP provided router handles ur average 100mpbs NBN speed well.

  • For those wondering they are very similar.

    1.8 GHz quad-core processor.
    256 MB Flash / 1 GB RAM.
    Gigabit WAN port x 1.
    Gigabit LAN ports x 8.
    Horizontal design.

    1.8 GHz quad-core processor.
    256 MB Flash / 1 GB RAM.
    Gigabit WAN port x 1.
    2.5 Gig WAN/LAN port x 1.
    Gigabit LAN ports x 4.
    Vertical design.
    WAN Aggregation.

    • yes, benchmark also shows that performance wise they are very close
      I do agree that with the Deal I posted earlier today (AX86U $301) is a better deal

      However, in reality probably most people will not have a 2.5Gbps port device (eg. NAS)
      for my case, I do nearly used up all the 8 lan ports (7/8)
      as my house has been hardwired to all the rooms

      • How do you manage your cables to around your house. Do they all terminate at a wall unit near your router and then you have 7 mini cables to patch between wall and router?

        • Mines plugged direct to the router but if I want to set up patch ports I can as I have a half rack.

        • When my house was built, the builder already hard wired 2 cables from the telephone point (where I placed the router and ISP modem) to Living room and Master room.
          I then asked another license electrician to do the hard wiring to another 3 bedrooms

          So yes, all the hard wiring cables have one outlet next to where the router sits.

    • 2x USB ports in the 86U vs 1x in the 88U, if that matters to you too.

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      The ax88u does wan aggregation also.


    • AX88U has WAN Aggregation as well.

      Heck I believe even my AC68U has WAN Aggregation? Let me check.

      • Yeah I forgot to add WAN agg to the RT-AX88U list.

        • Also technically they are same speed. Both can achieve around 1.6Gbps over 5Ghz 160Mhz, although for the AX88U you have to run two devices at the same time to reach speed because it's being limited by 1Gbps port. It can do roughly 800Mbps to two connected devices at once.

  • great price - splurged on a new monitor today so trying really hard not to buy this haha

  • How noticeable would the difference be between AX6000, 3000 (or even 1800) for a single user (with gaming, streaming, nas, and some wifi lights etc) in a small apartment, and with a 50/20Mbps nbn connection?

    This is the one part that still stumps me when making the decision on a new router, no point paying for bandwidth I'll realistically never use but also don't want to bottleneck local file transfer/streaming.

    • None. U will be good with an isp router. If u think u gonna be on 50 or 100 nbn for a while, and won't be using a NAS. Local file transfer/streaming is depends on the sending machine, receiving machine and the router. Normally u will be fine with a 1 gigabit lan connection between these three. If u need more lan ports just get a port switch.

      • Easy, thanks! Likely won't be changing my nbn any time soon, but don't have the isp router - just an aging Archer D7 that conks out every so often and needs a restart.

        Figured an AX router might help overall network management to multiple concurrent devices, although some (nas, tv, shield) are wired anyway - already have a port switch for everything possible. Sounds like AX1800 might be sufficient, so will try and grab one in the Wireless 1 sale.

        • As long as it has a reasonable CPU and enough RAM, it should handle fine. I upgraded from AC68U to AX88U mainly because my smart devices start to drop out and I have over 35+ connected devices at that time. AC68U is now doing Mesh node duty with AX88U being the main router, taking over 50 connected devices at one point.

          • @Bigboomboom: I'm looking at the Archer AX20 AX1800 now - hopefully that'll have a sufficient CPU and RAM? I don't have a total of 35 devices, let alone all connected at once - max would be around 10; a few hard-wired (tv etc.) + laptop & phone + lights/switches.

  • Decepticon router…

    Nice deal on a very well-kitted-out router, and I don't think most people would need a 2.5Gbps port anyway. Just wish it was more plain looking

  • Hey which one is better? the Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien Wi-Fi 6 deal or this?

  • What is the device limit strategy like on these? Use to be able to select device and separate times per week but the current Telstra NBN modem is just one time limit for all devices regardless of day… Gotta protect the kiddies!

  • @littlesoldier So if i am planning for NAS, I shall go for AX86U ?

  • The discount for this router is no longer valid right ?
    i tried to apply with an account that was subscribed to wireless1 , but is not working