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LG 65" GX 4K UHD Smart Gallery OLED TV OLED65GXPTA $3990 + Freight / Pickup @ The Good Guys


Following some good bargains that are being posted buy our community members (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/618738), I went hunting for an LG OLED65CXPTA TV, called up The Good Guys 1300 number and managed to lock in a price for the last remaining boxed unit for pickup at $2965.

When I rocked up at the store, there was not boxed unit left, only the floor stock. The sales person was happy to give 25% off $2965 on that but I declined.

While I was there he pointed out to me that there was a last remaining 65" LG Gallery OLED TV and I was surprised to find out that he straight up came to me with a rock bottom price of $3,275 and after a few bargaining words he wasn't going to budge any more than $3,250 and that is what I've got as you can see in the emailed receipt.

I was told that these are being run out as new stock is imminent. So if you'd like to buy, this is a good time or you could wait for the new ones and pay the sticker price.

Good luck and good hunting!

Receipt scan

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    The takeaway I got from this is that TGG still don't have their shit together.

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    They drew first blood

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    Absolute bargain. Well done!

  • Is this the best one

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      yup the top of the line for 4K OLEDs you can get

      • Ooooo!

        • for this price, Yes.
          G1 > GX as per specs and my man Caleb

    • According to choice both equal 4K quality but Cx slightly better on sd and hd. I think if you’re going to wall mount get gx and stand cx (if you can get one) as gx is has been made specifically for wall mounting.

      • According to choice

        Please please NEVER use Choice for any TV info let alone others.
        I will never forget when they gave an LG LCD 1080P TV of the year. It was universally panned as an average to horrible tv as far as all picture qualities were concerned. However, Choice have a very odd way of weighting many reviews, tvs included, so the user interface and remote scored so well that it beat every other tv that was really better. I ended my Choice subscription a short time later as I looked into all of their weighting more and saw constant flaws.
        Their current weighting for example:

        The overall score is made up of high definition picture quality (30%), standard definition picture quality (20%), 4K picture quality (5%)user interface (10%), remote control (10%), smart TV (10%), EPG (5%), energy consumption (5%) and sound quality (5%). Voice assistant scores are not included in the overall score.

        • I somewhat agree, but am yet to find the perfect, uncompromised comparison site so I haven’t totally condemned them yet. Another popular site rtings says “

          In terms of picture quality, the LG GX OLED and the LG CX OLED are two very similar TVs and any differences come down to panel variance. Our unit of the CX has much better color accuracy, better gradient handling, and it gets slightly brighter. However, our unit of the GX has wider viewing angles. The major difference between them is that the GX comes with a wall mount that makes it sit flush against a wall, while the CX comes with a stand.“

          Not much between them but as I said I wouldn’t be buying the gx over Cx if you think your getting better picture quality, (so I think they were on the mark there) but only pay the extra for gx if you want the best wall mount model available.

          2021 models is obviously a different story.

          I still like Choice as part of the info to make my buying decision but always take other factors, in this case I think they are pretty close to the money with the comparison.

          • @Captain Hindsight: The CX & GX are exactly the same panels, chipsets etc…. The only difference is the G series is design to be wall mounted, thus has a completely different rear.
            So as Rtings put it, the difference is solely the difference between individual panels, just as it would be comparing one CX to another CX or GX to GX.
            This is another example of Choice given broad yet unhelpful information that is effectively misleading.

            • @snuke: Yes good point although they are making an assumption based on n=1 that it is the panels slight variation. Based on their data they can’t prove it. I’m sure the internals have some differences that could potentially have a slight impact on performance.

              Could debate this forever but as I said gx for mounting, Cx for stand and also whichever is cheaper.

              • @Captain Hindsight: There is no debate, there is nothing rtings or others need to prove, LG clearly stated on release that the only difference is in how it is to be displayed and therefore looks aesthetically.

                • @snuke: I disagree there is a debate by the fact fact I'm replying implies this. As for LG not sure they could be counted as impartial when commenting on there own product.

                  No doubt there are many instances where a manufacturer has made claims that don’t stack up in reality, certainly many cases where a higher and/or more expensive model piece of tech is not actually as good as the cheaper model.

                  • @Captain Hindsight: I feel like I am debating if the earth is round with a flat earther, no matter how many points of reference to confirm a fact, you still won't accept it.
                    Manufacturer states the are the same, all respected reviews state they are the same, but you seemingly know more than all of them and will not accept that the GX and CX are the same in as far as display goes.

                    What do you actually know that no one else knows?

                    • @snuke: Me too, I’m not disagreeing panels are similar quality. I don’t know anything extra and never said I did.

                      I am disagreeing with the fact if the manufacturer makes claims that they are necessarily true and the logic of the statement on rtings you quoted “ the difference is solely the difference between individual panels” when they only had one of each panel, that’s not evidence but assumption. Anyway this conversation with you has become like banging my head against a wall and I think for both of us will feel good to stop now, I know it will for me.

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    Awesome work. Great tv.

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      All I did was ask! TBH I didn't even have to bargain, I just said "is this the best you can do…?" and he dropped the price down from $3,275 to $3,250. =) I knew that this being the premium OLED I was getting the best deal even at $3,275.

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        For that price it's really unbeatable well done.

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    Well played, good sir.

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      Thanks! Honestly I got the idea from the comment at this post… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/618738 someone there said just call 1300 number for TGG and ask for a a good price on LG OLEDs they are running them out and that is what I did.

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    I love the price. I looked at the same one yesterday. And it’s a beautiful tv. I am worried that if I show your receipt as an example, they might take your one back :)

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      Hahahah! from my cold dead hands :-p

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    BUT, all kudos also goes to the salesman too at the Browns Plains TGG Store, he was a nice guys and as I said earlier, we didn't haggle or anything, he straight-up came to me with a rock-bottom price and we just walked out of the store from there. =)

    I am a happy customer of TGG, great service and great staff!

    • +21

      guy at browns plains was just stoked somebody didnt rob him

  • Stack with 'Home' gift cards from Woolies for another (effective) 10% off.

  • For the untrained buyer. There are sell-through supplier promotions, and these are currently part of that sell through. Prices expire 28 April so you have until then to get the same deals as above. After that date no chance

    • +1

      How does it work?

      • Suppliers give buying groups a better price to help sell through stock. Generally overstock and EOL.

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    You negotiated with Rambo?! You're better than I thought!!

    • +3

      Plot twist: OP is Chuck Norris

      • hahahhahha… if you only knew… — J. Wick

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    Any discounts on 77"?

    • +1

      I just bought one for $8100 for the G1. Yeah it's a tonne of cash but it's my dream tv

      • +1

        Until micro led comes out haha

        • +1

          Micro is a while away yet at that price. But yes hoping it's amazing.

          • @kulprit: Yea I just meant spending this much now could be regretful. I love my c9 but didn’t pay much for it and bight it a year and a but ago. Buying something so expensive this late in the oled game is all I’m saying.

    • I too am waiting. Hoping for the CX to plunge deep into the 5000s at which point I'd definitely pull the trigger. Though that day may never come I fear

  • Everyone out there that has an LG OLED, any recommendations on the extended product warranty? Is it worth the extra $500 for another 48 months?

    • Australian Consumer Law on an expensive item like an OLED TV will protect you well past the 12 months. There are reports from members on here and Whirlpool that have received a full refund on a faulty item from the store even when it's 5 years old or longer.

      Iv'e been down this track myself , only thing I'd mention is that you'd have an easier time getting a replacement or refund with JB or the Good Guys , than you'd have with Harvey Norman for example, that's the reason I only buy from JB.

  • +4

    How would this compare to say a top of the range Aldi TV of which I can also afford?

    • +2

      I reckon Aldi TV is pretty high end! I’d rate it above the Pioneer Kuro!

      • +1

        A lot of the youngsters will be: "Pioneer made TVs????".

        Answer: Yep, the best FHD panels. moo was being very sarcastic.

  • +2

    Wow mate, very nice and thanks for posting! I gave them a call but could only drop it to $3,795, and the rep wouldn't go further. It seems I have much to learn about negotiating!

    • +1

      Wow! that's tough, I'd call the stores directly please, try that strategy.

  • +1

    this is dream TV basically the more fancier version of C1 you lucky SOB OP

    • Fancier, as in the one with better speakers?

      • i said C1 i meant to say CX, the new ones are C1 and G1, the new ones have a little better detail in dark scenes but not that much to justify the extra cost.

        • -1

          Sounds just like the CX vs C9.

          C9 was $1712 and CX is $2800. $1000 doesn't justify the improvements, or lack there of. C9 is the better tv!

          • +2

            @DisabledUser319612: can you find any c9 brand new 65 inch and if so how much? thats what i thought

            • @striker5950: Good things don't last forever 🙂

          • @DisabledUser319612: can't really compare past years prices with covid and ongoing silicone shortages globally.

            the world has changed for us bargain hunters

            • +2

              @blergmonkeys: Then we need to vote with our wallets and stop buying. If they did a price increase to $8000 and people keep buying then next year it will be $10,000.

              • @DisabledUser319612: it's not about manufacturer or retailer greed, though

                it's about supply and demand and, for now and the foreseeable future, demand far outweighs supply due to extraneous issues.

        • +1

          Iv'e had 24 hours with my new CX 65 , it's so good that I can't imagine a TV looking much better . So if the C1 or G1 are better , it can't be by much.

  • Is this replicable?

  • +1

    Awesome price dude… well played 👍🏾

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    I just visited my local GG and the best the guy would offer me on an ex-display GX was $3500, so this is quite the bargain.

  • Only 12 months manufacturer’s warranty?

    Does this LCD come with a stand?

    • +1

      This TV doesn't come with any LCD or a stand (the lower end C or B models do).

      • +2

        Ah yes on the LCD part, old habits! Reason why I wanted to clarify on the stand part is because on the product page, it states “ask your retailer for your complimentary stand” https://media.flixcar.com/f360cdn/LG_Electronics-67628802-GX...

        • +1

          US site?

          • +1

            @strangeloops66: Last I checked, GG was an Australian retailer.

            • +1

              @moo: It looked like a link to LG, so I wondered whether the complimentary stand was a US promotion only. Now I can see from OP's link that The Good Guys have simply regurgitated parts of LG's online material. OP has now confirmed that he received a complimentary stand, contrary to yale2016's assertion to the contrary.

              • @strangeloops66: I suppose if you do buy it from GG, you’d be able to hold them to account if they say otherwise. Great deal nonetheless.

    • Ah! great question mate. Yes! it did come with the stand. The Sales Rep sold it to us with a desktop (or table top) stand, not a floor stand and it was at no extra cost to the invoice, as you can see. Though the default in-the-box, it already has the wall mount in it.

  • +2

    Combine with this for another 10% savings. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617983
    Did this with a laptop last Wednesday. Was fun running 14 gift cards through the machine in a row.

    • Wow! I didn't do this earlier so kudos mate!

  • +1

    That's a pretty solid price. I have this TV and it's amazing, just remember that unlike the CX, this is meant to be wall mounted and does not come with a stand. I managed to get mine for ~2800, well worth it!

    • can u elaborate how to achieve this price cheers

      • +1

        I bought it on FB marketplace, brand new in box, still sealed (sadly not a price any retailer will match)

        • You're brave. I'd be shit-scared that the panel was broken and that's why they were getting rid of it.

          • +1

            @strangeloops66: Those thoughts were definitely running through my head, but I figured it was worth the risk and thankfully it paid off! Has been flawless so far :D

    • Holy cow! that is amazing!!! Great catch mate. 24hrs in and I can certainly tell that this is a beautiful TV.

  • +1

    I showed the recipet and asked in my store can do price match. They said can’t do this low price as it’s already discounted price. You got better deal..

    • +1

      Yeah I got the same spiel from the JB-HiFi near me when I asked them about the LG OLED65CXPTA for $2,965 that TGG already agreed and sent me the invoice for over the phone (when I called the 1300 number). The told me the exact same words, and all I asked was for a price match. So, I jumped in the car drove about 30mins to the TGG store ready to pickup the last remaining int-the-box (according to their computers when the lady from the 1300 checked) LG OLED65CXPTA for $2,965, only to find out that the head-office system's inventory hadn't updated yet. Doh! But I walked away with this instead, and I honestly didn't have to haggle for it, you can ask Mr. Rambo! =)

      Fast, easy and great customer service, that is all I can say.

      May I suggest that you try other stores if possible.

      • +1

        In another thread somebody got the 65 CX from Browns Plain at that price so he must have been the one (EDIT: Oh wait that was your comment I saw lol whoops)

        Definitely worth checking in with TGG in store as the right person will take off a further chunk.

  • +2

    Thank you for posting this deal. I just got the same deal in Brisbane.

    • +1


    • Nice work! At TGG too? Which store if so, I’m having trouble finding stock….

  • +1

    Replicated this deal at oxley Brisbane. Gx65 for 3250$ cheers op!

    • OMG! That’s sweet!

  • thanks for the heads up on the deal and the woolies bonus rewards.. I scored an LG OLED 65" CX new in box for $3200 from TGG Dandenong. $3200 worth of Ultimate Home gift cards from Woolies (manager was suss about my wanting so many, asked me for ABN as he thought I was using it to get around payroll tax or something) and $320 reward points toward my next few weeks of shopping. Delivery is $55 for TV which I thought was reasonable (as it wouldn't fit in my car).

    • Nice deal. I called TGG 1300 number on Sunday and he told me there wasn't a single CX 65 left in Victoria, only floor stock. Someone's lying then!

      • yeah call Dandenong TGG and ask for Sina - I'm pretty sure she said she had another one (besides the display model.. which they wanted $3000 for).
        EDIT: oh delivered this evening, but I'm going to have to wait a couple of days to unpack it when my son is here - it's too big and bulky to shift by myself!

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