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Tri-Burst LED Light $19.95, UV-ZONE Phone Sanitizer $19.95 Delivered @ Australia Post

  1. UV-ZONE Phone Sanitizer
    Sanitze and Charge your phone at the same time. As Seen on TV.
    Demonstration from Youtube

  2. Tri-Burst LED Light - Bayonet fitting
    Multi directional LED light. Easily screws into any standard light.

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    Does it charge your phone via a wireless qi charger or just means you can put a cable in?

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    As Seen on TV

    Whenever I read something lik this I see it as an indicator to not buy it.


      It's a red flag hey lol


        Plus, these UV devices aren't going to come anywhere close to being as effective as 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes.

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          If those lights are GENUINELY UV-C, they will do MUCH better, actually.
          I just wonder how they're getting away with selling a USB-C device without MUCH more warnings and guidelines.

          I built my own UV-C sanitiser using a UV-C bulb used in medical sanitizing. and another used in fish-tank purification.
          A proper UV-C device will make your skin smell like cooked pork in seconds; It's not a friendly device if you're not sure what you're doing.

          EDIT: As expected, I think they're going to be UV-B.

          my $20 ebay UV-C aquarium sanitizer will discolour ANYTHING (even most UV resistant stuff, because it's UV-C) in under 10 minutes….


            @MasterScythe: I suspect simply having an interlock (lid switch) that disables the lights on opening makes it safe enough to sell without warnings.


    Samsung UV Sterilizer with wireless charger $39 delivered on Amazon.


    Get a UV lamp and a cardboard box?


      Yes, I've done this, but using a black plastic tub; but you need to be VERY careful playing with UV-C, it'll send you blind VERY quickly, and cause high risk of skin cancer from only mild exposure.


      Yeah I used a shoe box, lined with aluminium foil to bounce the light around.

      Definitely works as stuff smells like it's burning afterwards. Apparently it's the smell of burnt hair/flesh.


        There's a news story somewhere about a nightclub who liked the 'light blue' lamps, to offset their 'dark purple' ones….
        Wasn't a rumour, it was actually covered in news in the UK I believe.
        Their staff ended up suing IIRC, for permanent eye damage, and 2nd degree sunburn.

        stuff smells like it's burning afterwards. Apparently it's the smell of burnt hair/flesh.

        Be sure it's a well ventilated room, and consider giving it 10 minutes to clear before hanging around; it's very likely what you're smelling is Ozone.
        There is no 'safe' exposure limit. (though you're not gonna die from a few whiffs :P)


    does the led light worth it???


      it is if you really need it …i didn’t need it but one day i might need it 😎


      Will help to drive away those winter blues, caused in part by low light levels.
      Direct sunlight is 100,000 lumens per Sq M for reference.


        I was contemplating the same but a quick search on eBay suggests double the lumens lights are available for a whole dollar less here


          Interesting, certainly better value, if it's true. There's also 10,000lm ones available for similar prices, so the auspost price is nothing special.

          Me I'd probably go with one of these. Looks just as nasty, but you can populate it with bulbs of your choice. Lets you avoid the potential problem of chinese lumens

          Whichever way people go, I think it's worth doing. I just switched over my light to a higher rated one, after finding out my Lifex bulb is only full brightness at one specific temperature. I definitely feel less tired in the early evening with more white light shining. I'd probably go as high as 5000lm for a 3mx3m room but I want it more spread out. Its too glare-y if it's concentrated from one source.



          your ebay link…

          Does it say 60W? seriously???

          I thought LED would be wayyyyy…. lower than that…

          Can't tell how much wattage for aupost LED


            @thomalfa: They look like 20W COB led's x3


              @MasterScythe: could be half… just 30W… since only product 3k lm

              but it does say 300% brighter than 60W… could be comparing against 60w light bulb


            @thomalfa: The wattage is what has been making me stall my decision against buying these kind of lights. There are a fair few types but all of them seem to have high wattage, which concerns me of over heating.