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US$5 off US$50, US$10 off US$90, US$15 off US$120 Spend + More @ AliExpress


A heap of new coupons due to start on the 28th at 5pm AEST as part of AliExpress' Tech Mania sale.

Important: The coupons will ONLY work on products with the Tech Mania sale banner.

EU€ coupons marked as expired due to being for EU customers only.

  • US$5 off US$50 with coupon TECH5
  • US$10 off US$90 with coupon AETECHA1090
  • US$15 off US$120 with coupon TECH15 Expired
  • €4 off €30 with coupon TECHMANIA4
  • €7 off €50 with coupon TECHMANIA7
  • €15 off €120 with coupon TECHMANIA15
  • €25 off €190 with coupon TECHMANIA25

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  • Has a single one of these "upcoming" AliExpress deals actually become usable to Aus users in day the past 12 months?
    The previous 2 much hyped ones posted on here resulted in the codes not working at any stage, and the posts locked.
    Don't get me wrong, I'd love some working AliExpress codes, but they seemingly never eventuate and just end up as free advertising and links to their website.

    Edit: the failure of codes seems to occur more when it's in other currencies/countries

    • All 3 of these worked fine and multiple times too

      I have no doubt the EU coupons won't work which is why I've mentioned it in the description and excluded from the title. Though there's always the chance they will work.

    • +1

      I havent had any trouble using the aliexpress codes here on the day theyre active. I used like half a dozen of them during the anniversary sale too. My thing is set to Aust dollars. Are you sure you met the min amount needed to use the coupon after currency conversion and before shipping and make-gerry-happy tax?

  • +2

    Not sure if the coupon will work on this but the Redmi Note 10 5G will be US$184 from 28/4. Looks like a very good price for a 5G phone


    • +1

      I know for a fact there's going to be a promocode for the launch of the Redmi Note 10, however it's not specified if it's a unique coupon or one shared. They're already offering a US$15 store promo code at least.

  • +4

    Fuuu. I just spent 200 today at aliexpress on home automtion stuff. Guess I have to spend more.

    • Out of interest what did you get?
      Starting to do more HA and curious what others are doing.

      • +2

        I already have cameras so this is what i added: A gas sensor and 2 fire detectors so I can be alerted when I'm not at home. No more worries about if the gas stove is leaking cause ihave an awful sense of smell. Some 360 degree pir sensors to put above the entrances and lots of door sensors. Thinking of putting a door sensor on the inside of the mailbox flap so I know when the mailman comes since it's every two days delivery now and the Amazon guy sometimes puts things in the mailbox and sometimes on the porch floor. Also putting one on the fridge in case the door is left ajar. On the bottom of the garage door with a pir above for added measure. So far I'm just thinking of security and safety needs but I know some put door sensors on their wardrobe to auto turn on a light etc. That'll be the next step of my project :)

        • Should have spent $200 on a plumber to fix that gas leak.

          • @tap: Lol theres no gas leak. Its my fear of it leaking cause Im bad at smelling things. Already had a plumber add a tap next to the stove inside the cabinet to switch off at night as an extra precaution.

        • With all these gadgets i hope you also have battery backups or ups in case someone cuts off your power.

        • Sounds good. Are you using Wifi, Z-Wave or Zigbee?
          So far I've mainly been using wifi and flashing devices with ESPHome.

          • @ruddj: Wifi. I couldn't flash my cameras but I'm hopeful my door sensors can be if they haven't been updated.

  • +1

    will we still be eligible for CR/Shopback with these coupons?

  • AETECHA1090 doesnt work? Order total $100

    • Not working here either. Looks like it may be restricted to purchases from "Flagship Stores".

  • Not working…

    Edit: I see the edit to OP.

  • Tried to checkout an item from the Techmania campaign page:

    TECH5 and AETECHA1090 works
    TECH15 has expired
    TECHMANIA codes doesn't work

    Edit: Looking at one of the product pages, the TECHMANIA codes are for Spain.

  • Products with the Tech Mania banner for their price will work.

  • Trying to find a cheap tech mania iphone X LCD replacement

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