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Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker (2020) $19.95 (Was $39.95) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheap Bluetooth tracker - with two way find feature (can locate phone too) and replaceable battery. Also works with Google / Alexa.

Offer valid for instore & online transactions until 11:59PM AEST 5th May 2021, offer cannot be extended. Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon offer. Coupon valid for a Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker (2020) (413903). Offer while stocks last. Excludes delivery charges. 50% off^ will be calculated from the current ticket price. Offer can be redeemed instore or online by visiting, adding the specified product to your shopping cart and entering the coupon code number in the box provided at checkout.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +109 votes

    clearing out stock to make way for AirTags lol

    • +6 votes

      It's a good price if you have an android phone!

      • -13 votes

        Possibly Apple will release a Find-My app in playstore
        like they release Apple music in playstore too

        Then Tiles will be totally blown away LOL

    • +3 votes

      Yeah, anyone who has invested in shares in this company better start selling their shares.

      • +5 votes

        luckily it's a private company, smaller number of casualties


          Think about their children!

      • +3 votes

        Tile have managed to get deals to work with HP laptops, Fitbits, headphones from Bose, Skullcandy and Sennheiser, Fossil wallets, and Keysmart key holders (as well as other products), so I’m not sure they will be shaking in their boots just yet.

        • +3 votes

          Plus pretty big price difference

    • +16 votes

      Why? Android makes up around 85% of phones globally. Apple seems popular but they're a drop in the ocean.

      • +6 votes

        They are talking about Tile. The apple competitor is much cheaper, so Tile will face greater competitive pressures.

        • +15 votes

          Android users aren't going to use Apple's tags though so not really a competitor at all.

          • +16 votes

            @apsilon: 1% of 85% devices is lush much less than 100% of 15%.

          • +26 votes

            @apsilon: You got to think with those Android numbers where they are coming from. A lot will be from 3rd world countries where they wouldn’t even look to be buying a tile.

            If you look in the developed countries, iPhone vs. Samsung. I’d say it’d be about 50/50 if not more leaning to iPhone

            • +4 votes

              @Danstar: 100%

            • -5 votes

              @Danstar: Most 3rdworlders don't own a car to even put this on a car key.

              • -8 votes

                @i0k-0RU2zd10c: This is true. Not sure why someone negged you. Have a plus

              • +8 votes

                @i0k-0RU2zd10c: what about motorbikes, scooters, and house keys

                third world do drive, just other types of vehicles instead of cars

                • -6 votes

                  @pinkybrain: They also usually don’t wear helmets or even have doors to lock

          • +1 vote

            @apsilon: That's right. But thinking about the markets Tile operates in, USA/EU/AsiaPac, there is likely to be greater amount of Apple users. It's likely that introducing a cheaper product for Apple users will impair the sale of Tile products overall.

          • +2 votes

            @apsilon: .
            iOS might only have 20% of the Global Phone Marketshare.
            Android could have 80% of the Global Phone Marketshare.

            Apple takes around 80% of Profits in the smartphone space.
            The rest of that little 20% is split between 6-or-so other companies.
            It is such a huge difference!

            I know which company I'd rather own : )


              @Kangal: You mean which company owns (milks) you ;)

              • +2 votes

                @taki: Maybe, but you forget that these are all for-profit companies? Besides, there's far worse companies that milk you.

                Apple is rightfully expensive because they: design their own CPUs, GPUs, Antennas, UI, OS, SDK, Programming Language, Marketplace, Hardware, Protocols, Motherboards, and semi-custom designs in Cameras. All of this is real R&D which most other phone sellers dont have to pay. Not to mention their vast network of stores, centers, and their huge Marketing costs.

                Just think of a phone maker like the OnePlus 8 Pro. Flagship costs (~$1700). Yet, the UI, SDK, OS etc all comes for free from Google (or relatively low cost to them). Not to mention the other tangibles like Protocols, Language, and Marketplace. The CPU, GPU, Antennas, and basically the whole SoC is given to them from Qualcomm. The display is from Samsung. The cameras are directly from Sony. The design is mostly inspired from their competitors. Relatively little is spent for the Motherboard. So basically OnePlus has ZERO R&D COSTS. They don't have a distribution center either, or physical-stores, more cost savings. Basically you're paying for their Marketing department, which let's face it, is tiny compared to Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei. Now I'm not saying don't buy a OnePlus, I think they're good, I have one, and I don't want them to change their business model. I simply want them to go back to offering great software support (they've been gettibg worse since OnePlus 6) and to selling flagship phones at regular prices (Under AUD $899, adjusted for inflation).

      • +14 votes

        yes but tile can’t use a network of a billion devices to find your stuff no?

        • -13 votes

          What? That's exactly what tile does. Uses anyone with the app that's in range of the tag to locate it.

          • +27 votes

            @apsilon: tile doesn't have 1 billion active iPhones (not to mention all the other devices which they sell), apple does, and the find my app is installed and activated on all of them by default making them a walking locator for your items

            meanwhile tile has sold 10 million tags…
            do the math, if something was lost, you'd have a much higher chance of finding it if you stuck an airtag on it

            • -4 votes

              @epicttiimm: “if something was lost, you'd have a much higher chance of finding it if you stuck an airtag on it”

              Ha ha ha! You win!

            • -2 votes

              @epicttiimm: Except the average user who didn't even sign up for the program will either ignore the tag entirely, or take the opportunity to just steal whatever is "lost" and remove the tag.

              There could also be a group of opportunistic thieves using the Tile app to detect lost Tile's but I don't think it's anywhere near as a lucrative.

              There's benefits and downsides to force adopting a "safety net" that assumes everyone is good willed across every iOS device on the planet.

              • +12 votes

                @Shwayne: The app doesn't show you where other people's tags are. It only relays the information back to the original user.

                So there's no stealing opportunity for the average user.


                @Shwayne: Don't think you know how these peer tracking in Tiles or Appletag works man.

                Anyone who has a Tiles tag would have their Tiles App open for obvious reasons. The app needs to be opened for it to track each registered tile position (if in range) ever X sec.

                Tile app not only detects tiles registered by its owner, but it will also "sense" if there is a unknown tiles in their Bluetooth range. The App itself will not display this info..

                So if you lost your tiles, and if someone has the app opened and walk pass it, in theory it will have the trace of its last location stored. So when you try to locate your lost tile, there is a high chance its last seen location be reported to Tile server.

                Your lost tile can even beep if it is in the range of someone's Tile app who is usually connected to internet if you allow this to happen.

                So in short, normal user will not be able to find missing tile as treasure hunt if the original user doesn't allows it.

                I believe Appletag will use the same tech but just with many many more walking user with their apps (by default) opened.

            • -6 votes

              @epicttiimm: Be aware that AirTag is for iPhones 11 & 12 only. (unless I dreamt that) (well IOS 14.5 capable devices)

              So not every iPhone ever manufactured. ;)

              • +6 votes

                @jvjv: No, 11 and 12 get the Precision Finding feature with the little green arrow to direct you to the AirTag but older phones will still be able to use it like a normal tracker.

              • +4 votes

                @jvjv: Nah iPhone 11 and 12 have UWB chip so precision tracking :)

                Pretty sure every iOS 14 device can run iOS 14.5. Every iPhone running iOS 14.5 can track airtags, so that means phones as old as the 6 year old iPhone 6s are part of the find my network

              • +3 votes

                @jvjv: The iPhone 6s and above can run iOS 14

          • +7 votes

            @apsilon: Any one of the 3 users in your city with the Tile app?

            I'm not an Apple user but let's accept that they have a huge network of devices.

            • +2 votes

              @bio: Looking at the app right now sitting here at my PC there's 1555 Tile users in 10km radius. I'm not disputing Apple doesn't have a lot of users but suggesting all stores and people are going to dump Tile and move to airtags is delusional.

              • +6 votes

                @apsilon: Not something that will happen overnight obviously, but if you were buying now and have an iOS device at all, you'd be silly to buy the Tile. There's about 500,000 iOS users within a 20km radius of me…

                If you're only going to lose things in the major cities it will probably be 12-24 months before Tile's usage shows a decline. If you're somewhere more remote there's a better than 50% chance that any person walking by has an iOS device, while there's probably a 1/1,000 chance at best they're running the Tile software.

                Tile has a sealed battery AFAIK and AirTags have a replaceable standard coin battery, so the entire Tile 'fleet' is only ever 12 ish months from obsolescence.

                • +4 votes

                  @jkart: This Tile has a replaceable battery but the # of app installs is insignificant vs Apple's iOS. The only way Tile can overcome that hurdle is if Google decide to integrate Tile's api into all android OSs, a highly unlikely proposition.

                  • +1 vote

                    @bargainshooter: Apple’s Find My platform is now open to 3rd parties & it’s just a matter of time before Tile is compatible with it.
                    One more reason for me to recommend Tile is the company’s recent partnership with Intel & HP. Intel is developing tracking chip in partnership with Tile, which means Tile will be in your laptops soon.


                      @taki: I wouldn't be so sure.

                      While Apple opened up its Find My app to third parties earlier this month, Tile said it’s similar to a “hostage” program with very strict terms and conditions. The main point Daru is referencing is that if a third party builds Find My support into a product, customers can’t use the third-party app to control it. Notably, that is different than how the Home app and HomeKit third-party products work.

                      Basically, if Tile makes their (new) products compatible with Find My, they will eventually lose their App Install base on iOS, devaluing their proposition to Android users and owners of older non find-my devices.

                      They likely require new hardware / firmware to make existing tiles compatible as well. I have lost count of how many devices have promised compatibility with HomeKit only for it to never eventuate or eventuate with a new version of the product. In this case Tile seem to be anti Find-My so even less likely.

                    • +1 vote

                      @taki: Some Highend HP Business Grade Notebook already has Tile build in.
                      WIth the cost of Tile relatively cheap compared to other computer components, it could be a coming trend.



                    @bargainshooter: if google buys Tile and does something like Apple Air tags
                    then yeah it would be good competition for Apple

                    • +1 vote

                      @pinkybrain: Google has far more failures than successes.

                      In fact, most of their successful services started out as a competitor and then were absorbed by Google. The exception being Search and Ads. So if Google acquires Tile, which is likely, people shouldn't get hyped about it. Just remember where they went with AndroidTV, AndroidWear, Tablets, Google Glass.

                      • +2 votes

                        @Kangal: The reason these failures is cos they have more toys to play with, just look at all the new and unknown projects/research they are playing with now.
                        also they are more recent failures so you remember

                        All the big companies have had some sort of failures, even Apple, Microsoft etc, but of course people forget all the stuff since it was a lot longer ago.

                        Companies learn from their failures and improve it or abandon it.
                        E.g. Google Android TV's failure has now turn into GoogleTV which has been pretty successful so far.

                        Google glass failure is more to do with people worrying about invasion of privacy rather than the tech is not good.
                        Anyways I think they are keeping this for business or something
                        Also heard apple was working on something similar except when apple releases it they have a high loyalty base that are more willing to accept it (who knows).

                        AndroidWear is not dead, as you can see from Google acquisition of Fitbit.
                        So who knows if from this they learn and create something like what they did for GoogleTV etc..

                        Also these failures might be the lessons that teach the next company that tries it which leads to success..

                        If you look at the iphone, microsoft actually had something earlier but they had a stylus and was not a proper mobile OS.
                        These failures help Apple learn from which they used to release their iPhones..

                        Even Apple had to be bailed out by Microsoft at one point
                        and if they weren't there would not be an Apple today.

                        All of apples biggest failures

                        When a someone tries something first, success is usually not guaranteed.

                        The reason why it would be good if google bought tile is cos tile could leverage off all the android phones out there which is even more than Apple.
                        Also I don't know if Apple air tags work with Android phones properly like in Precision Finding
                        and even on IOS you need the phones with U1 chip which is only the iPhone 11 and 12 so alot of people will miss out on this cool feature
                        and can only use the beep sound to locate the tags..

                        • +1 vote

                          @pinkybrain: You think it's about being first, or some other arbitrary reason why certain projects fail at certain companies.
                          That's not true.

                          What ultimately leads to failure is either luck, or management. Luck can't be controlled nor accurately scaled so count that out, which means the primary reason is management. Ie Who makes the decisions, which decisions, when, where, how, why. Apple has FAR more projects under it's belt than Google, however, they release FAR less of these into the market. That's because they have intelligent management. They know what is a risk, and end up cancelling projects, or putting them on back-burner. It is better to keep a substandard product out of the market, than to sully your reputation.

                          Google's strategy? Throw it on the wall, and see what sticks. They're not pro-active like Apple, they are re-active. Sure they aren't as stubborn as some other old-school companies, and this allows them to be lighter on their feet. But they aren't competing with themselves, moreso just competing with the field. And as long as that continues, they will be playing a Finite Game whilst competitors are playing the Infinite Game.

                          I'm not advocating for Apple. I'm merely pointing out that if Google acquires Tile, the end result would not be like Apple's not what you envisioned. It is probably going to be like AndroidWear, with lots of anticipation initially, then radar silence, then it will fade into obscurity, leaving behind some owners ticked off and lots of potential customers who refuse to buy due to some major drawbacks.


                @apsilon: Agree. It will be double edge sword for Tile.

                For one some Apple-based Tile users may move to Apple tag. But with this Bluetooth tracking tech more people talk about now, it may attract more people from the Android or even PC ecosystem to try.

          • +6 votes

            @apsilon: "Uses anyone with the app"

            That's the important bit. Their installed market base was much smaller than Apple has on launch, and will probably shrink as a result. Apple gets to basically use every iOS device, whether it has a specific app or not.


          Well tile could update its software to use Find My instead of its own app and then its tags will have similar access to Apple devices.

      • +10 votes

        It was clearly a joke, but since you've taken it seriously, then I will too.

        Android makes up around 85% of phones globally

        Why use a global statistic when talking about an Australian retailer.

        Since August 2019, the two smartphone operating systems with the largest market share in Australia were Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. In August 2020, iOS held a 52.84 percent share of the mobile operating system market in Australia.

        Ah ok, I see why you cherry-picked that one now :)

        • -6 votes

          Tile isn't an Australian retailer, they're US based I believe.

          • +3 votes

            @apsilon: JB HiFi is the one "clearing stock", not Tile…

            • -6 votes

              @sheamas88: JB aren't clearing stock, there's just a coupon code for a discount.

              • +2 votes

                @apsilon: I know they aren't clearing stock, it was clearly a joke that you got whooshed on

                Just pointing out that your cherry-picking stats make your argument :)

      • +4 votes

        Android users aren't going to buy this cause they're tightarses. That's why they're Android users..


          shots fired!

        • +4 votes

          majority of ozbargainers are tightarses so what you trying to say?

          Also people who choose Android does not mean they can't buy Apple phones
          they just see that Apple phones are overprice compared to what you get with it
          vs what you can get on Android phones

          Also on android, there are many ways to customize you phone.
          On IOS you can't even install any themes unless you jailbreak it.

          Many of the stuff that IOS has now e.g. Widgets
          were on Android a long time ago.

          Yet iSheep just continue to shove apple their money every year
          cos they are stuck in the ecosystem

          IF/When Apple gets rid of the ugly notch
          they will make it out like they just invented this with some new marketing slogan..

          iPad is definitely the superior product for tablets though
          With the new M1 iPad Pro apple just doesn't have any real competition.

          • +8 votes

            @pinkybrain: So how much does the latest Samsung phone cost? Pretty sure they are about the same prices. iPhones just hold greater resale value

            Themes? I’m not a teenage girl so that feature is of no use to me and I’m sure the majority of phone users aged over 30

            • -6 votes

              @Danstar: there are heaps of people who jailbreak their iphones that install new themes on it
              IOS has the same look for a long long time now..

              And all people who own androids who want a new look to their phone is a teenage girl? LOL
              You are just boring iSheep willing to take whatever apple gives you.

              Apple has been "borrowing" from Android many of the stuff they are adding to their IOS like Widgets
              You better not being using any Widgets cos only teenage girls use them.

              iPhones are just overprice for what you get.
              Even the base model iPhone 12 only gives you 64GB are how many years now?
              Most base models on android are 128GB..

              Apple phones have a higher resale value because there are moron iSheep that is willing to pay like $400+
              for an older e.g. iphone 8+ that is how many generation old now..
              when that amount money can buy a more current Android phone that has better specs than the phone.

              It is from the sale group of moron iSheeps that are willing to buy Apple wheels or the hermes tag for Air Tag

              • +1 vote

                @pinkybrain: I don’t use widgets :)

                And better specs for a same priced 6 year old iPhone maybe. But it’ll be using android ;)

                • -4 votes

                  @Danstar: LOL if you updated to the latest versions of IOS ie iOS 14, you already are using widgets
                  when you swipe left they are all prebuilt in the OS.

                  Oh you must not realized they are now all widgets.

                  And better specs for a same priced 6 year old iPhone maybe. But it’ll be using android ;)

                  Don't even know what you are trying to say here but okay whatever…

                  Why don't you just compare what you get in iphone 8 to what you can on Android phone
                  The specs of the iphone 8 is quite outdated now but they still want to charge you like $400 for it.

                  Even the based model of the iphone 12 only gives you 64GB after how many years now vs getting 128GB as a base model on Android.
                  Only dumb iSheep thinks that is a good deal.

                  You should get the hermes tag or apple wheels cos it is a really good deal
                  and you can show it off to your iSheep friends.

                  • +3 votes

                    @pinkybrain: I never swipe left. I’m not an ambiturner

                    An iPhone 8 with ios14 is > high spec’d android phones that go for cheap



                      I never swipe left. I’m not an ambiturner

                      if you never swipe left
                      how do you get back to your first page?

                      LOL stop giving dumb answers..
                      You should really stop because it showing how much intelligence you have… which is zero

                      iPhone 8 with ios14 is > high spec

                      LOL, Okay whatever…
                      you keep telling yourself that..

                      Keep drinking Apple's Kool aid, cos they love iSheeps like you. 😂


                        @pinkybrain: But you’re an isheep yourself as you said you have apple products …..

                        if you never swipe left
                        how do you get back to your first page?

                        I’m assuming you’ve never watched zoolander…?

                        And there is a way to get back to the first page without swiping left ;) ;)

          • +2 votes

            @pinkybrain: You sure got worked up at a comment that wasn’t directed at you specifically…


              @smartazz104: I am not worked up about anything

              Just giving a different perspective to his/her comment about Android users and correcting his incorrect assumptions
              that just cos someone owns Android phone does not mean they can't afford an Apple phone..
              They just choose value for money vs paying double and getting much less.

              I own products from both platforms
              ie Android phone, iPhone, iPad

              BTW I don't hate apple
              I like and have used their IOS and MacOS

              I just think most of their stuff is overpriced for what you get.

        • +4 votes

          I’m a tight arise but use Apple stuff. It just means I don’t upgrade that often.


            @entropysbane: Whaat? You crazy! Apple intentionally lets you put the latest iOS on old phones as part of their evil planned obsolescence strategy!

            seriously tho, i can connect with what you say there.

            nothing against android people, or the phones either, they're all great and everyone is smart enough to choose for themselves.

            but thats one of the major factors that goes into me choosing iphones most of the time; i can choose to keep it for 2 years or 6 years, and i get the sw updates/support anyway. because all iphones get updated for ages, i dont have to intentionally choose a phone at purchase time to keep for ages. i just get it, then decide later if ill replace sooner or later. not having to plan ahead for whether a phone will have decent long term support, on the off chance i need it, feels very freeing to me.


          Android users aren't going to buy this cause they're tightarses. That's why they're Android users..

          Yeah good one. I have an iPad Pro, MacBook Air m1 16gb and a Pixel 3a. I just find Android vastly more capable than iOS in it's phone incarnation.


            @wasabinator: So why have an iPad and Mac….? Get a google chrome book and a galaxy tab…



              So why have an iPad and Mac….? Get a google chrome book and a galaxy tab…

              Because I buy devices for my particular set of needs and not the needs of others?

      • +5 votes

        Sales figures for a free OS are kind of irrelevant when talking about accessory sales. iOS users spend much much more than Android users. And having run some major websites, I can tell you the stats in Australia still show iOS being used much more than Android. Android might have a lot of installed base, but that doesn't translate into paying customers for software or accessories when much of their base is just after the cheapest phone possible.

        Further Apple is kind of anti-competitive with AirTags, because any device that uses their FindMy network has access to EVERY iOS device to find it, while Tile has to rely on people that have installed their App. It means their offering is substantially less capable out of the box, especially in countries like Australia where iOS usage is the highest in the world.

        • +5 votes

          Apple is fairly often anti-competitive, but this doesn’t seem like one of those cases. Tile could, and probably will bring out a model that uses Apple’s Find My network.

          I’’ happy to let Apple be in control of the Find My network and let third parties use it. I have a Tile, but I don’t really use it, as it’s been so unreliable. Find My is also pretty technically impressive, IMO, worth reading up on how they ensure users’ privacy:

          • +4 votes

            @no not me: Yes Tiles are unreliable. All mine have flat batteries and haven't found a reason to put new batteries in. When I needed them the most it most often could not locate my stuff even if you were next to them

      • +5 votes

        What an irrelevant remark considering you yourself are saying users need app to be installed. So how many of % of your 85% will have it!
        I work in the software sector and for us distribution is 67% ios and 33% android
        So what are you on about?
        I doubt people in india or africa will be using tile


        Australia make's up 0.0033% of the world population, it seems big but it's a drop in the ocean!

        *** Since August 2019, the two smartphone operating systems with the largest market share in Australia were Apple's iOS and Google's Android. In August 2020, iOS held a 52.84 percent share of the mobile operating system market in Australia, is my point.

        Woops, thanks other commenter!

        • +1 vote

          I think you are off by a couple of decimal places… World 7674M AU 25M 25/7674*100 = 0.325%

          • +1 vote

            @glenn955: You could be right, I was extremely tired >.<

    • -5 votes

      Apple fan? See how Smart Speaker world share for Apple is ~1% due to pathetic Siri.

      Tile has many advantages:
      + Range 120m vs 61m for AirTag & 120m for Samsung SmartTag(+)
      + Insurance up to $1000 if tagged product is lost
      + Water Proof (can tag your fish of amfibian) vs Water restistant (short time in clean water if you are lucky, iPhone warranty rejected if water sensor activated).
      + Cheaper & variety of options

      Apple’s Find My platform is now open to 3rd parties & it’s just matter of time before Tile is compatible with it.
      One more reason for me to recommend Tile is the company’s recent partnership with Intel & HP. Intel is developing tracking chip in partnership with Tile, which means Tile will be in your laptops soon.

      Don't trust Apple when my money is at stake. Apple is rich because some people don't care how their money goes.
      The coming financial crisis/decade will waken many.

      Not sure if I need tag (my keys are so lean that another tag will double the size, but I ordered to test as $20 is lower risk if obsolete :)
      Who can stop somebody stealing the content & throwing the tag in the water (not recovery for non Tile owners).

      • +1 vote

        Apple is rich because it maximises its buyers’ utility.

        For those whose utility lies elsewhere, there is a myriad other companies’ products.


          "myriad other companies’ products" means more choices (not Apple monopoly/walled garden) & better value for money :)
          The biggest Freedom is choice. No freedom with Apple :(


        The coming financial crisis/decade will waken many.


        You cant even charge a tile

        • +1 vote

          I don’t think you can charge Airtags either. It’s a button battery

    • +3 votes

      How did a thread about Tiles become yet another Apple v. Android argument, smh.

  • +20 votes

    They could use the coupon AirTag for 50% discount lol

  • +2 votes

    Anyone use this on a pet collar?

    • +2 votes

      That's a great idea


        Just don't spam the find my tile feature unnecessarily, it's ridiculously loud and probably very annoying to the pet.

        • +3 votes

          You can use it as a barking collar!!

          • +2 votes

            @Mahalo: Why would a dog's collar bark?


      I want to know this too. it’s 60M range. so as long as they are close it would be okay.