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50% off Samsung Galaxy Buds Live + 3x Galaxy Buds Case $159.50 Delivered @ Samsung


50% Off Galaxy Buds Live + Complimentary Buds Case

Save 50% on Galaxy Buds Live. Offer ends 12.05.21. T&Cs apply*.
Buy a Galaxy Buds Live and select your complimentary case of choice. Offer ends 31.12.21. T&Cs apply.

Was messing around with the cart and discovered you can add up to 3 Galaxy Buds Case.

Add a Galaxy Buds Live + Minion Case + Protective Cover + 1 of 3 HaAInc Strap Cover

1. Add a Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

2. Add Both Minion + Protective Cover

3. Add one HaAInc Strap Cover

Total of Cart should be $159.50 Delivered

PS: If you don't care about the case, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is available at The Good Guys/MobileCiti eBay for $149

Update 5th May: Mystic White Galaxy Buds Live is back in stock. Minions Cover is out of stock so only 2 bonus case now (Protective Cover + HaAInc Strap Cover).

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  • Giving them away hey? Anyone love these? The shape is the biggest criticism no?

    • +8

      I love them because of the shape. It has a lower profile than other earphones and they sit really snugly in my ears.
      I have several other pairs of wireless earphones and I use these the most.

      • +2

        I had the bud pro's that came with the S21 Ultra and they kept falling out of my ears. Change the bud tips and nothing worked. Bought these a month or so ago and are so much better. Thought the sound quality was better (could be because they are more snug therefore block out more noise) but more importantly they stayed in my ears. Use them when I go for a run or bike ride and have had no issues

        • Sorry how did you get buds with the S21 Ultra? Mine didn't come with any?

          • +1

            @b2dz: if you pre-ordered the S21U you can get the buds pro via redemption.

            incidentally, i didn't have any of the issues @jcaf is describing - mine have been great; I wear them much more than my buds live.

      • Are they comfortable to sleep in? I currently use the buds+.

        • Hmm, I've never tried them while sleeping. They do stick out less than the buds+ so if those are OK for you, I imagine these should be better.

        • +1

          be careful not to swallow it though…

        • I've slept with mine in a few times. They are comfortable enough to leave in for a few hours but probably not all night

  • +1

    Heard the beans weren't really comfortable in the ear. True? Pretty good deal though

    • +8

      As with all earphones, it depends on your ears. It's perfectly comfortable in my ears.

    • I've read they're uncomfortable for small ears

  • +1

    I guess everyone's ears are slightly different.

    For me, Airpods keep dropping off and I have to adjust them every few minutes.

    These are uncomfortable for first 15 seconds when you put them on but after that they are ok and stay on. I think if you use these for more than an hour per time these are more comfortable than in ear models.

  • +10

    I have Buds, Buds+ and Buds Live and would recommend the Buds+, particularly if you're going to use them when you're working out.

    • Same here - but all of them have horrible mic quality except for the Buds Pro. I find myself switching between the Pro (taking work calls) and the Plus (exercising) the most - with the Live being used when i cant find either of the first two.

      • According to the reviews at rtings.com, the buds plus has a fairly better mic quality compared to the pro

        • When im outside no one can hear me on the Buds+.

          • @crazycs: Yes, because they're noise-cancelling. ;)

      • Aren't you Samsung's biggest fan boy :)

        • I think he typod the pr in his name…. You remove them then you can say name checks out… Lol

  • +2

    Wonder if these or the buds plus would be better for wearing a motorcycle helmet with

    • Get a Sena Bluetooth headset and use it with earplugs…

    • Definitely not these. They won't protect your hearing at all on highways

      I use a shure se215 (bt version), they come with foam tips and are low profile so you can slide your helmet on and off easily.

      My friend had one of these TWS for a while, but quickly lost it in the bush at night

      • There haven't been a sale on the shure se215 for YONKS!

    • I use the Buds Pro with a motorcylce helmet and they work really well.You have to be careful taking your helmet off as they will often come out of your ears as you remove the helmet and drop on the ground. Sometimes the rubber cover comes off too.

  • More Beans

  • Are these better than the Sony ones?

    • +2

      No. Not even close.

    • If you don't want the type that has to burrow into your ear canal…


      Samsung buds are miles better than the Sony ones…

  • +2

    These also fit very well for me. They stay in and you can do so many things without them falling out. After awhile far more comfortable than headphones, with the strange sensation being when you first put the beans in they feel a bit different but prolonged wearing doesn't cause discomfort, compared to say headphones when you first put them on they might be ok but after awhile if they are on the ears, comfort becomes a problem. Eating with the headphones also alters the sound quality whereas these SQ stays put as they don't move in the ear.

    Only feedback is the sound is not as good as my DT770 Pro or my audiotechnica M50 in the bass department.

  • +2

    Got one from Microsoft for $130. Are these cases any use? I mean these are case for a case 🤔

  • I loved the first version. The buds live however, horrible! Didn’t hold in place.

    I wonder how these things go to market. Is there no prior testing?!

    I now have AirPod Pro, it’s better but not as good as the original Samsung buds.

  • Have these, original buds, and buds+ (got some as part of promotions, others expensed to work).

    These are the ones I wear most of all, and I like the sound.

    The noise cancellation does nothing.

    • The noise cancellation does cancel out some low-frequency noise, like fans and air conditioners. They will not be as quiet as an isolating-style earphone, as you'd expect.

  • The fit depends on your ear shape. I got some white ones and wore them once for about an hour and they started hurting. Everything else about them was really good, which is annoying. Back to my Airpods I go.

  • +1

    Thanks RICHARDL
    Just bought my first brand name ear buds that comes with free accessories.

  • I had these for about 2 months now and perhaps because my ears are towards the medium/small side, these buds are really uncomfortable. They don't just sit gently in my ears. The metal part pushes my ears a little bit which is painful after like 2-3 hours of use. The sound quality is good, ANC non-existent and they aren't comfortable imo.

  • Is there any sound leak on this?

  • Oops

  • everywhere sell this price

  • So it doesn't come with a charge case?

    • +1

      Comes with the charging + 3 additional cover for the case.

    • That's for the Buds+ though.

      • sorry my bad.
        So should be this one?
        $148 Samsung SM-R180 Galaxy Buds Live - Black w/ noise cancellation and active mic

        • +1

          I saw that one yesterday, but got confused because it states it comes with:

          2 x earbuds, cable, but no charger case.

          If you read the FAQs, it says:

          Hi is this with including charger case?
          No, they just give cable

          Yes, comes with a charger case but no charger cord.

          Yes. The case charges the buds as well as keeping enough charge itself to recharge the buds when not connected to power. 👍It is a great feature.

          So, have no idea what's going on with that listing!

          Also, was $138 last night.

  • Just checked, Nil stock on-line, stock alert only.

  • I've got these and really like using them for runs or in the gym as they generally stay put and give decent sound. If I want to just listen to music while commuting or working however, I'll use my Bose QC35iis. The Buds Live do become uncomfortable in my ears after an hour or two, and the 'Noise Cancelling' is not really noise cancelling. But for my purposes, they work well.

  • The mystic white ones are back in stock.


    • Thanks, updated description.

  • +1

    I just received these. They fit quite well in my average sized ears. I wear them all day listening to the radio which would be impossible for me with any other type of headphone. The sound is better than I thought, they are extremely loud and the bass is very heavy.

    As people have mentioned the noise isolation doesn't seem to do much. I noticed it took out the hum from the fridge however.

    Overall I am happy with them.

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