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CyberPower 8 Port Surge Protector $26 + Delivery (Free Sydney Pick up) @ PC Byte


Ozbargains’ favorite Surge protector is on special. Not as good as 2 for $29.50 deal but still a decent price.

Also available for $26 + Delivery @ Save on IT

Available for $28 @ Umart if that’s more convenient for you

Also noticed Officeworks stock these too, so potentially 5% price beat if you can find stock

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    Not as good as 2 for $29.5 deal but still a decent price.

    I am not sure if the above deal will ever come back.
    So, this is as good as it gets.

  • It's a dollar less ($25) at shoppingexpress clearance.

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      If you talk about their ebay store pretty sure that one has shipping of $14 mark

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        That previous deal was for ONE powerboard, not TWO.

        The eBay listing had a confusing title where it said "CyberPower 8 Port Surge Protector with USB x2" and the seller admitted fault that it was confusing, and honored for a few people to send out two units instead of one. It was done in good faith. The seller then updated the description. Everyone else only got one unit.

        …so this deal is actually better than the previous, and I think the cheapest I've seen these was $12 but that was ages ago and I might be remembering wrong. These usually come on-sale at $25 pretty often by the way.

        • Yeah I got 2 for $50 delivered from shopping expression, they were 39$ each but one was free when you added them

  • Does it have individual switches for each plug? Can't see those, not gonna bother

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      No it doesn't just one main switch.

      • Looking for one with that. I bought from Catchoftheday several years ago. Still great. But nowadays don;t know what brand

        • I got mine from woolies (jackson), it has individual switch, though I doubt it has the surge protection.

        • This one? I have one, and it's still working. I think it was $10.

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    I have one and the build quality isn't great. I can hear that "sparking" noise when I plug things in some of the slots. Went to Bunnings and got some HPM boards instead. Do yourself a favour and get a HPM instead. You'll be supporting an Australian company in the process.

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      I have a few of these from a previous deal and would not buy them again.

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      same - seems to be emanating from the USB charging ports

    • HPM, their stuff is still China made. You aren't supporting Aussie company but funding the CCP.

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        Well crap, what do we buy then…

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          Tim Tams.

          • +2

            @cvaz: Didn't Arnott got bought off by US company?

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              @DisabledUser230319: But their stuff is still locally made, manufactured, packaged and delivered here. They pay local workers, tax. Therefore supporting Aussies

      • -2

        China =/= CCP.

    • same,here

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      I agree with you @Youbidmetoit

      I bought 4 boards last time from MSY and quality of the boards are sh*t. I wouldn't recommend these boards at all.

      MSY was great in sending boards fine. Just the product is bad and not worth considered as bargain.

      • -1

        quality of the boards are sh*t

        What exactly is dodgy quality? It helps the veracity of your statement if you can provide more details.

      • I grabbed 4 as well, I think a lot of us did as that was the best value number from memory.

        I've got one sitting 30cm to the left of me mounted on a small kitchen cabinet, works really really well.

    • +2

      Yes they are sh*t !!!!

      Do not buy!! Sparking sounds is scary as hell

      • FAAAARRRR out. Hope you boys have thrown the sparking ones out. Shoddy soldering can cause loose connections. Unless you are brave enough to open and repair. PLS throw em out.

      • Sounds like you got a dud, mine is fine

  • What so special about this? I bought this one in Bunnings, although it doesn't have USB. https://www.bunnings.com.au/arlec-12-outlet-power-board-with...

    • These are far above the Arlec boards.

      They are fast and actually willing to publish all the ratings.

  • Anything out there that's better? Need to buy two. Don't mind paying more if it's going to protect my LG CX (plus sound system, Switch, and whatnot), and my gaming comp in the other room.

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      Eaton UPS. Probably your only worthwhile budget UPS solution if you want it to actually "do" something.

      The main use of surge protected power boards is to show your contents insurance you at least tried.

      • Do they protect against surges as well?

        • Of course; it should be right on the specifications. Which model?

          • @MasterScythe: Haven't looked at models yet. Will do some research during lunch, but if they can surge protect then that'd be perfect.

            • +1

              @he11bent: I see far more brownouts and noise, than I do surges.

              Then again im in qld, our power grid, while notoriously expensive, is oddly over provisioned (for its age).

      • Eaton is not very good for enterprise support FYI

        • Except I'm not enterprise. I just want protection for my LG CX, sound system and my gaming PC.

          • -1

            @he11bent: If enterprise is no good why would think personal services would be better

            Just get Belkin power boards

        • We have over 150 of them deployed, and we've found the opposite.

          Quick video of the failure, and a new one is in the post. They dont want the dead one back.

    • I've got my PC etc and TV/home theatre both attached to Belkin p/boards

    • I posted this a year ago, but if you can find a good deal on Thor boards, you're laughing


    • Get a surge filter. Not a surge diverter/arrester/protector or whatever else these crappy ones are called. There is quite a big difference in functionality, and price. Novaris make proper surge filters. I use them in electrical panels for sensitive equipment, but they do make plug in ones too.

  • gonna be powering 2x monitors, 2x towers, 1x sub and 1x gaming wheel with this bad boy

  • +3
    • HEELZ yes.

    • Yeah, I replace them every 2 years. (Dont bin them, just consider them 'normal' power boards)

      Im on my last set of 6 now.

      Luckily the PlugBOSS range exists. Commercial quality at sub $30 will do me.

    • yes but didnt last that long.. I still use them as 'normal' powerboards too =D

  • Got two of these from the last deal, no complaints. I'm not plugging and unplugging stuff each day, nor use the usb ports. You'd be hard pressed to find as good surge protection for cheaper the rating on these are pretty high. Also got a Belkin 6 outlet strip powerboard, although seems solid it was $36 on special, 650 joules. Currently $35 on Amazon as an alternative.

    • https://www.bunnings.com.au/hpm-6-outlet-plugboss-surge-prot...

      These are your better bet. Amazing build quality, 700j and between $25 and $30 depending on your bunnings (its odd; normally its not store specific; perhaps they change model numbers or such?)

      • Nah already got these and wanted 8 outlets. The seem decent though.

        • Isn't this for outdoors? That's a tradie board, hence the yellow colour for visibility.
          I think good for outdoors and garage.
          No USB ports. Plus too yellow if you want it to be tucked away from view with a low profile

          • @foreverphoenix: Yeah don't need a tradey one, just got PC plugged into one and tv stuff in the other.
            Still got an old master slave board as well that's super handy combined with some Smart plugs

          • @foreverphoenix: Its for anywhere you want extra durable cables, waterproof switch, spaced sockets for transformers, and 700+joules of surge protection for under $30.

  • Some of the reviews on Google about this company doesn't give me a lot of confidence

    • Only 5 ratings so far.

      • I bought mine from Kogan 3 years ago.

    • Does that even have surge protection?

      • Yes
        Features & details
        Massive 10 AC + 4 USB Ports, SAFEMORE VPS(Vertical Power Stacker) Origin 3L+ provides plenty of power to charge up to 14 devices simultaneously (Max 2500W)
        2 metres long heavy-duty power cord and 2 On/Off switches offer more safety and convenience
        Built-in mechanism for smart distribution of current between devices
        Ultimate safety consideration - built-in top class surge protection, and overload protector, fire retardant frame
        4 Universal USB ports with auto-adjust charging rate for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Devices,Digital Cameras and more

        • +1

          Ok cool. But what are the specs for the surge protection? Top class means F$ck all to me

          • @he11bent: Seems to be a decent brand and pretty innovative too.
            I think I found them when I was looking for a powercube back in the day and this tower was great for my workstation.
            I am going to be buying two more soon. Quality wise has been great so far. I do like how it saves space and can turn sections on/off too.

        • +2

          Avoid any brand that wants to talk themselves up.

          "2500W!" Bull; it'll be a 10A breaker just like everything else.

          Just because I choose to run it on a caravan 24V circuit, doesn't mean it'll bypass 10A.

          Or if I take it to Japan, where it will direct plug in; same deal. i cant magically draw 25A over a 10A breaker, just because Japan uses 100v.

          And "smart distribution of power?" Thats also bull; for so many reasons I cant even decide where to start.

          It might be a fine power device; but never let the people who use marketing like this get ahead, jeez.

          • -1

            @MasterScythe: Maybe you could test one, i'm sure they wouldn't over state the power surge protection, like the box says covers $100,000 of connected equipment (from memory, not sure if relevant in which countries). Point is, power boards or surge protectors that don't even list a rating you could assume have very little.

  • Can confirm I bought one of these and after a few months I noticed one of the outlets stopped working. Happier with my hpm one from mitre 10. Which isnt saying much for this thing.

    • Did you return under warranty

      • -1

        Nah I thought about it but only paid $20 so I gave it to the Mrs to use.

  • -1

    I agree with others these boards are very poor quality. For the same money albeit less ports get one of these https://www.umart.com.au/PowerShield-ZapGuard-5-Way-Power-Su.... Aussie company as well and will offer far better protection!

    • +2

      Only 5 outlets and almost half the Joules/$ protection

    • • CyberPower: 2750J
      • PowerShield ZapGuard: 1400J

      I want what you are smoking buddy!

  • anywere i can get a low profile one that has individual switch's and dos not cost an arm and a Leg ?

  • I think the comments here have confused me.

    Can someone dumb this down for me and recommend a reliable, affordable powerboard for high cost electronics?

    • +1

      Belkin SurgePlus 8 Outlet is still the best. But you need to be patient. Sometimes you see them on special at bunnings, Amazon or ebay for under $40.

  • thanks I ordered one.

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