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Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Smart Watch Global Version $63.48 Delivered ($62.07 with eBay Plus) @ Gearbite eBay


Found this deal at $62.07 for the newly released global version of the Mi Band 6 with a 1.56" AMOLED Display. Much bigger screen size than the previous model Mi Band 5.

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    if only this one has NFC that works globally….. i dont need fitness health band i need smart band

    • why not get smart watch then?

      what you need nfc for?

      BTW doesn't the chinese version of this band have NFC?

      • nfc feature only works in china

  • Ah, but will it spin a pokestop for me?

    • Is there any that can do that? Because I'd definitely get one.

  • Delivery was 2 days to the Gold Coast when it was just under $60 in last weeks deal.

    • Good point. Same item but that promo code expired. Much better deal than this one posted earlier.

      • I know, I mentioned this deal in that deal earlier :D

        Just thought the delivery speed was particularly good given people have been paying $60 from Ali.

  • What's the fuss with "global verison"? Thought they are all the same

    • +1

      I believe in Xiaomi case it refers to the operating system being a global version or Chinese version. The difference being Chinese version would have traditional and simplified Chinese and probably English. Global version has a bunch of languages for all the countries that Xiaomi sells it stuff in. It would also have different apps (eg Cinese government approved) that come pre installed. For example most Google apps including the google play store is not approved in China so not included in Chinese versions. So I guess the global versions are considered better because they are less locked down?

      Sometimes the different versions can have slightly dififferent hardware too.

      • Its a band, not a phone, you can't install any apps. Google Play doesn't exist on any band, you can sync Chinese and Global versions to Google Fit.

  • Was in the market for a fitness tracker so this will be my first. Hope it fits me as I'm pushing 220mm wrist size.

    • Why not get a watch instead? I was tossing up between this and a Amazfit T-Rex Pro. Massive price difference though. But if I wanted to spend $250 on a watch, I wanted something I wouldn't have to worry about being bumped around.

      • +1

        Massive price difference

        Isn't that reason enough?

        • But there's a reason for it. I'd pay that much for the ruggedness, but I'd pay this much for a Mi Band.

          I wouldn't get any other smart watch other than the T-Rex pro just because I can abuse it. My Mi Band 3 has suffered a lot.

          That being said, I'm getting the Mi Band 6. I'll just get a screen protector for it or something.

          • @flaminglemon:

            But there's a reason for it

            By that logic though you might as well spring $600 something for an Apple watch.

            I think for something like this, especially as it's still early days and many people are still unsure of the ongoing benefit beyond novelty, even $60 is a bit of a squeeze.

            I had a first gen Apple watch and liked it a lot but couldn't justify the cost and sold it on. I'll probably spring for a replacement in the next few years but this constant refresh caper is a financial (and environmental) nightmare.

          • @flaminglemon: Any good stores for screen protectors and longer straps?

            • @Ingram: Unfortunately, it's going to have to be eBay or Ali Express.

  • Give another month or two. It will be down to $40s

  • If i connect my earbuds when i go to the gym via bluetooth, how does the mi band connect as well to control my music? thanks

    • You need your phone with you. You can't store music on the Mi Band 6.

  • My miband 5 lasts 4days on top and not happy at all

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