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LG 65NANO95TNA 65" Nano 9 Series 8K TV​ with AI ThinQ $2850 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Cities) @ Appliance Central


Now its $2850! Down from $2950
Probably the cheapest in Australia.
Price at TGG is $3140

65" 8K LED TV
• Real 8K NanoCell
• Alpha 9 Gen3 AI Processor 8K
• HDR 10 Pro
• Full-Array Dimming
• ThinQ AI
• The Apple TV app
• Low Input Lag
• Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, FILMMAKER MODE
• HDMI 2.1
• Ultra Large Screen
• Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, HGiG, Sports Alert?
• Minimal Nano Bezel
• Create a Real Stadium Feel

For more Details:


Can find some reviews on YouuTube:


A review for LG 8k NANO99:

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  • +2 votes

    Do we really need 8k tv?


      Not really at the moment. But it's good that it's on the market now, helps it mature faster.


      Not unless you're buying a 85" screen and above.


    Is this any good for PS5 i dont see it mentioned in any top 5's

    • +3 votes

      Get an OLED for a little more. Ps5 doesn't benefit from an 8k panel


      Im using the ps5 on the nano91 4k and its quality.
      I can only assume it would be even better on this… by how much i dont know though.

  • +2 votes

      Looks like for the same price, OLED wins on quite a few counts.



        Other than the risk of burn in, there really isn't a better panel tech than OLED.

        Mini led might come close but it's fairly new.


          Samsung 8k mini LED is trash too, I recently returned both my QN800a and QN900a. They have massive blooming and suffer from contrast issues. No point just skip it and wait until this technology develops, maybe 2 years.


      OLED for sure, i would get this if it was 75inch version to be honest .. to do 8k LG has to use same processor as their OLED range, haven't checked but its likely all 4 ports can do hdmi 2.1

  • +1 vote

    The Good Guys is $2826 C&C now with coupon “STAR10”. But stock seems to be very limited.

  • +1 vote

    edge lit? Never buy a edgelit TV

    • +1 vote

      Its Full array dimming, so not Edge lit!


    Pity it isn't an OLED for that price, no buy from me.


      BX has been posted for this price. I believe CX if you can find it isnt too much more either…


        I meant if this was price for 8k for oled it wld have been good.


          8k OLED might be like 10 - 12 grand Australian, those things won't be cheap when they come out.


    I am actually kind of in shock seeing that buying a $3000 TV weighted nearly 30kg and hard to dispose has only one year warranty.

    Not targeting this deal as all TVs are like that now sorry only venting.


    Not a good TV terrible contrast and blooming issues. Just avoid the Nano series altogether, even the 99 is bad. I don't think anyone needs 8k at this point. Maybe wait a year and see what comes out. Please look up contrast modulation, it's one of the biggest things that plagues 8k tvs at the moment. 8k might be good with OLED at screen sizes that are 75" - 85". At 65" there no point at all, you can't even see the difference. Normally 8k QLED should be reserved for screen sizes bigger than 85" I think.