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ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB3 Motherboard $199 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


If you're looking for an ITX Motherboard for the newly released SSUPD Meshlicious.

On sale! (normally $329) AMD Ryzen AM4 Socket with AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation support, X570 Chipset, 2x 4533MHz DDR 4 (OC), PCI-E 4.0, 4x SATA3, 1x M.2 ports, Gigabit I211AT LAN, 7.1 CH HD Audio (Realtek ALC1200 Audio Codec), ASRock Polychrome RGB, ASRock Super Alloy, DisplayPort, HDMI, RJ-45, Mini ITX form factor. Backed by a 3 year ASRock warranty.

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    "Listen up, y'all, 'cause this is it
    The case that I'm buildin' is Mesh-li-cious

    Meshalicious acquisition make them boys go loco
    They want my treasure, so they get their pleasures from my photo
    You could see me, you can't squeeze me
    I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy
    I got reasons why I tease 'em
    Parts just come and go like seasons
    Meshalicous (so delicious)"

  • +2

    if only 2x m.2. Very good price nonetheless

    • +5

      2m² hey? I'm gonna need a bigger case…

    • +5

      I bought this board for one reason and one reason alone, it has thunderbolt 3. M.2 pci e gen 4 crazy fast, only need one for a boot drive, If you want a second m.2 for storage thats where you make use of the thunderbolt 3, I use mine for 10gbe networking, the pc is connected to a 10 gbe enable nas and I get real world transfer speeds of 700 meg a second on a 5 bay nas, if I had an 8 bay Nas would be close to 1gb a second which ain't too shabby for a storage drive of 20 30 40 tb. It's so fast you don't need the second m.2 for a storage drive. Thunderbolt 3 is an amazing bit of kit more than compensates for 1 m.2

      • Coolness…

      • +1

        And I thought the 12gb transferring from m2 to sata sad in 30 seconds was great.

  • +10

    Friendly reminder: this board uses Intel cooler mount, M.2 slot is at the back (might not fit SSD with tall heatsink), the memory QVL is small (won't run my Cruicial 3600mHz CL16 Ram at XMP profile), non removable IO shield and need BIOS update to support SAM. But has a clear CMOS button.

    • +1

      Bought this board 2 months ago with same price. Be mindful there are only 4 USB ports, and if you decide to use AIO water cooler, there are very limited options because of the heatsink.

      This board support thunderbolts though, dont know why a desktop board has that.

      • +1

        I think u mean air cooler? Ye the chipset heatsink gonna block many low profile air cooler.

        thunderbolt opens support for many other devices, like SD card reader etc

        • No I mean water cooler. For example the EK AIO wont fit because it will block one of the RAM slot. Or blocked by the heatsink…

          • @siklenz: I'm not following, do you mean the pump block that will sit on your CPU? Typically they arent very intrusive and the only thing to worry about is the radiator size and where it sits….

            • @scud70: Yea the pump block. Most of the motherboard has no issue with that because it is not taken a lot of space. But for ITX board because everything is so packed just need to be careful.

              For this Asrock board, the CPU slot is ver closed to the heat sink around it as well as the memory slot. For the EK AIO, water pipe comes out of pump head's side, and because of that, it is not compatible with this mobo.

              More info on this post

              • +1

                @siklenz: Right so a combo of Aio and asrock, I have iTX build with auros iTX and coolermaster block and had no issues. Good to know thanks mate..

      • Even smaller case and eGPU?

    • Any recommendations for an ITX either b550 or x570 with 2 M.2 slots? Looking at a new build in a meshlicious.

      • My solution to one m.2 was to buy a 2.5 inch sshd.. hybrid ssd/hdd get the speed and capacity that way, uses sata 3. Or buy an ssd and a hdd and drive accelerate

        • +1

          lol this is the furthest solution from a second m2 slot

    • Thanks for the warning.

      I would have been pissed when it arrived and my NH-L9a-AM4 wasn't compatible.

      • The NH-L9i is compatible.

  • Ascock at it again

    • +1

      I've only owned one assrock product, mobo, died after 6 months. If I was brave enough to purchase a Shaw psu, it would have lasted longer than that!!!

  • -1

    No free ring sizer, no deal for me

  • good board good price

  • +1

    x570 but only has 1 m.2 slot, wtf

    • ITX board. too small for more m.2

      • Then what's the point of the x570 chipset, just use b550 and save that chipset fan

        Usually itx have one on the front and one on the back

        • I think people still want x570 because it's more premium or they think it's faster. I think I've heard of intel itx with 2x ITX, but never AM4? Maybe it's harder to fit or they're not trying hard enough lol

  • The Intel mounting and the M.2 slot is the deal breaker for me. Now if only there were good sales for B550 ITX mobos… :(

  • +1

    This board also doesn't support 120mm tower coolers due to clearance issues.

  • +1

    Also bought this recently but couldn't use because it didn't support Zen3 out of the box and has no method to flash bios without a Matisse CPU.

    Build was also very difficult for AIO too due to the large heatsinks around the CPU.

    Ended up ordering Gigabyte X570 I Aorus and flashed it without CPU to use my 5950X.

    • +1

      always good to check bios on box with store, and can always ask if they would flash it for you…if needed

  • +3

    I love ASRock because they are exactly the kind of company to make a crazy board like this. AM4 board but with TB3 and intel cooler mounts for some reason!

    Reminds me of their crazy X99 intel mini ITX mobo they made a few years ago. They're also the only manufacturer to bother making an mATX X570 board (which i use in my main rig). They also put m.2 wifi slots on most of their mobos for an easy upgrade to 802.11ax wifi if you want it.

    • +1

      crazy X99 intel mini ITX mobo they made a few years ago

      I had one of those. It was the ducks nuts - back when a i4770K quad core was "1337", I shoved 6 cores overclocked to 4.4Ghz in a SG13 case with watercooling. At the time it was the most e-peen you could fit in such a small box.

      Nowadays, it's easy to get 16 cores in one of those 9L mini-ITX boxes.

    • Yea.. for this board you need to know exactly what you get. ASRock mobo is just not for everyone.

  • Thanks Op! Bought one.

    Anyone with a Meshlicious or DanA4 care to comment on why one over the other?

    Mash seems cheaper and more ventilated but isn't as tiny :/

  • Will this work with a 5950x and kraken x63? The mounting bracket concerns me? i just use the intel one?

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