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Apple Airtag 4 Pack $132.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Just announced today and cheapest deal anywhere yet for an Apple Airtag 4x pack MX542ZP/A, assuming you have Costco membership that is. Comes to approx $33.24 each with free delivery.

Comparison to other retailers:
* RRP $149
* Apple EEP $134.20 (inc. free engraving)
* Costco $132.99
* Officeworks (choked out, withdrawn)

Nb. Does not come with Airtag holder accessory, so use your newly acquired free ring sizer to measure up an appropriate carry buddy.

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  • +1

    Not the cheapest ever, but cheapest currently.

    The latitudepay deals were better.

    • +22

      Granted, LatitutePay required you to signup to their service and affects your credit score for a one-time promotion.

        • +15

          Credit checks happen in the back-end to all signups. Sharing info with 3rd party relates to advertising, marketing experiences through Latitude. Unticking that option saves you from the latter, not the former.

          Credit checks need to happen in order for them to take you on as a customer, you can't opt-out. Read more about why it is necessary on the Latitude 'Understanding Your Credit Score' page

          Going deeper into the rabbit hole: once your data is provided for score assesment to the credit reporting bodies, they can use your data that you provided with direct marketing to 3rd parties. Don't want them doing that? Latitude recommends "You should contact each relevant credit reporting body directly if you wish to request this."

          Read more in the Latitude privacy policy — it might surprise you.

      • Affects it in a bad way?

        • +3

          When I worked in finance, if a client had too many recent credit checks it was taken into account, and had a negative impact on approval assessment. YMMV…I worked for fairly conservative institutions, and it was more than two decades ago.

          • @Banj0: why would it be negative?

            also how recent is it?
            like one credit check every week/month/year?

            Would just signup to latitude be considered too many?

            • @pinkybrain: Long time ago and I can't remember specific rules, but - for example - I remember somebody coming in for a personal loan, and their credit check showed four or five applications in the previous couple of weeks. The institution I worked for at the time would not lend to them due to that alone.

              Now perhaps if you were a really strong customer in other ways, they wouldn't care. Generally, there is some sort of scoring system in place to assist with assessing loan applications.

              May or may not be the case that lenders care about this these days…but if you think about it, perhaps it's a sign that somebody has already been knocked back several times.

              • @Banj0: Maybe the customer was shopping around?

                • @entropysbane: They were indeed (from memory, that's what they said), but it stuffed their chances of a loan with that particular institution.

                  Still…if you're shopping around, I'd recommend not going through an application until you've picked a product/lender. Don't fill out an application with every lender you can find.

      • +1

        Still waiting for my Hardley Normals to have it in stock.

        • Received mine yesterday.

  • +15

    JB Hi-Fi, Big W and Telstra has also cease selling the AirTags.

    The AirTags will be scalpt on Marketplace soon.

    • +1

      Why is that? It looks like a good device for tracking your lost valuables?

      • +14

        There's concern over the battery, which can apparently be easily taken out by a child. Uncle no like choking hazards

        • +13


        • +12

          Not a choking hazard. It gets stuck in the gut and burns its way through to a major artery and causes unstoppable internal bleeding.

        • +1

          the design of the tag is also not great to prevent choking….
          even the tag itself could be swallowed by a child

          tag is only a bit bigger than the battery.

          • @pinkybrain: There are many, many things that can be choking hazards in a house. A chunk of carrot. A coin.

            Not buying product on the basis that your child could choke on it is more reflective of your parenting than on the design itself.

      • -7

        Lost but not stolen. The BT range is pathetic with multiple walls & the sound is weaker than $20 Tile Mate (that can change ringtones, track your phone & get help via Alexa or Google Assistant).

        • Got shares in tile huh?

    • +1

      Sheesh. My garage door opener uses the exact same mechanism to lock the CR2032 battery into the housing. It's sold at Bunnings. This is ridiculous.

  • +4

    Good for finding pop when he wanders off again.

  • +1

    good tracker to put in the car if the bikies come by

  • +12

    Button battery is a problem, ACCC just started enforcing 4 new safety standards for any products using button batteries.

    • +3

      Sounds like bs. To open an airtag you have to push down and twist like a child safe pill bottle. My tile pro you just slide the back off sideways, so if anything airtag sounds more difficult to open (for a child).

      • +4

        To open an airtag you have to push down and twist like a child safe pill bottle.

        You state this like fact but in fact it's far from the truth. There's almost zero downward pressure required before twisting.

        • I don't own one - do you?


          And a tile pro isn't difficult to open.

          • +3

            @lunchbox99: Mine arrive this Monday so I can only speculate but I'd concur with you here..

            It would make sense Apple designed it to be a secure difficult action because it should only happen once a year, keeps the device dust & waterproof operational, and they wouldn't want it to come off accidentally.

            Further per your linked article, "With two fingers, simply push in and twist counter-clockwise on the metal — similar to opening a child-proof cap on a medication bottle." sounds consistent with that.

            EDIT: Huh found this video where actually it does look pretty effortless.. that's, not what I expected and kind of disappointing.
            DOUBLE EDIT: Well, this video shows it is in a 'child-proof cap' like action so I guess it's effortless if you're an adult and know how to twist correctly.

            • +2

              @tommypickles: Exactly - adults are supposed to be able to take it off.

              The legislation requirement is "the compartment is resistant to being opened by young children". Not adults, not older children. Young children.

              In any case, nothing is required prior to June 2022 so it's a bit rich of OW to take it upon themselves to remove it while continuing to sell dozens (hundreds?) of items that are similarly easy to open.

              • +6

                @lunchbox99: Speculating here and possibly reading into it too much but the profit margin on Airtags for retailers is likely razor thin with the argument of accessories being the 'value add'.

                I'd suspect they'd look for a reason not to carry a very popular-by-their-customers-but-unattractive-for-them-to-sell combined with Apple's might in retail in-store experiences stealing sales as a deeper reason to excuse themselves and withdraw.

                If Officeworks et.al. start removing calculators, clocks, watches, etc. then I'd believe the reasoning a hell of a lot more. But hey if we can think of excuses to make money… I demand Apple you think of the children! And give us a further discount on Airtags!

                • @tommypickles: A child could swallow the entire tag with the battery inside.. ever thought of that brainiac??

          • +1

            @lunchbox99: Yes I own one.

            Thanks for all the downvotes from people who don't have AirTags.

          • +1

            @lunchbox99: Imagine being so much of an apple stan you're okay with child endangerment

            • @TheRealCJ: Nice straw man. Nobody has proven to me there is any child endangerment and I don't think OW staff are qualified to make the call. In fact, Apple has specifically said they believe it is compliant and so far nobody has proven to the contrary.

              If OW were really doing this due to child endangerment they would have immediately removed ALL non-compliant product from their stores whether the new legislation requires it or not.

              • +1

                @lunchbox99: So far OW, Kb Hfi, and HN amongst others have removed them temporarily, but nice try.

                • @TheRealCJ: Which means what exactly? You think these retailers have expertise in product safety testing or something?

                  My point still stands. Are all of those retailers auditing all of their existing products to remove those with dangerous coin batteries? Because those items are the ones causing all of the injuries reported so far.

                  • @lunchbox99: They are complying by the ACCC guidelines.

                    • @TheRealCJ: Well only if they have the expertise to determine what does and does not comply. How many of their other products have they tested?

                      In any case, I guess we will know soon enough (from ACCC).

        • +9

          The iFixit comparison I saw said the AirTag battery was considerably harder to remove than either a Tile or the Samsung tracker. My guess is much of the attention is due to Apple being a bigger name and any negative press will spread wider if a retailer has an issue.

      • I thought so too, buts it's surprising easy to get loose.

        • +1

          I assume you're an adult though.

      • +1

        Its pretty easy to get the battery lid off a Tile, but actually a bit tricky to jimmy the battery out of its slot. I usually have to stick a paperclip in the little round slot next to the battery to lever it out.

        With a Trackr Pixel - holy crap was it a challenge trying to change the battery on that thing.

        Obviously with the Apple device, its a bit too easy. Its not a conspiracy, people.

        • Actually this is correct. The battery in Tile does require a paperclip or something to lever it out. It is quite difficult to remove.

      • -2

        Not required any strength at all. Bottle pills are also adult safe (requires more effort).

        • The legislation doesn’t say anything about requiring strength. It just says the compartment must be resistant to being opened by young children. That could mean that the action is difficult for a child to accomplish.

          Apple is saying it is compliant with the Australian standard.

    • +7

      I'm surprised I survive as I lived through the Nintendo game & watch generation. Marketed to kids, high battery drain meant regular replacement with a simple open-close mechanism. Never knew a kid to Ralph Wiggum' on it but I guess it'll happen?

      • -1

        Button batteries were redbull for 80’s kids

      • +4

        Think the little G&W batters are easy to vomit whereas the CR2032 easily get lodged and may require surgery

        • Fair call.

        • How about 5 cents and 10 cents coins?

          • +7

            @wtfnodeal: They probably get stuck too. But coins don’t short circuit and cook the surrounding tissue.

          • @wtfnodeal: They don't contain dangerous chemicals.

      • There was a screw.

        • +4

          There was no screw. You just slid the battery cover off. Happy to be corrected if there was a screw in later models, but none of the Game and Watches I owned or have seen had a screw.

          • @ak47wong: Some clone units had a screw, Nintendos no screw

  • -2

    These have been rescaled officeworks had a notice on radio today and was on 3aw news

  • Lifetime returns too I guess?

  • Haven't these air tags been withdrawn from sale in Australia today, due to battery safety concerns?

    • Only in Officeworks to my knowledge.

      • +2

        (Temporarily) gone from Good Guys, Officeworks and JB HiFi

        • -1

          Good guys and Jb hifi are the same thing now

    • -6

      Yes all stores recalling them
      Update ……
      Despite coming out just two weeks ago, Apple's latest product has been pulled from Australian shelves.

      • -3

        Again thanks for all the negs for stating facts

  • +3

    I can't attach a ring to this, no deal

  • Shame I'll either need to buy 2 sets of 4 and leave two of my ring sizers untracked or 3 sets of 4 and then have two useless extras… better safe than sorry I guess.

  • +1

    How does this compare to Free Ring Sizer - value for money?

    • +4

      Quite frankly this is infinitely worse.

  • +2

    Not ring related…not interested!

  • What is this?

  • Got me a set could be a high resale

  • I’ll be 3d printing keychain cover for around 50c for mine

  • +1

    Kids love these!

  • +2

    Officeworks pulls Apple AirTags from shelves over child safety fears.


  • Is it the same price in store?

    • I’m wondering this. Often the online price is higher to cover delivery. Apply that logic in reverse and it might be cheaper in store.

  • +2

    For a sec there I thought Apple brought out a vacuum robot lol

  • Insufficient stock when i tried to add to cart

  • -1

    Good price for a brand new Apple product. Better get them quick before ACCC recalls them.

    • Bah. Just get it delivered if it’s banned. Won’t change anything.

  • Anyone got experience with Costco shipping? Their page doesnt seem to show an extimated shipping timeline :/

    The reviews on Product Review.com seem pretty bad!

    • +1

      Been fine in my experience. Takes a couple of days and tracking appears in the Australia Post app.

      • Thanks mate!

  • +6

    This is the reason you should be concerned about button batteries, especially if you're a parent. It's not just a simple choking hazard. Officeworks did the right thing. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-15/button-batteries-l…

    • +2

      Can children easily open an Airtag? Has Officeworks banned every device that uses these batteries from their store? Plenty of Tile devices still available from them…

      • +10
        1. Airtags are brand new, so they are not covered by any grandfather clauses in regards to the new legislation.

        2. It's not just how easy they are to open, there's also new guidelines on how easy the battery is to remove: of it can just pop out without any force, that's a problem too. There's also documentation guidelines which Apple may have not adhered to.

        3. It's not "officeworks" acting unilaterally, it's the ACCC recommending that Airtags sales be temporarily halted, and various stores complying with that.

        • Airtags are brand new, so they are not covered by any grandfather clauses in regards to the new legislation.

          Seems like an oversight that new legislation only applies to products that are related after the legislation is in place…

          • @smartazz104:

            Seems like an oversight that new legislation only applies to products that are related after the legislation is in place…

            Like basically every regulation ever made

          • @smartazz104: the ACCC has given companies with existing products an 18 month grace period to become compliant, obviously Apple is not part of that sonce they released the product after the new laws came into place.

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