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MacBook Pro 13" M1/8GB/512GB $1899 (Was $2199) + Delivery ($0 to Syd, Mel, Bri, Can) @ Mwave (Price Beat $1804.05 @ Officeworks)


Just picked one up at Officeworks, $1804.05 with price beat. Staff mentioned they were planning to do the same thing today. I think historical low for this model.

They also have the Macbook Air M1/8GB/512GB for $1649 (was $1849), OW PB comes out at $1,566.55. Link here: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/apple-13inch-macbook-air-m1...

Proof of receipt for price beat here - https://imgur.com/a/xKjaEmv. Remember that the customer service line isn't open on weekends so you'll have to go in store unless you want to wait until Monday (though they may have matched the price by then!).


EDIT: (11/05) Only Silver left in stock - link here

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  • great price

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    Great price.
    I'll wait for WWDC next month with the Macbook 14" rumoured to be announced then

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    • Looks like cosmetic changes like mini-led screen I don't think hardware will change in 6 months since release.

      • Only the cheaper Pros got the M1.

        • Yes I'm talking about 13' vs 14'. I suspect they didn't want to release the same M1 chip in the 16' as thats a bit of a copout.

          • @DisabledUser184253: I heard something about an M1x chip?

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              @ATangk: Yep sorry you are right 14' is getting the M1x 12 core.

    • Probably won't be announced until November 2021, take a few weeks to ship and an even longer wait if you are looking for good deal.

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    Would be interested to see if Windows runs faster on an M1 MacBook Pro than a top end Lenovo/HP/Dell

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        Its more of a licensing thing with Windows for ARM.

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        I have been running Windows 10 on my MBA M1, using the Win10 ARM version with latest Parallel desktop. I have even downloaded a few games from steam and no issue when playing on MBA M1

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          Intredasting. Is W10 ARM the same as normal W10 in terms of user experience?

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            @chickendinner123: All drivers are running properly (network, sound, graphic etc.)
            but resolution is slightly lower compare to Intel Mac running Windows on Parallel
            probably due to driver not being optimised yet

            In terms of speed, no issues of lagging or any sort
            even I have only set 4GB ram (on a 8GB ram MBA)
            I don't feel any out of ram issues so far

            • @littlesoldier: Can you boot directly into Windows or it’s virtualisation only?

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                @Boogerman: Virtualisation only
                Don't think there's any solution to boot Windows directly on M1 mac so far
                Probably until apple have some kind of partnership with Microsoft
                and create the boot camp support with Windows 10 ARM

                • @littlesoldier: Macs are incredibly powerful nowadays, that virtualisation is sufficient
                  Unless you only wanted to use it for Windows I guess

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      I’ve heard windows runs better on m1 despite the virtualisation layer.

      Edit: 30% faster

      • ….

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        Careful, that is 30% faster on an M1 compared to an Intel chip in a Mac, not 30% compared to what the original comment suggested (top end Windows Laptops).

        "More specifically, Parallels says running Windows 10 on ARM on Parallels Desktop 16.5 with an M1 Mac performs up to 30% better than a Windows 10 VM running on an Intel-based MacBook Pro with Intel Core i9 processor." from your source.

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    I have always been a Windows user but tempted by the Macbook Air as a upgrade over my X1 Carbon (still good, but like a bit more power and longer battery life). These Macs seem a fair bit cheaper to what they used to be, I have seen it is possible to get the Air for under 1.3k. Whats the advantage of the pro for the extra $$?

    • I believe the base macbook air m1 has a 7 core gpu while the base macbook pro has a 8 core gpu.


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      8 vs 7 core gpu, fans instead of integrated cooling, touch bar, slightly better battery life and most importantly does not thermal throttle after 15 minutes load like the air. However, some people prefer passive cooling espcially if they don't use their comuter for high workload. Also max brightness is 400 vs 500 nits. Otherwise, its very close this year differentiation is not as noticable.

      • The MBA can have both 7 and 8 core configurations. The link in OP is for the 8core MBA.
        The chip is the same and passive cooling may be a pro or con depending on the user (there are also ways to make the whole bottom chasis into a heatsink which will then run at pretty much the same speed as the Pro but it can run hot, user beware). The MBA is also slimmer for what it's worth.

        For those with access and what to adjust the specs, there is also the Apple edu portal for what it's worth.

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        Thanks. The appeal of the MBA is the size/form factor. Sounds like there isn't much between them really, i'm not a power user. I'm not into games anymore but can the Air run any modern games?? I have not kept up with computer tech at all, but I remember that early Ultrabooks and my X1 Carbon could not do so as they lack a dedicated GPU. I do love the light weight and portability of my X1, and the beautiful keyboard, but I hear this generation Apple has improved the keyboard too. I might go into an Apple shop and try these out.

        • The issue is not running modern games, its more supporting games natively. For example League of Legends and Gwent, two games I play recently added Mac Support. However 95% of games don't support Mac and you will have to use paralells.

        • MBP has a better battery life than MBA which is one of your main concerns but based on your description, you sounds like a light/moderate user who isn't going to benefit much from the extras the pro has to offer (brighter screen, longer battery life, active cooling, better speakers).
          If you aren't going to do serious video & photo editing, you will do fine on the 7 core gpu base model.
          If you just want the get a taste of MacOS and the user experience, I think the two M1 MBA models provide great value for money even by Windows ultrabook standard.
          If you are happy to spend more then, perhaps wait another 6-9 months for the 14" MBP with M1X/M2 chip and mini-LED as the current version of M1 MBPs don't differentiate well from the MBA.

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    $1900 for 8gb ram is eye souring. Hope M1 compensates the difference

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      The memory utilization by M1 architecture means you won't notice the difference.

      "This means the processor, RAM, Neural Engine, Graphics Card are all built into one chip. The chip doesn't need to go out and “fetch” the RAM, it’s just there. Because of this, it’s far easier and accessible for the chip to use it and for this same reason — far less RAM is actually needed."

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        Thank you for info. Guess apple is ahead of the game by 10 years.

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          Yes, Microsoft and Windows computers are all moving towards soldering RAM and SSD's onto the motherboard now but mostly so you have to pay extortion for upgrades. I was looking at the 16gb too, but couldn't justify the $300 and the reviews showing only a 1% difference between the 8 and 16gb in benchmarks and the M1 architecture won me over.

          • @DisabledUser184253: I couldn't find 16gb M1 on Apple, will check again

            • @hopper: Its in the same tab as the 8gb/512 in the apple website. You just select 16gb memory option for $300

          • @DisabledUser184253: Don't think this statement is true about Win PCs going towards soldering, and having more memory than the OS needs is more about being able to run memory heavy / multiple applications. Don't know how it is with Mac's but I would think 16gb should be the sweet spot atm, however people like me who run multiple VMs and other memory heavy applications would be shooting for at least 32gb.

            • @WinBargain: I was talking about thin and light laptops like the Microsoft Surface, Lenovo Carbon X1, Asus Zenbook, HP Spectre, Dell XPS lines which have all moved to soldered RAM and SSD's where nothing is user replacable anymore.

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        Not my experience. I have an 8GB M1 Mac Mini and it frequently swaps and slows a lot with few a few apps open and lots of Tabs in Safari. An issue I never have with my 16GB Intel MacBook Pro and 16GB Windows Lenovo. Wish I had have gone for 16GB on the Mac Mini now…

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          Guess it will be a disaster if you were a chrome user then instead on safari

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          8gig on a performance laptop is certainly weird.

      • 8gb is not enough for the price you pay for this piece of hardware. Please don't make excuses for companies that make billions in profit per year. We should be demanding lower prices and more value for money…..

      • The ARM architecture actually has a HIGHER memory demand then its x86 counterparts. At 8GB you are almost guaranteed to be swapping with medium usage. The saving grace is the storage is fast enough for most users to not notice… but that also means the write cycles on the SSD is exponentially higher, returning in a MTTF much shorter then your traditional x86 system.

        tldr; memory usage on ARM is higher then x86, your hard drive is used to cover the shortfall reducing its long-term lifespan. A machine that used to last 5 years may only last 2 before the SSD fails.

  • Can Officeworks do build to order. Ie 16gb ram?

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      Yes you can special order, but there is no point. You can't pricematch and it'll cost the same as from Apple but take longer.
      Source: Used to work at Officeworks

  • Is it gonna be cheaper on eofy sale?

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      Unlikely, with the price beat 1804.05 its already 18% off lowest price ever and Mac's are rarely more than 10% off. It'll be another 8 months till the next generation of M1 13'. Also Officeworks will change their price to 1898.99 Monday so you can't pricematch or even sooner so grab it while its this price.

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    curious if 14" lineup will completely replace the 13", or it will run alongside. I'm tempted to get the 13" m1 pro now, but if i can get a 14" refreshed m1 in a few months for about the same price that is wiser.

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    This is a significant discount on an Apple laptop, but if there really is a new one coming, this makes sense. Although I'd say unless the lack of ports bothers you this will be much better value now than buying the improved one full price, Apple laptops are so far ahead at this point it hardly makes a difference

    • True, but the new one will most likely get better features, and most importantly, a better screen

      • Maybe more ports too.

        • There's talk that the previous "less is more" minimalist ideology is going away. Something about the designer being replaced?

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      Pains me to say this but I would pay more for USB-A and HDMI ports

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        Just get a usb c dock, or use one of those usb c to usb a that comes with your phone

        Putting hmdi or usb a on would ruin the simplistic design

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          Having docks hanging off it ruins the design more.

          • +1

            @barcer: lol, just route it on the bottom of your desk

            having ports on laptop is pointless anyway, coming from an xps15 (older model), i never use any of the included ports cause it's a hassle to unplug everything instead of just unplugging the usb c cable with a dock

        • +1

          That is exactly what I am doing with my Air and it sucks and farrr from elegant.

          A reason why i prefer to use my mid 2014 MBP. I don't have to rely on a dock when at a client's or at work in a cafe.

          At my desktop I have my PC.

      • doesn't IT even have hdmi port?

        • nope just two thunderbolt 3/ usb 4 ports

      • I second that.
        That's why I still have a 2015 MBP with SD card slot, HDMI, USB3.0 ports as my daily.
        It looks as if Apple is doing the full cycle by ditching the much hated butterfly keyboard + touch bar and rumoured to be reintroducing all the useful ports and magsafe on the 14" MBP.

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    Does anything run on M1 yet? Friends who have them say things are buggy and crash often.

    • I got screen lock issue sometimes connected to second user via vnc

    • Out of 435 programs only 48/435 aren't supported by M1. A lot of them are run through Rosetta translation, but this is still much faster than x64 systems running 11th gen i7. I don't know what your friends have been telling you, but there were only hiccups for early adopters waiting for programs to be ported to ARM last November. Parallels for Mac will running the other Windows Programs you want and it can even install iPad and iPhone apps!
      You can check status on this site:

  • 14 and 16" just around the corner with newer M chips. They will make these seem slow as with possibly double the speed.

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    I was looking at MacBooks again now that they ditched the butterfly keyboard, but yeah…. - https://sneak.berlin/20201112/your-computer-isnt-yours/

  • I really wish you could get 16GB RAM models from other places directly, Apple builds them in China per order and sends them

    • Apple stores keep stock of 16GB models, I got a MBP M1 on day 1 in store. They will price match with some limitations.

      • How do you get Apple Store to price match?

  • Now here is the psychology behind me on OzBargain:

    1. Seen this being cheaper before
    2. Automatically recall that cheapest price in my mind every time a discount appears
    3. “Should I wait? Yay or nay?”

    God damn it I just can’t help with it you know? It’s done automatically, in less than a second.

    • The logic is simple, if you need one now, buy one now.
      Unless you work for Apple, otherwise 20% off the RRP is probably the absolute best you can do with Apple products, that's with you stacking special offers with discounted gift card / price beat etc.
      Personally I would consider 15% a good enough deal to make the call. At the end of the day, 5% of $1.5k is $75, if you need to spend more than 2-3 hours hunting that extra 5% down then it's probably not worth it.

  • Dammit, I bought an intel macbook air with 16gb ram 240gb SDD last year around this time for around the same price and have been sorely disappointed by the overheating & shutdowns, but at the time the lower spec Pros really weren't worth the exorbitant difference. Also very annoyed its currently impossible to dual boot my air with linux, so I would never buy another mac again, but this is a great price for the Pro if you want to stick with mac Os and not have your laptop shutdown from overheating.

    • There are threads all over talking about dramatic changes to thermal performance with just an insert between case and cpu.

  • Damn it, was going to go to OW today but no stock left at MWave of the Pro 13" M1/8GB/512GB

  • Does anyone know if an officeworks doesn't have it in stock but does have click and collect.
    Can you go into the store, get the price match and do the order and collect later?
    I know I can do it online but I can't get the 5% off price match on a Sunday.

  • @OP please update link to Silver model Space Grey is sold out/back to $2199

  • deleted, sorry, my comments were about the Air not the Pro…

  • Got one 512 air at jbhifi price matched, as I have some gift card sitting around unused. Good price, finally pull the trigger. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Confirming this worked at OW today. MWave has also updated their list with both Silver and Space Gray on sale for $1899.

  • I ended up buying that Razer Blade 15 (late 2020) notebook for $1399 from Costco today. Not bad at all.

  • Looks like it has expired.

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