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Coles Italian Salami Knob 200g $3.10 (1/2 Price) @ Coles


Thought was a great deal, don't see them on sales often, might be good for pizzas

Made to a traditional recipe with Australian pork, seasoned with selected spices and garlic

INGREDIENTS: Australian Sow Stall Free Pork (94%), Salt, Dextrose (Maize or Tapioca), Dried Vegetables (Including Garlic), Sodium Caseinate (Milk), Pepper, Antioxidant (316), Rosemary Extract, Starter Culture, Fortified Wine, Preservative (250), Wood Smoke.

Servings Per Pack:
Storage Instructions:
Keep refrigerated. Store at or below 5°C. Once opened, consume within 4 days

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  • +43

    Excuse me?

  • +20

    They're big but they're cheesy

  • +25

    Good price for knob if that's your preference.

  • +6
    • +6

      That was a risky click, I love salami too

    • What did you make me watch??

      • Three men playing with their meat

  • +26

    Any Italian Beef Flaps for sale?

    • Love me some bresaola, damn pricey though, more so than the pork prosciutto equivalent.

  • +5

    I personally don't find them hot enough and too small.

  • +5

    Looks to be about 6 inches long, when I click through to the Coles website.

  • -3

    How come this deal makes to the first page?

    • +18

      Knob joke potential

    • +6

      People just really love Italian knobs & who are you to argue with the people?

  • +15

    Don't forget to peel the skin back before eating.

    • -2

      I thought these were cut but they're uncut!

      …says every girl ever…

    • +8

      You must be so fun at parties

      • +1

        Lazoio fankulo

        • Fully agree on that.

  • +4

    Don't be fooled. That's more than just the tip.

  • +6

    Reminds me of that parody movie I saw once: The Italian Knob.

  • +23

    anyone know if those ring sizers work on this?

    • -4

      dunno but i'm sick and tired of people breathing down my neck in coles at checkouts because no 1.5m floor markings.

      all coles ads here should have an additional covid warning because its corporate negligence…coles knobs rings true ….boom boom

      • +18

        What… what did I just read?

        • One of his best comments yet :'D

          • +3

            @DisabledUser72085: Yeh, he hasn't attacked anyone yet, so it's deff one of his best, but no ones safe!

            • -4

              @Ughhh: but i've been attacked …yet again………and again……..

              • +5

                @petry: You see everything as an attack. Someone asking for sources or disagreeing with you is not an attack, but for some reason when you do the exact same thing, you dont consider it as an attack.

                • -5

                  @Ughhh: nice try but i respond to online abuse - if you want to sling it whining about a response is pathetic.

                  victim blaming at its finest

                  • +5

                    @petry: Possibly because you respond with abuse and often ridiculous accusations too? You know you've been told this by multiple people, perhaps its time to look in the mirror. You have a toxic hateful mindset- thats an observation.

                    • -3

                      @Ughhh: nope just because more than 1 person dislikes getting some back doesn't mean jack

                      way more than 1 person has played cyberstalker on me on this site with the its full co-operation making this a hate site.

                      a pack of coyotes is just a pack of coyotes.

                      you just don't like getting one back after kinghitting

                      • +6

                        @petry: You're a hypocrite. That's a fact even though you don't like to hear it. Very unaustralian.
                        Youre full of hate so you see hate in everything. I feel sorry for you.

                        • -3

                          @Ughhh: no hypocrite here - and everytime sometime takes a swing at me i've a right to defend myself from liars and online bullies and cyberstalkers.

                          Shame this site promotes hateful people and protects fascists.

                          you should feel ashamed but its clearly beyond you.

                          • +2


                            Shame this site promotes hateful people

                            Says the one who accused someone of being a supporter genocide and torture out of no where…..or is this your way of 'defending' yourself? Keep telling yourself that was not hate speech. You should feel ashamed but its clearly beyond you. You can only be a victim in your own biased eyes, perhaps this is the only way you know how to cope? Like bullies at school who gets into fights with everyone maybe because they're victims at home. Get in touch with one of those helpline.

                            If only if you were nicer, maybe you would be granted unlimited negs and the feds would help you ;)

                          • +1

                            @petry: Seems that you really love this "hateful genocidal Nazi community" Perry. You're very active here.

                            Kind of like being a part of a certain youth club from the 40s but trashing it.

  • Does this work well on pizzas ?

  • +22

    Knob spelt backwards in bonk. Good deal.

    • +1

      u blew my mind


    • +6

      Go to horny jail

    • So… you got to use it backwards as well… XD

  • +2

    Health rating - half a star, nice

    • +17

      Have it with a glass of milk so it becomes 4.5 stars.

      • +1

        Only if it’s low fat milk.

    • Milo has a 4.5 health star rating. What's your point here?

  • +13


    • +1

      Straight out of law school i see

  • +3

    Wood Smoke

    What you get when you apply friction to the Knob.

  • I like it how they didnt try to call it any other name than what it is.

    Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link and it said "Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for".
    Guess there isnt any knobs at my local Coles.

    Saves me from asking the staff member at the service desk and getting weird looks…

    • +3

      Maybe they didn't understand what you were after, did you describe it, i.e. the big knob? Might be near the meatballs?

    • Interesting, no italian salami knob at my store either, but they do have "Coles Hungarian Salami Knob", but its $6.20

      • Hungarian knob is superior?

  • +3

    Not sure if it's correct to put this under "small goods"

    • +3

      It's located by the meatballs.

      Part of a meal deal, you see…

      • Remember a balanced diet contains the standard the meat and two veg……

  • +2

    I came here just for the comments - not disappointed

  • Looking at my sausages in the fridge after reading those comments

    • -1

      Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for

  • What's the difference between a Italian and a Hungarian knob?

    • About 3.2 times bigger

      Hungary is approximately 93,028 sq km, while Italy is approximately 301,340 sq km, making Italy 224% larger than Hungary. Meanwhile, the population of Hungary is ~9.8 million people (52.6 million more people live in Italy).

      • +1

        Clicks "Subscribe to knob facts" …..

    • +2

      Hungarian knob is beefy

  • +1

    I came…
    for the comments…
    Did not dissapoint

  • Put this under a microscope and checkout all the pubes

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