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[QLD] PlayStation 5 $749.95 @ EB Games (Taigum, Cannon Hill)


Limited stock. Just called my local store and they said they had stock. Showed up and grabbed one. They told me they still had a few more in stock.

Managed to trade in my PS4 Pro. Had to buy a game for cheap to trade it in as well.

Good luck.

Mod: Also reported at Cannon Hill QLD to have 6 or 7 left. Check your local.

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    Really just have to keep calling around. I’ve picked up 3 very easily so far for friends and myself. Don’t wait for these posts to pop up if you really want one.

    • That's what I told my mate so he went into the local JB Hi-Fi and pre-ordered one. Picked one up 3 days later, which was 5 days ago. Erina NSW.

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    I'm going to wait. Heard news there will be a revision.

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      Apparently they've resolved the hardware issue. The new ones will be out in a couple of months.

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        What hardware issue?

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          There will be a revision in which Sony is trying to use 6nm chips trying to produce more units since demand is too high.

          Size, Specs, and performance will be the same.

          No hardware issues with the PS5 tho.

          • @kazuyamishima: Isn't there a controller drift issue?

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              @FireRunner: There was on my first controller, got it swapped for working one. After a couple of months the spring for the R2 button completely snapped. Opened it up to have a look (the OEM spring is laughably thin), managed to fix it though.

              After a quick browse on Reddit, these two issues seem to be the most common.

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            @kazuyamishima: new 6nm chips (compromise) will have about 30% more heat to deal with than the 5nm chips

            id try to grab one of the originals if possible.

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              @sachz: Really? Thats a odd decision. The original 7nm based ps5 already has its hands full dealing with the heat. I assume a decrease in process node would result in less heat?

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                @mordinhoz: What heat? Is it related to a particular game?
                7 months in and it hasn't missed a beat, quiet as a whisper.
                Maybe lucky lottery hardware? 🤔

            • @sachz: What 5nm chips they are on AMD ranch 7nm…

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        Couple of months? I doubt it

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        Out in a few months, available in a year or so. Can't even buy a PS5 released in Oct last year haha

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      Unlikelty it will be more than just an internal refresh to use different fab technology, probably not a slim or anything. Its more likely to help fit more chips per die, the TSMC 6nm process wont have much in the way of power or thermal efficiency changes. (I dont think as a customer you should care too much)


      • Exactly ^^^ Fit more chips to the die, greater yield less cost per wafer as SIE pay for each whole wafer no matter the yield.

    • That's not happening until next year.

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    What's the trade in value?

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    I've spoken to a couple stores around springwood and they still waiting on stock for the people who preordered since launch you would think stock would be going to people still waiting 😂

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      still waiting on stock for the people who preordered

      Have they paid?

    • That seems very strange. I pre ordered one, and have bought 2 more with great ease. Surely the stores you called just royally stuffed up with pre orders? I'm in Brisbane, have bought from JB CBD (Feb 2021), JB Indro(Mar 2021), and amazon pre order (arrived 11 Nov 2020).

      • Hm weird these were both EB stores one at Wynnum West and also Hyperdome and Springwood and said all preorders were still waiting on stock from when first released, I got one from JB last week my mate pulled some strings to get me one. Ive tried to get on the JB pre orders but missed out due to work

        • I was on 5 lists, got called after I got the ones I was after. The ones held onto them for a day for me, left work early and grabbed it.

      • JB seems reliable. I got mine on their website in November one morning at work lol

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      you would think but ppl have been waiting for a year and other have been getting them no prob
      you dont ask you dont get

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    Dear OP, how much did they give you for your PS4 Pro, and what accessories did you need to provide (just power and controller)?

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      $265.59. It is on the receipt.

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        Ouch, I sold my PS4 pro for $400 on gumtree.

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          Aye, but $135 for convenience, you don't have to list it, post it or spend your time meeting/organising someone. Not the end of the world.

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            @conza: Wow people on ozb try and save cents over other deals, yet here people are happy to throw away hundreds haha. People would complain if they had to pay $20 for postage. No clue why I’m getting negged. This is still ozb right?

    • When I traded in my ps4 pro with one controller, power, and hdmi cable (standard items) a couple weeks ago. I got $277 trade in value for it. I did use a EB World level 4 as well.

      • -2

        What was the value on FB/gumtree at the time? When I sold my PS4 Pro back in Jan they were around $400+
        Edit: just looked, seems to be $350+ at the moment.

    • Power cable, hdmi cable, a controller and a game

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      No, there's a global semi-conductor shortage affecting CPUs, GPUs, Consoles, Cars etc. Their FY2020 sales figures clearly showed strong software sales revenue and they'll want to grow that significantly.

      • -7

        Shortage yes but they make a loss on ps5 , software revenue is games
        They are in no hurry to increase production as they lose more and more by each sale in current climate

        • +14

          That makes no logical sense. The more PS5s out there, the more software sales are likely to increase.

          • -13

            @Hybroid: ehh, you ps fan boys need everything spelled out for you - don't worry - your right - keep going

            • +3

              @botchie: Ah of course. Sony announcing at their financial call that their software sales have hit record revenue points, they're working hard to produce and release more stock ASAP, reveling in the fact the PS5 has outsold the PS4 in the same time-span and they're even considering a redesign to the APU to alleviate shortages and sell more is all rubbish.

              You said they don't want to sell more, based on no data whatsoever, so it must be so. Gotcha.

              • -1

                @Hybroid: Lol, the fact you actually think they will "redesign" ps5 speaks volumes, do a bit of research into how much would that actually cost them, how possible it is to do it and what would it actually accomplish ? Will they make the new part out of Lego ?
                Or some new miracle component that is not in shortage and high demand

                • +3

                  @botchie: I'm not sure if you're borderline trolling or really that incompetent at comprehension, but I didn't say redesign the PS5. I said redesign the APU (the CPU + GPU chip) which is exactly what was said at the FY2020 call by Sony's own CFO.

                  Asked specifically about the shortage of semiconductors, which is affecting all consumer electronics industries from smart phones to cars, Totoki suggested Sony had means with which it could cope.

                  “For example, we could find maybe a secondary resource, or by changing the design we could cope,” the exec said.

                  This was then compounded by outlets allegedly reporting that TSMC are planning on producing 6nm chips by second and third quarter 2022. That's just the APU chip, not the entire PS5 console or body.

                  However, even so, let's consider the whole thing being redesigned, the PS4 was released November 2013. The PS4 Slim ("redesign") was released September 2016. A PS5 complete redesign probably may not be likely end-2022 but certainly expected early-mid 2023 as per normal cycle. Or they may accelerate it, who knows.

                  I've done my research. How about you?

                  • -1

                    @Hybroid: So your research is based on non confirmed maybe comment? No where does it say Sony will actually do anything anytime soon and if you think about it they just can't do anything but manufacture as they have been doin so far.
                    That's all I said originally
                    They are in no rush to increase production if that will mean it will cost them more for a product they are already losing money on
                    You PS boys are a tight bunch, love talking to you

            • +2

              @botchie: You obviously don't know how the market works.

            • +3

              @botchie: *you're

  • Still cannot believe those who want one cannot get their hands on one, it really isn't that hard.

    • +1

      Yep, at this point the issue is you, not the lack of supply.

    • +4

      Have you tried? Do you have a 9-5 job?

      • +5

        9-5 job is no reason to miss deals, OzBargainer!

        Now drop and give me $50

        • Lol it is when half of the drops have required a sign up in person at the store.

          • +2

            @mordinhoz: Those are the days you use up a day of annual leave and live life to the dealiest!

            What are you saving your annual leave for, travel? lol

      • JB near me are open till 6pm, and fridays late night shopping.

        • Have you called in hi-fi at 5pm on a drop day and asking how many pre orders are left? I did 3 stores around my area all ran out by 12pm. Ended up joining a long a EOI queue at a job hi-fi near my workplace.

          • +1

            @mordinhoz: Take a day off! You know you want to.

          • +1

            @mordinhoz: I called 10 stores on the weekend, 2 took down names. Easy as man. They called me when it arrived, went and picked it up after work.

  • My mate just collected one from Chermside EB Games

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    Just picked one up at the Swanston St in Melbourne CBD. They said they got 12 or 13 today.

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    Big Thanks Guys.
    Picked one from ebgames, Rouse Hills NSW

    • Bastards, I traded a bunch of games yesterday trying to put a deposit towards a PS5 and they told me there they weren’t accepting any pre-order neither will they have stock in the near future.

  • A friend of mine scored on today at EB Games Mt Ommany as a walk in.

  • The rules here day there needs to be at least 10 left in stock to be a deal.

    • at every branch?

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    Thanks got one at strathpine, they said had more in stock at 4.50pm today

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    Yay! Got the last one at Brookvale! Thankyou!

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    Indooroopilly store still have a few stock this morning. I already bought from there this morning .

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    Picked one up from Jesmond EBGames thanks to this post - thank you for posting it!

    • No worries. Happy for you dude!

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    Called Browns Plains, Browns Plains Village, Springfield, Logan City, Forest Lakes, Redbank Plaza.

    Nada. Just the offer of an end of July shipment with $200 deposit.

    This damn unicorn.

    • these are the worst EB games to get anything I wouldn't have even tried lol.

  • Why can't they just put this online so people can have it delievered I don't want to physcially go to a store during covid times.

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