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[eBay Plus] Free - M3.0 64GB, Logitech H110 | $5 - Xiaomi Miband 4C, Humidity Monitor, SanDisk 64GB MicroSD @ Ninjabuy eBay


Looking around ebay and found the code for tomorrow's ebay Tuesday deals. Select the item from the drop down list to see the price and take $15 off it per the promo code.

I think the pick of the lot is the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C.

Free -

  • Ultra dual drive M3.0 64GB
  • ipad portable stand
  • Logitech H110 headset
  • Infrared thermometer

$5 -

  • Mi Band 4C
  • UGREEN Nintendo Switch Storage Bag S Size
  • Mi Temperature humidity monitor
  • Sandisk Extreme 64GB micro sd card
  • 2 pack HDMI cable
  • 3x HDMI cable
  • 2 pack braided HDMI cable

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Great find!!!

  • $15 off no min spend?

  • Is it all day Tuesday, or is there a time?

    • +1

      Start 10am but it won't last long.

    • Some of the previous Tues deals have continued on for several days, as long as there is stock.

      Eg. The unpopular stuff may last a few days

  • Hoping for Bluetooth Earphones. None this time

    • +1

      I think Kogan has some decent bluetooth wireless headphones for $23 if you are a Kogan First member (free trial).

  • I will grab the logitech headset for free, will be handy when working from home

  • Where can I find this on eBay?

    • +1

      There is a "Go to Deal" button if you're on desktop. But here is a link to what original poster (OP) is talking about https://www.ozbargain.com.au/goto/622423

      • +1

        where is the "Go to Deal" please?

    • Go to Deal > size

      There's more details at the bottom of that link/page

  • I've got one of the Ugreen ipad portable stands and it's great

    • Do you reckon its better to get a iPad stand or the 64gb usb? On the fence about this.
      I have an iPad 6th gen with a Logitech slim folio the only bad thing about the slim folio is that there is not much flexibility.

      • I haven't used a USB for years

  • So code only works for 1 item going by other comments?

  • Is this separate from the other 200+ items for less than 5 bucks deal?

  • Couldn't see a description for the switch case.

    I wonder if this can hold everything including the dock

  • +1

    Ill be aiming for the watch tomorrow at 10 am.

  • People buying eBay plus? I mean Amazon prime seems a better deal. Not that I feel like paying for that either.

    • +7

      You don't have Amazon prime???

      • I don't have prime. Used 2 trials, me+wife. Wwatched all the movies we want. She's not int'd in tv shows.
        For buying we S&S, or collect $39 worth of stuff.
        So nothing's really made me feel I need to join yet.
        never used other stuff

    • +9

      eBay gives it away for free pretty often (vouchers), and I've gotten many freebies from their deals, so technically eBay has been better value than Amazon.

      • Agreed, the $99 airpods deals alone made eBay plus a great value for me. (not to mention the $50 sign up voucher and $5 monthly voucher)

      • Yep, eBay Tuesdays can have better deals than Prime Day, which only comes once a year.

      • +1

        I have an ebay acct. Don't think ever gotten an offer.

        But generally I've avoided using ebay since maybe 1.5-2yrs ago cuz all the deals are "selected sellers" and crap, shipping is from China 40+ days, so same as ali.

        Browsing is also so hard on ebay. Say Search for $50 KB, you get mixed listings for $35-65. You find the $35 is a usb adapter, the 65 is the KB. You can't search for a product and compare them. You have to read fine print for traps too.

        Moved to amazon for faster shipping and keeping to amazon delivery so I have returns if problems arise. Ebay is a pain, mostly u can get a refund for broken stuff but the hoops vs amazon…

        If I want fast amazon,
        if I want cheap ali
        stopped looking at ebay

    • +5

      Yes officer, this one here. This one is the OzB imposter.

  • -1

    For free things the code is not working…

  • +1

    Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

    What a tease!

    Edit: I just saw the 10am fine print! Doh!

    • Where is the 10am fine print? Is there a way to find other listings that the code PLUSFDET will work for?

      • I don't know where it's gone now?

        This has to be the world's most confusing eBay listing!

        I order the braided HDMI cables but now the order only mention the Nintendo storage bag?!


  • Can we stack voucher?

  • Does the Mi Band come with an iOS app?

    • Probably (there is an android app), Android app doesn't sync to any fitness software (Google Fit) and I don't think they have any intention of ever enabling it because it would impact sales of their Band 5 & 6.

  • +8

    Anyone here from Brisbane's crazy thunderstorms nice wake-up ! Hehe

    • Lol can’t stay awake until 10am though

    • 1.30AM wake up call

  • Free????

  • -3

    anyone know what time the deal starts? thanks.

  • Is this where we see a bunch of people later complaining in other threads that “I stupidly spend the $15 off any purchase getting a free USB stick I won’t use, rather than the thing I want”?

  • +3

    Cheapest I can see the Mi Band is $29 which would make it $14 after discount. Have they upped it before the deal?

    • Still seeing the Mi Band as $20 at the moment

      • -1

        Could you please share a link?

        • oh my GOD,
          2020 is last year

    • Don't get the 4C, it is useless. It won't sync to Google Fit. The app is basically island off so they won't impact sales of the Mi Band 5 and 6. App's been around for like 2 years and got like 1 star on Android Play Store, everyone complains about how it won't sync to Google fit and they are doing nothing about it.

  • why are people buying now? Are they buying and then contacting the seller asking for a refund after it goes live?

    • I think it’s putting in cart to checkout quicker once the code is live. Given competition for stock can be fierce, every second counts.

      Bargains never sleep.

  • +3

    Would this work for everything on eBay (plus) or just these things

    • Only specific items I assume (unless ebay stuffs up again like last week with the gin).

  • +7

    So many people with reading comprehension difficulties on ozbargain

    • -3

      IKR! already out of negs to give XD

    • -1

      Might help if the post actually edited to put in "Starts 10am" instead of only the specific date.

  • Got the USB for free thanks

  • +2

    Got iPad stand, thanks OP

  • Got USB

  • Got the Ultra Dual Drive, thanks OP.

  • Got the free USB, thanks OP

  • Huh Mi Band out of stock already

  • +1

    Shit all Free items gone So quickly

  • got mi band

  • +1

    Got the USB for free. Thanks dealbot!

  • +1

    Ha, literally 10 on the dot, code accepted and 0 watches available :P
    Ahhh well, next time.

    Got a $5 Powerband though, so that's something.

    • Refresh it. It's available again

      • Meh, too late for that, got the battery bank instead to throw into my work bag.
        The watch was going to be a nice cheap present for someone, mind you, even at $20 it's a pretty cheap present :D

  • +3

    thermometers were gone instantly wtf.

  • That was fast…

    Thnks for the free usb!

  • Thanks dealbot, was already able to buy the deal, but still doesn't seem "live" on the ebay Tuesday deals page?

  • I was 3 sec too late for the thermometer.

    • +1

      I was gonna get that but then it was too late for that

      • -1

        Now there is more but I have already used it on the head set.

        • +1

          Yeah the thermometer came back for a bit - managed to get one

  • Got the USB, thanks OP!

  • No good on the switch case, was dead on 10am…

  • Cheers OP - got the watch. On at 10am and went through everything then marked as out of stock. Kept refreshing and it came back in stock.

    • ahh shit it did that for me so i ordered something else, but i wanted the watch much more. I should have refreshed more than once. You can only use the code once as well right?

      • Yep, only used the code once

    • I wonder if thats on purpose, to stop any script bots purchasing.

  • Managed to score the USB

  • Thanks. Got a USB disk for free.

  • Switch case went crazy fast, oh well. Tablet stand it is then.

  • Bought the portable stand for Free
    Thanks OP !

  • Grabbed the stand. Thanks

  • Got the Watch, they restocked jsut then

  • Is it just me? My miband order turned into a UGREEN Nintendo Switch Storage Bag.

    • +1

      Theyre all switch bags, but the 'style' is the item you ordered. Weird way to set it up but okay.

    • +1

      That's just the name of the listing, check order details and it should say which one you got / the picture of the item.

  • Watch came back in stock. Thanks OP!

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