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Lenovo Yoga 9i, 14" 1080p Touch (400 nits), Core i5-1135G7, 16GB / 512GB SSD $1799 Shipped @ Lenovo via eBay


Following on the recent lenovo discounts, Here's another one!

Decent discount on the Lenovo yoga 9i via ebay Deal and PLEV20 coupon Deal.

i5-1135G7 processor
16Gb ram
512gb ssd drive
14inch touchscreen 400nit display.

Not for those looking to do gaming, but for users looking for a xps or spectre alternative, I thought this was a decent price after the ebay discount. Thought it should quite good for uni students or small businesses. Probably not the best for intensive tasks.

Add in eBay vouchers for addition discount via shop back if your an eager beaver.

Original Coupon Deal

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    Thanks daddy.


    Great price and performance for a 2-in-1. Only thing that would make this sweeter would be the i7 11th gen, but that would push the price up significantly.


    How much better is this than the Dell Inspiron 7306 (don't care about screen size)? It was $1,399 for the i7/16GB/500GB spec last month.

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      Inspiron is a different machine. Looks better build quality here on the yoga which is more comparable to the xps range.

      Bit like comparing a xps to a inspiron or a vostro to a latitude.

      Definitely better specs on the inspiron, but the screen brightness becomes an issue. I personally had a 14inch inspiron, amd 4700 version and have sent it back due to consistent wifi issues. Could have been a one off though.


        Cheers for that!

        Yeah, it does seem like the Yoga is more of a competitor to Dell's XPS range, but in terms of features and specs, the Inspiron 7306 looks the same or better than this Yoga 9i.

        I'm also looking at the Lenovo Thinkpad L13 Yoga Gen 2 and Thinkbook 14s Yoga and I have no idea how they differ from the Yoga 9i. Why do they have so many different model lines which are so similar… Looks like the screen is the main differentiator?

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          Yes I know.

          Build quality is a big factor. Generally thinkpads will last a lifetime and are business laptops. This yoga is pretty much to top of the consumer range, but there also lower range models. The inspiron is the middle of the range for consumer.

          So you kinda do get what you pay for. There will also be weight. Battery life. Screen to consider. Aluminium body or plastic etc. Etc.

          Bit of a minefield.


    $1,010.65 with promo code. PM1517
    HP ProBook x360 435 G7 AMD Ryzen 7 4700U 512GB SSD 16GB RAM Touch+PEN, FHD 13.3" 1000 nits 72% NTSC.


      From notebookcheck review: "the case is almost completely made of aluminum. Only the keyboard and a small strip on the display cover, which protects the area of the Wi-Fi antennas, are made of plastic. As a result, the device is in a league that is actually above its price range in terms of feel. The stability and workmanship are also virtually perfect."


    I have Lenovo Yoga C940 (2 in 1 also) which I absolutely loved until recently. After 16 months, my battery only lasts 3 hours on browsing or watching Netflix at 50% brightness (used to last 10 hours easy) and the laptop randomly turns off despite Windows saying it has 10-30% battery. The battery report indicates that the maximum capacity is only 20%.

    I contacted Lenovo support recently about the issue and I just got a response saying that this is normal after 16 months despite the laptop having extended warranty to 3 years. Upon Googling, some Yoga models have severe battery drain issues.

    Thought I’d share my story to save someone from being sour like me. I still have Dell XPS13 which is more than 5 years old and holds much more capacity than my relatively new C940.


      Oh that sucks.

      I just bought one. And absolutely love it atm.


        I still love mine but the customer support was absolutely slow and useless. After I filed a complaint with Fair Trading QLD then they decided to do “one free battery replacement out of goodwill”, which was rather insulting.

        I’ve had very positive experience with Dell support and Microsoft support so my next main laptop won’t be Lenove anymore.