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Steelcase Leap V2 Black - $940.50 + Delivery (Free Delivery for VIC, NSW and QLD) @ Arki Environments


I was in the market for a new office chair and came across this through my google searches. I am guessing this is suppose to be for Telstra employees however I was able to order one yesterday and they have already provided tracking for my order.

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    What makes this a chair worth 1k?

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      I was going to buy a Herman Miller Aeron but alot of people compared this to the aeron as a alternative so instead of spending 1650 for the aeron thought this was a way better deal, Also for me i think its worth it in the long run since i spend 40+ hours working from home

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        Agree with the quality and comfortability. Have a few office chairs with similar brands from liquidated business at great prices and still strong enough. Pretty sure they can last for a couple decades

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          I"ve got this chair with the headrest for $1300 in january, love the chair, has no faults in my oppinion. Headrest isn't really needed (i'm 6ft 4) but nice to have nonetheless.

          Absolute steal at this price

        • Good chairs also have spare parts available for them too, which makes them even more attractive to own long-term.

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        This chair is WAY more comfortable than the Aeron. If you think otherwise you clearly haven't tried both.

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          I use both on a daily basis and the comfort depends on your preferences and seating habits. To say "one hasn't tried both" if they disagree with your preference is unbecoming of someone who wears big boy pants.

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          I have this chair at home, and have aeron and Mirra’s at work previously. I’ve spent over 500 days on each model.
          I find the Herman Miller chairs much better. The steel case is a good office chair, but the aeron is more adjustable, goes higher and lower, and the mesh seat pan is more comfortable over time. The lower back lumbar support is also more pronounced on the Herman Miller chairs, and I use a cushion with the steel case for extra lower back support that isn’t needed with the Herman miller’s.

          The build quality of all of them is very good.

          I would swap my steelcase for a Herman Miller in an instant, but my chair at home was $160 second hand, and I haven’t found an aeron or Mira for less than $400+

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          I use the Aeron at home and Leap V2 at work, I agree the V2 is more comfortable and much more adjustable. However, the Aeron keeps my posture a lot better and resolved my backpain within a week of use. It is also cooler to sit in (because of mesh seat pan and back)

          I also have a MIrra 2 at home as well, which I've only sat in occasionally but have used in the office environment for years and area quite good as well

        • lmao I havent tried any and can tell how dumb this statement is

      • V2 provides almost all required ergonomic adjustabilities, the cushioning is reasonably good (although does gets a little hot), and build quality is also good, but not quite as good as the Aeron. I now have Leap V2 at work and Aeron at home.

        An ergonomic chair is a must if you spend long periods sitting, I had a Hawthorn Zody when the whole covid started, then I sat in one of those office works $199 chair for a couple of weeks, and started developing back pain which got worse and worse and started affecting my sleep. When I got my Aeron it took just less than 1 week for the back pain to completely disappear.

        • What's your opinion comparing this with Zody? Thanks

          • @marsking: I rate the Leap V2 slightly above the Zody, in comfort, adjustability, ease of adjusting.

            Build quality is about the same, I feel Zody is a bit more solid but generally made creaky sound when you lean back, Leap is relatively smooth in all the ones I've sat in.

            However, one big plus for Zody is it has adjustable lumber support depth which is adjustable for left and right independently, the V2 does not (you can only move the lumbar up & down, and can't adjust the depth of the support. This is one feature I really miss.

            Also Zody is a larger chair with bigger seat width, and probably will suit someone taller or bulkier a bit better than Leap V2 (I'm 5'7 slim to average build and find the Leap V2 seat pan sizing a good fit)

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      You could buy a gaming chair every 3 years and have minor complaints about the comfort or buy this and not complain for the next decade.

      These chairs have a good following by the Reddit buy it for life group.

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      Will hopefully save you from $1k+ worth of back pain over time. Moreso if you wfh right now like me.

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      What makes anything worth buying?

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        Comfort is one, the other is your back and preventing you from injuries and such down the track.

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          It was a rhetorical question.

  • How long ago did you order? Says "Typical Lead time from order - 8-9 weeks."

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      Just double checked when i ordered, i ordered mine monday night and i just got tracking today. im guessing they have these in stock currently

    • So it took a week after ordering to get an update, mine is expected to arrive in late July.

      • That sucks! They probably sold all the chairs they had instock and have more on back order, mine came in yesterday, and a few other people who purchased this have already received it

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    Highly recommended. Bought one last year and love it. I paid full price last year

    • Can you please tell me the maximum height from floor to the top of the seat cushion? I couldn’t find the information anywhere. One place said that the maximum floor to seat height is 20.5 inches but I am not sure if this is to the top of the seat cushion. I need the height up to the top of the seat cushion.

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    can recommend this chair, makes having bad posture fairly difficult if you make the right adjustments.

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    Good chair

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    I have this chair for 3 year. Its amazing. However im tall af, so if anyone buys the version with the head rest, msg me to buy the head rest from you!

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      The head rest is not removable. I purchased one last year and according to Arki, it must be factory constructed with the chair and is not an add-on accessory.

      • I read that is true for the gesture, and not for the leap. However, adding a headrest to the leap requires drilling 2 small holes in the top of the frame. This video actually shows pre-existing holes, so now I'm not 100% sure. But you can certainly add a headrest.

  • anywhere to test this chair out before buying in Sydney?

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      They have shop at Pyrmont you can have a look and try

    • Also keep in mind that Steelcase showroom in Pyrmont does not have chairs with the headrest. Just the normal ones if that's something you were looking forward to test.

  • Any way to get the headrest version?

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    Would prefer a chair with mesh though I am in the market for a new chair…

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      I have the Buro mentor mesh high back I'm using at home and I really like the features and it's cheaper. I also didn't like mesh back chairs until I got this.

    • I spent a lot of money trying to save money - upgrading through “Aeron alternative” chairs until I finally bought an Aeron as I should have done in the beginning.

      The only other option I would suggest is to buy a second-hand Mirra. They are on par with the Aeron but don’t hold their value as much, thus you can get them cheap ($300-600).

      Forget all the alternatives that people say are “just as good” or better. They don’t compare.

      Also forget “more comfortable” - using this logic you would buy the softest mattress in the store and destroy your back. Same goes for chairs. You want distributed support, that’s why mesh is good.

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    Got a Herman Miller atm but will go Steelcase next. It's taken me twelve months of messaging to LivingEdge and Herman Miller Australia just to organise the purchase of a lumbar support for my chair.

    • Don’t do it.

      • Whys that?

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        I remember when those aeron chairs were $1200, $1600+ is getting a bit much. That and the average customer service/ wait time for parts/delivery. Could put half the price into a Zen standup desk and this chair or anything decent for about 400-500. The aeron certainly looks the best tho

  • This is probably the best chair you can buy, assuming you are not buying a chair for looks.

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    Telstra had these for all their employees in their corporate offices - best chair I've sat on :)

    • corporate only then? maybe the header should be edited unless the call centres have got them?

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    1. How does the Leap V2 differ from the V1.
    2. What does the Telstra designation mean?
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      It means its a special link for Telstra employees but someone leaked it and it works for everyone.

  • I got mine used for $200 on Gumtree, looks brand new. I really don't find it that comfortable, and feel like it is a bit small. Definitely get the headrest option if you are tall, mine does not have that and I miss it. Tempted to spring for the Herman Miller Embody but its a lot of money for a chair..

    • Wish i could find one for that cheap, the cheapest i could find locally was 600 without arms, I know before covid you could get one for cheap but since alot of people are working from home now prices have gone up :( I really wanted the embody too, I just couldn't afford it

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    is there anyone who upgraded from and have any feedback?

  • Whats the RRP or normal price?

  • Won't ship to SA.

    I think this type of market control is just wrong.

    • No shipping to WA neither :(

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      That's a bit dramatic it's probably just a logistics issues.

      I doubt they're trying to cause the destruction of SA, one sore back from lack of discount ergo chair at a time.

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        It's all about controlling the market with monopolies.

        The SA shop can charge what they want (and they do). (

        In fact, Greenedge don't even put pricing up on their website. You need to ring up for a quote. They have the monopoly.

        There is no such thing as logistical issues in Australia. Couriers deliver everywhere.

  • Anyone have experience using this chair vs embody?

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      I've used the steelcase leap at work and I have the embody at home. I prefer the embody but the leap is a very good chair nonetheless (and a lot cheaper).

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    I got one of these from Egan's in Melbourne for about $450 second hand earlier this year.

    The relief it's provided me I'd have no problem dropping $900 knowing what I know now.

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    An FYI for Sydneysiders - if you buy a Steelcase from their offcial website you can save yourself the $100 delivery and pick it up from their depot in Warriewood

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      but this is already free shipping for NSW?

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    Nice first post op. Cheers

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    Have looked at these chairs for a while and finally bought one thanks OP! I sit a lot WFH and gaming so it's worth investing in a good chair.

    I curently have a DXRacer - comfy but not very supportive and gave me issues working from home full time. So I bought a Buro mesh back from Officeworks - more supportive but not adjustable enough/doesn't fit my body well and my arse hurts after sitting for a while. I keep swapping between the two chairs as they're both bad in different ways, so I'm keen for a decent chair!

    • How's this chair been for you, is it better than the buro?

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        Still enjoying the Steelcase, way better than the buro

  • I've been looking at Steelcase Leap V2s/HM Aerons for a while - however I don't sit in my chair for extended periods, and when I do, I tend to recline with my feet up on the desk.

    I'm wondering whether there are is an alternative to these ergonomic chairs that focuses more on plush comfort that might be better suited to my use? Could anyone offer any suggestions?

    I usually only sit for an hour or two max.

    • Get a recliner. Not the old ones with the huge square bases, but the more modern ones with the footrest and major lean back etc

      • Thanks for the suggestion, can you suggest any particular brands?

        • Not really, a friend has a couple in his loungeroom.

          Something that looks like the centre middle example from this site (not endorsing the brand etc)

        • There's a good one at IKEA.

          I forget the name, but go sit on some in the lounge section.

          You'll know which one it is pretty much instantly.

    • i sit on a soft ikea stool. for short periods its great (and ive gotten used to sitting in it all day onweekends)

  • Is there a telstra gesture version?

    • Would like to know this too

    • +1

      Previous leap deals had people guessing the links to other chairs, I'd start there.

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    Wish we could get a similar deal for Aeron. Would immediately hop on it.

  • -4

    We have these at work. Honestly unless you're overweight and never move from your desk all day these are expensive for what they are.

    I at least can't tell the difference between office chairs. They're all comfortable to me.

  • Have had this chair for 6 months, my sitting posture has improved

    I would recommend getting the head rest tho! My only regret, I've often thought about taking a loss by selling this one and buying the headrest version

    Would definitely recommend this chair if you have the cash

  • +1

    I have both Leap V2 and the often compared Aeron. My personal experience is Leap is better for proper posture stuff and actually typing in front of computer.

    When it comes to reclining all the way back with lazy posture watching movies etc, Aeron is better.

  • I bought the leather version about 2 weeks ago. Loving it, I previously had a Herman Miller Mirra but felt it didnt give me the full support. The comfort and back support on this are leaps and bounds better. Im undecided on the headrest though, could probably have gone without but its non-detachable (it can move up and down but not forwards or back). I had tried a few chairs with the Aeron feeling too similar to the Mirra and it was down to this or the Embody. Both were similar enough in comfort and the Embody pricing was a bit too bullshit.

    • any issues with the headrest being too far forward?

      • initially it felt that way but I've gotten used to it and its really not bad

  • how does this compare to the secret lab chairs? anyone got one of those? I've seen them rise in popularity recently.

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      They're not proper ergonomic chairs

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      I have a secret lab chair. Nothing wrong with it, but in hindsight, I probably should have gotten something more ergonomic. The seat is really firm, maybe it's due to my lighter weight that I haven't been able to wear the cushion in like some other people have done successfully. My cheeks start feeling numb if I've been sitting for several hours and my lower back is also sore. I'd say, spend the little extra and treat your ass and back well!

  • This or mesh? It will be for full time use.

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    No shipping to WA unfortunately

  • Wow. This is crazy expensive for a chair………

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      I used to think that, but if you work a computer job a good chair makes a huge difference.

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    Had one for 5 years and hate sitting on anything else.

    • Same! I bought this from an office that closed down for $20 5-6years ago. I didn’t believe the person when he said it was $900 plus for each. Only checked it last year 😂

      Still in good condition! Including the cushions!

    • cushion gone soft over the 5 years?

  • Have this exact chair config, bloody love it - bought 2 more for the house after the first (from a liquidated business).

    Found it more comfortable than an Aeron, and leaps and bounds better than any of the chairs from OW and the like, let alone the trash "racer" gaming chairs. Can sit on it for hours with no fatigue whatsoever.

    If you get one, make sure you set up all the adjustments to give the best ergonomics, you're not really using it to it's full potential otherwise.

    • Can you please tell me the maximum height from floor to the top of the seat cushion? I couldn’t find the information anywhere. One place said that the maximum floor to seat height is 20.5 inches but I am not sure if this is to the top of the seat cushion. I need the height up to the top of the seat cushion.

      • +1

        from ozsave below

        "centre top of seat is 510mm off a carpet floor."

        • +1

          Thank you very much @ozbjunkie.

  • Great chair and worth the price.
    Have this >10yrs old and still good as new.
    Only issue is not having the headrest please get the headrest version.

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