This was posted 8 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Steelcase Leap V2 Black - $940.50 + Delivery (Free Delivery for VIC, NSW and QLD) @ Arki Environments


I was in the market for a new office chair and came across this through my google searches. I am guessing this is suppose to be for Telstra employees however I was able to order one yesterday and they have already provided tracking for my order.

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    Darn! Bought one last week and paid $1100 delivered to Sydney from arki. It is a very comfortable chair with a myriad of adjustments so almost anyone can fit their posture. Height of centre top of seat is 510mm off a carpet floor.

    • Try calling or messaging and to see if you can get the difference refunded. 10 minutes of your life for $160 is worth it.

  • Been using the IKEA Jarvflaflafla for a year or so and I find it comfortable enough. Would this be a huge upgrade in terms of comfort and ergonomics?

  • So many conflicting opinions on the headrest - some people say it's useless, others say it's essential. Any other opinions? I'm 6 foot and like to recline.

    • Essential. Im 5 foot 7 and i bought the non headrest version a couple months ago.

      Love it but would love a headrest even more just to potato on my seat

  • My $35 IKEA chair is going strong 5 years in and is pretty comfortable. Now how many of those can I buy for the price of one of these…

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    Was literally about to buy it when people said it's as good as Herman Miller Aeron… then realised it's not full mesh :(

  • Thanks OP! I've been eyeing this and similar chairs for months and this is a good deal!

    Usually the $940 does not include arm rests (but this one does). And this is the same deal as the telstra and google deal from last year.

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    No shipping to WA (as usual).

    Does anyone have any opinions on the Buro Metro II High Back? I've been considering one of those for a while.

    • You can try designfarm which has a showroom in Perth.

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    Have had this chair since start of COVID, best investment ever. Their support team is also great, and from reading the forums they will send out replacement parts free of charge (ie if the hydraulic fails) pretty much for the life of the chair.

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    Isn't this version - hard caster wheels for carpet?

    • are there different wheel types?

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        Yes, the default casters are intended for carpet. If you have hardwood floors, then I'd suggest going with a softer caster (e.g. rubber)

  • Wow, didn't know the chair was this expensive. Purchased a second hand one for a family member back in 2016 for $280 (had to pick it up).

    Haven't used it much myself but it seems okay though the arm rest rubber gets kinda greasy…

    • Yeah used to have these at work a few years back. The arm rest was a kind of grippy silicone material which wasn't great when you're wearing a sweater. I ended up with holes on the elbows of my sweater after a while.. I think its cause everytime my elbow rub against the grippy silicone, it just damaged it due to friction and over time became a hole.

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    I had the herman miller aeron but I returned it after a week as the front seat curve was pushing against the back of my thighs. This resulted in cutting the circulation to my legs and made it really sore. I ended up getting the steel case leap and it's been fantastic. I got this ages ago when they just moved the manufacturing from USA to Mexico which resulted in the chair costing usually $950 down to $750.

    • Found the exact same thing with my aeron, going to selling it to fund the purchase of this!

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    Anywhere you can buy the headrest seperate?

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    Any promo code to share?

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    Going by most of the rave reviews here, I would like to be the contrarian here and say most of them are due to buyer bias. Obviously if you ask Herman Miller owners, they are going to say that it is the best chair as well.

    One obvious difference that I would like to point out that haven't been discussed here is the seat material. HM one is mesh and from the pic, this looks like it is fabric? Mesh will beat fabric in terms of heat dissipation so if you going to sit on the chair for long hours, do consider mesh. Likewise, if you are passing a lot of "air" , mesh beats fabric :p

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      Counter to what you are saying, I have spend hundreds of hours on each of these 2 comparing chairs.

      I have HM at work and Leap at home.
      I would take Leap any day and the fabric with cushion is far more comfortable.
      Never had a problem feeling any heat.

      Mesh seat feels hard and not comfortable if you need to sit on it for hours.

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        Was thinking that full mesh would be better for WFH in Queensland summers (with no ac on)? Obviously really muggy days there comes a point where you crank it on.
        I've got a good quality basic (but old) office chair with height and back angle adjustment (no arms) that's ready for retirement, and got one of those epic charis for $199 but don't find it promotes good posture - no back angle adjustment, could use more back lumbar support to sit more upright (easy to sit back in it - comfy if were watching movies).

        A mate has a Jason L Shrike Ergo mesh office chair, solid quality and posture for ~$400 delivered, not fully adjustable so wondering if the one in this deal is worth the extra - i'm not sure it would be twice as good and could get a bit hot compared with mesh backs?

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    If you’re looking for the Leap with Headrest version there is a promo code for 15% off HR versions. LeapHR15

    Stock is arriving in early July. Pre order.

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      Please ship to WA

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        Locked out by DesignFARM.

    • Do you know whether the soft casters are still available for the Leap v2 in OP? The option was there a few hours ago but is now gone.

      • Cheaper to buy third party soft casters anyway.

    • headrest height not adjustable?

    • man that is quite the price jump - headrest is another $350?

    • Yeah but that is not the Telstra version so it’s not that great of a discount

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    this or the ergohuman v2?

  • I’ve had this for many years now. Still in great condition! Lasts a long time. Even now with WFH

  • They won't deliver to WA, this makes me sad


  • Anyone think its worth the $600 difference getting the chair with a headrest?

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      hell no lol.

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      As someone with one with a headrest.. no

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    Bargain !!

    Bought 8, thanks OP

  • I have this chair but without the arm rests also had an Aeron Size C before that.

    I prefer the Leap V2 over the Aeron in terms of comfort.

  • Says you need a telstra email to purchase. Hopefully no refunds.

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      the store rep commented with a deal on the HR version and didn't say anything

  • How’s this compared with a Secretlab chair?
    (I personally find my secretlab titan doesn’t really worth the price)

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      i also have a titan, it's horrible, uncomfortable and get back pain after using for few hours, biggest waste of $630 ever, wouldn't recommend secret lab chairs to anyone

      • I bought the omega at the beginning of the pandemic and it was so worthy it. I’ve never had any back pain and can sit on it for hours lol

  • Im assuming this website is legit?

  • I have herniated discs and getting low back pain with HM chairs. Not sure about this one. Is there any showroom in VIC where I can test it? How's the returning policy?

  • LOL
    The store won't ship ANY of their chairs to SA….

  • Unfortunately only up to 136 kg …

  • Has anyone tried this and the Merryfair Wau mesh? I've got the latter, and not sure if I should switch over as this one costs about the same. However, it's not as comfortable as I'd like.

  • Nearly ditched my commercial office chairs because of gas lift issues. Then found replacements at O/W amazingly cheap. Had to swap the outer sleeve on the middle model but took just another minute!

    • I got a chair from commerical images that's quite old but good quality, didn't know can replace the gas lifters :)

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        plenty of instructions on youtube

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    I currently have the buro metro chair. Does anyone have that and this chair to compare?

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      I have both in my office right now.

      Use the Leap now for daily work and then I switch to the buro metro for gaming later on.

      The customisability on the Leap is far superior. Also it's just a generally more comfortable chair for long sitting sessions. With the customisability it can conform better to your sitting style, and has much better lumbar support than the metro as well.

      Metro I found I was gradually getting lower back pain due to lack of proper lower back support which is why I bought the leap.

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        Metro I found I was gradually getting lower back pain due to lack of proper lower back support which is why I bought the leap.

        This is exactly my problem with the metro also! Thanks for your review I'll look into this chair

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          I've ordered the Leap and will be coming from Buro Metro

          looking forward to a nicer chair

      • Bit similar to using a mouse and ergo positions - highly recommend the mx vertical

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    Crap…I just bought one 4 weeks ago for retail from Arki :(

    Nice chair though, very high quality.

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    is there any sort of 'trial' period or satisfaction guarantee with any stores? would prefer to test it out for hours than minutes at a store.

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    How does this compare to Haworth Zody chair? I've got the Zody last year and had no issue sitting on it all day.

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        I just did - not very helpful without providing alternatives / suggestions

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    Bought an Ergohuman a while back and was never really happy with it, so I'll give this a go instead. I've spent about this much on a physio for lower back pain so hoping this helps!

  • Hopefully people are also purchasing a standing desk, and in theory you should only be sitting on it half the time.. and a few walks/exercise does a lot and just being conscience of posture I've found is the main thing but hard to do - it's easy to slouch on a gym ball.

  • Anyone know what the life/warranty is on these, and whether its backed up locally? Link off the product listing for warranty is a dead end.

    I have an older steelcase chair at home now (loaner from work) but for the life of me i cannot work out what model it is. Google pic search its not clearly identifiable. It has a mesh back. All it says on it is Steelcase, made in China 2016.

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      Should be global lifetime warranty for original purchaser only, if you buy from an authorised dealer.
      This came into effect 2013.

      • Thank you.

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    just received my order confirmation, ordered last night

    says 10 days for telstra chairs

  • Is there a link for the armless variant of this chair?

  • Looking at buying either the Leap V2 or Think V2, can get them at around the same price, which do you think is better?

  • Do we get a confirmation email after we paid? I paid few hours ago, got no confirmation of any sort. Money taken from my card already.

    • yeah, you should have got order confirmation email

  • ordered last wed, still no email. money taken too. all i got is a screenshot with order number.

    • In your junk mail

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    Mine was delivered today, ordered on Thursday (in Brisbane). Way quicker than I was expecting, the delivery guys had an Arki shirt and was saying online orders were crazy. No surprises there :)

    • saying online orders were crazy.

      There must be so many Telstra employees around!

  • Any quick feedback on the chair from those that just received the chair?

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    Just received an email advising delivery expected in late July. I ordered on 13/05

    • Just got that email as well 😔

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      Yeah wtf.

      A few days ago I got:

      "'Telstra WFH' orders will be dispatched within 10 working days."

      And now it is:

      "lead-times advertised on the Arki Environments website at time of purchase of 9-11weeks.

      We are expecting arrival of LEAPS in late July and orders will be immediately despatched at that time.".

      I wonder if they are looking for Telstra email addresses and prioritising them. Should just order it and put a fake Telstra email in the email field. They will think you are legit Telstra and you may go to the front of the queue. You'll never get the receipt but who cares.

      I guess they'll be earning some free interest on our money for the next 3 months.

      • telstra.staff01 @ gmail

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        It was very clear on the product page that this chair is on a 9-11 week lead time.
        This is not the 'Telstra WFH' chair. That is a different chair altogether.

        These chairs are manufactured in Malaysia to order and as such a lead time does apply.

        Should you have any further questions please direct your questions to ARKI directly.

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          I beleive it was 8-9 weeks last wednesday?

        • Ah, I see. Thanks for the additional info.

          I think the order confirmation email is misleading. I'm fine with the delay, but I think it leads to confusion by implying a dispatch within 10 days.

          So I guess the first is made to order and the second isn't.

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            @watwatwat: The armless model is in stock (limited quantity). This model also does not have the adjustable lumbar. Dispatching within 5-15 days.

            • @NIKH7277: Ok cool, thanks!

            • @NIKH7277: if it is being manufactured to order, is there any chance I can swap the canister to soft one? I am willing to pay the difference.

              • @h1de: I'm also interested in swapping canisters to soft and willing to pay the difference

                • @shaun22: When these arrive into stock in late June you can order them as a part via the website. Please look back later.

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