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Professional 147 in 1 Watches Repair Tool Kit $24.60 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Luxerlife via Amazon AU



  • Perfect for opening watch backs, watch band adjustment, changing watch batteries, gaskets, adjusting bands etc
  • Spring bar removal for strap adjustment/replacement
  • High quality of anti-magnetic screwdriver for removing battery covers


  • Watch Strap Spring Pin Size: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25mm
  • Adjustable jaw case opener : case back diameter less than 37mm
  • Comes with a carrying case: 20.5cm x 10cm x 5cm (L x W x H)
  • Diameter of Strap Spring Pin: 1. 5mm

Packing List

108 x Watch Strap Spring pins
18 x Adjustable Case Opener Pins
3 x Link Remover Spare Pins
3 x Precision Anti-magnetic Screwdrivers (1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm)
3 x Pin Punches (0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm)
2 x Spring Bar Tool Spare Tips
2 x Link Remover Spare Pins (golden)
1 x Watch back pry opener (with yellow ergo handle)
1 x Adjustable Case Opener
1 x Watch Case Holder (for watch case 10-45mm diameter)
1 x Watch Case Opener Knife
1 x Link Remover
1 x Stainless Steel Tweezer
1 x Spring Bar Tool
1 x Carrying Case
1 x Hammer

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  • +2 votes

    Which kit is good for amateurs?

    • +3 votes

      Hey, watch it.


        No time for that…

  • +12 votes

    No deal, a quick 1 minute search shows it's cheaper on Aliexpress - US$13.82 + GST (~A$19.50) delivered.

    Can probably find it even cheaper but I couldn't be bothered.

    • +2 votes

      Yep bought it for $10 previously…


      what if you add 2 day shipping?

  • +5 votes

    These kits are absolute trash. Speaking from experience.

    • +4 votes

      Yep you're better off buying the individual items that you actually need.


        Any recommendations? I think you are a watch expert

        • +1 vote

          I'm a watch expert because i watch Urban Gentry often on Youtube.

          • +1 vote

            @SpeedRunnerLink: How frightfully vulgar.

            True connoisseurs leisurely peruse Urban Gentry occasionally. (turtleneck optional)

        • +1 vote

          Get your stuff here; https://www.cousinsuk.com/

  • +1 vote

    where is the deal? Looks like fleabay has similar kits for less money.

  • +2 votes

    Like (tor) above says this is trash

    The pins on the blue thing broke.
    The black holder does not fit watches very well at all.
    Pins broke on the silver remover.
    The screwdriver are crap

    I do like the little hammer but everything else is useless

    • +1 vote

      Maxwell's silver hammer is great.


    new i should've waited for comments prior to purchase, lucky i have Prime, so free return already initiated..

    Any recommendations for better quality similar kits?

  • +1 vote

    Obligatory “cheaper elsewhere”. Also, last time it was a milk frother. Kinda seems like you’re just finding random sale items on Aliexpress and dropshitting them through Amazon.

    Thanks for spamming.