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ASUS RT-AC86U Wi-Fi AC 2900 Gigabit Router $199 + Delivery @ Scorptec


Hi.. Great price.. Might be limited stock.. Enjoy.

ASUS RT-AC86U Router, Wireless AC2900, 4 Port Gigabit Switch, 1x Gigabit WAN Port, 1x USB 2.0 Port, 1x USB 3.0 Port

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  • Great price! My router died at a timely moment. Bought 1 thank you :)

  • How much better is it than one the broadband companies give?

    • The firmware in Asus routers are great. Best out-of-the-box out there. Better control over your devices. Better management. You can see which device is using how much data.

      ISPs like Telstra give you routers you can't really mess around with. Very limited to what it can show you in terms of usage of devices around your home.

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        Telstra are the exception.

        For a long time they gave technicolor modem/routers.

        Install the stock firmware rather than the Telstra one, and it's an amazingly powerful device.

        Lots of NBN are also providing netcomm; which are shockingly configurable.

        Its really only optus and voda still handing out locked down meh devices.

        • How do I get hold of the stock firmware?

        • I've got the Smart Modem Gen 2. Sitting in a box, but happy to mess around with it. Is that the one you have?

          • @flaminglemon: Thats the one; if it says it's made by Technicolor a quick google will show you how to install an unlocked firmware.
            Ive been meaning to buy a few more of them before they get scarce

    • Much better than the junk TPG send out.

      Bridge this with the TPG modem and you’re golden.

      • You may not even have to bridge it. On my Asus (not this model though), I put in my ISP email address and password, and I was in.

    • Depends on what model and what Wi-Fi hardware you're using. In terms of raw throughput, if you're using mid range Wi-Fi clients, you probably wouldn't notice much difference between this and Technicolour TG800VAC.

      If I were spending this sort of coin on hardware I'd be looking at something Wi-Fi 6 capable

  • I got excited when I saw this as it looks so similar to the AX version that succeeded it. To get the AX for $199!!

    Still a nice router though.

  • Says refurbished available at $199. So is it new?

    • I didn't pick that up.. Your right.. Perhaps they are rufubished.. Still says 3 year warranty.. It's not clear..

    • That's a separate item linked from the new one. Just happens to be the same price.

  • this is not wifi6 correct?

  • Just ordered a new one from Amazon with free delivery for $215.

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      That's from scorptecs Amazon store.. Same shop.. Doesn't say anything about refurbished so they are likely new from scorptecs in both listings.

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    Best router I've ever owned. Might buy one as a spare…. Just in case.

    • Better to use it as Aimesh

  • I'm trying to work out if getting 2 of these is a good way of distributing wifi in my longish house where NBN (HFC) is in the front room. Current router seems to be getting flaky and I have a Dlink (connected via ethernet) at the rear of the house with a different SSID. Is there a cheaper way to have the same SSID but just as good as this AC86U?


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    Thanks got it via their eBAY store using code:pappss $195 Delivered

    • Just did the same. Cheers. Wouldn't have thought to look.

  • Cheers. Was looking to replace our supplied Optus router and bought one :)

  • Received mine today but soon realised that it needs a separate modem to work with NBN FTTN. Should I return it or get a modem? Can anyone recommend a decent modem pls?

    • You can put your existing modem/router into bridge mode.. Or get a second hand telstra modem. /router off gumtree and put it in bridge mode.

      • The existing one got struck by power spike during recent lightning. Which second hand telstra modem can be unlocked? Or should I get Asus 68u router which has a vdsl modem built in? Are they comparable in range and performance with 86U?

  • Will this work with FTTC NBN? Thanks

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  • Thanks @chookpoo. Got a brand new Telstra Smart gen 2 modem with a cable box for $40 off Gumtree (not needed in my case as FTTN). Simple set up only put my NBN account details and works fine. Good reception in the second story house, I haven't checked reception outside in the yard yet. Also like the WiFi button on off switch for switching it off at night.

  • Says ending on 23 May but shows as $279 for me?

    • Must have sold out all the cheap stock