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Dell Backpacks - Essential Backpack 15" $12.84, Gaming Lite Backpack 17" $20.18 Delivered @ Dell AU


This deal is back again. I think at this point the prices remain the same, it's just the URL that changes.

Shipping is generally fast and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Dell Essential Backpack 15 - $12.84 (was $46)
Dell Gaming Lite Backpack 17 - $20.18 (was $61.99)
Dell Gaming Backpack 17 - $36.13 (was $111.00)

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  • Thx, picked one.

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      Which one?

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        Dell Gaming Backpack 17

  • Excellent, got one of the 15s for my work Surfacebook. Thanks!

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    Bought the 15" one from the previous deal. It's OK for $12 but I would've never paid the full price for it. It's very basic and has just one pocket. Don't expect much from it.

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      I also got one from the last deal. The 17" one for $20 and what you say is accurate. It's ok for the discounted price, but absolutely not worth the full price.

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      Yep agreed. Also the lines on it aren't reflective on my bag which is what I was hoping for (as per pics)

    • Same comments / sentiments for the gaming backup. I bought it and would not have paid the rrp for it.

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      Agree completely. It's not a bag you would pay close to RRP for. It's of similar quality to a bag I bought from Kmart for a few dollars less.

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      I paid 29 dollars for it months ago and it's worth it. It was 2 pockets and two outer pockets on the sides for bottle and umbrella. It's perfect for when I go to the office.

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      Got gaming lite in prev deal, ood price, decent quality. Pockets are lacking severely for those who like to compartmentalise

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      I bought the $13 15" one and I think it's great. Can't speak for the other bags but I guess if I were paying more, and having a similar experience, that would grate on me. Still.. Compartments are basic (could have slots or mesh for better organisation) but I'm not sure how people are apparently saying they can only fit a laptop and a few other items.

      In the main compartment, I currently have a 14 inch laptop, small notebook, fluffy jumper, medium sized cosmetics bag, 350mL lunch box.

      In the small compartment, I have all the usual little incidentals - lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitiser, tissues, pain meds.. And I can still fit my folded up Sony WH-1000XM3.

      The side pockets for drink bottle are silly (good luck getting ANY drink bottle to fit), zippers seem weak, and the access to compartments might be highly irritating for some, being behind the straps. Don't expect too much but if I had to pay double, I think it's still pretty decent. YMMV.

  • Bought a 15" one for $12.84. Thanks

  • Anyone have recommendations for a small itx pc? Been on the hunt for one for my ncase m1 - doesn't seem like the backpack 17 fits the bill :(

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    Don't bother with the cheap bag. Mine arrived this week. Already getting rid of it. It's ridiculous, so hard to open due to the straps. Then it's only got 1 compartment. Terrible design. I'm shocked at how bad it is. I literally didn't even try to use it. Just knew immediately that it was going to be a pain to live with.

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      It's designed that way to be anti-theft

      • I don't buy that. The basic bag has the straps interfering with the opening of the bag, yet the other 2 don't have that terrible design from the look of the pictures.

      • So is a moat filled with alligators, doesn't make it feasible for every day security in your house…

  • Got it, thanks OP

  • Thanks a lot u saved me some money

  • price increased to 13++?

    • Use code

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        ops, rookie mistake.. im sending my ozbadge back to scotty now

  • Have to agree with other commenters, probably wouldn't recommend the smallest one unless you're just carrying a laptop and some books, not really much space for anything else. Most I've managed is a rain coat in the front pocket and a laptop, book and a small box in the main compartment, which is a squeeze.

    Usable but not hugely versatile.

    • what size box?

      • 230x180x85mm

        You can probably fit a laptop charger and a pen and calculator and stuff on top but yeah not too much room.

        • oo thanks
          pretty much after a laptop bag for laptop + lunch box n nothing else

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    Can the 17 inch one fit my lunchbox and snacks?

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      No, I tried and it didn't fit. So I had to eat your lunch.

  • Can you remove the compartments for the Dell Gaming Backpack 17?

    The picture with the headphones sort of suggests maybe you can? Or did they do that to show the headphone bit only?

    • That's because of the camera angle and because the headset hook is on the opposite "wall" to the compartments. My backpack is on the way so I'll let you know if the compartments are removable but I doubt it.

  • For once I thought Elon Musk was doing marketing right there in pic 7. Then I realised he can’t be bothered given he’s busy doing Doge thing.

  • just got the dell 17 lite yesterday, it is not as good as the asus imo

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    I bought this one "Dell Gaming Backpack 17" from the previous deal, it was:
    Subtotal $35.32
    Total incl. GST $38.85
    Pretty spacious backpack and it comes with a detachable rain cover, the reflections are really poor, the delivery was super fast though.
    As mentioned already, not worth the full price.
    I am happy considering the price I've paid and have donated two other backpacks on gumtree so now I carry just this one and made two other people happy too.

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    Didn't need it. Got it. Thanks OP.

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    ANZ Credit Card Rewards @ DELL - 4 pts / $1 spent

    For anyone that's picked up on the recent ANZ reward cards on offer


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  • Excellent backpack for its price. I can't fit my water bottle in the side tho. but still I love it.

  • Between gaming lite and 15” essential which one would you recommend? Do they look the same size? What’s the quality difference?

    I just want to use gaming lite for regular use to carry my work laptop, mouse, charger, headphones and misc items. Not into gaming.

    I already have a 15” essential which is good value for money but need another one for my wife so thought of asking before ordering. Thanks

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    Shipping not necessarily fast as not actually in stock.

    Order and money taken then an email stating shipping delayed to late July at earliest.

    Ordinary from Dell.

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      I assume because its been ozbargained.
      Mine (gaming) still says June 03

      • -2


        Could be multiple reasons - I ordered two different bags so one might the cause - and not the end of the world.

        But feel appropriate for the neg as the expectation was they are all in stock and June is reasonable taking into account Covid etc, but July after the money is banked is pushing the friendship.

      • Order: In Production| Revised Delivery Date: Jul 30, 2021

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      I got the same info in the last deal.
      I ordered a 17" lite on the 7th - got an email on the 10th that said "The delivery date for your order to arrive has been updated to July 20, 2021".
      However, it arrived yesterday. My standard 17" Inspiron fits with barely a bees dick to spare. I suspect some gaming laptops might not be so lucky.

    • Thanks for the negs guys - I guess I should be happy to wait for nearly three months for items that are indicated as in stock now in Australia.

      Ordinary :)

      Go on neg away. I dare ya.

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        Happened the last times the deal was posted too.

        Dell site delivery estimation is real time I think. When I originally posted the deal it was a few days delivery eta but as more and more people ordered, the estimated delivery was pushed way out for the late comers to up to 3 months.

        But most of the follow up comments said the items were delivered far earlier than the eta anyway.

        Most stores crap out and just say sold out or cancel orders the next day when it gets ozbargained. Dell instead pushes out eta and lets people order anyway bit later orders have to wait for restock which is a far better system.

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        I just got a shipped notification for the 15 inch. Should arrive tomorrow.

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      Check my comments at the end of the page. I was upset and had no choice but to cancel the order. So frustrated.

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      Agreed . Haven’t got mine since first sale .. :(

  • I bought the one for 15"
    But do not expect much from the bag! It does not have much shock absorber! It's somehow single layer plain 😁

  • The side bottle holder won’t hold drinks properly either…the elastic top fastener is really tight. I regret buying this POS (the 15”)….

  • I got the 15" bag. Was worth the sale price but certainly not the original price.

  • I got the 17" one from the previous deal, looks and feels good.

  • For some reason the product page doesn't say where it's made…

  • any other better bags for <20? or is this the best?

    to store my 16inch macbook for work and going into the office etc

    • You have a $4k laptop but you want to protect it with a $20 backpack ?

      • The laptop is a work laptop so i didn't pay for it…
        i will be paying for the bag.

        Also, I don't believe it is a maxxed out model, and is cheaper than 4k? but i could be wrong.

        EDIT: i mentioned the size of the laptop as it is quite large, and may not fit every bag nicely.

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    Bought the dell essential 15" one from my original post along with a much more expensive alienware 17" elite backpack.

    I out the two I prefer the alienware one but only marginally better and definitely not worth the much higher price. Super happy with either for my daily.

    To those that are annoyed with the straps covering the zips when opening, my suggestion is to completely fold the straps over so they're over the front side of the bag when opening / not wearing it. Pretty sure it's intended to be used that way (how high the strap is on the bag) but not really obvious to do that because it's not intuitive. Hard to explain but imagine if you were trying to postion the straps to wear the backpack back to front.

    Yes it's tiny but for me that's actually what I want for daily use. A lot of people in my office complain about carrying heavy bags too and from work, mainly because they have a massive bag and overload with stuff I hardly see them use.

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    Hi Guys,

    I would like to share my experience about purchasing the backpack 17 from Dell. I placed the order on 12th May and paid by paypal. However the order status remains unchanged until today (20th May). I contacted Dell on 17th May and one of agent advised me to supply the payment record. I have done that have also received no reply from Dell since three days ago. I just contacted Dell few minutes ago and had no choice but to cancel the order as the agent didn't know why the status of the order remains unchanged. Generally I don't prefer to write some negative comments here. I thought that I am sharing my experience so you can take action if you are in the same boat. Please note that I have been using paypal regularly for online purchasing. I have had zero issue with paypal except Dell. In fact, the agent also indicated that there is an issue in their end but just cannot fix it for whatever reason.


  • Got my 17” one today, the quality is very bad.
    How do I return it?

  • Never again.

    I'm still chasing mine as it seems Dell ship with Startrack and have been instructed not to leave at the door / unattended.
    Startrack normally drop my deliveries across the road at my local Auspost outlet, but in this case they have taken it back to the depot for collection.

    That's a 60km return trip for a $12 backpack; noting the depot is open mon-fri 9am-5pm so I'd have to do it in work hours.

    I've tried to arrange another delivery, pleading for them just to leave it in a secure location - but it seems Dell says no.

    I'm taking a punt my wife might be home on the next attempted delivery, otherwise it will be donated to lost property at Startrack.

    DELL need to move with the times here.

    • Try another person at Dell. I had the same issue - StarTrack said they couldn't just drop it off or change address without authorisation from Dell. It took 30 minutes on-and-off hold with Dell to finally get the address updated to my work address.

      Once that was done, I got it redelivered two days later. Dell should make it super clear during checkout that it's a signature on delivery situation, but they don't.

      • Yep - thanks, the $12 is not worth the stress. Supposed to arrive today with my wife at home between kids school etc.
        If we miss it then I guess I just donate it to Startrack.
        Absolute rubbish having the depot 25km from the cbd.

  • Finally got my gaming backpack 17 a few days ago.

    Very happy with the quality

    Pretty terrible delivery timeframe though

    Disclosure: I work for Dell EMC not Dell, and definitely am not an official Dell store rep, so I can't help anyone in an official capacity either (sort of like working for Big W but commenting on Woolworths posts)

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