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Ring Video Doorbell 3 $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Ring doorbell 3 - enhanced wifi, improved motion detection, easy installation.

Camel has it listed as best price.

Also add amazon Alexa device for another 20% if you want.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • Why considering it's an "opinion piece" plus police still have to "request" the footage, nothing new nor different here or in the US? Unless your Alex Jones or follow him lol

      • "request" - lol. Is it not common knowledge that the NSA is scraping all this data?
        And the Five Eyes can request and likely do automatically gain access to this data for its own citizens.
        And there's the myriad of data miners that have written algorithms to use and exploit this data.

        Just saying…

        • +1

          Sure, but the referenced article is discussing "police", nothing about what Snowden & Assange has brought to our attention over the yrs.

          Just saying…

    • +5

      I have no issues if it can help my community.

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    I came to post the exact same link hahaha

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    This vs Eufy wireless?

    • +9

      I've been doing reading on both of these recently. I'll go Eufy with homebase 2 - higher initial outlay but no subscription, works with Google Assistant and Alexa, homebase acts as a chime so no need for separate purchase, local storage options. If adding cameras later the Eufy ones look better value than Ring. Not sure if any of those things are useful to you.

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      My Eufy has been great, until the other night when my app showed someone else’s cameras instead of my own. I had full control of them and all their recordings.

      • +1

        That's a bit scary!

        • Indeed! So much for not saving video to the cloud, and using “Military grade” AES-256 encryption… when another customer can randomly connect to your HomeBase and take full control. 🤦‍♂️

          • +4

            @muncan: All your HomeBase belong to us

    • Forgot to add, if you go with Ring then the 2020 model can be had for around $110 if you check around on e.g. eBay. Not as cheap as was on here a couple of weeks back but still less than this newer model.
      Doesn't seem to be much difference between the two, wider field of vision seeming the biggest difference.

    • Also, the Eufy with homebase uses heaps of standby power.

  • When did Amazon buy ‘Ring’?

    • Three years ago. Thats why it works pretty well with an Echo Show.

      • I saw Echo Show, its a fairly large piece of kit, meant to be sat on a desk etc. Is there a suitable device/tablet to be wall mounted for Ring 2 way comms ?

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          Not natively, but you can use an old android tablet with the Ring app and turn on "Alerts open fullscreen video".

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          You can have two way comm with the Firestick too (the one that has a mic on the remote).. so if some ring the doorbell while watching tv you can just see who is there and talk to them by pressing the mic button.. or quietly turn the volume down until they leave lol

      • And also the reason why the plan to be HomeKit compatible is scrapped…

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  • So if the router is down, does it stop working?

    • It has a built-in battery so it would still "work". But if there's no Wi-Fi for it to connect to, then it would still be kind of useless.

      • I read recently that these devices try to connect to open wifi networks when they can. So it might still work (for Amazon, not for you)

        • That might be useful. But tbh, it's years since I've seen an open Wi-Fi network anywhere.

          • @hotphil: That was the defence argument on Reddit, and the rebuttal was a picture of a fleet of Amazon delivery vans (with wifi!). The thread was a conspiracy about ring cameras leaking data back to Amazon, despite efforts by tech savvy customers who try to lock them down (eg Pi-hole).

          • @hotphil:

            That might be useful. But tbh, it's years since I've seen an open Wi-Fi network anywhere.

            I see them all the time.

    • This just happened. My internet went down for a week. My Ring was reduced to a doorbell with no other real functions and it went through a full battery in a week (I guess to constantly trying to connect to the internet).

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