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PXG 0311 P Irons 5-PW (Steel Shaft) (Gen 2) $1440 @ Golf Box


Thought this was a good deal if someone is after a premium golf set for cheap (compared to other premium sets). These clubs retailed for $4000 until this sale and with the 20% discount it comes down to $1440 for the 5-PW set. I wish more golf deals where on this page- from clothes to balls

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    Really good deal. However, it's worth noting that PXG have four types of iron in terms of scale from playability (for the better player) to forgiving (for the higher handicapper). This is the "Players" version and therefore most likely suited to single figure handicappers. FYI

    Tour Performance version

    Players version

    Extreme forgiveness

    Super Game Improvement version

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      I've never hit a PXG club, but I struggle with them a bit as a brand. None of the tour pros use them. Is that because PXG don't want to sponsor players for whatever reason? Or is it because their clubs just aren't that good? I feel like if their clubs were up there with Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist, Ping and Srixon, as their pricing suggests, they would have a presence among the pros.

  • Yeah I wish there were more golf deals, too. We have a distinct lack of competition between golf retailers in Australia, sadly.

    • That is because Drummond have a price beat guarantee and most of the brands do not sell directly to the public. Generally Golf Box are the most aggressive online, and then Drummond have to match it- So the brands have to strategically release products in order to ensure that the margin is upheld. Then they mostly create a unique brand which they all sell themselves in order to avoid price comparisons

  • Is there really a big difference between a $4000 set of clubs and a $500 set of clubs?

    I feel golf technology peaked a fair few years ago and it's all marketing crap now.

    • I think there's a pretty big difference between a $500 set and $1500 set. You aren't getting forged heads for $500, for example.

      • Pardon the questions
        But how does this impact my game?

        • Forged irons tends to have much better feel and different/better weighting compared to cast. There probably isn't much, if any, benefit for higher handicappers, but <15 it would make a difference, I reckon.

          • @wombat81: So we're paying $3500 for clubs that 'feel better'

            • @Drakesy: Helps with controlling shot shape, mainly. So again, not really useful for higher handicappers. But I agree with your point than anyone paying $4k for a set of irons isn't paying it because they're $2.5k better than the $1500 set.

              • @wombat81: I guess as long as it sells clubs, the industry keeps on churning.

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                  @Drakesy: For the record, I'd reckon most people would be better off spending their $500 on a second hand $1500 set that is a few years old rather than buying a brand new $500 set.

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        I agree, although it would really depend on the golfer.

        Old mate off 36 probably won't notice too much other than the cheaper set maybe being easier to hit?
        Pro golfer off scratch would struggle to go all out on a cheap set.

        • Yeah definitely

    • Can't speak to the $4k price tag on these. But the $500 set probably won't have the thinner faces these or other more costly ones do. So lower ball speeds and shorter carry distances

    • Depends what you mean by a fair few years ago. I agree there is lots of marketing and no need to upgrade every 1-2 years, but I have personally found upgrading a six year old driver, 3 wood, 2 iron has made a huge difference to my game purely from a consistency point of view - more consistent spin and speed off the face.

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    More golf deals! I don't need new clubs but I'm always looking out for cheap premium golf balls, hardly seems to exist.

    • Personally I only use secondhand AAA mint off eBay, but I lose a few balls

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        I'm always a bit sketchy on any second hand golf balls, you don't know where they have been and it's still not proven how much waterlogged balls are worse.

        Used to be able to get Srixon Z star for $40 a box but they seem to be even $55 on special now.

  • Awesome deal if your a single handicap player. Need more golf deals!!!

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      I'm sure some of the married guys will appreciate it too…

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    There are some golf deals in the 25% off Puma outlet deal that was just posted. Mainly clothes.



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      Thanks for that link, I picked up 2 pairs of the Tailored Jackpot Golf Pants. I paid full price for them 2 weeks ago and really loved how they fit.

      • No worries bro

  • buying clubs off the shelf is what you do when you are starting out or are not too serious about the game. If you get fitted from a pro that knows what they are doing (many don't) then it can make a great deal of difference to how you can play and improve. The more you spend doesn't necessarily make you better either.

    • From my (limited) experience with club fitting, though, isn't it mainly about hitting a few different brands/models to find the ones that you hit/like best, then getting your shaft type, length and lie angle correct? I haven't seen pros recommend a specific make/model based on someone's swing. It's more about picking a set that you like and getting the shafts customised to suit you, I thought.

      • If your lucky, some golf store salesman/woman can do a little fitting for you instore , i was lucky to have a good sales rep also talk about my lie angle when trying these and have them now being changed before i collect them tomorrow. A salesman/woman has never put that effort into me just buying a set in store before, normally they jusg talk about shaft stiffness and ball speed and try to get you to pay for a fitting

        • shaft stiffness and ball speed

          THIS is why I'm not a professional golfer, clearly

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