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Dell S2721QS 27 Inch 4K UHD 4K 3840x 2160 Monitor $276 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Edit- just noticed I did a typo. It’s $276 and not $267.

Sitting at a park on top of a mountain and had the inspiration to chat to a rep at Dell to see if they can do a better price for this popular deal. Managed to knock it down a few bucks but cheaper if you use eBay discounted gift cards.

They will be making 200 units available at 6pm AEST. Might need to be quick if you want to grab one!

Original coupon deal

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    Dammmm….I literally just received the one I ordered on Wednesday. But happy enough as it is.

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      I emailed Dell the other day for a price difference refund, they were very good about it:

      Good day to you.

      This is in reference to the order processed for 1 unit of Dell 27 Monitor - S2721Q under order number: 00001 where in you had updated that there is sale using code LOVEKEANU and you want the difference to be refunded.

      I have got an approval to process refund of $ 27.35 which will be initiated and the same should be processed in the next 3-4 business days.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Rajesh R
      Dell | Customer Care

      • Which email did you send that to?

      • I ordered mine at the end of April on eBay. Maybe I should try for refund the difference.

      • Thanks you, but just to clarify, was the partial refund allowed for a purchase made via their eBay store which because cheaper on the Dell store, or a purchase made via the Dell store and that the LOVEKEANU code hadn't been used?
        Would they refund the price difference considering that ebay is a different sales channel?

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          Edit: I've contacted Dell and they won't provide a partial refund since my purchase was via their website and the cheaper price is on Ebay since Ebay is not covered on their price match guarantee

      • Hi Jarr0d,

        Which email address did you send to? I spoke with Dell CS over the phone and they wouldn't refund the difference of $13.81. They asked me to cancel the original order and do a new order with $267 price instead.

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    How to use eBay discount gifts?

  • Hi Op, what time zone is that?

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    Bloody good deal! Cheapest ever I think. I was happy with $280 when I purchased earlier this week.

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      Yeh, saw that but wanted it for at least $13 cheaper.

      OMG! There it is…bye!

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    Any chance the rep can get a better price on the S3221QS?

    • Plus one

      • I want two

  • How long do you think stock will last?

    • +1

      5min max

      • Hahaha. Will be there at 6 pm xD

  • I ordered 2 from the last deal, arrived this afternoon. Have only plugged in one so far and it has a high pitched sound. It isn't constant, it is on/off like a truck reversing.

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      contact dell, that isn't normal.

    • +8

      Plug it in a bit more

      • Great tip! I need a bit of quiet around here to be sure, but seems to have fixed it.

  • Wow so cheap

  • What are the chances of emailing dell and get a partial refund?

    • None, they are different system

      • Ooh

        Hope it worth a try

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    How are these vs the Ultrasharps?

    • +7

      Starts at 6pm…

      • -1

        It might be 6pm where he is ;)

  • will this work with a Xbox series X at 4k 60hz over HDMI 2.0?

    • Yes, with an appropriate HDMI cable.

    • i am using it with xbox series x

      • and you get the full 4k 60fps in games?

  • Will it be this link at 6pm too?
    So they will basically lower the price at 6pm for 200 units?

  • +1

    [email protected] unless you're using a for a while better of getting something 120Hz, a bit nicer but for the price can't go wrong.

    • can't have anything lower than 4k resolution because its not just for consoles, I don't play FPS on consoles I use a PC with a QHD 165hz monitor for FPS games. On console I play games that aren't FPS multiplayer games so the value to me is 4k at 60fps.

    • My ~$900 (and slightly dated) rig cant pull 120 fps anyway. 60Hz freesync & 60 fps stable is a dream for me.

      You fancy folks have got it too good >:(

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    Any idea if you can you daisychain two of these together or do you need to split the output from your laptop / PC? thanks.

    • +1

      From what I can see this does not have a DisplayPort (Out), so you can't daisy chain them together. Happy to be proven wrong!

    • This is what I'm waiting for. 2-3 moniors daisychained for easy (as if, right?) swapping to work laptop & back to desktop.

      Cable management has been one of the biggest pains for me lately.

  • so.. this is the S2721Q but with 2x3w speakers?
    reviews say this is a great budget 4K monitor. Great 4K monitor for work and media.
    Though I'd prefer 32" for 4K. My eyes are too old for 4K 27"

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      You can scale 150% or 200% in Windows 10

    • +1

      no this is the s2721q with better stand
      they both have speakers.

  • So the price is AU $398.75 using the code PNVDG20 it goes down to AU $319.00. I'm I doing something wrong? Please help

    • +1


      • Oh cheers

  • this or QHD version for 27"???

  • requesting dell to return my Wednesday order

    • For $3?

      • oh it was $267 when I first read it

        • I rejected the delivery this afternoon, lol, now have to wait way longer.

          • @rainbowyen: well they placed my return request already and can't change it, so now I have to return my order and buy from ebay

  • +1 for effort.

  • Where is the link lol

  • +1

    not working yet?

  • +1

    Why is it still $398.75?

  • Party still haven't begun yet

  • Got one, yay

    • +1

      Did you pay $276 or $319?

      • 276

    • Where…

  • ok ok - 1 or 2 screens, brains trust?

    • 0 screens if they dont update the price…

  • +1

    Offer not live yet? Or is the link wrong

  • ouch… loaded up into cart at cheap price… applied coupon, went to press submit, and the price jumped! nearly got done at the higher price … !

  • +1

    Got 2 YAY at $276 each.

  • Got one yay

  • got one too - thanks op

  • tried again and saw the cheaper price again …. sigh … got one..

  • got one too…. paired with the other deal so now I have 2x 4K monitors for my new M1 Mac mini, yay

  • -1

    Bought 2, great thanks.

  • Got one. Thanks Op!

  • +3
  • Managed to get one ! Thanks OP.

  • none left!
    edit: was relisted

    97 sold in 1 hour!

    • +1

      Yeah about 70 left as of this comment

  • no type c

  • Grabbed one, thanks.

    I kept getting the error "The seller doesn't have that many left." after retying a number of times, I removed it and added a new one.

  • It only worked with my ebay plus account, normal account it gives error that the code can't be applied

  • +1

    No USB inputs of any kind. Used to these now, reduces all manner of clutter.

  • +2

    Sneaky…They removed the 5 yrs warranty from title. Old Title: "Dell 27 4K UHD Monitor S2721QS 4K 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz AMD HDMI w 5Yrs warranty"

    • No 5 yrs warranty just $40 more expensive

    • Still carries 3yr warranty

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    The S2721Q is currently $269 after 20% discount if you are okay with the non-adjustable stand: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/392940772734

    • Hmm looks good at that price

      Thank you

  • +1

    ok 21 left - at 18.28hr

  • Do want. Missed out.

  • +1

    Wow, grabbed one just in time. It's OOS now.

  • How long do you guys reckon for shipping?

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      From the $319 eBay deal from around the 27th of April, I got an initial estimated delivery date of 26th May-02 June, but it ended up arriving on the 11th of May. So hopefully something similar to that time frame.

  • This is 5y warranty (not sure if "quick exchange" like the $281 deal delivered in 2 days), but est. delivery: 22 -29 Jun :(

  • +1

    anyone screen capture / get order confirmation with 5 year warranty? Like Taki, I swear I saw 5 yr on the listing!

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